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Hazel's Las Vegas Adventure

by lucioz©

This story is about my wife Hazel and how she lost her sexual inhibitions on a holiday in Las Vegas. She will tell the story herself, but I just need to set the scene before my wife takes over, telling it from her point of view. It's about our holiday in the USA, and how one guy thought my wife was a hooker.


My wife, Hazel is 22, we have been married for 2 years, she's around 5-2, dark long hair, 34c-24-34, great figure. Her best feature is her ass, it is tight, helped by all the exercise that she does. She can mix easily sometimes, I have seen her flirt with lots of guys, but she always seems to hold something back. We have fantasised over her going with other guys, possibly while I watch. It often inspires us to great sex, but she was never interested in doing it for real … until this time.

We had flown to the USA for a holiday, doing all the tourist things that most people do. What a big country … we are both from the U/K, which is so tiny compared to over there. But we wanted to see some of the world before we settled down.

We were nearing the end of our holiday when we reached Las Vegas, we had three days booked there. Then it would be off to Boston for an overnight stay, then back to the U/K. Neither of us were really looking forward to going home as we had both had such a great time in the USA.

On our first night in Vegas, we decided to go to one of the casinos to see if we could recoup some of the money we had spent on our holiday. We had sure given our credit card a hiding. We agreed that $50 each would be our limit. So off we went, little did I know what a life-changing event was about to happen?

Hazel headed straight for the slot machines, so I knew where she was, and I headed to the tables, to try my luck there. I was actually holding my own at the table, but I thought I better go and see how Hazel was getting on at the machines, plus I thought she might like a drink.

I bought us two drinks, Hazel drinks 'Bacardi and coke', and I prefer beer.

I spotted my wife sitting playing one of the slot machines and I started to walk over to her. Then I pulled up short when I noticed this tall well-built guy sitting next to her, playing the adjacent machine. He was talking to her and she was laughing at whatever he was saying. Then he stood up, moved behind her, and put his hands on her shoulders. I was expecting Hazel to stop him, but to my surprise, she did not seem to mind. He leant over her shoulder, pointing something out on her machine, then his hands slid down to her waist … again she seemed not to mind. She threw her hands up in the air, shaking her head, they both laughed, and then he gave her some more tokens.

Now at this point, I should have gone over and stopped this, but I really wanted to see how far Hazel would let this go on. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and we did not have many more days to go, so I went around the back of the other machines, where I would be able to watch them better.

I stayed there watching them for about half an hour, seeing this guy touching her shoulders, her waist, even the top of her thighs. She had on a black silk dress, with just two thin straps over her shoulders, it came to about two inches above her knees. She was wearing black hold-up stockings, and I knew – but the guy didn't yet – that she had on a small black thong, so when she sat down she had to watch how high her dress rode up.

They were laughing with each other, then I saw him lean over close to her, and say something in her ear. She looked around her, beyond him, as if she was looking for someone … then she smiled at him, and shook her head. He took hold of her hand, once more talking quietly to her. Hazel kept looking around, as if she was looking for me, but I could see that she was still interested in whatever he was suggesting.

So I just sat there and watched, ready to go to her aid if she wanted me. Then this guy pulled out a big wad of cash, showing it to her and they both laughed. She shook her head negatively, but I could see she was looking at it, and appeared to be enjoying the guy's company. Then she pushed his hand holding the cash away, and said something to him. He leant across, giving her a kiss on her cheek, I was surprised that she did not pull away, instead she even gave him a kiss back. They must have agreed on something that was sealed by the kisses, for she got off her chair, letting her dress slide up, so that he could see the tops of her stockings. As her feet slid to the floor, he gave her a pat on her ass. She pointed at her watch and he nodded, as if in some form of agreement.

I watched her head toward the tables, where I had said I would be, so I scooted across to the nearest table from where I had been standing and stood there watching the action. I felt this tap on my arm … looking around, I saw it was Hazel, she looked a bit flushed, and I could see she was excited. "Hey Mike," she said, "can I talk to you, somewhere quiet," so we headed off to the lounge.

