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My Fiancee Takes An Older Man Ch. 04

by Jackanory©

This is a continuing fictional story about a man who has allowed his fiancée to have sex with another man. You can read about that in part 1. In part 3 she begged her lover to fuck her ass in front of her fiancé, and he complied. The fiancé, torn between his anger and his arousal, has just asked her if her fun with the other man is now over. If you don't like stories where this happens, don't bother reading it. I do appreciate feedback, so do feel free to contact me especially with any requests or suggestions for future parts.


She watched me, indicating no obvious or apparent answer.

"You and him," I repeated. "Is that your fun over?"

She beckoned me to sit next to her. She kissed me hard when I did. Her tongue ever so convincing of her love, despite everything else. "Let me ask you a question, baby? Does it still arouse you to watch me with him? Now, be completely honest."

"Completely honest... Yes, it does."

She stroked my balls. "Then my fun isn't over, baby." She continued to play with me for several minutes, coaxing my cock back to an erection.

"Suck it," I said, soft and encouraging rather than as an order or instruction.

She stood up. "Baby, I'm too tired. You can sit down here and masturbate, if you like. Or you can come to bed with me now. I'll dress sexy if you do."

I followed her to bed, lying under the duvet as she selected something to wear. I naively expected more of an effort, perhaps one of her outfits, but when she donned the skimpiest of her g-strings I could not complain.

She turned on her side, ass facing me. "You can stroke it and maul it, baby, if you like. You can think about what happened to it earlier."

I was erect.

"But no fucking," she insisted. "I'm tired."

I had another troublesome night of arousal and insomnia.

* * * * *

It was late morning the following day when she entered the living room. I basked in her beauty. Her hair was up in a clip, although she pulled off the look with magnificence. Her make-up was flawless. She wore a long, red coat, the buttons fastened at the front. There was another pair of sexy boots underneath. How I adored her in a pair of boots. The way her body swayed when she walked, her ass jutting out.

"He's on his way," she declared.

"What?" I demanded.

She sat down and crossed her legs, revealing the bare flesh of her perfect legs. "We've been texting this morning. I didn't think it was fair of me to expect you to get a taxi back down to pick up the car, so he's coming up here."

"And then what?" My eyes were drawn to those fine legs. "Is he giving me a lift to his?"

She giggled. "Baby, you are silly. He's picking me up. I'll drive the car home."

"Should I not come with you?"

She smiled at me. "That's not the plan."

I had to confess to her. "This is eating me up not getting to fuck you anymore, darling. I need you. There's nothing I want more than to bend you over that table and fuck your ass hard like he did last night."

"You're sweet, baby." She glanced out the window, then back. "But that was just a one-off. I got caught up in the moment. You have to respect my decision not to engage in anal sex anymore."

I had one card left to play. "Then pussy sex. You can't deny me that any longer."

She shot a fierce look. That ever rebellious nature I had long ago fallen for. That no man would tell her what she could or could not do. It calmed within seconds, then came the playful, naughty look I was becoming ever more confused by. "If you're not careful I might just refuse to have sex with you again until after we are married."

"That's insane!" I shouted.

She walked to the window and parted the blinds. "Its traditional."


She turned to me. "There he is." She unbuttoned her red coat and hauled it apart, revealing what she was wearing underneath. "What do you think?"

I was speechless, shocked and amazed.

"I'd better hurry." She buttoned up the coat and kissed me a quick goodbye on the lips. "I won't be long."

The front door closed behind her. I watched her walk to his car in those boots, her rear swaying under the coat with every step. She opened the car door and leaned one foot into the passenger side, leaving the other dangling out for a few seconds. It meant her legs were parted for him. Suddenly the door shut. I stared, hoping they wouldn't kiss in our driveway. They didn't. I was spared a public humiliation and for that I was momentarily thankful.

The car drove off and I was left with an imprint of what she had flashed me under that red coat, my cock straining again in my jeans. I paced myself back and forth in the living room, my eyes never far from the clock. I allotted them 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic, to get to his. The same for her to return. When thirty minutes had come and gone, every passing minute was a minute I could attribute only to alone time between them.

