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Cumming In My Wife's Best Friend Ch. 03

by HornyHubbie©

"That's how I am starting to feel about Natasha too," I responded, compounding further my lack of fidelity to my wife with this expressed criticism. "I keep finding myself thinking about you and comparing her to you unfavourably. In fact, even when Natasha and I had sex two nights ago and I came in her mouth, I imagined that it was you that was kneeling in front of me, wearing red panties and black leather boots and sucking my cock. I feel completely like you do, that the last two nights have been the most mind-blowing sexual experiences of my life, and it makes the thought of Natasha's cunt so much less appealing now."

"Mmmmmm......hearing that makes me feel soooo horny and pleased with myself," she replied. "And do you know what, I think my whole outlook on the world has been transformed in the last 2 nights. If you had talked about Natasha that way two nights ago, I would have protested and have been filled with guilt. But now, hearing you say that, I feel so sexy and aroused and self-satisfied. I love Natasha and she is my best friend in the whole world, but it's not fair that she has had you all to herself for all these years." I slowly stroked my hand along my cock as she said this.

"I think Natasha is feeling slightly uncertain, slightly worried, and maybe even a little bit jealous," I announced. "I tell her that what we are doing together is awkward and not enjoyable, but she is asking me questions about what you have done to make me cum, and in her heart-of-hearts, I think she knows we are having full-on sex in that room. I think the imagery of you and me engaging in acts of sex and lust together is starting to torment her."

"Well, I think Natasha has been a bit of a fool," Helen stated, sounding suddenly oh-so-slightly ruthless. "If you had been mine, I would not have knowingly shared you with another woman, whatever the circumstances, and no matter how much I trusted her. And whatever images may be in her mind, I doubt they will match up very well against the reality of the last 2 nights. Natasha and Mike made their choice, and now I think you and I should put whatever guilt we feel to one side and enjoy the consequences. And, well, if I can make you feel so much more excited than Natasha can, then she isn't really being a very successful wife, is she?"

That did not sound very fair to my loving spouse, but I was not about to contradict Helen. This conversation was going into very interesting, exciting and potentially very dangerous areas. "And how is Mike feeling about the last two nights?" I asked. "Is he becoming suspicious or jealous?"

"Mike has been acting very strangely since that first night," she said. "After night one, I waited for as long as I could after you had left before going to see him, and I massively played down what had happened between us, emphasising the awkwardness and making no reference to the physical pleasure I had enjoyed. I think the immediate guilt I was feeling helped to make this story seem more authentic.

"Mike responded in a very supportive and caring way, and strangely he did not ask me many questions, just whether I had got your seed inside me. It was like he did not want to focus on the fact that his wife had just had another man's cock thrusting inside her, giving her what her husband couldn't do. He therefore did not act at all suspicious, and he was very loving, but I wonder now whether he could tell that I had climaxed with you. I think now that maybe when he first saw me I was still flushed with the thrill of our sexual encounter, and maybe Mike could also see the conflict on my face which was resulting from being torn between the sexual joy you had given me and a misery right then that I had betrayed him and my wedding vows."

"Did he want to have sex that night?" I asked, remembering the urgency with which Natasha had wanted to reclaim me on that first night. "Natasha pounced on me after that first time."

"No, he didn't," Helen replied. "And I didn't encourage him, either. We got into bed and we lay together in the spoon position for a while, and neither of us made any sexual moves. However, last night, after our second encounter, it couldn't have been more different."

"How so?" I enquired, my dick still hard in my pants, my palm slowly rubbing against my trousers. I glanced quickly at the door again, and could not see Alison.

"After you had left," she stated, "I lay there feeling your cum still seeping out of me, wanting to hold as much in place for as long as possible. Thinking about you, and feeling so very languorous and dreamy and turned on....mmmmmmm, even thinking about it now makes me feel so hot. Eventually however I had to rouse myself and leave the room, so I put my t-shirt and panties back on and returned to my bedroom. Mike was there, waiting for me wearing just his underpants, no doubt this time clearly seeing the blush of orgasm on my face and neck. He looked very agitated and angry, and was sat at the side of the bed with his elbows on his knees and his hands clasped. I was about to ask him what was the matter when he almost leapt up and was upon me, pushing me against the wall."

