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Big Daddy Ch. 01

by WhiskeyJane©

My daddy fucked me and it was all part of the plan. Every little girl growing up is taught to cherish her father and hope to find a man as good as him, lucky for me the man I found was him.

It started the summer after high school, I had just turned 18 and my daddy would be working from home. He's a prominent business man who loves his family, who works too hard and plays too little. I was about to change that.

My mom had left for her annual 'Girls Trip' with her four sisters and would be gone for 4 weeks. Daddy always took that time away from the office to bond with me. Little did he know how much we would bond over those week's.

My sexual experiences to date were minimal, a few boys here or there through out my high school years but nothing I would ever consider serious or mind blowing. I hoped that daddy could and would change that.

I live in a gorgeous house that is beach front to the Pacific Ocean, with views for miles, and trees all around. Our sitting room has a glass wall that rolls to the sides and opens directly onto the stone patio that led to our pool. This is where daddy found me sunbathing topless.

I was lying on my back on my lounge chair, head phones in but no music playing. Dark sunglasses perched on my nose, with my eyes wide open. It was a ploy to see daddy's reaction. Boy was it ever delicious.

He strolled through the house calling my name but receiving no reply. As he passed from house to patio he paused, and then retreated back inside. I lay perfectly still. I saw movement in the house and knew he had found a safer spot to watch me. I didn't want to risk exposing that I knew he was there, watching. So I rolled on to my tummy, putting the figurative ball in his court.

The suspense was killing me. My pussy was dripping with the knowledge that my daddy liked what he saw. I'd for sure be fingering myself to this scene tonight. No doubt about it.

I heard him approaching, it was safe, and I had rolled over covering my exposed boobs. Daddy felt that he could communicate without giving away what he had witnessed. I kept up the rouse that I hadn't known he was there, when he touched my shoulder I jumped away, coincidentally exposing my bare boobs to daddy.

Bingo! I had him right where I wanted him. Daddy tried to look away but he wasn't successful. He tried to get me to cover them up. I surprised him.

"Would you like to touch them daddy?"

"Cover yourself -- WHAT?!"

"Would you like to touch my boobs? I'd really like it."

" I can't. I really shouldn't."

"But daddy, look how hard my nipples are! Please just brush your thumbs across my nipples!"

I could see in my daddy's eyes the struggle that was going in his mind. 'Was it still wrong if she asked, no begged me, to touch her boobs. '

"Honey, I really, really don't think that it's a good idea."

"But daddy, just quickly, just once. Pretty please!"

"Are you sure?"


Daddy reached out slowly with both hands. He settled his hands on my chest, fingertips fanned out along my side ribs, palms slightly curved, and thumbs brushing my nipples.

I pushed my chest forward and into his hands. I was overcome with need. I pushed harder and was rewarded with daddy kneeling down on the lounger. He was right where I wanted him.

"Will you suck my nipples daddy?"

No hesitation this time, simply action. I shuffled my feet forward to be closer to daddy as he fondled and sucked my nipples, giving equal attention to both.

Daddy continued his work on my nipples and I was slowly moving my hands up his biceps. My daddy may be a business man, but he considers exercise just as much a part of his work requirements. Daddy is a solid man who doesn't look a day over 35.

I in contrast, look far older than my 18 years. I stand tall at 5'7" with honey blond hair and piercing green eyes. My boobs are a full D34, my waist is slim and my ass is full and firm. I have been swimming competitively since I was 4 and had been accepted on to my Varsity swim team. Needless to say, I was toned.

Daddy was earnestly working on my nipples and my hands had moved from biceps, to shoulders, and are currently threaded in his thick brown hair.

"Keep sucking daddy! You're so good at this I'm going to come!"

"mmmmmh, sweetie..."

"Grab my ass daddy!"

I felt his right hand snake along my hip to my left ass cheek. His movements on my ass combined with his tongue and fingers on my nipples sent me over the edge.

"Daddy! I'm gonna cummmmmmm!"

Written by: WhiskeyJane

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories