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Daddy Finally Does Step Daughter Ch. 03

by badtobadone©

I had fallen into a deep sleep. I was dreaming that my Stepdaughter Natalie was slowly sucking my cock, taking its full length into her mouth and deep into her throat. The dream felt so real, I started to moan.

"Yes baby, suck daddy's cock." I whispered.

I started to rock my hips and I could here the unmistakable sound of slurping, this wasn't a dream, I woke and looked down to see my Natalie, her eyes closed and her mouth wrapped around my shaft. This was real. I moved my hands to the back of her head and grabbed her hair.

"That's it baby make daddy come." I said

She increased the pressure on my cock and bobbed her head up and down quicker; she held my shaft at the same time, building up the rhythm,

"Oh baby I'm gonna explode, don't stop baby." I grunted

She pushed forward and my cock touched the back of her throat, she held me there as my cock twitched, the first explosion of cum shot out and she gagged, I don't think she expected it to hit with so much force. I held her tight as the next spurts shot into her mouth, she swallowed and gagged and choked, but I held her there till I had finished. She pulled away. I looked down and could see tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked.

"You scared me, I couldn't breath." She replied.

I pulled her up to me and held her tight. I moved her hair away from her eyes and kissed her tenderly. I could taste my salty cum on her lips.

"I'm sorry. I got carried away, I thought I was dreaming and was worried that you would stop." I Said.

"I am yours now, your fuck slut, I will always make you cum and never leave you high and dry." She whispered.

We lay together, kissing, caressing and touching each other for quite a while. It was around ten o'clock, she decided to take a shower and freshen herself up, ready for my big surprise she said.

She took her bag into the bathroom with her, I guess she wanted to put some fresh makeup on but I heard her whispering to someone, she must have been on her mobile, I didn't pay much attention and decided to open a bottle of wine. I stepped into the kitchen and took a bottle from the wine rack, opened it and grabbed two glasses and went back into the bedroom. I lay on my bed pondering what my big surprise was.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to perform, so I leant into the bedside cabinet and took out two blue viagra pills. I had tried some a few months before and ended up wanking most of the night, so I knew I would maintain my hard on for however long I needed to. I took them and waited for them to start working.

Natalie came into the bedroom, she was wearing her bathrobe that she had brought with her, she looked beautiful standing there, she was slim and tanned her blue eyes were piercing and she had a big smile on her face.

"So daddy are you ready for your big surprise?" She asked.

My cock twitched and started to rise, the viagra had started to work.

"What is it?" I asked.

At that moment her mobile went off, she looked at it and left the room.

"Stay there and don't you dare move." She said as she closed the door behind her.

I could here whispers outside and to be honest was starting to get a bit worried. After what seemed like an eternity but was only probably ten minutes she entered the room, dropped her gown to the floor and climbed onto the bed next to me.

"Now daddy, don't be annoyed but I brought a friend to see you" she whispered

The door opened and in walked Sophie my stepdaughter best friend, she was naked apart from a see through negligee and was holding an empty wine glass in her hand.

"You forget to get me a glass. She said as she walked over to the bed and sat next to me.

Now I had known Sophie quite a few years and had watched her develop into a stunning lady, she was about 5' 8" and was very slim with quite large tits, her hair was brown and her collar and cuffs matched, so to speak, although there was only a small strip of pubic hair. She had always struck me as very quiet and I had never seen her with boyfriends.

When she had entered the room my immediate reaction was to cover my hard cock with my hand, it was still in the same position when she asked me to pour her a drink. I thought what the hell and leaned across Natalie to get the bottle, as I did this I felt a hand caress my cock, fingers wrapped around it and started to slowly rub.

I grabbed the bottle and poured the wine into her glass, a bit shaky as Sophie continued to rub my cock. I put the bottle back and as I did my face was next to Natalie's we instinctively kissed.

"Sophie is only half the surprise, you'll find out what the other half is in a short while." She whispered in to my ear.

"Now watch and enjoy" I heard Sophie say on the other side of me.

Both girls leant in front of me and started kissing, I could see there tongues darting into each others mouths, Sophie removed her negligee her tits were magnificent, I placed a hand on her globe only to have it smacked,

"No you get to touch later, it's my turn now." Natalie said.

Her hand moved to Sophie's incredible tits and started to caress them, I watched as they kissed and as their hands explored each other's tits, Natalie lowered her mouth to Sophie's nipple, I watched as she bit softly. Sophie let out a low moan.

I decided to get a better view, so I removed my self from the bed, picked up my glass of wine and sat in the chair at the foot of the bed. In front of me was a spectacle that I could only have ever dreamed about in my wildest fantasies, two eighteen-year-old slim beautiful women making love in front of me.

I watched as Sophie lay on her back and Natalie lay between her legs, her wet pussy and tight ass was only feet away from me. I heard Sophie groan and realized Natalie had started to lick her pussy, I watched as she bought Sophie to orgasm after orgasm.

