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My First Bi- Black Cock Experience

by JJgreenville©

I had always wondered what it would be like to have another man give me a blow job. Never in my wildest imaginings did I ever think it would actually happen, especially at my age.

I'm a white male, pushing 82 years of age now. I'm single. Well, actually I'm a widower, having lost my wife of nearly 60 years, fours ago. We'd been quite happy during all that time together. We seemed to have it all, except for children. I've never been able to father any, having had an accident when I was in my early teens, thus rendering my reproductive capabilities moot.

Without kids though, I was able to devote my time to both my job and my wife. Eleanor was a wonderful woman. She never complained about not having any children. Hell, with all the kids in the neighborhood, it was as though we did. She was simply 'Grandma' to all of them. She'd bake cookies, cook cakes, always have ice-cold lemonade in the fridge whenever they asked for some. She treated those kids like they were their own. When she passed away I think every kid from that neighborhood came to the viewing and to the funeral. Of course they were older and had kids of their own by that time, but they still loved her and had always remembered her birthday and send her many cards over the years.

I was able to develop my own hardware business and, when it finally got time to retire, I managed to sell my store to a well known firm and got a mint for it all. Needless to say, we were on 'easy street' and didn't have to worry about anything. Even after Eleanor's Cancer struck, we managed and didn't lose too much. Her funeral was paid for with cash and I was able to sell the larger house and invest in a smaller one, suitable for only one person. It was something I would be able to take care of all by myself and I'd always wanted to be in a smaller house anyway. The only reason we kept that 'monster' was so all the kids would have a place to visit whenever they stopped by, and they always did. If any of the parents wanted to know where their kids were, they only had to call Eleanor to find out.

During all those years together both of us had a healthy sex life. Once a week, like clock-work, we went to bed and 'explored' each other. Eleanor didn't want to call it 'having sex', so we used 'explored' instead. Seemed to give it a better flair if you ask me. Made it seem important to both of us, and in a way it did. 'Exploring' with Eleanor was always a thrill, and we never got tired of each other. It was only in the two years before her death that our 'exploring' stopped completely. She wasn't able to do many things and she tired very easily those days. Towards the end she couldn't even get out of bed and it was up to me to take care of her. She died, as she had wanted to, in our bed with me sitting there beside her, holding her hand, even after her last breath had long passed. I don't remember how long I sat there, holding her cold hand with tears streaming down my face. When I finally got up it was already dark outside and over four hours had passed. I called our doctor, told him, then called the ambulance to come and get her. I never left her side, until the driver told me he'd take her to the funeral home and I could call later in the day to make the arrangements. That night was the loneliest night I'd ever spent in my life. My lovely wife wasn't beside me that night and it felt as though I was next to a black hole. I thought my life was over as well.

I couldn't imagine living in that house without her and that's why I finally sold it and moved away. Without any family, and all those kids grown and with their own families now, I felt a change was needed. The move was 3 hours away and the neighborhood was really a senior living community, but that was fine with me. Right then the last thing I really wanted.

It wasn't until I'd been there for about 2 months that I really noticed the 'difference' of those living around me. Most, if not all, the homes had either male/male or female/female residents. I hadn't realized that the community I'd moved into was one of gay and lesbian couples. And here I was living all by myself. Now I felt embarrassed, but I didn't move. I'd already made quite a few friends here and had been readily accepted among them, even if I was single. No one said a thing to me about it and I never mentioned that I hadn't realized what I was getting into, either.

My best friend there was Martin.

Martin was 4 years older than me and was black as well. He was a stout man, weighing in at around 250 pounds with a thick beard and mustache. He and I each stood about 6', 4" and we both exercised each morning. In fact, that's where I first met him, at our workouts. Actually we met in the shower, while lathering ourselves up after a good workout, each with our backs to the other. We weren't embarrassed, but nothing was ever made of the fact that we were both naked in the shower, our 'equipment' in plain view of each other.

It was only after he turned around that I got a good look at his 'equipment' and was surprised to find that he was only slightly larger than I am. When I'm limp I guess I'm around 6" and it appeared as if Martin were the same size. When I get hard though, I'm almost 8.5" and very uncut, with a lot of overhanging foreskin. While Martin's dick was covered with soap suds I guessed his skin was just about as long as mine. From my understanding most of the men in this community are uncut, since we're all well into our 80's. I guess when we were growing up our parents never thought of 'trimming' their sons. I've always been glad of that. As Martin rinsed off I did see that he was perhaps larger than I am and I would later find out that he's closer to 9" and his overhang is almost an inch longer than mine is.

Martin lived about three blocks from my place and I'd never been there before, so when he invited to his place for dinner I gladly accepted and a time was agreed on.

"Just wear whatever's comfortable," he told me, so I did. I chose a nice pair of shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt and my usual walking shoes. I've been doing a lot of walking in the area lately and it's helped to keep me fit, along with the exercise program that is. I decided a long time ago that I'd keep fit, even if it killed me! LOL!

