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Shanu's Wedding Pt. 02

by harrie1963©

Akbar took a metaphorical deep breath and used his strong back and heavily muscled ass to ram his cock head and three inches most painfully inside Nasim's cunt. Akbar was prepared for Nasim's scream as if she had been stabbed.

He held his niece and slammed another four inched in next thrust. Both times Nasim slid away on the slippery floor. Akbar kept on moving with his screaming niece and used brutal thrusts to push another inch of his inhumanly thick foot long cock inside Nasim's obscenely widely stretched cunt.

Nasim screamed with an open mouth as her cunt felt on fire but her hands never pushed her uncle away. Her fingers turned into claws and dug into the flesh of Akbar's forearms. Akbar felt Nasim's nails gouge out tracks of his forearm skin. He slammed his humungous cock time and time again and with each thrust Nasim slid on the floor until her head hit the shower area marbled wall with a thud. She intuitively put her hands above her head against the wall.

Now Akbar had his niece stable and he used a brutal all mighty thrust and rammed his monster cock right down to the last millimetre inside his niece's painfully stretched cunt.

Nasim screamed afresh and her scream became hoarse as the pain overwhelmed her and her throat muscles clenched.

Akbar looked at his niece's beautiful face screwed in visible pain. Her extraordinarily beautiful nose was flaring with each laboured breath. Her open mouth drooled from both corners. Her wet face became wetter with her saliva.

Akbar had his niece now properly wedged between the wall and his massive thighs. She had eased the position for him by putting her hands against the wall thus exposing her wondrous large breasts, which were flattened and flopped outwards with their own weight.

Akbar pulled his gargantuan cock out to the glans and slammed his cock in one savage thrust burying to the hilt. Nasim's fading scream renewed. For the next fifteen seconds Akbar fucked his precious, beautiful, fragile niece with the same brutal thrusts. The bathroom was echoing with Nasim's screams until suddenly the screams vanished and were replaced with throaty moans.

Akbar continued the furious fucking. His groins slammed, with a loud slap against Nasim's raised bottom. Nasim's wonderful large soft breasts shook like large mounds of jelly each time her uncle slammed his monstrous cock inside her cunt. Before they had time to settle down her uncle sent her breasts shaking again with his another painful thrust.

Akbar found his niece moving her hips towards his incoming thrust, a sure sign of her desire to be impaled again.

Nasim felt a different kind of pain inside her belly that expanded and then exploded causing her breath to catch, she felt she was choking; she grabbed her uncles strong arms as if she were drowning. Her head now banged repeatedly with each savage thrust of her uncle's marauding monster cock. Nasim emitted a guttural animal like screech as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Akbar kept on fucking his niece for another half an hour as she came twice more. Akbar was now using staccato sledgehammer strokes, he would pull out his cock until his cock head was just inside Nasim's cunt and then he would slam his full gargantuan thick length in brutally. He would then pause pull out and then slam it in again. Nasim's breathing was abruptly halted with each thrust into 'HUUNN HUUNN HUUNN'.

Nasim could not decide when pain became pure pleasure and when excess of pleasure became painful to bear.

She started to cum for the fourth time when her uncle roared like an animal and exploded in huge volleys of hot scalding cum splashing against the sore walls of painfully stretched cunt.

Akbar kept on gushing like geyser for many minutes as his niece gasped and moaned with each throb and twitch of his spurting cock. Both uncle and niece stayed glued at the pelvis for about ten minutes. Akbar slowly pulled out his cock making Nasim wince and yelp. Akbar pulled his niece up and rolled her onto her knees and hands.

Nasim was pliant and her uncle was insistent. They did not utter a word. Nasim was kneeling like a mare or a female dog on the shower floor and her uncle with a penis as big or bigger than a horse stood over her dwarfing her petite, voluptuous frame.

Akbar took the liquid body lotion from the shower room shelf and poured a liberal amount over the crack her his niece's ass. He dropped another big dollop over her tiny anus.

Nasim trembled inside guessing her uncle's next move.

Akbar lathered his steel hard monster with lotion as well.

Akbar spread his niece's ass and used his huge cock head to push the body lotion over her anus. Akbar then hunched over his niece's kneeling form with his legs on either side of her body. He put his incongruously massive cock head on the tiny anal opening of his niece.

Nasim felt her ass being spread roughly. She felt a huge closed fist pushing against her tiny anus. She felt an unbelievably tight pressure building around her anus. It was hundred times multiplied compared to when she had to strain really hard to push out very hard and big log of feces.

