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A Love Story Unfolding

by victors_angel©

Good Morning Beautiful, the song playing again on the boom box, as she awaits him at the Marriott overlooking the city. The song fills her with the sweetest images of waking beside him. She stares out the window, watching every car being parked. Studying the passengers of each, searching for him, anxiously, hoping he will arrive soon. The music fills the room as she intently gazes out the window, when she finally sees him climb out of his car. She says to herself as he grabs his bag from the trunk, hello beautiful. Grabbing the room key, hurries to the elevator to be there when it opens with her love. His tired face lights with amusement at the woman who he took a plane ride and then drove 2 hours to see just to spend the night with.

I throw my arms around him, says," hi beautiful." He sighs, as I hold him tight in my embrace.

"I am far from being a patient woman," I remark!

He says, "You are a demanding creature by nature."

She laughs and replies," whom me? I am just a woman in love. Love sure looks good on me, don't you think?"

He agrees, wonders how he was so lucky to have found her and what does she sees in him.

I tell him it is his job to be logical, to keep my feet on the ground.

He says," you are a distraction, and an complication that I can't resist." Questions his sanity and hers yet they come together risking their marriages and the world they know for the sweetness of a kiss, a touch. Seeing the smile on their faces as we gaze into each other eyes its apparent to anyone looking how we feel, love looks good on us.

The questions flood his mind yet the answers elude him. He only knows that this sensual creature stirs him as no other has in years. He juggles his schedule to meet his obligations to his firm, to his family; yet, here he is miles from his world in a hotel room with her. An analyst by trade, yet here he is with a woman who drives him to distraction, her passion and those blue eyes that haunt him always with only a need for her that challenges all of his logical thinking. All the two know is the overwhelming need for the other that fills them both with an intensity neither has known before.

We hurry into the room; he sets his bag down sweeps me into his embrace sighing as he holds me against him. He smells my scent; the feel of me against him instantaneously I arouse him. We kiss each other deeply, each seeking more and more with our passion. He pulls back for a second, taking his coat off, I reach for it and hang it up for him. He walks across the room setting his bag out of the way, looks at me with an intense loving gaze.

He says," You are so beautiful." I blush with his praise stepping closer I seek his lips again, needing to fill her hunger for him.

Thinking to herself that he looks tired but so handsome in his red shirt and tan slacks. He slips his shoes off and draws her to the bed. Then decides that he wants to feel her next to his skin. He unbuttons his shirt tossing it into the chair and then undoes his slacks. He unbuttons her gold top and reaches for her breasts that he adores so. He slips the shirt from her shoulders, leans down to sample her tempting nipples.

He suckles my hard nipples, giving each his intent attention as I whimper. It feels so delightful. The sound of my moans and whimpers and my words of endearment to him are music to his ears. He seeks her eyes again, says, "I love you so much!"

I feel so content in his arms I know I belong here. "Why is life so complicated?"

My fears linger in my mind as she snuggles into his embrace. I was dreading that he was coming to tell me that he wanted to make his marriage work. I know that his daughter is at home still and his son has just begun college. The complications of his personal life wearing on him heavily, the emotions involved with committing adultery also taking their toll.

Our conversations have been heavy the past week and I was feeling insecure of the direction he was going. I tremble with every second; the need of him and the fear of losing him weigh heavily on me as well. I hadn't slept; scared of the talk we agreed to have in person. I love him, so very much. My heart is flooded with the feelings only a lover can understand, the rapid beating that comes when you see your lover, the flutters as you kiss and the tightness that occurs when you are leaving. The weight of all my fears and desires juggling inside as I waited for him scared of the answers. He might give me when I ask the questions I need to have answered. Yet, the answers may be what I fear most, I have to know where we stand. The unknown is far more terrifying to me.

The relationship we have, distance the largest determent, depends on our ability to communicate our thoughts and to keep that link open always. I quiver in his embrace, feeling the length of his body against me as he answers me. He answers my questions as truthfully as he can. Questions his sanity and hers, the feelings that both share with the odds against them, yet can either say its over, no! We know how difficult the reality of our love is and what price we pay for loving each other.

He says, "I loves you" and then laughs "I can't help questioning my sanity but I know that I need you more then I have ever needed anyone. He declares, "You are my best friend, and my love, and my angel and I love you so very much."

I tremble in his embrace; he knows that I am weeping against his shoulder as he lifts my face to kiss my tears away. I shiver as his lips touch mine, then our lips seek the others in a passionate kiss.

I sigh," I was so frightened that it was over.