I sat in silence while she described this, my breathing heavy while I stroked my cock at my desk in response to her sexual recollection. She continued, "He literally mashed his mouth onto mine, forcing my lips open with his tongue and crushing his mouth against me. His body pinned me against the wall and I could feel his erection immediately, poking into me. He muttered 'I want my wife back,' sounding very fierce and serious and scary, and he was almost grinding himself against me with a savagery I had never experienced from him before, his tongue slathering against my mouth and face.

"I tried to protest, to push him away from me, and I knew then that it was jealous anger that was fuelling his lust-filled assault on me, jealousy at what was going on in his annexe bedroom and at the after-effects of sexual ecstasy which he could detect on his wife. He was therefore not interested in my protestations and growled 'I am going to cum inside you tonight, too'. Then he gripped my arms and half-pushed, half-threw me onto the bed.

"I fell onto my back, and immediately he was upon me again, pulling my panties off me roughly, and dragging down his own underwear. It all happened so quickly that I was too dazed and shocked to put up any sort of fight, my hands pushing feebly against his chest, then my legs were spread by his body and he was pushing himself into me.

"His head fell into the space between my head and shoulder as he entered me, and then he started to lick and kiss my face and neck while he started to fuck me, just pumping with his lower hips and ass rather than fucking me with the movement of his whole body. His dick thrust in and out of me, rapidly entering my still-wet cunt with all the force Mike could muster. 'I want my dick inside my wife' he uttered, and I resigned myself to receiving this fucking from my spouse that I had neither desired nor had invited.

"I therefore wrapped my arms around his back and spread my legs to give him the access he needed to make his penetration as deep as possible, but immediately I was pining for the deep DEEP stretching that your cock had given me minutes earlier, for that sensation of being filled which I have only ever experienced with my vagina wrapped around your shaft. I knew straight away that his thin five and a half inch dick just could not compare to yours, and although my cunt was wet and I was still hot from the passions you had aroused earlier, in an instant I was almost a disinterested spectator in this act of sex with my husband." I was going to cum in my pants if she carried on like this.

"But, lying slut that your dick has made me, I started to moan in a simulation of growing passion at this act of angry rough fucking by my spouse. He continued to plunge his dick into me, his head buried next to my neck, his body pressing down on mine. 'Oh, Mike,' I lied, 'Your dick is so wonderful inside me, so big, so hard, I love being fucked by you.' And one of my hands slid down to caress and squeeze his ass, while the other slid to the back of his neck, and I started to grip and clench his thrusting dick with my pussy walls. My fake moaning continued to build with his own mounting grunts as he fucked me.

"Fucking him felt like being with a boy after experiencing a man, but when he commanded , 'Tell me you love my dick inside you,' I moaned, 'Ohhh...Mike, your dick feels soooo good inside me, you are such a sexy lover...ohhhhhhhhh.' But I was really thinking about what a poor pathetic specimen his cock was, wishing it was you spearing me with your girth. Eventually, to bring things to a close I licked his ear and pretended that I was cumming while I used my cunt muscles to coax him over the edge, and then he was shooting inside of me, adding his seedless sperm to the fertile spunk which still remained from the load you had pumped into me earlier.

"I held him inside me for 5 minutes, then finally he rolled off me, turned off his bedside lamp without saying anything, and went to sleep. I lay in the dark, replaying fucking you in my mind, still feeling warm and savouring the afterglow of the orgasms you had given me. And when I got up this morning, the conversation with Mike before he went to work was polite, and we didn't mention what had happened at all. Imagine it, him not mentioning that he was thinking that another man had fucked me to orgasm, me not mentioning that he had practically forced himself on me, had as good as fucked me without my consent."