Nasim without being aware held her breath as her uncle persisted with now very painful pressure on her anal ring. Suddenly Nasim felt as if her uncle had cut her anal ring with a knife. She felt her anus give way and she screamed with excruciating pain, as her anus kept on stretching. Each fibre of her anal ring now a source of red-hot poker pain.

Nasim started to cry with pain, her tears ran over her face. Akbar felt his cock head slide inside the tight anal ring.

Akbar steadied is huge shaft and used his height and weight to bulldoze about three inches of his incredibly thick shaft inside openly crying Nasim's ass.

Nasim thought she would die of pain and her ass was ripped in shreds. Her crying mouth was pen and her saliva drooled over her chin and made a puddle on the floor. She felt her uncle instead of allowing her time to adjust used his supreme strength to push another few inches of is monstrous cock.

Nasim sobbed, her tears found their way into her beautiful nose and soon her nose was streaming like her eyes. Akbar pulled out two inches of his torturing battering ram of a monster cock and bulldozed them back inside his niece's sweet ass with few more inches of his enormously huge shaft.

Nasim sobbed with gaping pattern. Akbar now had all but the last three thickest inches of his monstrosity outside Nasim's obscenely stretched ass. He pulled it out and hammered his monster cock with all his strength burying it to the last millimetre inside his niece's ass. Nasim first tried to scream but only sound that came out of open mouth was wheezy raspy splutter of dying engine. Akbar waited with his cock fully buried inside Nasim's warms, soft feces filled rectum. Nasim then suddenly found her voice and her screaming sobs increased. Her face was now covered with her ears, saliva and mucus.

Akbar gave his niece another five minutes and when he sensed her sobs were less heart rending. He slowly pulled his cock out leaving his huge glans keeping his niece's anus wide open for his cock to find its way back in the warm comforting darkness of her shit filled rectum.

Nasim sobbed and gasped, her uncle grunted, as Akbar started to bugger his niece using more than half the length of his foot long monster. Nasim felt her throat was raw with sobbing and crying, her voice was funny as her nose was filled with mucus and she thought her ass would be torn and ripped for rest of her life once her uncle was through with it.

Akbar fucked his niece for solid one hour. Nasim's sobs stopped, she started to moan and then she moved her hips to engulf her uncle's monstrous now shit-coated cock with her impossibly stretched cock.

Akbar had dragged his niece to where they both were going to enjoy the most delicious bugger of Nasim's beautiful ass. The shower room was filled with aroma of Nasim's rectum as her ass fucking started to gain pace.

Nasim moaned with each thrust from her uncle's hips burying his cock to the hilt. Akbar's cock was now had gathered a smooth greasy coating of Nasim's feces making it glide in and out more easily.

Akbar fucked his niece's ass for another fifteen minutes and she moaned loudly declaring her first orgasm from ass fucking. Akbar upped the pace and kept on fucking at a steady pace. He played with Nasim's swaying breasts, rubbed her clitoris all the while keeping her ass fucking going steadily. Nasim started to feel the lust rising higher and higher as her uncle fucked her ass making her cum for the second time since he made her cry.

Akbar allowed his beautiful niece cum as his cock exploded deep inside Nasim's ass. He did not miss a beat as he fucked his niece's ass. Nasim now felt her ass feel intact and felt the beautiful pain and pleasure as her uncle ravaged the tiny opening with his brutal gigantic cock.

Akbar made his niece cum twice more. Nasim had been on her knees and hands on the hard shower-room floor for almost three hours. Akbar pinched her clitoris between his index finger and thumb and buried his pulsating exploding cock to the hilt and spurted volley after volley of hot thick cum.

Nasim moaned and felt her ravaged body explode yet again in an energy depleting orgasm.

Akbar held his niece, as he knew she was exhausted. He pulled his feces coated cock out of his niece's brutalised anus, making her wince. Akbar picked his niece up in his arms to help her stand up, and held her close to his body as she stood on one foot.

She hobbled to turn around to face her loving uncle. Her beautiful face was covered with tears, saliva and mucus. She smiled at her uncle, "Thank you Aku chaachu."

Akbar smiled back and lifted his niece up as she wrapped her leg and stump around his waist. His hands were around her waist. Nasim held her uncle's large face in her tiny hands and kissed him on his mouth with love and affection that matched everything she felt for her father.

Akbar licked his niece's face, who, giggled but moved her face to offer new spot for her uncle to clean. Once all face was slobbered clean Akbar took his niece's beautiful nose in his mouth and licked the mucus from outside and inside with his tongue. Nasim was now beaming with love and happiness. She stroked her loving uncle's handsome face as he licked her nose from inside with is tongue.