I had left the drinks that I had bought in the other room, so I got two more, "So what have you been up to?" I asked, not letting on what I had seen over in the slot machine area.

"Mike, if I tell you something, will you promise not to get mad?"

"Of course, why would I get mad at you?"

She drew in a deep breath, "Maybe after what I have to say, you will. Okay, when I was at the slots, I was losing all my money, bit by bit, then this guy next to me, started explaining what to do, he was very good and helpful."

"Yes," I said, "that was good of him, did he hit on you?" I asked, not letting on what I had seen.

"Well yes, in one way."

"Did you enjoy having a strange guy's attention?"

"YES, he was very nice, and he asked me something so I have come to ask you."

"Okay, what is it?"

She looked at me, then looked around, I could see she was in turmoil about what she wanted to say, but I could not make it easy for her. She had to come out with it herself.

"Well, you know when we have been having sex, and you have asked if I would like to go with another guy, and I have always said no?"

"Yes," I acknowledged, looking at her closely, smiling.

"Okay, you remember that I said maybe … if I could chose the guy."

"So you think this could be the guy?"

"Yes, he is here on some convention for just one more night, he flies out tomorrow so we would never ever see him again."

"So tell me, do you fancy him? What's he like?"

"Well yes, in one way, but that's not all. He offered to pay me $500 if I went to his room for just one hour."

I laughed, "I bet he thought you were one of those hookers. That's where they go, looking for guys."

"Forget the money side, this is your fantasy … there, what do you think, it's all up to you." She had at last managed to get it all out breathlessly. She grabbed my hand.

I looked at her, I could see how excited she was, "No, that's up to you, I think you have already made up your mind and want to. Hazel, if that's what you want, then it's okay with me. Then we can have my fantasy come to life and you can tell me all about it. So tell me, say the words, do you want to?"

"Yes, I do," she was breathless again. "I like this guy, never mind the money, and he is only here for tonight, so we will never see him again. Plus it will buy our dinner tonight," she said grinning. She glanced down at my trousers, saw my erection there and said, "Yes, I see what you mean, kinky bugger."

I thought about it, I could see she was all for it, I have never seen her like this before, so excited, and after all it was what I had been asking her to do for some time, to try another guy.

"Okay Hazel, you go and have fun. I will wait around here for the hour, okay."

She grabbed me and gave me a big kiss, "I will tell you all about it tonight, just as you wanted. Thanks Mike, I love you."

With that, she walked away. I could immediately feel myself becoming jealous, 'Did I really want this to happen?' But at the same time, I could feel myself getting hard, thinking of what they would be doing just a few floors above me.

I went to the lounge and waited there with a drink in my hand. I had a hamburger, watched a bit of TV, and regularly checked out the clock. At last an hour dragged by, that's all she said she would be. I began to be a bit concerned. Just as I was getting up to go look for her, to make sure she was ok, she came rushing up to me. I could see straight away that she had enjoyed herself … she was all flushed and still a bit breathless, and I could see her nipples were still hard in her dress.

She came over to where I was sitting, grabbing my hand, "Oh God Mike, I love you, thanks."

"So did you have fun?" I asked.

"Yes, that's for sure, I enjoyed it very much, and thanks, he was very good."

I smiled at her, "So you can tell me tonight, or do you want to go to our room now and tell me," I suggested, grinning.

"Mike," she said, holding my hand, "Guess what, he has offered me $5000," her eyes widened as she said it, "if I will spend the whole night with him."

"Wow, you must have made a big impression on him." I looked at her, seeing how happy she was, thinking this will never happen again once we get home to the U/K. I got hold of her hand, "Okay, as long as you are happy doing it, and I can see how much you want to." I leant over to her, "go and have fun, see you in the morning." It was nearly 9pm.

She stood up, leaning down to kiss me. I could smell his sex on her lips … she put her tongue in my mouth and I could taste his sperm, my wife does not mind swallowing. She put her hand down my shirt, "Here is the money, he made me take it." Along with a wad of notes, she gave me her very small thong, "I don't think I will need that anymore." With that, she turned and walked away, pausing at the door to blow me a big kiss.