When I knocked on Martin's door it was answered by his 'partner', Thomas, another black man.

Thomas was older than Martin and myself, pushing 90, but quite fit from his appearance. He's also the blackest man I've ever seen. I mean almost 'jet' black, with a balding head and a thick mustache. No beard though. His smile was wide, revealing a set of white teeth that would almost shine in the darkness. His handshake was firm and he invited me inside, out of the evening heat. He ushered me into the living room and told me that Martin would be in shortly.

Thomas sat across from me and we talked while we waited. It seems that he and Martin had been living together for almost 10 years and had been in the community for 5 of those 10 years.

I told him a little about me and we seemed to get along just fine. I found that I not only liked Martin, but Thomas as well. When Martin came into the room Thomas got up and went to greet him, surprising me by giving him a huge kiss, which was readily returned.

"Now don't embarrass our guest," Martin said.

If Thomas had been white I'm sure I'd have seen him turn quite red.

"That's ok," I assured him. "Nothing wrong with showing affection, especially between two consenting adults. Right?"

They both laughed, a night hearty bellow, and I felt as if I belonged here.

Dinner was homemade chili, which was perhaps the best I'd ever had.

"It's all in the ingriedents," Thomas told me. "I use a 50/50 mix of Ground Round and Sausage, along with a few other things."

"He won't even tell me what he uses," quipped Martin. "I really don't care, either, as long as he keeps making it. I love his cooking. I bet he could go to cooking school and get a great job as a cook somewhere."

"Yeah. Right. What would you do without me then?"

"Probably starve to death!" And we all laughed. I could tell from where I sat that they were petting each other under the table, which was beginning to turn me on, though I'd never admit it.

I guess they noticed my embarrassment though and shortly after that both their hands found their way to the top of the table.

"Please, don't le me stop you," I told them.

"We're sorry," Martin said. "We are usually like this, especially in front of others."

"I'm fine," I told him.

"Still, we should mind our manners, Shouldn't we Thomas?"

Again they both laughed and I felt a stirring in my loins, something that hadn't happened since losing Eleanor. It felt good to know that I was still 'alive'! I reached under the table and attempted to adjust myself. I guess they noticed.

"Could you use some help with that," Thomas asked.


"Well, he seems to be having some difficulty under the table. I'm just trying to be a good host and see if I can help him with it." The smile on his face broadened.

Again, I must have turned even redder.

"Now I've done it," Thomas chided. "I've embarrassed you even more."

"It's not that I'm embarrassed, Thomas," I told him. "It's just that I've never been propositioned by another man before. At least I think I was just proplsitioned."

They looked at each other and simply nodded, directly towards me.

Before I knew it I was on my feet, being led to the back of the house by both of them. Once we got to the bedroom, which they obviously shared, clothes began to fly and in no time we were all naked and sitting on the bed. Well, I was sitting on the bed and Thomas was lying next to me, his coal black hand already gripping my hard dick, while Martin was kissing Thomas and holding on to his dick. Before I could react I felt one of their hands on mine, directing mine towards a hard cock. Since my eyes were closed I had no idea who I was fondling, but at that point I wasn't really worried. All I knew, at that moment, was that it felt good to be holding another man's dick in my hand and that I wasn't at all embarrassed about it.

The only thing on my mind at that point was "What would Eleanor think if she could see me now?" And I silently laughed to myself.

Suddenly it was quiet.

I was still sitting on the bed.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and, there before me, were Thomas and Martin, sucking on each other's dick. I watched, thrilled to be seeing my first male-to-male blow job. I mean, this wasn't some picture but the 'real' thing I was witnessing.

I was right there!

It was happening in front of me, and I wasn't embarrassed, either.

All I could think about was when would it be my turn?

The sucking went on for about 10 minutes before they both realized that I was still here, watching them enjoy each other. I was still hard myself, with my cockhead barely peaking from my foreskin. I could tell that my precum was beginning to collect in that space though and that it wouldn't be long before it would begin to leak out and run down thelength of my dick.

"Shall we take care of our guest?" Martin asked Thomas.

"I guess we should be good hosts. Don't you think?"

They pushed me onto my back, one on each side of me and began to run their hands down the sides of my body. Thomas on the right and Martin on the left.

"My first white cock," Thomas said.

"Really," remarked Martin.

"Yep. Always been with black men before. Never had the pleasure of suckinga white cock before and I'm gonna enjoy sucking on this one."

"Me, too!"

All I could do way lie there and watch as the action started. They each started on my nipples, which have always been sensitive, and sucked on them until they stood rigid on my chest. My chest hair was completely matted when they finished. Then, at the same time, they started moving down my body, stopping at my navel just long enough to probe it with their talented tongues. From there each one grabbed at my dick and balls, first one and then the other, until they both had their hands wrapped around my hard dick, pulling up and down, drawing my foreskin on and off my cockhead, leaving a trail of my precum. Then they each took turns licking me and sucking off my juices and planting kisses on my dick and then went on to my balls. This time they each took one into their mouths and sucked and licked in turn. I've never felt such a sensation before, not with two mouths working on me. Eleanor had loved to give me her 'patented' blow jobs, but that was nothing compared to what I was getting now.