Akbar turned the shower on. Nasim suggested, "Chaachu, you can put me down. I want to feel you body and wash you. I should wash you cock that my ass had soiled, shouldn't I?"

Akbar obeyed his niece who stood on her right leg as easily as anyone with two intake legs. She hobbled to the shelf and brought sea-sponge soaked in body wash. She was touched by the concern in his uncle's eyes; he had intuitively prepared her arms to catch her. She smiled, "Chaachu, please stop worrying. If I fall that will not be due to my amputated leg. I keep my prosthesis on because somehow I thought that would erase the fact that I need it. I feel different now. I am as I am. Meenu and Shanu were right my family loves me for me not because what happened."

Akbar loved his daughter even more. Her perspicacity was profoundly true. He kissed Nasim, "Nasim sweetheart. Who cares if you wear prosthesis? I loved my irresistible niece. I removed your prosthesis because I could not tolerate even a millimetre of your beautiful skin not free and uncovered and available for me to touch and love," Akbar caressed Nasim's face as she rubbed the wash all over his hairy chest and belly.

"Nasim darling, this shower needs to be a quick one. Our fucking is not over yet."

Nasim's big smile became even bigger, and teased her uncle, "My insatiable uncle is not going to take any pity on his 'lame' niece."

Akbar added naughtily, "Nasim sweetie, I plan to fuck my 'lame niece' as you put it, until she cannot take it anymore. You cannot hide behind 'lame excuses'."

Nasim and Akbar both laughed at their stupid play on words. Nasim washed her uncle's steel hard cock as the brown thick slimy coating ran off under the flowing water.

She noticed a thick glob stuck in his pubic hair. She plucked it rather brusquely making her uncle yelped theatrically, "Careful sweetheart, you don't have to torture me. If you do not want me to fuck you just tell me so."

Nasim giggled like a schoolgirl, "Au contraire uncle, your niece wants her uncle to take he to the bed and fuck her into total submission," her tiny hand moved suggestively on his massive cock standing upright like a huge telephone pole; 'no! More like a massive tree-trunk', mused Nasim.

By now the obvious evidence of Nasim's rectal ravaging had washed away. Akbar turned the shower off. He picked up a bath sheet off the rack and lovingly part dried Nasim and himself. He soon lost whatever patience or desire he had I early drying themselves, "Nasim, we are wasting time. By the time I am through with your sweet cunt and even more delicious ass we will need a proper shower."

Nasim put her arms around her uncle's strong muscular bull like neck as she was plucked up in the air laughing and her uncle almost jogged to the bedroom. He kissed his niece and threw her up in the air and giggling Nasim landed on her back on the soft bed. Her arms and legs flying, as Nasim tried to grab something. Soon her uncle joined her.

Akbar pulled his niece rather roughly holding her legs towards him. She was still looked wet from shower, her wet hair plastered back on her head. Her laugh made her divinely beautiful face even more beautiful. Akbar whispered hoarsely with fierce intensity, "Nasim, you are so beautiful."

Nasim stopped giggling touched by her uncle's love her face became serene with a hint of a smile. Akbar took her right foot in his hands and kissed it all over. He licked her toes, sole of the foot. He tongued the clefts between his niece's toes. Moans of his niece increased Akbar's lust. He then concentrated on the left leg and licked and kissed the round, smooth stump.

Akbar kissed the inside of full, rounded silky smooth thighs of his niece. He eventually reached the heavenly smelling junction between Nasim's thighs covered with thick curly dark growth of hair. He parted the cunt lips still puffy from earlier brutal fucking to expose the wet, leaking cunt entrance. Akbar kissed the pussy making his niece moan even louder.

Nasim felt her uncle's hot tongue lick the whole pussy entrance like a puppy. He dug his tongue deeper and deeper all the while stroking the whole entrance with his tongue.

His thumb now rubbed Nasim's swollen clitoris and his rolled up tongue fucked her cuntal passage like a small cock.

Akbar would every now and then lick his niece's anus to make her squirm.

"Chaachu, you are driving me crazy. Mayree choot chaatiyay. Please make cum. AAHHH ooohhh..mayree ..gaand. Aap mayree gaand chaat rahayen hain."

Nasim put her hands on the back of her uncle's wet head and tried to push it even deeper in her cunt.

Akbar sensing her impending climax put his two fingers insider Nasim's cunt and licked her clitoris fiercely.

Nasim shrieked as if prodded by a live wire, "OOHHH. Chaaa..chuuu pleeeesse leeeccckkk MEEEE."