I went up to our room on my own, already wondering if I had done the right thing. I did want Hazel to be happy, and after all, I had been talking it up about her going with another guy, so it was partly my fault. I had a shower, then lay on the bed watching TV, but I couldn't stop thinking of what was happening between them. I was so aroused, I had to relieve myself, just from thinking of what he was doing to her.

I eventually dozed off around 2.45 am, but I tossed and turned. 'God, I hope she's okay,' I thought and once again, I was so hard, I just could not get out of my head what they would be doing. I watched TV again, it was 4.10 am, then I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was 7.45 am. 'I wonder what time he was flying out,' I thought, 'hope it's an early flight.' I got out of bed and showered, decided to go for a little walk. I got back to my room at 8.30 am, no messages for me, so I sat there, trying to decide what to do. 'I will give her till 10 am to let me know she is ok,' I decided.

I sat there watching the clock tick bye. It was just going on to 9.40 am when the phone rang in our room. Thankfully, it was Hazel, "Hi Mike, I am okay, and I'm on my way to you. I'll be there in ten minutes, love you."

"Okay, I will order some coffee for you, see you in ten, I love you too!"

I ordered some coffee, and some toast from room service, in case she was hungry. I checked the clock, 'I thought she said ten minutes?' It had gone over half an hour, then I heard a quiet knock on the door. I rushed over to it, "Hi Hazel," I greeted my wife anxiously.

"Sorry I was a bit longer," she said, a tired look on her face. "He wanted a final quick blow job, but I was too tired, so I gave him a hand job instead."

I pulled her to me, anxious to kiss her, but she resisted, telling me, "Hey Mike, I need to shower and clean my teeth." I could smell him on her, so I knew what she meant about cleaning her teeth. "Let me get a bath, he has worn me out, I am sore all over."

She went to the bath and laid in it, while I sat beside the tub and gave her some coffee and toast. Then she dried off and put on a big bathrobe and came over to the bed, She lay down and I got on the bed with her, I was so hard thinking of her and this man Glenn. She looked at me and spotted my cock, "I think you are glad to see me. Mike, can you let me have some sleep, then when I wake up, I will tell you all about it, okay." She fell asleep instantly, so I lay there with her in my arms, even falling asleep with her myself.


I had been playing this one poker machine for quite a while, slowly losing the $50 that we had agreed on would be the limit. I just did not seem to be playing it right. I swore in my frustration and then took a peep at the guy next to me to see if he had heard.

"Hey, I see you are having trouble there, young lady," he said laughing.

"Yes, I don't seem to know what to do, it's my first time playing them."

"Hey, where are you from?"

"From the U/K, on a bit of a late honeymoon."

"So how long have you been married, you don't look that old. You only look nineteen." I knew I did, for some places have even asked for my ID.

I laughed at him, "I bet you say that to all your girls," grinning, for I could feel myself warming to this guy, even though he looked to be a lot older than me, around forty five I would think.

"So what are you up to?" he asked, smiling. "You have to be careful here, a nice young girl like you on her own, lots of guys would think you are a hooker."

"Oh god'" I said, blushing, "I had better go and find my husband."

"Hey, you're okay with me, no one will bother you, don't worry."

I looked at him, he was a big guy, around 6-2, well built, what you would call an athletic build. He had on a nice pair of dark blue slacks, a light blue, casual shirt, open at the collar, clean-shaven. 'Very nice,' I thought, 'No wonder no one would bother me with him'.

He leaned over, "Hi, my name is Glenn, I am here on a conference. I go home tomorrow, pity I did not meet you before," he said with a big smile.

"Why, I am married? I think you need one of your hookers," I was grinning as I said it. "My name is Hazel, pleased to meet you." We shook hands, his hands were huge, I wondered if that saying is true … big hands, big cock. 'Wow, why did I think that?'

He held onto my hand for a bit before letting it go. It seemed like he wanted to hold it longer, I could see it in his eyes. I could also see the desire in them, the wanting in them, I could feel my breasts, my nipples, start to tingle. With what I had on, he would have seen them starting to harden, for all I had on was a black silk dress that clung to me, and a small black thong, with black hold up stockings. That's all my husband wanted me to wear, I knew he liked guys looking at me, lusting after me … guys like Glenn.

