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My Brother's Magnificent Cock Ch. 02

by penasweapon©

Over time my brother Mike, once the king of the nerds, had transformed into the complete opposite of that. The funny thing is that for years he couldn't get a girl to come near him and now that his looks had changed they discovered that the nerd king was also the king of cock. His dick, as I had been hearing recently and now had seen for myself, is unnaturally long.

And, it is beautiful. Magnificent really.

I sat on the toilet as Mike dropped the towel. He looked at me and I could tell he was concerned.

"I need to watch you," I said.

He studied my face. Then he reached for the lotion that was sitting on the sink, squirted it into his hand and began stroking. It just got bigger and bigger. It was fucking enormous.

Having listened before, I could tell that he was working it faster. The slapping sound was happening much more rapidly. My body was reacting to the sight. My nipples were at full attention and I began to feel warm and moist between my legs.

"Shit," Mike said. Really grunted. He kept on grunting and huffing.

He barely seemed to get out his next statement, "It's gonna be a big one."

Just as he was saying that I noticed he was staring at my nipples which my nightgown did little to hide. This excited me even more because I knew what he had just said meant he was about to cum. He was about to cum! I wondered if I was exciting him.

Mike's breathing became ragged and even as naive as I was I knew it was imminent. I couldn't help it I reached out and grabbed it. I don't know which was first Mike yelling no or his cock erupting.


"Damn Mike," I exclaimed. He shot cum everywhere. I was at arms length but took about four shots to the face, my nightie had cum on it and there was a trail of cum down the arm leading to the hand that had grabbed him.

Mike stumbled back away from me stopped only by the bathroom wall. He then slid down to sit on the floor.

I was in a trance. I touched the cum on my arm. I wanted to know all about it. What it felt like - smelled like -tasted like. This thought took over. I had to taste it. I just had to.

I brought my hand to my mouth and stuck my tongue in his cum.

"Niyima don't.."

It was too late I had tasted it. I was surprised because I had heard how bitter it was supposed to be but I didn't think it was that bitter. Maybe Mike was special maybe not but it had a slightly salty taste and there was a hint of sweetness to it. More though I liked the way it felt in my mouth, the texture of it, and the way it slid down my throat.

I didn't realize it but I had begun masturbating and sucking up the rest of Mike's cum. It was Mike's protest that snapped me out of it.

"Please Niyima you can't do that."

But his cock betrayed him. It was growing again and he had cum twice already. He must really be excited to see me do that. I looked at the monster coming back to life and spoke more to it than him, "Oh yes, I can. It's good. What I really would want though is to get it right from your dick."

I was as shocked that I had said that as he looked to hear it.

"What the hell have i done" he said.


Significant change often happens in our lives in such a way that it is often imperceptible. The passage of time allows us not to take conscious notice. Then there are events which snap us into a completely new context. Sitting on the toilet seat in the basement bathroom that my brother Mike and I shared covered in his cum I had just thrust into a new context.

Twenty minutes before I was just a curious sister wondering about rumors about her brother. Now my brother who to that point I had just seen as my friend and confidant had to me become the very definition of sex.

"That was unbelievable," I said.

Mike was quiet. He was just staring at me. I followed his gaze and realized he was staring at my crotch. My hand was a blur as I was trying to feed my needy pussy my hand. I hadn't realized how much I had spread my legs and put myself on display.

Mike did something I know he didn't realize he had done or he wouldn't have let me see him do it, he licked his lips.

"You want me," I accused.

"No, no of course I don't."

"You don't?!?," I questioned sounding a bit sad at his rejection.

"Well - I -I can't want you. It would be incest if we..."

I looked directly into his eyes. I still don't know where this boldness came from, "I don't care what it's called. I know what incest is. What I want to know is if you want me. Do you want to take my virginity? Do you want to let me experience the pleasure all the girls can't stop talking about?"

Before he answered I knew what he wanted it was evident from the way that his cock was twitching. "Niyima, I just can't. I shouldn't have let it get this far and won't let it go any further. The last thing I am going to do is take the kind of advantage of my sister that I should be protecting her from."

Watching Mike's cock bouncing I had to give him credit for willpower. I knew he wanted to fuck me it was just obvious. I wanted him too and I was going to get him - just not yet.

I reached up scooped some of the cum still on my face placed my fingers in my mouth and sucked it down my throat. "OK," I said.

His face was a pained mixture of longing and confusion.


School seemed to drag on perpetually. I didn't hear one word any of my teachers said my mind was full thinking about my brother's huge cock. I guessed it was too big for me to have room to think about anything else. That thought made me laugh.

"Niyima!" I heard a voice which snapped me out of my reverie. It was Lana a friend of mine and a girl who was currently dating Mike. "Niyima are you okay" "Class is over and your just sitting there still"

Had I really been that gone? I had to get a grip and figure out in short order how to deal with this situation. It's just that Mike's cock overwhelmed my thoughts the way I knew it had overwhelmed all of those girls' bodies. All of those girls including -Lana?!?

"Can I ask you a question; have you and Mike -uh, have you..." I started asking her before I even thought about what I was doing but then found myself having difficulty getting the question out.

Lana dropped her gaze and her face turned beet red. Lana was a porcelain skinned redhead who my brother had lusted after since he was in his nerdy stage all those years ago. The likely hood of those two hooking up was nonexistent. Mike was a nerd not in her circle and she had never dated a Black guy. I guess buffing up and having rumors flying about having the biggest dick any of us had ever heard of had done the unimaginable and made the impossible - possible.

"You have!" "Tell me about it!" I was practically squealing.

She looked mortified. It was probably how loud I was being. "I will tell you outside if you just keep it down"

I practically broke into a sprint. I was already sitting on a bench outside the school when Lana exited. She looked at me puzzled. "What the hell is going on?"

"Just answer the question. You have haven't you?"

"Yes. Your brother can have any woman he wants. It's not just his... you know. He is incredibly charming. For me it was all the stories I just couldn't believe they were true." She looked at me. "I had to know. They just kept coming. It was like he was fucking every hot girl and every one of them said how good he was and how bi - big he was"

"People have tried not to speak about it around me but I have heard," I said.

"I measured it you know."

"You did what?"

"I really had to know. After the first time I asked him if I could measure to really know. I shouldn't tell you this" She looked away as she continued. "It was almost eleven and a half inches. Literally almost a foot long. Just the knowledge of the number made it that mush more erotic and I belonged to him after that" She dropped her head. "Even today..."

"Today," I questioned.

"Yes, he called this morning and said he needed to see me. He has never called like that before. It was exhilarating we took off just before my lunch period I skipped the previous class and found a secluded spot and he just was on fire"

"He was?"

"I can tell you although I shouldn't that Mike is amazing always but today he was phenomenal. He just kept going. I thought he was going to fuck me to death" She chuckled. "I just got back for my last class"

"All that time you..." She interrupted, "yes, all that time. He has been really good before but today he was off the charts. Usually he can wait until we go out but there was an urgency I had never seen before. I don't know what got into him but I like it."

I had an idea of what got into him and I liked it too.

Written by: penasweapon

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