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Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 06

by unpublaauthor©

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As day became night in the Romanian capital, Bitsy returned from her IPD duties in Paris to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. It wasn't often that the winter clouds parted to reveal the spectacular incandescent pinks and oranges that faded to purple and red, colors people sometimes said were never seen in nature. This boisterous display of nature belied their words.

She pulled over just past the IPD Paris-Romania transit tunnel to step out of the silver Camaro that reflected the vibrant hues of the sunset. While her Vampiran senses could catalogue the various shades logically, it was her budding lycanthrope abilities that turned the rational First Lieutenant's categorization on its emotional ear.

While Nature's riotous spectacle was unbelievably beautiful, Bitsy worried about the deeper problem it revealed. Vampiran-werewolf hybridization was illegal; the laws that made hybridization a capital crime had been in effect for several centuries. The treaty that ended the most recent Vampiran-White Gulfian, or witch, war strengthened the resolve of the law. The end result was the same regardless: if Tracy Bathory, who had placed her in the situation where Stuart could and would seduce her, discovered that the king had, in fact, tainted her Vampiran purity with the lycanthrope gene, the Duchess would order her immediate execution.

So, it was with no surprise that Bitsy enjoyed the sunset with a wistful heart. Only after the fiery pinks and oranges faded into the horizon to be replaced by the indigo velvet of twilight dotted with patterns of twinkling diamonds, stars millions of miles away, did Bitsy return to the warmth of her Camaro to drive to the palace.

She was long overdue to arrive. Stuart had long been expecting her, she was sure. It was expected, then, that he would be standing in the expansive circular driveway awaiting her return. His thunderous expression served to make her quake inside with a two-fold purpose: fear of his wrath mixed with an even deeper, more insidious softening within, the submissive demurring to the dominant before her.

"Where have you been?" his voice thundered in the twilight. For once, the dark Master that invaded her dreams and waking reality was not costumed in his riding outfit. She knew, though, that even though the crop was not in evidence, it would probably be made available for his use on her shortly.

Bitsy swallowed hard, trying to calm her racing heartbeat. "I'm sorry, Master," she whispered, her lowered eyes and quietly submissive tone causing his eyes to gleam red with satisfaction. "I was enjoying the marvelous sunset and lost track of the time," she continued.

She dared to glance a gaze up at him. "Most evenings would not be a problem, slave. Tonight, however, is the first full moon that you will face under my protection."

Her stomach roiled in dread. Nightmarish images of men converting into wolves battered her brain. She closed her eyes, but her sightless gaze could not prevent the pictures of flesh stretching, bones elongating, her beloved Master's features becoming feral as a pelt sprouted where skin rested now.

Her psychic mind must have been projecting her distress because he caught her gaze and nodded. "Moonrise is in one hour. At that time, you need to be secure, safe from my reach, my clutches, my claws," he said, deliberately scaring her.

Bitsy shuddered. Even through the violent tremors pulsing through her body, she found the courage to ask, "What about me?"

Her quiet question shook his resolve. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"We've been denying what has happened. That first night, in the dungeon, you...bit me. Your saliva mixed with my blood. I'm tainted. I'm a hybrid. And last night only made it worse. I drank your blood; I shouldn't have; it caused us both to break THE LAW." Her voice shook on the emphasis she placed on her final two words. She licked her lips, a motion the king watched with absolute fascination. "I'm a hybrid now, or at least on my way to being one. What will happen to ME tonight while you are changing?"

The possibility hadn't occurred to him from the horror on his face. After a moment's pause, he asked, "Are you sure?"

"I can feel the moon's pull now; I find bright colors fascinating," was her answer by way of explanation.

"I don't really know what will happen tonight, then, my slave," was his grudging admission.

Her eyes closed on a prayer. "What happens now?"

"We secure both of us in dungeon, separately. The doors of the dungeon will be sealed by my servants. And," he paused, dreading to finish his statement.

"And?" Bitsy echoed.

With a heavy sigh, he continued, "And we await the dawn. The dungeon is the most secure location, but I don't know if any tethers there will keep you safe from me."


Maria led them down the stairs of the dungeon by the light of a single candle. The time of conversion drew near, and both Stuart's and Bitsy's eyesight had grown sensitive to the light. "Strip," her Master commanded, and Maria and Bitsy both jumped. He gestured at Bitsy. "Do as I command, slave, strip."

While Maria helped Bitsy out of her business suit, Stuart removed his clothes to reveal a rampantly aroused king. Maria, having seen him undressed before, barely glanced at him; Bitsy, still holding to her previously virginal naiveté, blushed and looked away.

Maria stepped back to look at Stuart. The werewolf senses, those of the predator, slowed his walk to a crouching stalk. Bitsy stared at him, her hybridized eyes a solid peridot green, nearly one of challenge. With both of his hands, he caressed her shoulders, sliding his hands down her arms, creating electric tingles down her soft, pale flesh, ending her flash of defiance. In supplication, she lifted her hands, palms up.