"Wow," was all I could muster as a reply at the end of this dirty monologue. I wanted to release my zip, grab my cock and masturbate myself properly, but I resisted the urge. I paused for a few seconds, then summoning all of my oratory skills to encapsulate how turned on she was making me, repeated, "Wow."

"Do you want to know my naughtiest thought of all, John?" she asked, then continued without waiting for my assent. "When we started this, before I felt you inside me for the first time, all I could think about was that if a baby was conceived, it would be mine and Mike's baby. That it would be Mike's child, no matter who the father was, because I am his wife and we love each other. But now, I am thinking that if there is a life starting inside me, it is mine and yours, the result of these incredible experiences together."

This was a very surprising announcement to hear, and despite our incredible level of intimacy to this point, I felt the threat of another brick in the foundation of my life with Natasha being smashed away. I paused to consider her words, then drawing upon even more deep and profound descriptive powers, announced, "God, I can't wait to fuck your brains out again tonight."


The rest of the work day passed uneventfully, other than the peculiar stares I was receiving from Alison, who was no doubt wondering why her straight-down-the-middle family man boss had spent so long on the phone to a woman who was clearly not a business associate.

When I got home from work, Natasha was noticeably more friendly towards me. I was delighted about this, since it seemed to guarantee that night three with her best friend was still on. After we had finished dinner, with thoughts of the impending encounter with Helen looming large in my mind and in my balls, Natasha announced, "I phoned Helen at lunchtime today."

"Really?" I replied casually, as my wife stared at me intently, aware that a lunchtime conversation would have been shortly subsequent to when Helen had masturbated herself to orgasm on the phone with me.

"Yes," she responded. "And I am very glad that I did. I was very upfront with Helen, telling her about the jealous feelings I had been experiencing last night and this morning. About how I was starting to have regrets about agreeing to you doing this, and how I had been acting all prickly with you. Helen listened to everything I said, and she was very supportive. She also confirmed what you had already said to me, about how awkward and embarrassing everything has been for you both." She smiled supportively as she said this last part.

"OK," I answered, neutrally, wondering if this had been the same Helen who had called Natasha a fool and an unsuccessful wife earlier in the day, while telling me about how devoted she now was to my cock.

"She also said that she could fully understand how I felt, and that Mike was also suffering slightly," Natasha continued. "In fact, she asked me directly whether I wanted to call the whole thing off today, and she said she would abide by whatever decision I made and would not feel like I had let her down if I stopped things now."

"Really?" I repeated, my voice perhaps an octave higher this time at the thought of being denied the erotic company of Helen again. "And what did you say?"

Natasha frowned. "I thought about it for a few seconds, and I came very close to saying let's call it off, but then I realised that decision would show that it was the nasty jealous suspicious part of me which is taking control. So, I thought further about the good reasons we are doing this and of the fact that I trust you and Helen, and I told her that the decision was hers alone. She sounded like she was going to cry and told me that she loves me as the most wonderful friend in the world, but that she wanted every opportunity to make sure she gets pregnant, so she wants to carry on for three more nights."

"OK," I stated, thinking that Helen could be a pretty convincing actress when she was so inclined. I had no doubt that she had only made the offer because she had taken a calculated gamble as to what Natasha's answer would be.

"And I am so sorry I gave you a hard time last night," Natasha continued. "You definitely didn't deserve any of that. In fact, to show you how much I love you and trust you, I am not even going to come over with you tonight. I agreed that with Helen, given that she thought that the proximity of me and Mike was adding to your awkwardness and possibly making it less likely that she will conceive, so I will see you when you get home." I was dumbfounded as I uttered my agreement. Maybe Helen was a better liar even than I was.

So I had left our home on my own later that evening, arriving to have the door answered by Mike, who was putting his coat on as if to leave his own house. The greeting was even more discomfiting than the previous evening, and neither of us could make proper eye contact. Mike mumbled however that he was going out to the pub for a couple of hours, and that he would be back later.

Then he brushed past me and shut the door behind him on the way out. My heart pounded in excited anticipation, realising that Helen and I were alone in the house, and that we perhaps would not have the same ticking clock in our minds accompanying our lovemaking.

