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A Busty Black BBW Mom Ch. 03

by blackbbwlover©

Loretta walked into her room, where she had a makeup station by her bed, and closed the door behind her, only so that the door hit the arch, and she went to lay down over the queen-sized mattress. When she laid down, her legs were separated and she untied her robe, white as snow, to expose her pantyless hairy vagina to the air, as well as her diamond-shaped navel that was surrounded by thunderbolt-like yellow stretch marks.

She still wore on her head, the water-resistant shower cap. From a pocket of her robe, she reached for her nail filer and began filing her nails, blowing away any of the leftover white powdery dirt.

Maxwell peeked in between the door, but unfortunately all he could see was her head, and the end of the bed. Much to his luck, there was a hidden peephole drilled into the next wall from the storage room next door, but even that was useless as it was only good for seeing straight ahead, where Loretta and the bed was not.

Maxwell moved to that location anyway, going into the storage room, moving all the office drawers and boxes from the way to look through the hole and wait.

Loretta finished scraping away at her nails and got up, removing herself from the bed. She walked toward her dresser, walking right past the direction of the unsuspected spy hole where her son spotted her. She always knew the hole was there due to the door knob but failed to be aware of the fact that he was using it as a peephole for perverted reasons.

Maxwell saw that her robe was untied and started to get excited, as he could only see just a bit of her black hair in between her legs. His penis started to swell. He could also see the bottoms of her bare breasts shaking back and forth in between her white robe.

Maxwell spied as he saw, through the hole, Loretta grab for a pair of blue silk panties from her drawer and she put them on with her legs spread. Her blue panties were tight around her big beefy pubic region and a bit shiny. The erection of his pants grew harder and harder.

Loretta grabbed for her strawberry-scented lotion and poured a portion of the cream into her hand palm. Then she began apply the lotion to her plump abdomen, rubbing in round circles. She had a diamond-shaped deep navel with a lot of stretch marks around it.

Maxwell's eyes could not leave the sight as he started to masturbate to this. What did him in even more is when she slid her hands down her tight panties to apply some of the lotion to her crotch. Loretta went to lay back down. Maxwell could not see her though his peephole but he was mad horny as he masturbated and eventually shot his load of white liquid onto the wall.

Loretta was doing the same thing, masturbating, stroking her clitoris softly over the silk of her blue panties. She even started to moan loud for the longer she kept this up. Her legs seemed to have move themselves as she massaged her forefingers on her clit, over her blue panties. Eventually, she felt the warm thick liquid come out of her and settle in her blue silk panties, making a dark navy circle in the fabric.

Maxwell could hear her moaning in the other room. She must be having an orgasm. He couldn't help but to walk into the room.

He saw his mother. She had her big legs opened, forming a diamond with the soles of her bare feet almost meeting. Her chubby hands rested on her inner thighs that featured wide dark spots on each thigh. Not only that, Loretta was still in her white robe, bra free, and in her blue panties, tight on her thick pussy, and on the crotch of her panties was a darker navy circle. As he just walked in on her Loretta was dead embarrassed. She gave her son an innocent look with her fat bottom lip slightly puckered. With that chubby, plump, face of hers, Loretta looked so innocent, so shy, and so young for a woman of 36.

"So mom, I see your pussy is wet," he couldn't help but to say to his mother.

Maxwell slowly approached his mom, and she locked her eyes onto his, more shy and nervous. His penis remained stiff and hard as a rock as he saw her plump nipples protruding through the thickness off her robe.

He climbed up onto the bed and straddled her thick legs, and he and his horny mom locked eyes for a good minute.

"Maxwell," she said her son's name in her deep voice. "I know you wanna see my titties so allow as I show them to you."

Then, Maxwell eyed her chest very closely as she pulled apart her robe, flashing her son her large breasts that now separated themselves, falling down to the sides of her arms. Maxwell grabbed both tits, squeezing them and caressing each tit. Maxwell's faces descended to meet Loretta's and the mother and son shared a deep long tongue-to-tongue kiss. His cucumber-long and thick erection brushed against the fabric of his mom's panties. As they kissed, Loretta felt both her extended nipples press against the skin of her son's palm.

Maxwell was enjoying this, a bit more than Loretta was as she seemed to have gotten more than she bargained for. Loretta pressed her chubby hand against his flat and bony chest, pushing him back in the sitting position.

"Did you not enjoy that mom?" asked Maxwell, a bit concerned.

"No..." said mom as she got herself into a seating position over the edge of the bed. "I gotta go get dressed."

"You going somewhere?"

"I have to work tonight." she replied.

"Let me feel your titties." Maxwell demanded, his hand reaching for his mother's bare breasts.

Much to her shyness, she sheepishly tightened her arms against the outer sides of her large swollen breasts. Then his hands brushed horizontally over the soft warmness of her breast meat, lightly massaging her swollen nipples. Loretta released a moan. Her nipples were so hard that they start to hurt and her son's penis mirrored the same action.

Maxwell softly groped the left breast, gently grabbing it as he stared at the width of her lovely black areolas. Her black areolas were so lovely. Loretta sighed again as she started to feel uncomfortable.

"That's enough." Loretta softly moaned. But the softness of her voice didn't do much.

Maxwell wasn't listening. He rubbed his hand over her large breasts, stroking each baby-feeder. "But mom..." he softly protested. "I wanna drink the milk outta your breasts."

"No." she said firmly and seriously as she yanked her son's hand off her, getting off the bed afterward to get dressed and ready for work.

Written by: blackbbwlover

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