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Strap-on Loving Son

by britneyfan©

Once his dad's dick was stiff and hard once more, Carl turned his attention to swallowing it, opening his lips and letting his dad's fleshy hardness slide between them, bobbing his head up and down on John's crotch, letting the stiff cock penetrate his throat. All the while, the situation was obviously turning him on to such an extent that his own cock, untouched was growing stiff just like his father's.

I could hardly believe what I was watching, but once again Jenny had brought out a latent lust in my family and it made for a pretty hot scene. Before today I had given as little thought to the sexiness of two men getting it on as I had two women, but watching now as my son gave his father an expert blowjob, I couldn't help but get turned on. Maybe it was just the taboo naughtiness of it being father and son, especially as it reminded me of the pleasure of fucking my own son. Whatever the reason, my pussy was now swollen, wet and desperate for relief.

As her boyfriend deep throated her future father-in-law, Jenny turned back to me, playing once again with my large breasts as she unattached the harness to my strap-on and took it, and my panties, down to expose my swollen pussy lips and throbbing clitoris, which she started to rub as she kissed and licked the curves of my chest.

"Mmmm, ooh, babe, your mum's so wet watching you suck your daddy's dick," Jenny cooed to her cocksucking boyfriend as she ran her finger over my pussy, "It must have really turned her on to fuck you and then watch daddy fuck you too."

"Oooh yeah," I sighed, "John, get up, I want you to fuck Carl's arse just like I did!"

So, with his cock hard once again from our son's cocksucking skills, John now swapped places with Carl so the latter was now lying back on the floor with his father kneeling over him. Just like I had done to him before, John spread Carl's legs and pulled his ankles above his shoulders before pushing the head of his warm, living cock right up into his son's anus, making Carl gasp and sigh as his father impaled him further and further.

"Uhhhh, ooohhh, mmmm, yes, dad, that's good," he moaned, as John began to plough his arse just like I had done to him, "Mmm yeah, just like mum, fuck me like mum did!"

Meanwhile, I lay back on the floor beside my son and spread my legs too in order to receive his pretty girlfriend who still wielded the biggest cock in the room with the purple strap-on that hung between her legs. I gasped with pleasure as the rubber dick that had already fucked both my husband and my son entered my wet pussy and drove up into me.

I lay beside my son, watching the expression of joy on his face as his father filled his arse with throbbing hard meat and knowing that it reflected the pleasure I felt as my pussy was entered again and again by the massive strap-on thrust into me by his girlfriend. I had loved being in control and fucking the men in my life in their tight arses but it also still felt good to have my pussy penetrated and feel myself stimulated in a different way.

I turned to my son and started to kiss his lips. Soon we were full on making out, our tongues all over each other as our bodies continued to rock with the fucking we were both getting. Jenny's hands were all over my large, wobbling breasts as my son's lips were all over mine. My husband, meanwhile, began to jerk off Carl's dick even as he fucked his arse.

"Mmm, dad, yes, fuck me," Carl sighed, "Oooh, kiss me, mum, fuck me, dad. Stroke my hard dick, while you screw my arse, dad. Mmm, yes kiss me mum, kiss me while your husband fucks me!"

"Oooh, yes, your arse feels so good on my dick, son, so tight," John moaned, "I can see why your mother loves to fuck that tight arse of yours, boy."

"OK, honey," Jenny said to Carl, pulling her dildo out, "You've let mum and dad fuck that pretty arse of yours, now it's your turn to fuck mummy's dripping wet cunt!"

We all changed positions for one last time. I stayed on my back, spreading my stockinged legs, as my son crouched between them and slid his dick up into my pussy. My husband then knelt down behind my son and once again drove his dick up into Carl's arse causing Carl to push harder and deeper inside me. Finally, Jenny too got down on her knees behind John and then she too slid her rubber dick right up into my husband's arse so now my son's girlfriend was fucking my husband even as my husband fucked his son and the son fucked me.

Essentially, what this meant that I, underneath this incestuous fuck pile, was getting the full force of three people's energetic thrusting and stabbing filling my throbbing wet pussy. My own son, whose arse I had earlier fucked, was pushing inside me as he kissed my lips and fondled my breasts, but he did so with greater force because his body was being rammed by his dad's dick. Everyone, however, was being controlled by the powerful thrusts of the petite girl with the dark bob and sparkling eyes whose big purple strap-on was tearing up my husband's arse and, with it, screwing us all. Jenny had been the one to bring out all of this kinkiness in us and now she was quite literally fucking us all together at once!

"Yeah, you guys sure love to get a big cock right up inside you, don't you?" Jenny moaned, "Mmm, come on guys, take my big dick!"

