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Mommy Fucking & Grandma Too

by JhMcKn©

It must have been about 2:00 in the morning when I woke up. I needed to piss. I felt for mommy but she wasn't in bed with me, so I presumed she was up pissing in her chamberpot.

Suddeny I heard her yelling at someone. "Fuck you Mother. He's my son and I can fuck him if I want to. You come traipsing in here at two o'clock in the morning drunk and give me shit about fucking my son. Well, go fuck yourself mother. What you need to do is take off your dress and slip, if you are wearing one. Then I can see if you put a bra on tonite when you left. Now, get them off."

"Oh, you wore your sheer black knickers tonite did you? Someone else got to see them too I'll bet.

Just as I suspected. No bra. Your teats are hanging clear down to your fucking belly button."

"Why is he sleeping with me tonite? I'll tell you why. His father is in the city fucking that hairy whore bitch he does business with. She hasn't shaved her armpits or legs for years and he thinks that is wonderful. She also loves it when he fucks her and stays all night with her."

I decided I needed to make an appearance and went out into the dining room where mommy and grandma were discussing things. Of course I still had my garter belt, stockings, and bra on, so when grandma saw me she was a bit astounded. She also saw my cock dangling down my leg and was a bit taken aback by its size. I looked at her and could immediately tell she was drunk.

"Excuse me, but I need to pee. I am standing here with my knickers on about to piss in them, so please let me sit on the chamberpot and go."

She went into the stairway, pulled her sheer black knickers down to her knees,sat on the pot, and as I heard the usual hissing sound I could also hear her pee falling into the pot. She really did have to go as she pissed for almost two minutes. I went into where she was sitting and she suddenly grabbed my cock and pulled me to her by it.

"If your mother fucked you this evening, then I am going to do the same thing."

"Now finish taking my knickers off so I can get off of here and get into bed with you and your mommy." With that I pulled her knickers down to her ankles and slipped them over her feet. She staggered off of the pot and headed into mommies bedroom. She still had her girdle and stockings on as well as her high heeled shoes. Mommy and I just followed her into the bedroom as she got into bed.

"Let me see your cock. I may want to suck it for a minute or two. Mommy is going to suck on my teats while I suck your cock."

I stood by the side of the bed and let her grab my cock. She took all of it in her mouth and began sucking me off. Mommy was nursing on one of her mothers big teats. Granny had nipples that were also quite long and you could latch onto one of them with no trouble at all. Suddenly granny told me she wanted me to eat her pussy. I knew I was going to smell the pee she had just taken because she hadn't wiped her cunt when she finished. I moved down and she spread her gray haired cunt wide open. I could see her clit sticking out and what also looked like remnants of semen that she had in her cunt.

Obviously someone had fucked her before she came home. I lowered my face and took her clit into my mouth and began sucking on it. I thought she was going to go crazy. I sucked it for a couple of minutes, then moved down so I was right over her big peehole. I tried to stick my tongue in her peehole, but it was too small. I think I must have tickled her because suddenly I felt my tongue and mouth get wet. Apparently she hadn't quite finished pissing when she got off the pot. I put my mouth right on top of her peehole and began sucking on it. She wiggled and squirmed as I did so. Mommy is still sucking on her teats when grandma tells me she wants to feel my big cock in her cunt.

"If your mother can fuck you I guess your grandma can fuck you too."

I gave mommy a big kiss and told her I wanted to suck her teats while I was fucking grandma. Mommy had nice fat teats with nipples that were also easy to latch onto when you wanted to nurse on them. I moved between grandmas legs as she spread her cunt lips wide apart.

"Do you want me to put a rubber on before I stick my cock in you?" I asked.

"No. I want your cock in me all natural, just like it is. I want you to shove it in hard and fast." She bent her legs at the knees and I shoved my now throbbing cock into her cunt. For being a sixty four year old lady, she had a nice wet cunt and could still fuck very well.

"Oh. That's good. I need your long hard cock right up in my cervix darling. Just fuck grandma good and hard."

I was thrusting in and out while also nursing on mommies right teat. Grandma must have sensed I was about to give her a load of semen because I felt the walls of her cunt get nice and wet and she told me to just let her have it. I couldn't hold back any longer and just shot a huge load of semen into her cunt.

