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Daddy's Little Whore

by lilBrandi©

His cock throbbed powerfully when I did that and I could feel the blood streaming into the caverns within the solid shaft. Finally, I licked my way up the length of his bone and reaching the tip, I wrapped my luscious lips around the engorged head

. Daddy moaned out loudly "Ahh yess baby...oh God my sweet little baby, your lips feel exquisite. Suck daddy's cock, ooohhh don't stop." I didn't stop and had no intentions of stopping until I swallowed his sweet baby-making-sperm.

I sucked his thickness into my hungry mouth. Locking my lips around his girth I bobbed downward on his cock until the fat head hit the back of my throat. For the first time I tasted the mixture of his cum and my pussy. I did this over and over, slowly, consuming his flesh. Then, I shocked my daddy with my cock-sucking expertise.

As it is something I have always loved to do, instead of having my dates fuck me, I would please them by going down on them. I definitely know how to suck a cock.

I took my daddy's cock deep into my throat and did not stop until his pubic hair tickled my nose. He screamed out "Ooohhh fuck yes!Deep-throat me baby. Bring me deep....ohh ...good girl..suffocate that throat!"

As I felt the head of his cock open my throat and stretch it, I swirled my tongue all over the hard shaft.

As I continued deep-throating his huge hard cock, I massaged his balls with more aggression now. After about ten minutes of the best blowjob, I know, he has ever had, he started bucking his hips up and down.

I met his thrusts head on, allowing his cock to fuck in and out of my mouth with power. Soon he was fucking my face with long smooth strokes. I took it out every so often and gave him a speedy hand job, pumping his dick with a firm hand, before sinking my wet mouth back down on him. He could take it no more.

He screamed out that he was going to explode. I took his dick out of my mouth and aimed it at my face. My hand was a blur as I quickly jerked his cock off. I opened my mouth just as his cock swelled up and burst its baby-making seed toward my face. With this being his second orgasm in a row, it wasn't as big as the first drenching one, but there was plenty. It squirted my lips, my eyes, and my cheeks and dripped down off my chin. I swallowed the globs of cum that I took in my mouth.

Just as I took the head of his cock back into my cum-soaked lips, I suddenly heard my mom's voice calling my name.

Oh shit, I thought, I am busted big time.

Busted with my daddy's, her husbands cock in my mouth. Busted with my daddy's cum dripping down my face and my body. I then heard it again, louder, "Brandy..."

My eyes flew open. I was lying naked on top of my bed. My mom was next to me shaking my shoulders.

"Brandy hon, you were having a dream sweetie. I came in to let you know your dad and I are going shopping and to see if you wanted anything. You were squirming all over the bed and moaning." With a wink and a grin she added, "I won't even ask what you were dreaming about".

Looking into my mom's pretty eyes, I thought suddenly, Oh God no, you wouldn't want to know.

She kissed my sweating forehead and turned to leave, closing my bedroom door behind her.

I smiled with the thoughts, I had my daddy completely; his mouth, his fingers, his cock. I touched him, felt him, and tasted him.

I lived a day of absolute sin, of incestuous lovemaking with my father and loved every second of it. Now knowing it was all a dream, I live with the absolute pleasure of the uninhibited taboo sex we shared and the ultimate pleasure of feeling no guilt.

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Love lilB xxx

Written by: lilBrandi

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