He draws me tightly against him," I'll be here for however long you want me to be." The smile on her face that lights her eyes up as she expresses her usual that forever is not long enough for her. My fingers begin exploring the man I have missed so much. "I love you with all my heart," she whispers. Our needs are so intense that neither of us feels sated by one orgasm, both seeking another.

"I want to feel me in every opening that you have, to stake my claim on all of you."

I give me to you with the same unconditional love I have always given so freely.

He loves the feel of me so tight around him as he takes us to that peak all lovers seek together. My whimpers urge him, my hips meeting his; I seek to bring him to that peak as well.

Yet he stops us doesn't want to orgasm, wants to increase the desire we feel even longer so he withdraws from me. As he lays back thinking of a fantasy that plays over in his mind. He just strokes my skin, embraces me tightly. Yes our lovemaking is so incredible words cannot do it justice at all. He smiles; sighing as he holds me close we revel in the love we feel.

He teases me as we dress for dinner about wearing something for him. I am unsure if he is serious about his request. I briefly hesitate wondering if my already tender bottom could handle the invasion for an indefinite period of time. I agree to his request because I wants to please him, it matters a lot to me to do so.

He smiles and says." It can wait to another time. I sigh in relief not sure if her back and bottom could handle it. I was still a bit sore but wouldn't allow it to interfere with our weekend, my stubborn streak prevailing again.

I am glad I chose the sweater set to go with my black jeans the weather is cool outside. He smiles as he watches me prepare for our evening; I love the loving expression on his face as he looks at me. I feel so beautiful in his eyes; he makes me feel like a princess going out with her prince. As we walk to the elevator, I feel the need to kiss him again. Thinking, if a dream, I hope I never open my eyes. I kiss him then enter the open doors of the elevator seeking his strong hand to hold mine. We walk to his car, he opens the door for me, and I can't resist stealing another kiss from that sexy mouth his silver moustache tickling my lip again.

HMMMM… I never want our kisses to end, but he reminds me that it is freezing out here.

We drive to the first place we dined together at, Dimillo's a floating ship converted into a restaurant. I wait as he comes around to open the door for me. He smiles; he knows that I am going to tip my head up for another kiss. He complies with my silent request, links my hand into his and walks toward the restaurant. We engage in light conversation as we enter.

He asks," Do you want anything from the gift shop?"

I decline, "Nothing would come close to the gift of you. I am already happier than I ever been."

He smiles as he squeezes her hand, asks," What am I going to do with you?"

I chuckle and say, Love me forever.

He answers," That is the easiest request ever asked of me. Do you know how special you are, my angel?"

The restaurant was quiet and the service was good. I was aware only of him. I enjoy the pleasure of his hand in mine as we sit across from each other. We had salads, he had swordfish, and I had scallops and then over coffee we shared bread pudding together. The return trip, just as we did the first time, we got off the wrong exit and had to back track to find our way back to the hotel. Maybe, I should have noticed the surroundings but I was to intent on seeing him that nothing around me made an impression. I couldn't help with making the return trip. He found the way back, parking the car.

I noticed the exhaustion on his face; I knew that he needed to just relax. We slipped out of their clothes getting comfortable. He checked his email, took care of a few business details before retiring with her in the bed. Steve Holy's cd playing in the boom box as the two snuggled, talking about his upcoming proposals with client in Israel and the time difference. We made gentle love and I rose to go the bathroom to freshen my body before retiring, when he joined me in the bathroom. When the most incredible lovemaking the two had ever experienced together occurred in a place that neither had considered or discussed in fantasies together. I was leaning over the sink washing my hands. His thrusting hard cock rubbing against my extended bottom, he entered me quickly, the abruptness causing sharp pain, I cried out in discomfort. He eased back, changing the angle slightly letting me adjust to the fullness of him. He began a slow rhythm, stirring me to arousal again. He knew from my whimpers that I was enjoying. He grabbed hold of my hair drawing my face upward so our eyes met in the mirror as he took me. I was overpowered by the feeling of being dominated. A submissive position, the feeling of losing control completely to him shook me intensely. I had never seen me taken by a lover as he was inside me, driving his cock into my tight ass. The feeling was so erotic, stimulating me to multiple orgasms. He looked commanding, strong, and incredibly desirable in the mirror as I gazed into the mirror as we made love. His eyes glazed with passion, the smile on his face radiant as he filled me. The orgasm was earth shattering, as he drew me back into his embrace. This was perfection, beyond any doubt. The magic is clear; we were intended to be lovers nothing this phenomenal could occur without purpose.

We freshened ourselves before retiring to the tempting bed. He reminds her about the phone call and the time difference with his client. He whispers in my ear as we snuggle, "I love you."

I agree feeling his warm body against mine. I am content with the comfort of his embrace we drift to sleep. The room too warm to snuggle for long, he turns so his back touches mine as we sleep. I lay listening to him as he fell into a sound sleep, snoring as his sleep deepens. My mind relives our earlier conversation, so glad that my worries were just that. I love him so very much; his assurances of his lost of sanity give me hope for the future. I turn to him, embrace him as I drift to sleep.

I awaken at first light, watch him sleep for a while. I run my fingers across his skin, watching him as he stirs in his sleep. I tease his nipples, making them erect then I seek his cock. I long for him, for us to seek rapture in our lover's paradise He pleads for more sleep, but he realizes that I am not going to let him fall back asleep. I wonders if he feels secretly pleased to be desired so much, I don't ask. I seek his lips, kissing him till we are need more. I wish that this wasn't the beginning of the day that we return to our lives again. I promised me that I wouldn't show him the sadness I feel with our impending separation. He fills me with his cock for a bit, and then wants to take my bottom again. He fingers me helping me to relax before he fills my bottom with a butt plug. He then entered my pussy again, something I had never experienced the feeling was incredible. I loved the way I felt as he took me again. Yes, we have so much to explore together. Could it be more exquisite than this? Is it possible?

He has some work to take care of, so he rises to the desk to work on his laptop. I order our breakfast from room service. He chose to sit in a chair and I chose to sit on the floor. We enjoyed the simple relaxed feeling between us after our sweet lovemaking. We made small talk during our simple meal together.

He dials his cell phone to begin his conference call. He hears of the plane that crashed in New York while talking with his client. He is busy on the phone, listening to the television about the details. He looks so incredible in his robe working at his laptop, discussing his proposal with his client.

I hope he is distracted so he won't see the tears flowing down my cheeks as I think of his upcoming trip. I am fearful of him taking a trip in these difficult times. He knows because my damn eyes give me away. He moves toward the bed embraces me as we watch the news broadcast. I feel his heart beating against my ear. I try to calm the swirling in my stomach that had begun since the announcement on the news.

We play for a bit more, with ropes and toys, the passion between us is insatiable. Snuggling once more on the bed, words not spoken as we revel in each other's arms. Finally, the time has come where we must face the day; he takes my hand leads me to the bathroom. I watch him shave, smiling as I do. I adjust the water when he sets his razor down, splashes him with the water before stepping into the warm spray.

I find sharing a shower with him irresistible, reveling in the pleasure as we bathe each other. It is very sensual to me the feel of his touch as the water steams the room and then sharing the last towel together. We dress and begin packing our belongings. He works again while I put the room back into some kind of semblance. I lug some of my stuff down to the car; I never manage to travel lightly. Something he will probably nag about in the future, I am used to being teased of always over packing. The time nears to when we must check out. Sadly, we do so. Then he suggests Borders for a coffee together, while he finishes his business calls. We wander around the bookstore together, glancing at books while he takes care of his phone interview. I love his ability to talk as he casually strokes my back. After he concluded his call we glance at different books together his hand softly strokes my back .I wonder if he is aware how much that little gesture pleases me. I hope so.

Deciding to grab something to eat before we drive our separate ways, we go to a pizza place nearby. I am shivering as we wait for our pizza order; we make small talk while we hold hands. The whole time my heart is flooded with sadness. I dread leaving him; I know that he also is hiding that from me. He is better at keeping his emotions in tack then me.

We kiss and then kiss again as we get ready for the long drive. The time has arrived and he says," It is only for a short time we will see each other in January. He promises," I will be there."

I embrace my lover again, tightly, shaking I get into the car. He goes into his and we depart. I didn't make it down the drive before my tears flow like wildfire. I attempt to see to drive but I have to stop to wipe my eyes again. He knows, I am crying. He wishes I could see that it is only for a short time till we are together again. He forgets that life has made many abrupt changes for me and reality at times is closer to me then I can cope with. It is difficult for me to leave the arms of the man I adores, because I fear what can happen before we are together. He is definitely the more levelheaded one in their relationship thank goodness one is.

He asks, "Do I believe in my guardian angel?"

"I do with all her heart," I answer.

He responds," then trust her she will look out for us. She will take care of us."

I sigh as I consider what she has already given us, the love of a lifetime. Yes, he's right; our angel will provide the way to our dreams.

Written by: victors_angel

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