The first hour passed and my thoughts focused on her open coat. She had been wearing a black lace babydoll outfit. I had never seen it on her before. It was a tight fit, covering her nipples, revealing her navel and barely hiding her pussy. The groin region was shaped like a hand, mauling her most intimate region. She had looked incredible in it.

My arousal and jealousy excelled. It was impossible to any longer contemplate that nothing would be happening between them. I pictured his fingers pulling the lace to the side and his tongue exploring her clit. Her words to him in my apparent absence the night before that she "had no wish to hurt me" would be sacrificial lambs to their desires.

Another thirty minutes passed. I imagined him pounding her cunt while she begged for it like a slut. My balls were aching. I needed release. I needed it inside her. Over her. Everywhere. My cum was meant for my fiancée's body, not another tissue. I sat down and reluctantly opened my jeans. There was only one manner in which I could enjoy the situation.

My hand was a rare pleasure, an escape from the sexual torment of her denial. I wanked normally for fifteen minutes, then came the dangerous thoughts of him having her ass. There was no question it was on the cards, despite her claims that it was a one-off. I knew what she was like, her personality addictive for anything she enjoyed. I had watched her, heard her and felt her the night before. She was an anal slut whore all over again.

* * * * *

The car in the drive caught me off-guard. I rushed to pull up my jeans before she entered. The clock indicated she had been away for almost 2 hours. The dirty fucker!

She entered the living room, her hair clearly dishevelled. She looked in the mirror and gave a slight chuckle. She knew it too. Her eyes found mine. "Yes, baby?" she asked, mock innocence a commodity.

"Did anything happen down there?" I asked.

She smiled. "Of course, baby."

I couldn't help myself. I had to take her. I jumped from my seat and twirled her in my arms. I went straight for the buttons on her coat. To my surprise, she was non-resistant. She even smiled. I felt her flesh underneath as I reached the third and final fourth button. I pulled open her coat, her back to the window.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked.

She was naked underneath. Just a pair of boots and a coat. "Where's your babydoll?!?"

"In his bedroom." She took my hand and led me to the door. "Let's go upstairs and I'll tell you all about it."

I followed like a ridiculous lapdog, insisting to myself that this would be worth it. I would hear the gory details I so richly enjoyed, despite my conscience and fading self-respect telling me otherwise, and perhaps finally get to hammer her juicy cunt.

"Strip naked and lie on the bed," she ordered.

I complied, leaving my clothes in a heap by the side.

"You really are untidy, baby. You could take a leaf out of my lover's book when it comes to domestics."

I stared back, genuinely not giving a shit about anything other than sex.

"Do you remember last night I asked you to leave the room so I could speak to him in private?"

I nodded.

She stood with her hands on her hips, her legs apart. Her pussy glistened, her nipples were erect. "I told him about your sex ban. He couldn't believe it. I asked him what he thought of it. He said he didn't know. I asked if he'd like me to continue it. He didn't feel it was his place to say. I told him I wanted it to be his place. I wanted him to take charge of me. So he did. He told me I wasn't to let you inside me before he has me again."

I wondered if he had fucked her that afternoon. If he had then she had completed her part of the bargain. She was free to fuck me again. I began to understand why I was lying naked on our bed.

"I promised I wouldn't. We agreed you and I can do some things together, at my discretion, but that we go no further than 69ing. I told him about the dildo and how I've developed a new fondness for having you fuck me with it. He was nearly coming again when I told him."

"Coming? Were you-"

"I was giving him a wank, baby, yeah. Sorry if I forgot to mention it. It didn't seem important. He didn't come in the end, dear help him."

"Dear help him? What about me?"

She smiled. "Baby, you've been having me any time you want for years. A few months of denial won't kill you."

"A few months!?!"

"Yes, now don't be immature about it. I'm testing your resilience to see just how much you really love me and really want to marry me. We'll see if I'm just sex to you now."

There was a lengthy silence between us. I couldn't fathom how to continue the conversation without descending into a full argument. Given her recent answer-for-everything attitude, I doubted I stood much chance of winning.

"And baby," she began finally, "if you do anything with another girl that will be the end of you and I."

"But yet you can do whatever you want with him?"

