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Slut Next Door

by SluttyBabyGirl4u©

Chris watched her from the window of his house. Back from her visit to the pool she was in her green polka-dot suit. The bottom was the tiniest thong you had ever seen. Her top barely covered her 34D tits. She measured at 34D-24-33 curvy for her age of 18. She had just turned 18 a month ago.

Her name was Lexi and she had been the star of his erotic dreams since she and her family had moved next door 5 years ago. Chris had been 30 then. He hadn't believed his eyes when he first met the busty teen. Blond haired blue eyed she had even been busty for thirteen at 34C cup back then. Back then he had known he had to have her. After waiting 5 years to be safe with the age laws he couldn't wait anymore.

5 years of her teasing had been enough. Lexi had been tempting him for 5 years with her occasional brushes against him. Whispering in his ear, breathing on his neck, leaving the light in her room on so he could see the shadow of her undressing. This week was perfect to punish her for her slutty teasing. Her parents were away with her siblings for a vacation. They had left her behind because she was 18 and they trusted him if anything went wrong.

Chris opened the door and walked over to her. His 9 inch cock was stirring at the image of her. Every second that passed by he got harder.

" Hey Lexi how was your swim?" he asked.

She look at him and smiled. Wrapped her arms around him in a hug. Not letting go she whispered in his ear " Great, I was just going inside would you like to come in?" Then she must have felt his hard on because she let go. Lexi never let it go further than an occasional hug and tease. She would suddenly get shy when she felt his dick harden. But Chris wasn't going to let her get away this time. No, this time he would make it back to her room and fuck the tease right out of her virgin pussy.

" Yes, let's go." They walked inside the house Lexi locking the door behind her. He sat on the couch in the room.

" Would you like something to drink?" Lexi asked.

" Yes, why don't you get some wine out of your parents cabinet?"

" You read my mind." she replied. Though Lexi wasn't of age they often drank together. Sometimes he had gotten her drunk enough to flash him or fondle her. Chris wasn't sure she would cooperate with his plan sober. Lexi returned with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. She poured their drinks and handed him his.

Twenty minutes later she was drunk enough to cooperate but not pass out. He put down his drink and pushed closer to her on the couch.

" Lexi you look beautiful why don't you come sit on my lap so your not so far away?"

" Ok, but don't try anything cause I'm watching you" She got up and planted her soft but firm ass on his lap. Rubbing against his erection. Soon as he had her in his arms he locked his fingers so she was held there. She was trapped no need to go easy any longer. He easily picked her up and carried her into her bedroom.

" what are we doing here? We shouldn't be in her." she said confused.

" you know what were going to do. you've been teasing me for five years you had to know this day would come." he locked the door after dumping her body on the bed.

She was sobering up after hearing the door slam. "Chris no we can't do this please don't"

" Shut up bitch. I'm going to fuck you and I'm going to fuck you like I want. Be ready to be punished if you resist."

After saying that he got on top of her teen body. Chris kissed her but she just laid there unmoving. Angry he slapped her " Bitch didn't I tell you to cooperate. I'll keep slapping you until you do it right."

"No please stop. I'll do it right don't hurt me anymore." was her reply.

Satisfied with her answer he kissed her. Their tongues tumbling in a wild dance for control. Pulling back he spat in her mouth and forced her to swallow it. " Yea bitch you know who's in control. With that he took of her bathing suit top. Her large 34D tits were there for his viewing. Chris noticed that her nipples were hard the bitch was enjoying this. She wanted to be used and fucked hard and painfully and that's what he would give her.

He fondled her breast in his hands. Groping and massaging them applying pressure as he saw fit. He could tell it hurt because he saw the tears in her eyes. Smiling he continued he bet that her pussy was even wet. The bitch liked it rough. He popped a tit in his mouth. Sucking tightly on it. As he had dreamed of so many times before. Sucking onto a hard nipple he bit on to it. Gently. " mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss Chrisssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm just like that mmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he heard her moan. He bit on harder, sucking licking it rolling it between his teeth. He let go of the tit and gave the same attention to Lexi's other boob. Her moaning encouraging him.

He got up from her and undressed. Taking off every article of clothing. His hard throbbing thick cock was in plain sight. He saw Lexi's eyes widen heard her say " its too big I'm a virgin" but paid no attention to that. He grabbed her hair and put her down on her knees in front of his cock. He was sitting on the edge of the bed.

" Your gunna suck my cock and your gunna like it bitch. What did I tell you about arguing?" He slapped twice. The slapped her breast till they were red. The he grabbed on to them and pulled. Pinching them in his hands. He then grabbed her nipples and pulled at them. Moaning Lexi replied " I'm sorry. Don't hurt me. I'll suck your cock Chris."

"I know you will bitch. Now get to fucking work you slut." he pushes her face directly in front of his cock.

She took him into her mouth. Sucking gently bobbing her mouth up and down along his shaft. She got about 4 inches of him into her mouth before her gag reflex kicked in. she breathed hard and fast then went back to sucking on his cock. She tried to relax her throat and got 6 inches in. Impatiently he pushed her head down. Forcing her to take every inch, ignoring her gag noises. After a few minutes of fucking her face she finally relaxed getting the hang of it.

Lexi was bobbing hard and fast sucking on his shaft. Ready to fuck her virgin pussy he stopped her. Laying her back onto the bed he impatiently ripped off her bottom. Her soaking wet pussy was in his view. Irresistibly in plunged two fingers into her. Quickly fucking her with his fingers he added another one. She was moaning even more loudly. Screaming in her pleasure.

He removed his fingers ready to replace them with his dick. He placed his cock in front of the entrance to her pussy. Lexi wrapped her legs around his back and he plunge his cock into her. Demolishing her barrier, against her cry of pain he thrust harder and harder. Faster and faster. Soon her cries became ones of pleasure. She thrust back against him.

Their fucking was hard, fast, rough, and out of control. Lexi experienced her fourth orgasm under him. He was getting closer to cumming. Thrusting harder and faster. Moving so deep into her pussy. " yea bitch moan. You like me fucking you like that. Slut. Bitch, whore say what you are." then Lexi replied " I'm a bitch. A slut for your fucking. Just a whore fuck me harder."

He thrust harder and harder. The bed was shaking and he was sure the other neighbors could hear her moans and yells. He was cumming encourage my he yells. Her dirty talk driving him over the edge. He shot long strings of cum into her pussy. They weren't using a condom and he hope she would get pregnant and make a daughter just as sexy as her. He finished emptying his cum into her.

She was tired after that fucking. She laid on the bed spent. He got on top of her cock still in her pussy. They fell asleep that way.

Written by: SluttyBabyGirl4u

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