"Just let your cock stay in my cunt a few minutes longer dear. I really needed you to give me a good fucking and that is what you did. Now I want to suck your cock when you take it out."

Mommy told grandma she was going to have to put her sheer black knickers back on so she wouldn't get the sheets all wet. So as I pulled my cock out of grandma and she started sucking it clean, mommy got grandmas knickers and slipped them back on her legs and pulled them up to the middle of her thighs.

Grandma got my cock cleaned off and stood up on the floor. She quickly pulled her knickers up to her waist with the bottom of them covering her stocking tops. No sooner had she done that than I could see the semen dripping out of her cunt into the gusset of her knickers. We all got back into the bed and lay there savoring the moment.

"Granny really enjoyed fucking you darling, just like your mommy did. We must do it again in the morning when we have all had a good nights sleep."

With that, we all curled up with grandma holding on to my cock and me holding on to mommies cunt and went to sleep for a few hours.

Sometime during the night I must have turned onto my right side and I more or less felt grandmas teat touching my mouth. I decided I needed to nurse on her so I simply put my mouth over her very long nipple and began suckling. I must have pleased her because she put her hand over the back of my head and pulled me closer to her. I continued to suckle for several mintues and suddenly I felt her hand grabbing for my cock.I let her take hold of it and I started to get an erection."Quietly get up and pull my knickers down. I want to have your cock fucking me again and shooting a load of semen into my cunt. I don't want to wake your mommy though."

I got up on my hands and knees and got my hands on either side of her knickers and proceeded to pull them down and take them off. I then straddled her legs and she took hold of my cock and guided me to her cunt. She spread her soaking wet cunt open. Her pubic hair was soaking wet from semen leaking out of it all night and as my cock entered her cunt, I could feel how wet she actually was. My cock slid into her cunt effortlessly and I was soon up to her cervix again. She hooked her nylon clad legs around my back and kept my cock buried inside her cunt.

I could feel my climax coming and she must also have felt it because she was quickly bucking and humping like there was no tomorrow. My cock erupted inside her again and I think I flooded her cunt with my semen. She squeezed my cock very tightly with her cunt lips and held me fast inside her cunt.

"Quietly get my knickers and put them back on me and then I want to suck your cock clean." I got off the bed and found her knickers and slipped them on her legs, pulling them up to her waist. The bottom of them just covered the tops of her stockings. I knew she was going to have a very wet crotch with all the semen I had just shot into her cunt. She took my cock in her mouth and began sucking it clean.

When she finished I got back into bed without disturbing mommy and started nursing on grandmas teats again. I must have fallen asleep with it in my mouth.

I wakened with grandmas teat still in my mouth, but mommy was not in bed with us. Suddenly I knew why. I heard the sound of her piss hitting the rest of the piss in her chamberpot. Sudenly it stopped and she came back into the bedroom.

"Let go of her teat you motherfucker. I want you to eat my pussy." She got up over my face so I was looking at her black haired cunt and she simply sat down on my face. "Now lick the pee droplets off of my cunt hair and then suck my clit until you get it all engorged. I want your tongue licking my peehole too so you get all of the drops of pee that are still there." I just stuck my tongue around her peehole licking and sucking as I was told. I went back up and sucked and nibbled her clit some more until it got very big. Then I just sucked on it till I had her in the throes of an orgasm. It finally subsided and she scooted down until she was over my now erect cock. She simply impaled herself on my cock and began going up and down on it.

"I want you to fuck me good with that cock of your. Make mommy come and then fill her cunt up with your load of semen. You are such a motherfucker. I hope your father had a good night with his hairy whore bitch in the city. I hope he pissed all over her and soaked her good. She loves being pissed on you know."

Suddenly I couldn't hold back anymore and shot a good load of semen in mommies cunt. She just sat on my cock and seemed very content to not move. I could feel my cock begin to shrivel up and it finally got soft inside her cunt. As she lifted herself off of my cock she bent down and took it in her mouth and began sucking both of our juices off of it.

Then she laid down beside me and decided to take another little nap. I decided to reach over and feel the crotch of grandmas knickers. It was beginning to dry and was getting nice and stiff from all the semen that had leaked out into it. She would be able to stand her knickers up in the corner and they would stand by themselves.

