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Accidental MILF Seduction

by th43©

This is a true story about a MILF that was incidentally seduced while I was chatting to a much younger woman. As a 25 year old mechanic in a small town, I live in a small cold apartment that only has two advantages -- it has low rent and is across the road from one of the best bars that I ever been in.

My buddy, Bob, lives in the apartment next door and we are often found in the bar drinking and chatting up women. One Friday night, Bob and I were enjoying a few beers - it was much more crowded than usual because a crowd of women were having a hen's night. I was particularly impressed by two of the young women and so Bob and I decided to take our chances in chatting them up. I was putting my best efforts of seduction into talking to Tara, a pretty 20 year old with huge boobs. Bob was simultaneously backing me up and talking to her friend, Sally -- a pretty brunette. It must have been an hour before I realized that although Tara wasn't pushing me away, she wasn't responding either. It looked a through Bob was having more success with Sally.

Eventually I said goodbye to Tara and walked away. Immediately I was followed by a beautiful blonde woman who was in her 40's. She had been sitting next to Tara and had been listening to my seduction attempt. In retrospect I had seen her sitting there but hadn't taken any real notice. She introduced herself as Wendy and we got into a deep conversation. There was obviously some chemistry between us and after a while she asked if there was somewhere private that we could go. So, amazingly, I found myself taking this tall blonde woman who I had just met across the road to my small apartment. As soon as I shut the door we started kissing. She guided my right hand under her loose top to her firm left breast. The bra was loosed after several minutes and I put all my attention into massaging her erect nipple.

Gradually I lay her down on the bed and in the dim light removed her underpants. I could clearly see her beautiful vaginal lips and clitoris. As soon as I started licking her pussy she started groaning that it felt so good and she said that no-one had ever done that to her before. It was amazing that such a beautiful vagina had never been licked. Within ten minutes I had 2 fingers in her pussy, my left hand squeezing her right tit and my tongue flicking rapidly up and down her clit. Her vagina was clamping down tightly on my fingers and it crossed my mind that the pressure on my cock when I fucked her was going to be fantastic. Wendy yelled out that she was about to cum and I just went faster with my tongue and fingers until she squealed in orgasm.

After she had recovered she was desperate to get my cock inside her.

The head of my penis glided easily into her moist slippery vagina. Wanting to make the most of this night, I took things very slowly and was enjoying the sensation of going from the entrance to the depths of her pussy. Suddenly in the quietness of the fucking, Wendy and I became aware of fucking noises through the thin wall of the apartment. I whispered to Wendy that Bob must have scored with Sally. So Wendy was laying on her back in my bed, slowly having my cock sliding in and out of her pussy while listening to her Sally being fucked vigorously next door. It all just seemed to make her more wet and more excited. She silently switched position and got on top of me. The rhythm of her thrusts up and down my cock were in time with the fucking next door. Being a fan of doggy style, I then turned her into the doggy position and was vigorously fucking her from behind.

Eventually I had to cum. We lay arm in arm for a while until she got up and started getting dressed. I asked her if we could fuck one more time and without hesitation she took the underclothes off again and lay down on her back.

The second time I had a simple missionary style fuck. When we had finished she asked if I could drive her home. It turned out that she was divorced and had received a big luxury home as part of her settlement. Just before she got out of my car she gave me a very passionate kiss and then asked for my phone number. She gave me hers and said she'd love to hear from me.

One of my personal rules is not to contact women after casual sex. If they ring me, they are interested, if not, then I just enjoy the memories. After five days she rang me. She started by saying that she usually didn't ring men but she was keen to see me again. After some small talk we agreed to meet at my place again on the Friday night. I was so excited that I confided everything to my friend Bob. Bob started suggesting sexual moves that I should do with Wendy - some were extremely kinky, others were just kinky.

The second night with Wendy was at my place again and the third and greatest night was at her place -- but they are stories for another time if you are interested.

Written by: th43

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