Stuart grasped her wrists, securing one cold metal manacle around the right wrist, then the left. The heavy sounds of the metal clunking together echoed throughout the cavernous chamber. Then, he buried his face in her neck, breathing deeply her elusive scent that haunted him during their time apart during the day.

He bit her right above her heartbeat, then chuckled mentally at the irony of it. He, the Alpha wolf, not only of his pack, but of the entire race of werewolves, drawn to nearly Vampiran actions by this woman, this slave. Stuart took a long, slow drink of her sweetly effervescent blood, the lime green life fluid spilling past his lips to cascade down his throat.

The woman he would've loved to have chosen as his wolf-mate moaned low in her throat, a mixed sound of desire and growling. He bit again, harder, and her body grew limp beneath his, her peaked pink nipples teasing him against his chest. He felt the veil slip over his humanity that signaled a descent into his wolf-like stupor, and barely managed to pull himself back as he heard Maria's throat clear behind him.

"Your Majesty, begging your pardon, but the time to secure yourself grows short." she said, lifting his manacles to remind him. His response was a sullen growl. She continued to wait, tapping her foot impatiently.

He finally gave in with more grace than anyone could have expected. Maria quickly locked his manacles into place, and he tested the strength of them. They seemed strong enough, he reasoned, but one could never be sure of his strength when the moon reached its zenith. With the last bit of cognizance of his human state, Stuart demanded, his tone harsh, "Maria, go now. Lock the door. Seal it. Do not open it, for whatever reason, before dawn."

The young maid appeared to want to balk at his commands. She looked longingly at her charge, but Bitsy clearly had started to undergo whatever change her hybridized state would force. Bitsy's eyes were glazed, a florescent pale green, no white, no pupil in evidence. No hair sprouted on his slave's body, although her waist-length ebony waves had grown to nearly ankle length.

He knew soon that she would realize he had fibbed. While his hair would become more unruly, and his canines even more elongated, he would still remain upright, resembling more a man than an animal. The scary part of his transformation was what occurred within him. Any inhibitions that remained within him would be gone as his body, mind, and soul would be given over to animalistic tendencies; his passions and his emotions would become even more unmanageable.

But so, it appeared, would hers. As he felt the last of his control slip away, Stuart saw Bitsy's vacate her as well. A low, keening wail past from between her lips. "Please, Master, please come to me," the siren's song joined the wail. His succubus come to life to haunt him.

His body reacted predictably. He struggled against the manacles; to his intense frustration, they held.

She was growing more desperate, as well. But then, she had never had to encounter this total, complete loss of control, even more demanding than his dominance over her. He could sense, not only her frustration of his distance from her, the length of the dungeon, but also her heartbeat that only continued to quicken. The throbbing of that heart nearly deafened him; other than her harsh breaths and mewling whimpers, he could hear nothing else. It was driving him mad.

One wrenching, screeching separation of metal on stone, and he was free of his bonds, or rather, the chain that met the wall was destroyed.

"I need you, Master," she begged, her eyes and lips promising him untold delights as he swooped down to her.

The king took her mouth in a show of complete domination, a mating of an Alpha and his mate. Her growls echoed his, her pussy creaming for him without him touching any erogenous zone other than her lips. Playful nips that coaxed moans and whimpers from Bitsy's lips dotted her neck, drawing blood in places. Blood that he lapped up greedily.

"Master," she crooned, arching her body as much as her bonds would allow, "please take me. Make me yours. I need you." Words that he had waited for, dreamed of, and never hoped to hear from her sweet soprano.

His voice hoarse, more that of a growl, an animal, not a human voice, responded, "Yes, my pet. After tonight, there will be no doubt who owns you, who controls you. It will not be a gentle ride."

"I don't carrreeee," her voice sobbed.

He lifted her feet by her ankles, wrapping them around his waist. The moisture at the apex of his thighs drenched the head of his cock, welcoming him into her warmth. Stuart speared her, no allowance made for her previous innocence. Their mutual grunts formed a chorus that only seemed to encourage the other. Promises of submission to him spilled forth from her mouth, words of raunchy nastiness he would never have imagined coming for her. He shot his seed in her with a harsh shout as her voice screamed how she wished to milk his cock with her clenching ass.

They slumped together, Master and slave, Alpha and mate, waiting for their breathing to even. It was at that moment that the king realized the cure for his uninhibited full moon escapades: the wild sex with his...slave. He couldn't bring himself to admit that she was also his mate. With a definitive yank, he separated her chains from the wall.

She murmured against his neck, her passions, like his, sated for the moment. He curled her against his body, holding her in, subconsciously keeping her safe in this secure chamber. In the darkness of the dungeon, they both slept, their bodies relaxed, as they waited and slept through the night to dawn.


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Written by: unpublaauthor

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