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Mom's Warmup

by Isopropyl©

My name is Ken. I am nineteen and live at home with my mom, Paula, and dad, James. Dad is an engineer at a local manufacturing plant. Mom is a housewife. My dad is forty-nine, ten years older than mom. My life is routine and quite boring, except for school, a local college I attend. Dad is a man of habit. You could almost set the clock by him. Dad's routine during the weekdays are, off to work at eight o'clock, home at six o'clock, bed at ten o'clock. Saturday, dad is off at eight o'clock to play golf and stay at the clubhouse, eating his dinner there, home at nine o'clock and straight to bed, with mom following him. Sunday is family day and spent at home. I'm in school at ten o'clock, and normally home by three o'clock. Like I said, it's a bore.

One Monday I came home and found my Aunt Peggy's car in the driveway. I went into the house and found them sitting on the back patio, talking. I said my hello's, then went to my room. I tried to study, but found myself getting sleepy. I opened the window to get some fresh air and could hear my mom and aunt talking very clearly. As I went back to my books I heard someone say "sex", and went back to the window to listen better. My aunt was telling my mom about her husband, George, not being the greatest in bed. My mom piped in about my dad.

"Listen Peg, Jim is much worse. I can't remember the last time I had an orgasm. Jim only wants sex when he comes home from golf, then he only last for three or four minutes. He never does any foreplay, and I don't mind telling you how much I miss that."

"Paula, why don't you try using a toy? They have some really ingenious gadgets nowadays. I 'm speak from experience"

"No Peg, I tried a few, but they just don't seem to do the trick. I don't think I'm frigid; I just need the real thing. Please don't tell me to get a lover; I would never ruin my family that way."

Aunt Peggy changed the subject and I went back to my books. Unable to concentrate, I heard my aunt leave. I went downstairs to find my mother sitting in the living room. I sat on the couch facing toward my mom.

"Is something on your mind, Ken?"

Mom I heard you talking a little while ago. I heard about your problem with having an.... Orgasm. Mom's eyes grew quite large and she sat up in the chair. I swallowed hard as I sat there, keeping eye contact with her.

"AND? Do you have something more to say?"

Mom, I think I may have a solution to your problem. Mom told me to watch my step and to pick my words carefully. Listen mom, if all you need is a little ....warming up, before you go in with dad, I can help. Mom kept her stare. Mom please don't get mad, I'm just trying to help you...and dad.

"And just how do you propose, this warming me up?"

Well, I think if you, and me, did a little light petting, just before dad comes home from golf, you would be in a much better mood, with dad. I mean, maybe a few kisses and some hugging, nothing serious. Just light petting. You would have complete control. Just think about it, mom.

"Kenneth, that's nonsense! You're talking about making out with your mother! What were you thinking? Let's just forget this conversation ever happened and you forget about what you heard outside."

I asked for mom's forgiveness and went up to my room. Mom stayed seated, trying to act as if everything was still normal. Later, at the dinner table, I noticed mom was intently staring at me. I was a little worried that dad would notice, but he didn't say anything.

Things were pretty much the same; mom was a little preoccupied thinking about something, maybe what we talked about even. I came home Friday, greeted mom with my usual hello, and then headed to my room. I had just set my books down, when there was a light knock at my door. Mom came in my room and sat on my bed.

"Can we talk Ken?"

I turned my chair to face her and told her, of course mom. I noticed she seemed a little nervous. Maybe she told dad about my idea. I felt a chill go up my back, expecting the worst.

"Honey, I've been thinking about your offer, try as I might not to. Well, I think I was a bit too hard on you the other day. You're a good son, a mother couldn't ask for a more caring or gentlemanly son. I've been thinking about giving the idea a...trail. Just a little test, to see if it"

I was a bit shocked at her willingness; after all, she called it making out with your mother. When? It came out with just a slight higher pitch then my normal voice; I hoped mom didn't pickup on it.

"I was hoping now. I can use something... in place of your father, to tell if it will work."

I knew mom meant a dildo. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. Mom asked if I wanted her sit or stand. I told her what ever she felt most comfortable with; she was in charge of everything. Mom stood up and we embraced. She kissed me on the lips and I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me hard against her mouth. She pushed against me, feeling my hard bulge pressing her. We continued kissing; mom was even allowing me to use a little tongue on her lips. This went on for about fifteen minutes; mom finally pulled away and went into her room. I sat back down in my chair and soon I heard the sounds of moaning, followed by a loud wail of obvious joy. It was the sound of success.

