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Women's Sexual Confessions: Paula

by PositiveThinker©

A group of men and women sit around talking candidly about their sex lives.

Hi, I'm Paul, the host of this party. Welcome. Come in. Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

We were all sitting around the big screen, plasma TV watching the Super Bowl one year. I had invited all of my best buddies to watch the game with me. There were 21 of us guys, including me. Our wives and girlfriends were upstairs drinking wine, laughing, talking about kids and complaining about us, no doubt. We could hear the women getting louder, as they drank more.

During half time, instead of watching the recap of the game and the half time show, as a lark, I thought it would be a fun thing for each of us to confess what his personal, sexual peccadillo was. Only, I was shocked by what happened next.

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife or girlfriend, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum with no holds barred and nothing held back on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we actually turned off the Super Bowl to talk about what we did with our wives or girlfriends behind closed doors. Then, when we weren't even halfway through the group, wondering what we were doing and why it was so quiet, the wives and girlfriends all filed downstairs to join us.

Before it gets too confusing, allow me to introduce you to my friends. Anthony is with Ramona, Bob with Sue, Charlie with Helen, Dave with June, Eddie with Elaine, Frank with Rose, Gary with Cindy, Henry with Barbara, Jim with Samantha, John with Amanda, Larry with Diane, Michael with Yvonne, Nick with Nancy, Peter with Wendy, Randy with Francesca, Roy with Irene, Steve with Linda, Tom with Mary, Vinnie with Kathy, and Wayne with Gloria, and I'm Paul and that's my wife, Paula.

We filled our wives and girlfriends in on what we were talking about, sex, sex, and more sex. Instead of shock, we received titillation and interest from the women. It appeared, after having a few drinks, they were just as interested in talking about sex as we were. Only, we never figured they'd want to participate in our impromptu sexual confessions. Women don't normally talk about sex with men, especially in this large a group. Figuring they'd never confess their sexual secrets, but hoping with the alcohol they've already consumed that they would, coerced and encouraged by their husbands and boyfriends, I asked if any of them wanted to make a sexual confession. I should have known, since she's a swinger, still, I couldn't believe when Cindy started the sexual confessions rolling.

Cindy, Gary's wife, was first to confess with her confession that she loved big, black cocks. She told the group that she's had sex with several black men in the past and is particularly fond of their huge appendages. She takes delight that a black man, more so than a white man, is generally on the same page and can keep up with her sexually.

Then, June, Dave's wife, volunteered to confess her sexual secret. She told the group that she was a lesbian, albeit, bi-sexual. She confessed that her first lesbian experience was with her college roommate in her senior year and continued until she graduated college, all the while dating and having sex with her boyfriend, Dave, who has since become her husband.

"Who's next," I said looking around the room. "Who'd like to make a sexual confession? So far, we've heard from Anthony, Bob, Charlie, Dave, Eddie, Frank, Gary, Henry, Jim, Cindy, and June. It doesn't matter who'd like to go next, man or woman."

"I'll go," said my wife Paula.

An unexpected surprise, I never would have suspected my wife was harboring sexual secrets. Now that she's standing there ready to confess, why wouldn't she have sexual secrets, perhaps from her past. She's an attractive enough woman, 5'7" tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She's always maintained her figure with diet and exercise. Only, for the life of me, I couldn't imagine what she had to confess. We've always been so open and honest and I always trusted her in knowing that we held no secrets from one another. Okay, there was that time that I was with those twin cheerleaders right after college that I kind of forgot to mention, but that was it.

"I'm Paula. I'm married to Paul, the host of this Super Bowl party turned impromptu sexual confessional. I have a sexual secret to confess," she said obviously nervous but fortified with booze and courageous in her resolve to get whatever it was off her chest. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back, until my mouth fell open with what she confessed next.

"I had an affair," she said.

Boy that was a bomb. My wife had an affair. When? Where? With who?

"Paula, you don't have to do this," said Ramona, Anthony's wife, and her best friend. "Maybe this isn't the place or the time to confess an extramarital affair. Maybe, you should discuss that in private with your husband first."

"I want to," she said. "I've been carrying this secret with me long enough and it's time to confess," she said taking a big, deep breath before continuing. "I had an affair with a black man."

Good God, what next? First my wife confesses that she's had an affair and now she confesses that it was with a black man. Next, she'll be saying that he was a midget, I mean, a little person.

"He was a midget, I mean, a little person," she said.

Are you kidding me? What am I psychic? It's not bad enough my wife had an affair, but she had an affair with a black man who is also a little person.

"He was a door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners," she said no longer looking at me and smiling.

Well, that explains why we never seem to run out of vacuum cleaner bags.

"I invited him in and he gave me a demonstration."

So, that's what he calls fucking my wife, a demonstration.

