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A Sister's Revenge Ch. 01

by Johnboy9©

This is a revised version of the "Sister's Revenge" story. I am only doing this because in coming back to this site after so many years away, after having originally written the first series, I feel my story-telling has gotten much better, at least in my ability to write it down, and much less cruel, as the way I feel about my life has become more peaceful as well. These versions will show a toned-down style of writing and presentation, although I will keep the story-line, theme and plot pretty much the same.

I have redone the dialogue as well to make better and/or more sense in certain parts of the story, but again, the story will remain pretty much the same.

I will hopefully redo one or some of my other stories too, and I also have a new story on the back burner. But since I only have the first chapter done on that and want to get this task completed before I started on that chore, I'm going to hold off putting that out until I get closer to finishing what I have started to accomplish here.

I hope you all enjoy the rewrite, and please, send any and all feedback you wish. I appreciate any and all I can get. Especially if, this time, you want to compare the two stories side by side, so to speak.

Again, please, no one allowed under 18 years of age.


"Mom, Mom," Michael cried out. "Help me!"

Mary turned her head toward her son's cries only to then hear Melissa scream, "Get out of here, you pervert!"

Mary hurried down the hall to her daughter's room where she found Michael dashing past her, followed closely by a flying hair brush.

"Damn you anyway," Melissa screamed at her hastily retreating brother. "If I ever catch you in my room again, I'll...I'll...aaaiiiee!!! God, I hate you!"

Coming to her daughter's room, Mary hesitantly peered her head around the corner of the bedroom door, checking to see if it was safe yet to enter. There she could partially see the half-naked body of her nineteen year-old daughter trying to hide from view by crouching down in her closet. As she moved in closer, Mary could see that Melissa was wearing only her bra and panties and was about to fling a hand mirror at Michael if he had dared return.

"What seems to be the problem here?" She asked Melissa with some concern.

"That fucking asshole over there..." Melissa started to scream.

"Don't use that tone with me, Missy, and watch your tongue," Mary warned her daughter. "Now, tell me what the problem is, young lady. And I'm right here, there's no need to scream."

"Mother, that little creep...hid under my bed and watched me while I undressed!" Melissa told her Mother. "He was spying on me!"

'Damn that boy!' Mary thought wryly. 'His wild, unruly ways will be the death of me yet!'

Mary really didn't know what she was going to do about Michael. He'd always been such a nice, polite boy. But since his Father died last year he'd started getting mouthy and sullen, though he was still basically a good boy at heart. He was just going through a bad time.

The real trouble started once the Bailey family moved in across the street. When Michael started hanging out with their even more uncouth twin boys, she had slowly begun to lose even more control over her son. After today's episode, Mary began to worry she may have lost him forever.

It had started slowly, with little 'boys will be boys' things that finally culminated to his near expulsion from school last month. The event that took things out of the realm of innocent boyish fun was the time when the boys had run naked through the girls' locker room.

While there, one of the Bailey twins attempted to rape one of the girls as the other held her down. Michael didn't participate, but he stood by watching as those two animals had their way with the poor girl, making her son just as culpable as the twins, Mary knew.

Mary could still remember the image burned into her brain of the scene of her husband's untimely death when she'd found out he'd died while making love with another man's wife. And just a month after Jim's death, his oldest brother tried to force her into bed with him -- while his wife was in the next room!

Within six months, both his brothers and even his Father had tried to force her to do the same. She had therefore come to the conclusion that all the Franklin men were doomed to such a fate and that one day her son would also be forced down such a path. Now it seemed that day had finally arrived.

Mary had never told the children of their father's darker side, not having the heart to hurt the memory of her loving husband. For one thing about Jim, despite his faults, he had been a very loving and caring father, caring deeply for both children, loving Melissa and Michael very much.

But now, without Jim's presence around to help guide Michael through manhood properly, something else would have to be done soon, or he would be lost from her forever.

"Calm down, dear. Michael is just acting like a boy," She tried to explain, though with little conviction.