I decided I was still thirsty so I reached for her left teat and began nursing on her again. She simply murmured and pulled my head closer to her as I suckled her.

I must have gotten up about eight o'clock as I heard a car in the driveway. Mommy and grandma were still sound asleep. I got up and went upstairs to my bedroom. I heard father come in the house and thought the shit was going to hit the fan.

However, all I heard was my mommy saying to him that she needed his cock fucking her and right away. He must have wakened grandma and chased her upstairs to her bedroom. The next thing I knew was that I heard mommy hollering and squealing that she needed to have a huge cock fucking her, so I presume father was sticking his cock in her cunt and screwing the hell out of her.

I decided to creep downstairs and see if I could see them. The bedrom door was wide open so I just stood in the doorway. Mommy was on her hands and knees. Father was behind her. He caught me by surprise as I saw he was wearing a black garter belt and very long black nylon stockings with black seams and heel. His cock was very hard and was curved upward like a scimitar. He jammed his cock into her cunt and kept it there, thrusting more and more. Mommy just screamed for him to fuck her good. "Did you fuck you hairy whore bitch good last night? Did you put a rubber on or did you try and breed her? What are you going to do if you knock her up?? You smell like piss. Did she piss all over you? Did you piss all over her too?" mommy asked.

Father replied he had put a rubber on his cock when he fucked her and that they had pissed all over each other.

Mommy just told him to keep his stiff cock in her cunt. However, all of a sudden I saw him stiffen his back and he grabbed her shoulders and thrust his cock in her cunt and kept it there. I realized he had just shot his load of semen into her cunt. Mommy was wiggling and screaming "You big motherfucker. I just love it when you fill my cunt with your cock and semen. Keep your cock there until it begins to get soft, then I'm going to suck it clean." she said. With that, father got out from behind her and went to her face and she began to suck his cock clean. When she finished he went to her dresser drawer and took out a pair of very sheer red panties and told her to get them on her sloppy, wet cunt and keep them there for the day. He got back into bed and I went back upstairs.

I went into grandmas bedroom where she was collapsed on her bed and proceeded to get in bed with her and begin nursing on her elongated nipples again. She reached down and took hold of my cock and began stroking it. It didn't take me long to get nice and hard and she told me to get on top of her and get that nice long cock in her soaking wet cunt.

I slipped it into her cunt and shoved it up to her cervix. She oohed and aahed and told me to just fuck her good and hard.I thought she needed

to have some semen for breakfast so I pulled my cock out of her cunt and moved up so it was right in front of her face. Grandma knew what I wanted and took it in her mouth and began sucking on it. It didn't take me thirty seconds to shoot my load of hot semen in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could then sort of let the rest of it just drain into her throat. I needed to pee very badly so I told her to open her mouth and I would help her wash the rest of the semen down. I gave her a couple of good squirts of piss, then got off the bed and finished pissing in grandmas chamberpot.

I told her I thought she didn't need to put her bra on today and to just let her teats hang loose and down.

I crept downstairs again and mommies bedroom door was still open. I looked in and saw father still wearing a garter belt and black stockings thrusting his long cock in and out of mommies cunt again.

"Fuck me you motherfucking cocksman. If you can spend the night in the city fucking that hairy whore bitch you run around with the next best thing you can do is at least fuck your wifes cunt too." That must have gotten to him because the next thing I knew he arched his back and thrust his cock as hard as he could in her cunt and I knew he had just shot his load of semen into her cunt.

About thirty seconds elapsed and he relaxed a little bit and said "If I want to fuck that hairy bitch I will do it. Just don't bother me with whether I fuck you or not. You seem to be pretty content having Frank come here a couple of afternoons a week and plow your cunt with his massive uncut cock. Yes. I know all about it so don't deny it. I just don't want you getting bred by him because we don't need another child so make sure he wears a rubber when he fucks you."

I just slipped away and crept back upstairs to my room. As I went by her door I saw grandma standing over her chamberpot with the pee just running down both of her legs. I thought I would take care of her later. I was tired and needed to get some sleep.

Written by: JhMcKn

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