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Ms. Jiggles Ch. 01

by Cappadonna©

"Oh God!" she cried out, "Don't push it in too fast." I pulled out a little bit, and then pushed my dick back in slowly.

"Mmm fuck...all this ass, with a little pussy..." I said shaking my head while moving in deeper, her back arched deep.

"Fuck! That's a big ass dick! DAMN BABY!!"

I bit on my bottom lip, my hands bouncing her big booty before me as I pushed more and more dick up her pussy, "Mmm...take this dick, you big assed slut. TAKE IT!"

"Oh god!!" she yelled with her head tilted back, "Work me Devon!" She gave in.

I held her by the waist as her big, jello ass began to slap against my pelvis. She arched her back deeper, making that giant ass of hers sit up higher. The stroking got faster as her body connected with mine, powerful clapping noises filling the room. Her big ass cheeks rippled up to her lower back with every thrust as I dicked her down.

"Oh my God, oh God," she repeated with panting breaths. All the years of teasing were finally being answered. "You going to make me cum, you big dick motherfucker!" she shouted, "Give it to me just like that!"

Her giant booty ricocheted off my groin, her plump ass cheeks bouncing lewdly. The loud clapping deepened as she rammed her fat ass back at me, meeting my long thrust.

"AH SHIT!!!" I said back, my face contorted as I banged her from the back, trying to hold back that nut.

"Fuck me! Come on baby, handle this big fucking ass!" she shouted. The strength to keep fucking was slipping away. My balls tightened up as a warm sensation built up in my shaft.

"Shit..." I moaned, the speed of the penetration decreasing as her big ass slapped against me. Ms. Johnson realized I was getting ready to abrupt.

"Come-on-my-ass," she slurred in between breaths and thrust, "Come on this big, fat fucking ass." We locked eyes as she looked back at me biting her lip.

"FUCK!" I grunted, yanking my long cock from inside of her, shooting thick ropes of cum on her huge booty. I've never came so hard in my life. "God damn woman," I said while taking a few steps back, stroking my dick to its flaccid state.

Ms. Jiggles laid on her side, holding her head up with her hand "Baby, you don't know how bad I needed that," she said, " hit it just right."

"You don't know how long I've waiting for this night. I've dreamed about having this fat ass in my bed for years."

Later that morning, around 10 am, I awoke to see Ms. Johnson standing over me, dressed in her mini shorts and t-shirt. I stretched and rubbed my eyes while I was under the covers.

"Thanks again for making me feel like a woman, Devon," she said.

I sat up and said, "Oh no thank you for making my dream come true, but aren't you going to stay?"

"I have to get back to the house and ready for work. I'm already late, but they'll understand. Come walk me to the door."

Ms. Jiggles led me out of the room to the front door and peeked outside, making sure no one seen her.

"We'll see each other later this week, babe. Go back to sleep."

"Ok," I said still half asleep.

"What's your phone number?" she asked, "We need to stay in contact that way.,

We exchanged numbers and she kissed me. She walked out to the front gate, opened it and smiled back at me.

To be continued...

Written by: Cappadonna

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