"But Mother, he's 18 years old, almost 19!" Melissa complained. "He's not that little a boy anymore! It's about time he started acting like a responsible adult!"

Mary knew she was right, but didn't know what to do.

"Don't worry, honey. I'll take care of his ass, but good!"

"Hrrrmph!" Melissa challenged. "For all the good that ever does!"

"I'm sorry, dear," Mary told Melissa sincerely. "But until you can come up with a better plan, that's the only approach to his bad behavior I know of."

Melissa had taken all the crap from her brother that she was going to take. She knew her Mother wouldn't do anything except spank Michael a little, but Melissa was really pissed and this time it was war! Once she came up with a plan of attack, Melissa was going to fuck Michael's life up real good!

Later that night Mary had Michael lay across the bed where she strapped him good with a belt, just as Melissa knew she would do. And even though it did cause him some pain, she felt it still did nothing to address the wrong he'd done her. But Melissa let it pass, acting as if everything had been forgiven, for she knew that the score would soon be settled once she had her plan all laid out.


Two weeks later, Melissa had still not been able to come up with a plan to wreak the kind of havoc on Michael's life she felt he deserved for the number of childish pranks he had played on her over the years, and she had been giving it almost all her due consideration during that time. Finally, just for the hell of it, Melissa decided to see if the computer could be of any help. Not having one at home, she used the one at the public library. Not knowing just how to broach the subject, she just typed the word 'punishments' into the search bar and clicked search. When she came to the link 'types of punishment' she clicked onto that and found a myriad of offerings, most of which were too violent or fatal, until she came to one that shook her to her senses quick.

'What's this', she wondered. 'Petticoat punishment?'

Curiosity peaked, she continued reading about how mothers sometimes punished their unruly children by forcing them to wear the clothing of the opposite gender, usually their sons being forced to wear girl's clothing, until they changed their disgraceful ways.

'My God,' Melissa thought, her spirits lifting for the first time in weeks as she pictured her younger brother prancing about the house wearing a dress and high heels with full make-up. 'What a sight that would be,' she imagined, 'and just the right kind of punishment for that creep too!'

As she continued to picture her brother forced into such a situation, Melissa felt her nipples begin to tingle and her pussy begin to drool as she realized this was exactly what she wanted to do to Michael to exact her revenge. 'Oooohhh, yes,' she thought. 'I am going to have such fun with that dork!'

As she left the library however, Melissa realized that there was no way her Mother would agree with her plan to dress Michael up in girl's clothes even if she felt the idea was sound, simply because she wouldn't want to humiliate him by making him go to school like that, and besides that, she might even disagree with her notion that it was a good idea in the first place.

So somehow, Melissa realized, she had to find a way to make it so that Michael not only had to wear girl's clothes, but that both he and their Mother would want him to wear the clothes. 'God,' she thought, as another thrilling feeling of intense desire washed over her, 'If I could only get that to happen, I would be the happiest woman in the world! But can I ever get that to happen?'


Two days after her discovery in the library, Melissa was watching morning television talk shows when one came on about she-male prostitutes. Up until this time, Melissa had barely been paying attention, but since her dorky brother was in school and her Mother was at work, she had the house to herself and quickly began to pay close attention to the set, not quite sure why, but for some reason feeling this show had something important to tell her.

Once the show was over, Melissa had the answer to the question that had been plaguing her since she'd figured out what to do with her little brother. She was actually going to turn him into a real girl and now she knew just how to do it! Female hormones!! And she had just figured out a plan to get some.

Going to her Mother's pharmacist, she explained, "My Mother's at work today, but she asked me to pick up another pack of her birth control pills. She said she accidentally dropped hers into the toilet bowl last night when she took hers, and was hoping to get another pack to replace it."

"I don't see any problem with that," the pharmacist replied. "Her insurance company allows refills for accidents like that. There you go."

At that, Melissa went to the pharmacy she used for her prescriptions which was down the street from the one her Mother used and, giving the same excuse to this pharmacist, got a refill of her own birth control pills, and then returned home.