"You gave me your permission." She leaned over the bed and with one finger summoned me to her. "But you do not have mine." She kissed me, rough and with her tongue probing deep. "Remember how good these kisses are when you next doubt me. Remember how you used to love to fuck me and imagine how good it will be when you finally get to do it again." She pushed me back down on the bed.

"What now?" I asked.

"Now," she paused, her eyes staring at my erection with greed, "now I tell you about what I did today. You are to masturbate and you are to enjoy what I tell you. My plan is never to hurt you, baby. If you don't enjoy what I do, that is your fault. You opened Pandora's Box and now you can either love it or loathe it. But you cannot take control of what is no longer yours to determine."

I wondered were all of the words her own. Was he shaping her into his slut? Was he forcing her to learn lines to recite? "I want to enjoy it," I said, ashamed at how pathetic I sounded.

"Now, wank."

I gripped my manhood and jerked it under her watchful eyes.

"He has wanted me to himself again ever since that first night last weekend. I've resisted. I enjoy doing it in front of you, but after I pledged my faithfulness to him last night I realised I would have to go without sex until I next saw him. We didn't make any concrete arrangements last night and my pussy was on fire this morning."

"Why didn't you tell me?" I said, eager to provide her with every inch of my cock.

"I'm not allowed to fuck you. You're of no use to me that way, right now." Her eyes were fixated on my cock. "Even though I'm dying to sit on you. Oh baby, this is too tempting. I should go downstairs and let you finish off on your own."

"No!" I shouted. "Tell me about today. I must know."

She was half-turned towards the door, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. She looked so beautiful in that moment. I desired her so much that I knew then I had to endure whatever perverse sexual craze I had begun. I could never stop wanting her, nor needing her.

"Please," I insisted.

"Okay." She sat on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed but her breasts exposed under her open coat. "We joked about in the car. He felt my legs and I kept fondling his dick through his trousers. He got hard surprisingly quick, considering I was only messing. He was pestering me to have sex when we got to his house. I was in two minds, but I knew what I was wearing and I loved the fact you knew. He didn't. I kept telling him in the car I wouldn't do anything without you there to watch."

My balls twitched and I stifled the urge to let go.

"When we got to his I got out of the car and headed for our car. He stood there watching me and asked what did I think I was doing. I was trying so hard to come home to you. But my pussy needed a cock. I thought the thoughts of you using the dildo on me would be enough."

"They weren't..." I teased the prospect that she had hurt me, to see what emotional response it would draw.

She looked away. Shame.

I enjoyed the shallow victory. "What happened next?"

"He came up behind me. I had the key in the car door, urging myself to turn it and drive home." She looked at me again. "He kissed me out there in the street, where anyone could see. I melted. I wanted him so much. I didn't care who saw."

We didn't know anyone else who lived in that area, but the sheer brazenness of their actions elevated my arousal. There was something dark and twisted about my deep desire of humiliation. When or where would it end?

"He asked me to come into his house and I said okay. Baby, I'm sorry, I said okay."

I paced my wanking, desperate not to blow my load before the end. Would she continue or halt under those circumstances?

"We walked hand-in-hand, him opening his gate and then his front door for me, allowing me to walk in lady first. He spanked my ass when I went past into his house."

"How long did he take to kiss you?" I asked.

"I kissed him the moment he shut the front door. I knew what I wanted and I knew the moment I left the safety of our car I was going to be his slut this afternoon. I knew it was wrong, baby, but my pussy was on absolute fire. We didn't bother with the living room or the kitchen. We were dry humping on the stairs. The curtains weren't even drawn. If anyone came up to the front door and looked in they would've seen."

"Tell me what they would've seen." I had to know every detail.

"He unbuttoned my red coat and devoured me on the stairs."

"He fucked you where anyone could've seen?"

"No, baby, he didn't fuck me. He licked and tweaked my nipples, he fingerfucked my pussy, my cunt, and he ate me while I spread my legs for him. I loved the thrill that we could be caught. I kept a constant eye on the front door, but I can't guarantee I'd have let him stop if someone had approached. The passion was too intense."

"Slut," I moaned.

"Tell me when you're going to come, baby."

"I will. But first, tell me more."