Mom stayed in her room for a long time, coming out just before dad was due home. I didn't get a chance to talk with her, but I could tell by the large grin on her face she was happy with the test.

Saturday I came down to breakfast and mom was humming a tune in the kitchen. She greeted me with a big kiss on the cheek, but other then smiling she said nothing about the day before. I waited in anticipation hoping she would not keep me hanging too long. She sat my food in front of me and took her seat across from me.

"Alright, I know you're dieing to hear. It worked great, Ken,...I had forgotten how good it fells. Thank you, honey. I think if I could meet you in your room, say around eight thirty tonight, we could make out for awhile, until your father comes home."

I told her I would be waiting in my room. I tried to keep busy, but minutes seemed like hours. I washed my car, twice and mom's car once. I went over my notes for school and even rewrote them. Finally, eight thirty. I waited and waited, maybe mom changed her mind. It was eight forty when mom came in my room. Without a word we embraced and kissed. Mom moved my hands to the sides of her breast, letting me feel her up a little. Mom opened her mouth and sucked my tongue in. We fell to the bed, locked in each other's arms. Mom kept rubbing my back, as I fondled her bra covered breast. We heard a noise downstairs and broke our embrace. Mom kissed me one more time, and then left my room, shutting the door behind her.

I heard her bedroom door open, and then close, mom must have gone in. My father was next as the door opened and shut again. I cracked my door opened and stood, listening for any sound. Not ten minutes had passed when the moans began. At first they were soft and low, but soon got much louder, ending in a muffled screech. I was sure mom had a very good orgasm.

Sunday morning I went down for breakfast, mom was smiling from ear to ear. Even my dad seemed unusually happy. I didn't get chance to talk to mom in private until later that night.

"Oh Ken honey, thank you so much." I got a big kiss on my cheek. "It was wonderful. Your dad is so proud I had an orgasm."

The rest of the night went by slowly. Monday I came home from school to find my mother sitting in the living room, deep in thought. We said our hello's and I went to my room. Just as I put my books down, mom entered and sat on my bed.

"Ken I've been doing some heavy thinking. We could make out during the week; lord knows I can get off without your dad. I can use Do you think that would be okay?"

When mom, my voice cracked. I mean whatever you like. Mom laughed a little. She said we could do it when I come home from school, starting today. She moved towards me and our lips locked. Mom moved my hands to her breast, she was braless. I kneaded her globes and rubbed the nipples hard. Mom pulled my ass in tight against her. I knew she felt my hardness, but she didn't let up any. We kept this up for almost a half an hour; finally mom broke the embrace, leaving the room without saying anything. I heard her as she climaxed in her room.

Tuesday mom was waiting in my room when I came home. This time she had her blouse opened exposing her breast, as she lay on my bed. She asked me to undress and I quickly removed my clothes. I took full advantage of the gifts offered, sucking each nipple erect. This was closer to a full hour of foreplay.

Wednesday was much the same, but now mom was topless. Her shorts were the only barrier. As I worked her nipples, I ran my hand down her stomach to the waistband and paused. Mom offered no resistance. I slid my hand down under the waistband, feeling no panties I cupped her vagina. Mom let out a slight moan. I slid my finger between her lips and deep into moist cunt. As I pumped my finger in and out, mom started to moan louder. In a low whisper, mom said, "Bite my nipples." I gave each nipple a little bite, pulling as I did so. Mom started to shake as she fucked my hand. After a short rest, mom got up, kissed me, and then left.

Thursday mom was totally nude in my room. I was able to lick her clit now. Mom held my head tight to her mound, as I licked and sucked, until she came hard. I also got my first blowjob from mom. She sucks cock like a slut, but I'm not complaining.

Friday I got my first fuck from mom. She is really hot, with a little foreplay. Mom wanted seconds and I complied. We joked about who the slut really was. Mom is completely open to me now. I asked if dad was suspicious or anything. Mom was sure he wasn't. I played with mom until just before dad came home. We were both in our showers, mom has one off her bedroom, and the other is in the hallway, when dad came in, but nothing was said.

Saturday mom came in my room with a cup of coffee, stark naked. I drank the coffee as mom sucked my dick. Boy, what a way to start your day. We had sex all day long, except for a short lunch. Mom even let me do anal with her. I started this whole thing to help mom, but it ended with all of us getting something good from it.

Well, it's been over two months since we started to have real sex. Mom and I fuck every day when I get home from school and almost all day Saturday. Sunday is still family day; I do need some time off after all. We still have a routine; I just wouldn't call it boring.

Written by: Isopropyl

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