At this point, Melissa knew that for this to work, she had to start being really nice to Michael. Not overly so or it would seem too suspicious, but just enough to catch him off guard and make him unaware that anything untoward was going on.

From the show, she'd learned that Michael should take the pills two times daily, but the prescriptions said three times daily. So Melissa started helping her Mother make the meals and occasional snacks, adding crushed powdered estrogen when she wasn't observed to the foods Michael was eating in order to get him to ingest the female hormones needed to proceed with her plan. She smiled wickedly as she realized how that was going to lead to his downfall.

While she watched him down the meals she helped bake for him, she watched as it all just went straight down his throat into his stomach. And every time Michael would eat a dish full of hormones, he would wash it down with a hormone-laced drink of chocolate milk while Melissa would go and mark it down on her calendar with a fresh spasm in her pussy.

Well into the second month of her plan, Melissa almost lost her nerve. Michael had come into the living room after his nightly shower in just a pair of cut-offs, carrying the T-shirt he was about to put on. Melissa was studying and Mary was reading the paper.

Just as Mary looked up from the paper, Michael was reaching up to pull his T-shirt on over his head. Caught with his arms still raised and his shirt still above his head, Mary thought she noticed a swelling of his chest and called him over to take a closer look at him, poking and prodding around the swelling she found.

"Hey!" Michael shouted, as he jumped back. "Take it easy, Mom. I'm not a side of beef, you know."

"I'm sorry, dear," She told him. "Did you hurt yourself? It looks as if your whole chest is swollen."

"I got taken down pretty hard in a wrestling match a couple days ago, and I'm still smarting from it," He explained, pulling down his shirt to cover himself up. "I'll be okay."

At that, Mary let it be and went back to reading the paper while Melissa continued her studying, letting out a sigh of relief along with a broad, evil smile. She knew the real reason why Michael's chest was so sore and why it was so swollen and was happy he had found a different reason for the swelling's appearance. She also knew that in the next two or three weeks his swelling would really start to show even moreso than it did now.

That night in bed, Michael started rubbing his sore chest, hoping that it would help ease the pain some. It did help a little, but even more than that, Michael found as he rubbed his nipples, that he got a whopper of a hard-on. And the more he rubbed, the hotter he got until finally he had to grab a dirty sock to beat off in. And what an orgasm he had. Laying there in the afterglow of it, he completely forgot about the pain in his chest.


"Melissa dear," Mary called, getting up from the kitchen table and moving directly to the sliding doors. "Would you come in here, please?"

Melissa came into the kitchen and started to sit down, but Mary motioned her to come to the door with her instead.

"Tell me if I'm seeing things, but has your brother's chest gotten even bigger in the past couple of weeks?"

Melissa knew she couldn't put this off any longer, so she asked her mother to sit back down at the table.

After Mary was seated, Melissa started, "Mother, do you remember several weeks ago, when Michael hid in my room and watched me undress?"

"Yes, but what has that got to do with your brother's chest?" Mary asked.

"Well, a lot, actually. You see, that wasn't the first time he did that, though it was the first time I'd gotten down to my underwear before catching him. And one of the girls at the club caught him hiding in the cabana the month before," Melissa explained. "Trying to look at her tits. Oh Mother, I just didn't want him spying on me or anyone else anymore, so I figured if he got a little taste of his own medicine..."

"Oh God, Melissa, what have you done to him?" Mary asked

"Mother, do you remember telling me that day you went to spank Michael, that if I could come up with a better plan for punishing him, I should? Well, I thought it over and decided that if Michael had to put up with people staring at 'his' chest, then maybe he would see how embarrassing it is and stop doing it himself."

"MELISSA! What did you do to your brother?!" Mary demanded.

"I (sob), I (sob), I've been giving him hormones," she finally got out, breaking down in sobbing tears.

"My God, Melissa, whatever possessed you to think up such a bizarre plan as growing tits on your brother?" Mary asked.

Pulling herself together, Melissa explained the petticoat punishment site she visited on the library computer and then how she watched the she males explain their lifestyles on the morning television show, and how they had become women and grown to enjoy their lives as women.