Martin popped one ball out of his mouth and pulled my sack up towards the bottom of my dick and the proceeded to work on that area just at the base of my balls, while Thomas continued his oral ministrations on my balls. Now he'd suck one while fondling the other, occasionally working up the length of my dick and sucking on it once more.

I just laid there and enjoyed their attentions. I didn't want to interrupt them at all. I was enjoying this too much to consider even joining them at that time.

When I felt movement on the mattress I did open my eyes and found that Thomas was now kneeling between my legs, getting ready to deep throat my dick, which he soon did. He didn't even stop, but kept going until I felt the back of his throat envelope my dick and his nose was at the base, nestled in the little bit of hair I still retained there. I liked to keep my crotch hair shortly trimmed. Eleanor had loved it that way and after a while it just became a habit I continued.

Pretty soon Thomas was pumping up and down on me, while Martin had returned to sucking on my nipples. Between the two mouths I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

Then Martin kissed me for the first time.

It was then that I downloaded into Thomas' mouth for the first time that night. He never stopped sucking me though. I must have shot 5 good loads that moment, but he kept his mouth sealed around my dick and didn't pull off until he's swallowed all of it, without letting a single drop escape his mouth. I was stunned!

"Are you sure you're as old as your told me?" Thomas asked.

"I'm sure. Why?"

"I've never known a man of your age to have such a huge load."

"Well, I've been 'saving up' for some time now. Can't rightly recall the last time I even had sex, let along just jerked off!"


"Really. Haven't done anything since my wife passed away, and then before that. She had Cancer and we stopped doing anything a couple of years before she got real ill."

"I'd heard you'd lost a wife. I'm mightly sorry about that," Martin told me.

"I'm fine. I don't think I'll get 'over it' completely, but I'm fine for now and that's for the best as far as I'm concerned.

"I haven't felt like this in ages and to think, it took a couple of men to do it to me!"

"Does that bother you," Martin asked.

"Not at all. In fact, I've always wondered what it would be like to have another man working on my dick and giving me a blow job."

"Did you like it?" Thomas probed.

"I'll say! It was wonderful. Thank you so much."

"Ready to return the favor?" Marting quipped.

"Sure," I responded. I was really curious to see what another dick would feel like in my mouth and, I realized, my fantasy of having a black man give me a BJ had just come true!

I sat up on the side of the bed as both men stood in front of me, their dicks staring me right in the face. Their foreskins glistening with their own precum, waiting to get into this white man's mouth and do to them what they'd already done to me. At least that's the way I thought of it.

I pulled them closer so they were within reach of my mouth and then I leaned forward just enough to get a closer look. The very first dicks I've ever seen and they were right there, waiting for me to give them my undivided attention. Using both hands I pulled their foreskins back just enough to expose the top of their helmets and pissholes. Then I stuck out my tongue and got my first taste of a dick. I probed into their skins, twisting my tongue around their helmets for the first time, tasking their juices full potency and enjoying the feeling as they slid down the back of my throat and into my stomach.

This might be my first blow job, but it certainly wouldn't be my last. Not if I had anything to say about it, and I did!

I began to pump both dicks at the same time, trying to spend the same amount of time on each one, making sure not to neglect one too long. I intended to enjoy this for as long as I could.

My own dick was leaking something fierce, too. I could feel my own precum sliding down the length of my dick and onto my balls, and I figured that there'd be a spot on the sheets by the time I finished, but I didn't let it worry me at all. I was having too much fun here.

I would take each dick into my mouth as far as I could, just enough to get the gag-reflex to kick in and then I'd back off. I would later teach myself how to take all of that meat into my throat, but for now I was going to start slowly, only getting enough in there to work my tongue around, ease my tongue into their skin and savor that taste. Enjoy the feel when they finally shot their loads into my mouth so I could swallow it for the first time. Enjoy the feeling of feeling their balls expand just before they shot their loads. Yes, this was a moment of enjoyments for me and I intended to get the most out of it all.

While I was sucking on Thomas he let me know he couldn't hold out much longer so I took him into my mouth as I could and sucked and licked and sucked some more while gently squeezing his balls until I felt that first shot enter my throat, followed quickly by 6 more, each less intense but still fulfilling and very satisfying. I sucked on him until he was soft and had shrunk down to a size that easily fit entirely in my mouth. As soon as he told me he was too sensitive I pulled off and concentrated on Martin.

Martin didn't last too long after that and I got another 5 shots from him, sucking and licking on him as I had on Thomas, taking all of his softening dick into my mouth and licking around his foreskin-enshrouded cockhead, lapping his final juices for all it was worth.

They both collapsed on the bed, quickly catching their breaths.

"Are you sure you've never done this before," Martin asked.

I was sure.

I was also sure that this would not be the last time I got together with Martin and Thomas.

Written by: JJgreenville

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