I wondered if she had heard the doorbell, and was even now readying herself for me, preening herself as the slamming front door announced the departure of her husband. I made my way upstairs with an urgency generated from my all-encompassing desire, until I was at the door to the annexe room. I did not knock tonight, instead pushing the door open immediately.

The sight that greeted me had an equivalent effect to an invisible hand gripping and massaging my balls. Helen was lying on the bed on her back, on top of the covers, one knee bent while the other leg was stretched out in full, her small breasts flattened against her body, her nipples hard. Her rich black hair was spread out sensually beneath her, her slightly parted lips again glossy while her marvellous brown eyes fixed on me, full of want.

But it was her attire which immediately captured me. She was naked but for very tiny gauzy black panties, black elbow length satin gloves, and knee-high black leather boots. The effect, combining with her lustrous black hair and contrasting with her milky skin, was instantly arousing. In turn, her face was set in an expression of arousal, as if she had been toying with herself in anticipation of my arrival.

"My God, you look stunning," I whispered, my cock hardening as I savoured just how horny this woman could inspire me to be.

"Well, it sounded like you like leather boots, given what you said on the phone earlier, so I thought I would treat you," she purred, arching her back in a cat-like motion so as to further display her body to me. "And I do very much want to give you a treat tonight, as a thank you for all your hard work. Why don't you get fully undressed and come and lie here next to me?"

I did not need to be asked twice, and I stripped, deliberately slowing down and resisting the urge to throw off my clothes like a horny sex-obsessed teenager. As I pushed off my boxers, my semi-hard cock emerged into view, and I whispered, "My cock has been thinking about you all day today."

She patted the bed to the right of her and I lay down close beside her, on my side facing her. I moved to kiss her but she placed a soft satin-covered hand on my chest, and paused me in my motion. "Slow down, stud," she teased me. "I think we will have a bit more time tonight, to be able to enjoy ourselves even more. And I want to be the one giving pleasure to you tonight, after the way you have made me feel." She pushed my shoulder slightly, and added, "Why don't you lie on your back."

I had no willpower to resist her apparent preference to take control, so I lay on my back, my cock almost hard but not quite rigid yet. She moved in close to me, again sinuously moving her body such that she slid her small breasts against me, and I lifted my arm so that her shoulder could fit into the space under my armpit.

"I spoke with Natasha earlier," she whispered into my ear, her satin covered left hand sliding over my chest and waist. "She was so incredibly gullible, so trusting of the two of us, so willing to believe there is no passion or lust between us." Her hand circled lower down my stomach towards my midriff, taunting me with the anticipation of the feel of satin fingers against my cock. She had already established on the previous night and on the phone call earlier that I liked erotic talk, and she was clearly going to oblige me again tonight. "Well, in the next couple of hours, I am not going to just help you to break your marriage vows, I am going to wipe Natasha out of your mind, am going to make you fall even more completely in lust for me..."

Her hand reached the head of my now hard dick at the same time that her hot wet tongue licked my ear, the tip of her tongue circling around my earlobe. I moaned softly as her fingers just lightly trailed around the head of my dick, also in a circular motion, twisting lightly as they caressed me.

She continued to run her tongue around my ear, whispering, "Naughty man, all so easily turned on for his wife's best friend, oh so ready to fuck me...."

"Yessssss..." I moaned in return, loving the sensation of her swirling fingers and teasing tongue. She shifted her body so she could move her mouth down to my neck, trailing her tongue along my skin, pausing to plant soft kisses against me. Her fingers gently increased the sphere of their circling motion, taking in more of my shaft as she gently masturbated me.

"My cunt is so hot for you," she purred, her eyes inflamed while she stared at me. "So ready for that thick shaft of yours, but I'm not going to let myself give in yet..." She changed the position of her body so that she was then leaning over me, her mouth above my left nipple, her body pressing against my left side while her left hand maintaining its work on my cock. She then proceeded to lower her head to suck my nipple, closing her wet lips over it and drawing it into her mouth while her tongue licked the underside.

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