"You've got to remember, Melissa, those men chose that lifestyle for themselves," Mary replied. "And anyway, where did you get the hormones to feed him?"

Melissa explained how she got the pills and that they had not cost them any money.

Inside Mary was angry with her daughter, but the more she thought on it, the more it occurred to her that this could be the cure to the Franklin curse!

"What did you plan on doing after Michael's tits appeared, Melissa?" Mary asked.

"Well, everything I've read and heard all say that a transvestite or transsexual, that's what they call people like what Michael is turning into, anyway, they say they should start wearing the clothes of the opposite sex right away," Melissa started. "So I was planning on wrestling Michael to the ground and smacking him around a bit to get him to strap on a bra for a couple days."

Mary actually got a chuckle at the mental image of her daughter wrestling her son to the ground, both of them in skirts, panties, bras, stockings and heels, and realized she might actually have been able to do it -- especially if she gave his tits a good hard pinch after she had him down. Oh, but she shivered lustily as she pictured the scenario.

"No Melissa. Despite the pleasure you would get out of that, it would be short-lived at best, because he would rebel the first chance he got after such treatment. No, that would never do," Mary told her, her breathing starting to come in shallow pants. "In order to make your plan work for the long haul, you must get Michael to want to choose to wear female clothing, either by desire, necessity, or fear.

Mary decided that this was a good time to tell Melissa the true story behind her Father's death and her thoughts on the curse on the Franklin family. When she'd finished, she expressed her concerns regarding Michael and his recent actions toward women.

"Although your plan has merit, Melissa, you should never give medication to some one without a doctor's okay -- you'll never know whether or not that person might actually be severely allergic to that medication and possibly die from taking it," Mary warned. "That's for future warning, however, since, apparently, Michael has handled this drug well. What we need to do now is finish what you've started since he's so far along now, it's too late to turn back at this point. And as I say, this may be the answer we've been looking for to end the Franklin curse, here and now!

"The most important thing for you to remember, Melissa, is that from this point on you must not tease Michael during his development. You want him to become a better-behaved, model citizen as a girl, not a girlish copy of who he is now. And to make his new girly-self respectful to others, you must treat her respectfully, so she begins to understand what is expected of her.

"Her friendships will include only the nicest of people - no hooligans this time, and we will have complete control over that area of his life. Also, we will discipline him whenever he misbehaves, and yes, we will have much fun when we do this. After all, payback is a bitch, right? Now, I have an idea forming in the back of my head to get him started wearing girlish clothing. Tell me, did you finish his wash yet?"

"Yes, I did."

"Okay then, I want you to take everything up to your brother's room except for his underwear and white T-shirts and bring all his new dirty whites back with you when you return."

While Melissa went about her task, Mary went to the garage to get a large plastic bucket. Back in the kitchen, Mary placed all of Michael's underwear and T-shirts Melissa had returned with into the bucket and then added a complete bottle of bleach.

"I think we'll start Michael in panties tonight, so find a couple pairs you've started to outgrow," Mary told her daughter. "Oh, and see if you can find the pink ones, they are just so feminine"

Melissa smiled at her Mother, knowing just the pair she was speaking of. She went to get them. As she'd done so, Mary looked out the door and saw Michael finishing up the lawn. She could see the beads of sweat rolling down his chest, some collecting in the hairs between the two conical mounds of flesh, the rest finding their way to the tips of his hardened nipples from where they dripped off.

As she was trying to figure out how she could get him to shave those hairs off, she noticed that just watching her boy like this had made her cunt wet, very wet.

Now that Mary knew the whole "scoop", she could see other, more subtle changes that had taken place in his body. For one thing, Michael had always had a slim waist, and though that hadn't changed yet, his hips definitely looked larger, broader perhaps. Mary could tell that Michael would soon have a well developed ass, one all the boys would drool over and pinch black and blue if they got close enough and brave enough, which she was sure they would. The braver ones, she could imagine, would even enjoy smacking those jelly-rolls soundly given half a chance. And those additional images caused her cunt to grow even wetter, much, much wetter.

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