Akbar without breaking the rhythm of Nasim's clitoral stimulation pulled his middle finger out of her cunt, soaking wet and slowly pushed it in her tight ass. His two fingers were buried up to the knuckles. His index finger tortured Nasim's cervix and his middle finger moved firm pieces of feces around sending waves of dual pleasure added with the sensual torture of his tongue and mouth on her clitoris.

Nasim moaned continuously until she screamed, "AAH! Main aanay waalee hoon. CHAACHUUU. MAIN AANAAY WALEE AAH MAIN AA RUHEE HOON."

Nasim bucked like a colt as her orgasm tore through her body like a tornado. Akbar caught Nasim's clitoris between his teeth and hooked his fingers and scraped the soft lining of his niece's cunt and rectal walls enhancing the intensity of her orgasm.

It took Nasim nearly ten minutes to settle down. Akbar never stopped licking her clitoris until it became too sensitive and Nasim tried to push her uncle's face away, "Chaachu, Mayree choot aur ghundee bahut sensitive hai ub. UMMM."

Akbar got up and pulled his fingers out slowly. His index finger was shining with white creamy cunt juices and middle finger was coated with thick layer of brown aromatic Nasim's rectal goo.

Nasim was looking up at her uncle's face with love and devotion. He lovingly licked his index finger with loud smacking of his lips. Then he smelled the aroma of his middle finger before putting it in his mouth with exaggerated sounds of mimicking 'how delicious'.

Nasim smiled and felt her lust rejuvenating itself.

"Chaachu, kyaa khayaal hai aapkaa? Kyaa aapkaa hathee jaisaa motaa lund mayray moonh may choosnay ko chulaa jaayaygaa?"

"Nasim darling, you can try!"

Nasim pointed towards her breasts and raised her head on three pillows. Akbar moved over his niece with his knees on either side of her chest and he put part of his heavy ass on his niece's luscious, large soft breasts to crush them as he offered his gargantuan cock head to her tiny, beautiful open mouth.

Nasim managed to open her mouth wide enough to take her uncle's monster cock head and two inches of shaft inside her mouth. Akbar saw his niece's mouth straining at the corners. Her nose appeared distorted and flat. She tried to move her mouth over her uncle's monstrosity of a penis and failed. She looked up with wide-open eyes and tried to smile pathetically at her inability to fellate her uncle's massive cock.

Akbar clenched his fingers through Nasim's wet hair and used his strong hips and his strong grip on Nasim's head to pull his cock about an inch or two and push it inside her tight warm mouth making her gag.

Nasim tried to breathe through her distorted nose. Akbar saw his niece's beautiful nose flare and his lust flared too. He once again pulled is cock out and forced it back hitting the back of his niece's throat making her gag again. Nasim's eyes filled up due to gagging. She put her tiny hand on her uncle's massive hairy ass but made no attempt to push him away.

Akbar started to fuck his niece's face with short jabs making her gag again and again. Nasim's face was flushed red, her eyes were streaming. Her face was wet with her tears. Even with hardly any space left in her tightly crammed mouth her saliva found a tiny way and dribbled out on her face continuously. The bedroom was resonating with the retching sound of a lusty niece gagging on her uncle's monster cock.

Akbar continuously fucked his niece's face enjoying her fluttering throat muscles on his massive cock head as she tried to gag. Soon Nasim's tears overflowed into her beautiful nose running out with mucus. Akbar found his niece's running nose sexy as well as her messy face awash with her tears, saliva and snot.

Nasim gagged like someone trying to be sick but failing.

Akbar tortured his niece's willing mouth for fifteen minutes, Nasim's gagging noise sounded hoarse. Her eyes were blood shot with the continuous straining. Akbar found this overbearingly sexy and his lust spilled over the brim.

He pulled Nasim's face towards his cock and pushed his hips forwards managing to cram another inch inside Nasim's gagging mouth. Nasim felt her uncle's gargantuan cock bloat even more and then she felt a hot volley hit the back of her throat filling her mouth. She could hardly breathe and there was not enough space in her throat to swallow. Nasim clawed at her uncle's ass feeling she would choke to death. Akbar spurted another huge volley with his eyes half closed with ecstasy.

Nasim managed to pull back a bit and hurriedly tried to swallow mouthful of her uncle's hot thick cum. Her uncle was cumming in huge thick spurts, which shot, out of his piss-hole too fast for Nasim to swallow and it refluxed up through her nose. Her uncle's thick cum which she failed to swallow, was streaming out of her running nose. Akbar and Nasim thought his cum would not stop spurting out of his rock hard giant cock. However, eventually it did.

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