I leant forward and stroked Natalie's ass; I massaged her cheeks and pulled them apart so I could get a better look at her now, very wet pussy. I pushed two fingers into her and she arched her back upwards thrusting against my fingers, I had no intention of finger fucking her pussy, I wanted to get my fingers lubricated.

I removed my fingers from Natalie's pussy and slowly moved them to her tight ass, I pushed gently and felt her tight ring give way, she let out a long groan as my index finger entered her up to the knuckle, I moved it in a circular motion making room for another finger, she was now holding onto Sophie's legs tightly as I violated her tight ass, I pushed two fingers in deep as far as they would go. She let out a scream of both pleasure and pain. Sophie grabbed her hair and pulled her face to her pussy.

"Lick my cunt bitch" Sophie surprisingly said.

I looked up and could see Sophie's face was a picture of pure lust; she looked at me staring deep into my eyes.

"Fuck her ass daddy, Fuck her good"

I didn't need telling twice, I positioned myself behind Natalie with the tip of my rock hard cock at her ass entrance, I pushed slowly and my cock went in easy. God she was tight, I pushed again until my balls were touching her pubic bone. Then I just stopped so I could feel the pleasure of having my stepdaughter's tight ass around my cock.

I looked down and Natalie had her tongue deep in Sophie's pussy, Sophie had Natalie's hair pulling her further in. I started to thrust, banging as hard as I could, forcing Natalie's tongue even further into Sophie's open cunt. Sophie leant forward and started to kiss me. We were a sexual mess, Sophie was screaming, Natalie was screaming louder, I could feel the myself ready to cum, my stomach was doing somersaults as I pushed one last time, my man juice erupted from me, filling Natalie's arse, in turn her orgasm ripped through her body making her arse tighten even further round my cock milking the final bit of cum out of me.

We remained in the same position for a few minutes, taking deep breaths; I think none of us really believing how intense our lovemaking had been. I eventually pulled my rock hard viagra charged cock out of Natalie's arse and watched as she flopped down onto the bed fully spent but with a contented smile on her face.

Sophie lay there stroking Natalie's hair, she too looking happy but staring hard at my hard cock.

"What's wrong, never seen a hard cock before?" I asked smartly.

"Oh yes I've seen a few and tasted a few but never had one inside my pussy before." Sophie replied.

"You mean you're a virgin?" I surprisingly asked.

"That was your other surprise" Natalie responded.

Well it had been quite a few years since I had broken a cherry, and here I was about to do it again. I looked into Sophie's eyes and asked seriously.

"Are you sure this is what you want."

"Oh god yes, I want to feel your cock in me, I want you to stretch me, to cum in me " Sophie whispered.

"And to make me a women." She added.

Natalie got up from the bed and sat on the chair leaving me and Sophie lying next to each other, I gently kissed her mouth feeling her tongue entwining mine, I moved down and kissed her neck, then her shoulders, I licked across to her ample tit and took a nipple in my mouth, feeling it stiffen. Sophie let out a low moan.

"Please, Please fuck me now, I cant wait." She whispered.

I knelt in front of her and lifted her legs over my shoulders, I placed my knob at the opening to her virgin cunt and rubbed up and down, taking in the pleasure of what was about to happen.

"Are you sure." I asked.

"Yes fuck me now." She almost shouted.

I pushed my cock into her wet twat, it slid in easy, I took my time moving deeper very slowly, I came to a stop when I felt her hymen pressing against my throbbing cock end. I withdrew and pushed back with a little extra force, I felt her hymen give way and my cock pushed through right into the depths of her cunt.

I stopped moving so Sophie could get used to having a cock all the way in her.

"Tell me when your ready." I whispered

Sophie had her eyes closed tightly and started to grind herself against me.

"Now." She shouted. "Fuck me hard make me cum." I withdrew and drove my cock in hard; I started to thrust with all my might, having already cum numerous times that evening I knew I would be a while but with Sophie's encouragement I kept going, She must have cum a few times, when I finally felt myself ready to explode.

"I'm Cumming Sophie." I yelled

"Fill me up, Fill my cunt." She responded

I let go and exploded my cum deep into her aching pussy, when she felt this she started to cum herself, I could feel her cunt tighten around my spent cock as she held on tight telling me how good she felt.

When I had recovered I looked over to my stepdaughter who was quite happily stroking her pussy.

"That was fucking cool." She said.

She got up and rejoined us on the bed, where we spent the rest of the night exploring each other's bodies.

And it didn't end there, both my stepdaughter Natalie and her best friend Sophie have moved in with me, we have been together for five months now.

Sophie is also five months pregnant her first fuck ended up with her getting pregnant. I'm about to be a Daddy again, but it will be strange explaining to my child why he/she has two mommies that share daddies bed.

Written by: badtobadone

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