"Mmmm, ohhh God, yes," sighed my husband, "Rip me open with your purple fuckstick, Jenny! Fuck me so hard that I drive my dick deep into my son's tight arse!"

"Ahhhh, ohhh, yeah, dad, fuck my arse, fuck me hard!" moaned my son, "Stick that warm throbbing cock right up inside me and make me screw my mother harder and harder! It feels sooo good with my daddy's dick in my arse and my own in mummy's cunt!"

"Oh OHHH! Aaahh! Mmm," I practically screamed, "Oh yeah, fuck me, guys. Ohhh, Jenny, fuck my husband's tight virgin hole! Tear him up! Ohhhhhh, John, take that big rubber dick! Ram your cock right up in our son's arse! OHHHH, Carl, yes, fuck me, fuck your mother! Bury your dick in my pussy just like your dad's in your arse!"

And that was how it went. All our hot, naked bodies, parents, sons and girlfriend all writhing together, thrusting together, male and female flesh rubbing up against each other, dicks both real and fake penetrating deep into male arses and female pussy. Incredible stimulation running right through from arse to cock and into the next body. And all of them pushing right into my pussy, filling me up with so much pleasure as my husband and son and his girlfriend all fucked me at once. The room was full of the sound of flesh against flesh, hard thrusts and moans and screams.

"Mmmm, ohhh," sighed Jenny.

"Uhhh! Aaahhh!!" moaned John.

"Ohhhh! YESSS!!" groaned Carl.

"Oh! OHHH! OH GOD!" I screamed, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Fuck me, I'm cumming!"

I felt my body tense up and my thighs and pussy close tighter around my son's dick, still sliding in and out of my swollen aroused cunt. An electric thrill ran right threw me, shaking and convulsing my body as wave after wave of pleasure swept over me. I hadn't had an orgasm anything like this in years, but this was no ordinary fuck. I couldn't stop, I kept screaming with delight as my breathing became wild and ragged, I just couldn't stop with the release of such ecstatic sensations. And I wasn't the only one.

As my body shook with my incredible orgasm, Carl arched his back and thrust deep within me, shooting loads of hot white spunk up into my pussy and pulling his dad's dick even deeper into his arse, setting a chain reaction where John too started to cum so hard that there was sticky creamy juices leaking down Carl's thighs even as he filled my pussy, completely staining my stockings, the only item of clothing any of us were left wearing.

"Ohhh -- gasp -- ohhh God, yes -- gasp -- this is incredible," I managed to say as my body filled with pleasure, "Shoot your load inside me, son! Fill me -- ahhhh -- fill your mother with your cum! -- Ohhh -- gasp -- ohhh, John, cum in your son's arse!!"

Finally, we all collapsed in a heap of sweaty, cum stained, naked family flesh, mother, father and son all together, all appreciating the pleasures of getting thoroughly well fucked. The three of us looked up to see Jenny still standing there, her naked body still looking perfectly formed. She slipped out of her strap-on to reveal a shaven pussy.

"Wow, that was really something. I never expected today to turn into such an incestuous fuckfest," she smiled, her eyes dancing and laughing at the thought, "Now, which of you submissive cock lovers wants to taste cunt instead? Who's gonna come and get me off."

All at once all three of us got up and scrambled over to kneel in front of the petite beauty. Each of us ran our hands over her hot body, her legs and thighs, her breasts and hips. I started to lick her pussy lips, tasting her juices and making her let out a sigh of satisfaction, before Carl pushed me aside and began sucking on his girlfriend's clitoris. John got in on the action to, sliding his tongue in and out of her wet pussy before turning to me and kissing me on the lips, giving me a taste of Jenny on him.

Between us we managed to eat Jenny out, kissing and fondling her nether regions and each other at the same time as Jenny began to sigh and moan faster and faster until finally we all managed to bring her to a screaming climax just like mine. I guess we were all so grateful to her for making us fuck each other that we wanted to make sure she reached an orgasm just as good as ours had been.

Today was the first time I had ever had sex with another woman, the first I had ever seen two men fuck, the first time I had been in control, fucking another guy up the arse rather than the other way around, my first threesome, my first foursome, the first time I had fucked my own son. In all it was a day of first time experiences and I had loved every one of them. I knew my sex life could never be ordinary again. Fortunately, from the look on my husband, now turned on to having his arse fucked and fucking his son, I could tell that I wouldn't have to go back to the way things were before. With John around I would always be able to have a man with an arse that was willing to take my strap-on and it would never be too hard to get more group action going with my son so near.

Not long after all of this happened, Carl and Jenny got engaged. After the wedding, we have suggested that they move in with us. We've plenty of room in our house and we would love having them to entertain. Hopefully, that means my fun with my son and his girl is far from over.


Written by: britneyfan

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