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Gambling My Daughter Ch. 1-2

by sugardaddy©

Go TO YOUR ROOM!" I shouted. "Young lady, you better get your little ass in your bedroom right NOW!" Ashley saunters by me, her little behind waggling as she heads to her room. I feel badly for yelling at her. After all, she is my daughter. My lover. She is wearing her little plaid wool skirt that barely comes to the middle of her thighs. Her blue eyes blaze with anger. It all started when she found out that Chris was not going to be able to play poker tonight and we would be one shy of our normal 7. David, John, Cindy, Matt, and Karen will be here in about 30 minutes for our biweekly poker game. Chris cannot make it because his wife is nagging him and he has to go to the opera. So, our normal seven is down to six. I prefer seven when I gamble because it makes the betting that much more exciting.

My daughter on the other hand, is also very exciting. She wears her hair long, gathering her blonde tresses into a loose fitting pony tail that waves back and forth as she walks. When she walks by, you can really see the red highlights burn a soft auburn color in the evening light. She is really not my little girl any more. She is 19 years old and is a beautiful woman. Her lips are full and they tend to be in a perpetual pucker when she sees a man fortunate to catch her eye. I am one of those lucky men. Her full rounded hips and ass are an invitation to look for both men and women. She has the curves that women die for and men want to touch. I have been fortunate to be have been able to Her breasts pull at her shirts as she fills them out nicely with a c cup bosom. Right now, she is wearing a white button down cotton blouse that is normally never buttoned past the third button. It is not now either. You can see her bra peeking out to the world; tonight it is a deep navy blue that compliments her eyes so very well. She is quite simply, a beautiful woman.

I have been having sex with my daughter ever since she turned 18. It all began when we came home from her graduation party and I had allowed her to drink more wine that she should have. That night was amazing. We discovered in each other a passion that I had never found in my years of living, nor had you. Our fingers roamed over each other like explorers discovering the new world. No place was off limits and each place was traversed multiple times that evening. And evenings to come. Your mouth kissed me that night with such force and passion that you swept me off my feet. I, in turn, showed you my expertise and skill that you wanted no other. Your shaved pussy that night yielded feelings to you that you had never felt before. You moaned against my mouth as we kissed. You whimpered as I fucked you doggie style with nice long hard strokes. You screamed as I ate your pussy out for an hour. You sucked my long cock until you made me cum twice. You swallowed my thick cream and shared it with me. You straddled my hips and fucked me deep in your cunt. Your lips spread wide as it took in my entire shaft. Your breasts heaved up and down while your arms caressed my chiseled chest. Your erect nipples would pierce the night air as I pinched each one hard.

Ah, that was a great night. We have had many good and great ones sine then. There is nothing we like doing more than fucking each other silly, all night long. But, you are up in your room, upset with me. Well, I hate having you upset with me. What can I do though? Hmmmm. As a plan starts to form in my head, I start to walk to your room. I figure, since my poker buddies sometimes comment how good looking you are, especially Karen and Matt, and the others complain about the money that we all spend playing that maybe my little daughter would like to have everyone bid on her and play for her. Hmmmm. I guess I better see what she is up to, and whether or not she will go for this.

As I approach your room, I can tell that your door is cracked partly open. I can hear your soft moans as I come closer. I peer into your room and I can see you with your panties off, discarded on the floor. Your powder blue panties glisten from their dampness off of the light from your desk lamp. I quietly come into the room as you slide your fingers in and out of your pussy, while rubbing your clit with your thumbs. Your moans are gentle, not like your fucking voice. You mumble, "Daddy, I will be a good girl." Over and over again, you say this as you come closer to orgasm. After a few more probes with your slender fingers, you erupt in an orgasm. I watch you with a growing mound in my pants. You look up at me and smile. I smile down at you. "Babygirl, you can come play with me and my friends tonight if you want. But, I think we could have even more fun if you were not gambling, but were being played for. How does that sound to you?"

You reach over to me; undo my belt buckle, button, and zipper. You pull my 7 ½ inches out and lick it once. "Daddy, how does me sucking your cock sound right now? That’s your answer." I nod once. I have my answer and you start to show me why I love you so…"

Chapter 2 You look into my eyes as you slowly drag your long fingernails up my shaft. You love to feel my throbbing cock in your hand. You love to feel my throbbing cock in a lot of places. Your piercing blue eyes, heavenly framed by your strawberry blonde hair, gaze lovingly into my eyes. Right now though you only want to love this long thick cock in front of you. You begin to lick the head of my cock, then up and down the shaft while slowly stroking it with your dexterous fingers. Wrapping your lips tight around the head while your tongue twirls madly around it you begin to notice my breathing come faster. Slowly sucking my dick in, inch by inch the entire 7 ½ inches is swallowed into your mouth and throat. Letting it slide down your throat as you take it all in. You begin to slowly suck up and down while you deep throat my massive dick. Your lips are spread wide around it and you tickle my hair with your nose as your breath in and out. Picking up the pace, you suck harder and faster while your hands massage my balls. My big eyes looking down at you while you bob up and down my cock. Your eyes beg for my hot jizm. You are just waiting for my hot creamy load of cum.