She smiled. "I came hard and gushed in his mouth. The way he licked up every drop was driving me crazy. I gushed again. He lifted me up and carried me to his bed. He took off my coat and stripped me out of the babydoll."

"Didn't he like it?"

"He said he did, but he keeps telling me his favourite outfit is the one I was born in. He was saying how beautiful I was as I lay on my back on his bed. He thanked me for coming in. I spread my legs and told him I needed him to come fuck me."

"I'm going to come," I confessed.

She wrenched my hands from my cock. My first fear was she was determined to sabotage my orgasm, to inflict yet further humiliation on me. My instinct was wrong. Her lips dived around the head and she sucked like the expert I have always known her to be.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

My balls seized for a second then released spurt after spurt into her beautiful mouth. Her eyes never left the task at hand. I was amazed at the sluttiness of her act, different to her usual manner of locking eyes with mine. She was swallowing and sucking the life out of me for more.

I protested that I was done, that she was killing me and yet still she refused to relent.

"I need more!" she declared, when finally she broke away. There was a trace of cum that ran from her lips. She caught it and forced it back into her mouth.

"Christ, darling," I began, "where the fuck did that come from?"

"I didn't get my fill earlier."

"Really?" I was shocked. Her story hadn't indicated any clue that she was unsatisfied by her lover. "How come?"

"In a minute." One of her hands was meticulously milking my cock, an unfamiliar craving for more cum flaming in her eyes. "Promise me you won't tell him what I just did. That I swallowed your cum."

"I thought you said you both agreed we could 69."

"I did, but I made a promise in the heat of the moment that I'd not swallow your cum. There was something so kinky about telling him I'd only swallow his, baby. I'm sorry. I just can't help myself. He brings out the slut in me and I just let go of all my inhibitions." She licked my cock, somehow finding more remnants of my cum. "I can't believe how much I'm enjoying being his slut while I deny myself to you. It gets me off so much. I think I'm past the point where I could prevent myself even if you begged me."

I wiped sweat from my brow. "Finish telling me about earlier," I pleaded.

"On one condition," she began, removing her coat.

"What's that?"

"I want you to eat my pussy while I tell you about it." She lay down next to me on the bed, wearing only her boots, and spread her legs.

"But I don't want to if he-"

"Baby, get your fucking mouth down on me before I impose more punishments on you or decide to humiliate you more."

I was reluctant, lying still beside her. I didn't want to taste him.

"Stop being a pussy." She pushed my arm. "Go down on me."

I couldn't believe what I was doing. She lifted one leg to allow me between her. I found her clit with one hand and rubbed it, the fingers of my other hand massaging the beautiful lips of her pussy.

She smiled. "He came around the side of the bed and stood next to my mouth. I sucked his cock for ages. I didn't even give him the chance to undress. I just had his trousers round his ankles, his dick in my mouth for... Oh God... It must've been half an hour solid." She looked down at me. "I can't feel your tongue, baby. Stick it on my clit."

I obliged, with the utmost of reluctance. If I tasted him on her I knew I would lose all my temper. She could not humiliate me this way. I was in no way into the taste of another man's cum on my wife-to-be.

"He played with my tits and my pussy occasionally."

I couldn't recognise any taste. Then again how would I know for certain? I decided to stop worrying. I was worshipping her sex. I could just relax and allow her story to turn me on.

"But the position meant most of the time was spent with him standing up with his cock going in and out, between my lips. Speaking of which, run your tongue up and down my pussy lips."

I was so far beyond my comfort zone. I could fathom licking her clit if he had been inside her earlier. Her clit was not her pussy. There was no reason for his cock or his cum to come in contact with it.

"Please, baby, worship me."

To have her beg me was my excuse not to comply.

"Don't ignore me, baby," she warned. "Can you wait til the wedding to do this again?"

I pulled my tongue slowly from her clit. "No, I can't wait."

"Then shove your tongue in there," she insisted, pulling apart her lips with her fingers.

I stared into her pussy, the moistness obvious. I worried he had been there. That he had cum inside her again. That she wanted me to taste him on her. I couldn't do it. "I can't," I said. "I can't do it. Not if he's been inside you again."

"Tell me why. Would you be disgusted that he had fucked me again behind your back?"

"Its not that."

"Good. Then explain."

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