"Only, when he asked me to try using the vacuum for myself, as I was vacuuming, I noticed that he had been peeking up my short skirt. He was at the right height that, as soon as I leaned forward, he had a view up my short skirt and of my panties. I don't know why but the fact that this little man was having a look at my underwear aroused me terribly. I must have vacuumed my living room floor a hundred times, while purposely leaning and bending forward more to expose my panties to him."

My wife is a flasher. She showed a black midget her panties. Well, we'll be having some serious pillow talk about this tonight, while she apologizes to me with my cock in her mouth.

"I offered him coffee and cookies and we sat there chatting and getting to know one another. He was a nice man allowing me to ask questions about him being a little person. Only, when I was sitting across from him, I couldn't help crossing and uncrossing my legs and giving him more of an opportunity to see what he obviously wanted to see. There was something about him that made me horny."

"I remember that man," said Ramona. "He tried selling me a vacuum, too. I didn't buy one. I told him I had a Dyson. I thought he was a little weird because, eye level with my tits, he never removed his stare from them."

"Anyway, I was so aroused that this little man so wanted to peek up my skirt that I excused myself to go to the ladies room. While in the bathroom, I suddenly felt the need to touch myself. The more that I fingered my clit, the more that I wanted to show."

Bill, his name is Bill. I should call his company and report him. Only, he probably doesn't work there anymore.

"How long ago did this happen, Paula?"

"Oh, maybe ten years ago. It was during the time we were having some problems. That's no excuse for having an affair, but it certainly attributed to having one."

"That wasn't a good idea to leave a strange, albeit little man alone in the house, while you played with yourself in the bathroom," I said.

"Well, I thought it was a good idea at the time because I removed my panties."

What? She removed her panties? Are you kidding me? My wife not only flashed this black midget her panties but also flashed him her pussy. I was shocked. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing and listened.

"When I returned to the living room, I sat across from him with my knees parted just enough to make him wonder. Is she wearing panties or is she not wearing panties. As we talked, I opened my legs more giving him more of a view of what he obviously wanted to see, until I was sitting like a sailor in a barroom."

"You have very shapely legs. They are so long. I wish my legs were longer," he said. "I love your thighs. May I feel your thighs?"

"It wasn't bad enough this man was peeking at my panties but now I was flashing him my pussy. I couldn't believe I was exposing myself to him. I couldn't believe he made me want to open up to him. I couldn't believe that he was bold enough to ask to feel my thighs and that I was horny enough to tell him that he could."

"I think this may be even hotter than Cindy's black cock confession," said Charlie with a laugh.

"He sat beside me on the couch and up his little hand on my leg. The feel of his child like hand drove me mad with desire," said June. "I could feel that I was already wet with anticipation of his fingers, his tongue, and his little cock."

"I can't believe you actually had sex with a black midget, Paula," I said unable to control myself from speaking any longer.

"It was a lifetime ago, Paul, and it only happened that one time. I'm sure you have things that to confess, too," she said shooting me a look that made me wonder if she knew about the twin cheerleaders.

"I watched his little hand move from my knee, to my thigh, to burying itself between my legs. He was fingering my pussy and I was so wet. He masturbated me and I had an orgasm. Then, when he fell to his knees, he pushed my knees wide open and ate me. It was such an incredible feeling to hold the head of this little man, who felt so much like a little puppet or an inflatable toy, eating my pussy. It was all so surreal."

"Did you suck his cock, too," I said drinking the last of my drink and pouring myself another.

"You bet I did, Paul," she said with venom in her eyes. "After he made me cum three times, first with his fingers, then with his mouth, and again with his cock, you bet I sucked his cock. He came in my mouth, too, and I swallowed all that he had to give."

"What was his cock like," said Cindy. "Was it even smaller than an Asian man?"

"Are you kidding me? This little man had the biggest cock I've ever seen," she said with a laugh. "Maybe because it was such a contrast, little man and big cock, but his cock nearly swelled down to his knee. Then, when he fucked me with that monster--"

"He fucked you, too? I thought you he just ate you and you blew him," I said giving her a hard look.

"Oh, no, Paul, he fucked me, just like those twin cheerleaders who fucked you. Only, unlike you with your little whores, Bill gave me an orgasm."

"Okay, Honey, that was a great story you made up," I said laughing. "My wife is such a jokester. She's such a storyteller, always with the stories. Only, we're talking about things that really happened, Honey," I said shooting her a look. "I've had about enough of my wife's fantasy about a midget black man with a big cock. Is there anyone else who'd like to make a sexual confession," I asked, while shooting her another look. "And tomorrow, we're buying a Dyson vacuum and giving the Electrolux away," I said making everyone in the room laugh.

Written by: PositiveThinker

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