My breath races along like a speeding train. You can hear me enjoying this. You can only imagine what is running through my head, but you love the feel of my cock pushing its way past your lips into your waiting mouth and throat. Your ponytail bobs up and down as you continue to fuck my dick with your mouth. My hands come to the sides of your head as you feel me to be a few short seconds from my sweet release. You love the way my cum tastes. Syrupy, sugary, and a touch salty. I am not like the other guys you have sucked on with their bitter cum. You have sucked dry 8 guys so far, and none have been able to compare against my sweet nectar. You tease me that I should freeze some of it so you can have it as a Popsicle or at least a dessert treat. Yes, my Babygirl does love her cum. You make small purring sounds in the back of your throat, the vibrations of which, send shivers racing along my shaft and deep into my testicles. You know that this will trigger my orgasm.

I start to shoot stream after stream into your mouth. You start to gulp down my nectar as fast as you can. I watch your cheeks suck tightly around me, outlining my head. I run my finger along your cheek right where my cock head is. You take all 6 of my thick threads of cum into your mouth. You look up into my eyes and rise yourself off from your knees. Wrapping your arms around me you come into kiss my lips. I can see a small drop of my cum on your lisp. You know that I love taking my cum from your mouth or pussy and you are going to give me this treat one more time. My lips press firmly against yours and I slide my tongue into your mouth. I immediately can taste my sperm that is waiting for me. You slide your tongue on top of mine like it is a spoon. You feel my tongue withdraw from your mouth as you deposit my spouge in the shallow part of my tongue. You totally love watching me swallow my own cum. It has filled your fantasies for the past year ever since we started tasting our juices together. You break our kiss and place your arms around my neck. You get this little glint in your eyes and you tell me that you want to try something new. I ask you what you want to try. You whisper in my ear, your warm breath tickling my nerves, and you tell me that you want me to make you feel like a dirty slut and relieve myself on you. "What, you want me to give you a golden shower?" I look at you puzzled. I am amazed and aroused. I have long thought of surprising you while you are sucking me off with a shower of the golden kind. You feel my cock twitch at the thought and you begin to smile.

"Daddy, I want you to make me your little bitch right now!" Oh how I have waited for this moment. I walk you into the bathroom and I have you begin to take off your clothes. It goes even quicker than our normal routine because you are so anxious for this. I never thought I would get you to do this, but now that you want to, I can barely contain myself. I direct you to get in the bathtub after you have disrobed your gorgeous body. Your thighs, bared for me, are taut from your exercises and your breasts have no sag at all regardless of their size. I reach out to pinch one nipple hard. You squeal and giggle. You begin to stroke my cock with your hands. It is easy for you to run your fingers along it, since we never did put it away after you gave me a good mouth fuck. You crouch down, your pussy lips hanging slightly apart with your arousal. I lift my penis and put it right above your upper lip. I tell you to close your mouth and you listen to your daddy like a good girl.

Your hands on my thighs steady us both as the first golden wetness splashes onto your face. At first it is gentle, but the spray soon picks up momentum. Like a river running wild my piss shoots out of the hole of my prick and onto your face. Spraying onto your lips, cheeks, and chin you slide your tongue out to try just a small taste. You quickly taste me, decide that while my cum is yummier, you would like to have more of me. AS my pee seeps down your breasts and tummy, your mouth opens and out darts your tongue. Licking my shaft and your chin you get more and more golden pee inside of your mouth and onto your tongue.

Your left hand travels down your body, caressing your nipples and breasts while you feel my piss run down your body. You can feel it tingle along your pussy lips. You quickly drop your hand there to feel my urine running into your vagina. You are so aroused. The licking and tasting you are doing, the feeling of my cock on your face with a continually hot stream of liquid, and the tingle of my pee along your clit is too much. Your hands steady yourself as orgasm after orgasm rocks you. Your scream and scream and scream. "GOD OOOHHH MMMMMYYYYYY GGOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!" Your climax scream rips through the house like a wailing banshee but this time, the banshee is happy. You slump back onto your bottom. Your ass feels my piss slide along your cheeks as I continue to pee all over you. I had been saving up quite a lot, since I had not gone to that bathroom in quite a while. My piss splatters on your face and the top of your head. Y

ou are still whimpering and moaning from your orgasm. Your pussy is dripping wet not just from my piss but also from your juices. My rod empties itself out on you. I lean down, kiss you on your lips. You look up at me, pee on your eyelashes, "Daddy, thank you!!!! I came really hard on that!!!!" I smile at you, kiss you one last time. "Ashley, my love, you are going to be what is won after every round of poker tonight and you will have to do what ever the winner wants. Take a shower, get dressed, your are going to play with daddy’s friends tonight!" You clap just like a little girl would. Your eyes shine with anticipation of more cum and orgasms for you. (So ends chapter 2)

Written by: sugardaddy

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