"Would you like me to show you how to play these things, but don't think you will win on them every time … most of them are fixed," he said laughing

"Yes please, that would be great."

I swung around to the machine, feeling Glenn coming up behind me, so that he could see what I was doing. "You have to judge when to hold some cards," he advised, putting his hands on my shoulders … they were huge. I could feel myself warming to him. He was so big and I really felt safe with him, for I had been noticing other guys walking past looking at me, now I knew what he meant.

"Shit," I said despairingly, "that's the last of my money."

"Here, have some of mine, I don't really bother with them, I was just passing the time, and maybe looking to find someone like you," he said, grinning.

Just then some numbers came up, "Quick, stop them, hold them."

He leant over me to press a button to hold them, "There, now try again," and he told me what number to look for.

I felt his big hands go onto my thighs, feeling my stocking tops. His hands felt so hot through my dress that I could feel my body starting to respond to him. I could feel some stirring between my legs, 'Wow, this is new to me, I have never felt this way before, with any guy.' But his smell, his presence, his feeling of being safe with him, I knew if I was anywhere else I would love to have him.

Then I thought of what my husband had regularly suggested when we were in bed having sex. Asking me if I would have sex with another guy, so he could watch, or else I could tell him all about it later, wanting to know how many other guys I had fucked before we were married. I used to make up stories for him, they really turned him on, and he used to fuck me till I was sore sometimes and the sex was great … for both of us. Telling him what the guy had done to me, how big his cock was, and what I had done to him. Once when he asked me, I remember saying to him, just to keep him happy, maybe I could do what you want as long as I can choose the guy, 'Could this be it?' I wondered.

I operated the slot machine again, as his hands stroked my thighs. I forgot what number I needed, for I was enjoying this strange guy's huge hands stroking me.

"Hey," he shouted, "you have lost all your numbers now."

I turned to face him, "Well, if you would stop doing that to me, I could have remembered," I was laughing as I said it. "Well that's it, I have had enough."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Go look for my husband."

"Hey no, please don't take this the wrong way, okay."

"Okay." I replied, not knowing what was coming next.

"Okay thanks, look would you like to help an old guy out?"

"Hey you're not that old," I told him laughing.

"Well, to you I am."

"Okay, so how can I help an old guy out?" I asked, grinning and curious.

"Alright, here's the deal, you said you are a bit short of cash, okay, so could I ask you to come to my room for an hour, and I will give you 500 bucks."

I looked at him, unsure if he was joking or serious.

"Please, don't get upset, you are really nice," he put his hands on my hips, letting them slide up and down my sides, letting them slide over my ass, cupping my cheeks, pulling me to him. They felt so nice, I have never been touched like this before, so gentle, so smoothly.

I wanted to put my arms around him so that I could feel that big body close to me, he had really got to me. "Let me think about it, okay. It's not the money, it's my husband, we have never done anything like this before. I have only had one other guy before my husband, so I don't really know what to do."

"Hey Hazel, don't worry, I will not hurt you. Maybe I could help you, he said with that warm smile. "That way, we will both have pleasure, might even help your husband."

He pulled me close to him, "Can you feel what you are doing to me, and we have hardly touched?"

I could feel his cock pushing onto my stomach, 'It is quite big,' I thought, 'I wonder if it is too big.' My husband is only 5½ inches erect, and I was not used to bigger guys. But this was the first guy who had ever got me feeling this way.

I looked at him, wondering what my husband will say when I ask him … will he let me? After all, he had often said how he wanted me to do this, to go with another guy. And he likes me to tell him about the guys who have fucked me before. This would be the best time, away from home, no one would find out, so why not. I liked the guy very much, he has already done things to me no one else has ever done. When he touched me, even when I knew he was feeling me up.

"Okay Glenn, let me go and find my husband, I will need to ask him. You go to the lounge and I will come and tell you one way or the other, are you okay with that?" I pulled his head down to me and gave him a kiss.

He patted me on the ass, saying "Go get him gorgeous."

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