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The Story of Raj Ch. 01

by 8inchesofsalaami©

There are bad days, and there are bloody bad days. Sita was having a bloody bad one.

She seemed to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Or was it last night? Her kids were sick. She had been up all night looking after them. Her husband didn't care. He snored away blissfully as she struggled to keep the linen dry. Her rage towards her husband steadily rose until the bubble burst and they got into a huge squabble in the morning.

And this was probably the biggest day of her life. She was about to be promoted to Group Head, Inter-Company Affairs. Like only women can, she discharged all her domestic duties and got to office by her usual time.

Everything was in slow motion. Her head hurt. Lack of sleep always did that. She had popped in a couple of pills. They were starting to work though not nearly as fast as she would like them to. As if her hands were not full enough, there was some crisis in one of the companies in Europe that chose to break out today.

By the time she solved the crisis and looked up at the clock, it was almost 5 o'clock. She freshened up quickly for her small promotion ceremony. She did all the right things -- smile, shake hands, convey gratitude, etc. -- and moved into her new office. She sat down at her new desk, trying to get used to the place when she was finally left alone. Sleep overcame her almost instantly.

At 34 Sita was a mother of two, not that you could tell that from the way she looked. At about 5'6", she was tall for an Indian woman. She was endowed with a flawless ivory skin, and soft and pink lips that are any man's dream. Her black hair was cut a little below her shoulders which she usually left open. Post delivery, she had quickly gotten back into shape but had managed to retain some of that weight in the right places. Her bust line was now very prominent, and her derriere had filled out to just the right size.

Raj was on his way out when he saw the light spilling out of Sita's cabin. He popped in and saw her face down on her desk fast asleep. For the first time, she appeared vulnerable. She was a far cry from the Sita who could kick a crisis in its face and move on as if she had simply swatted a fly.

Sita and Raj and become good friends. He was a new hire and she had taken him under her wings. She was too far up the hierarchy to have any obligation to mentor a fresh recruit. But she had seen something in this guy. He was unlike the hundreds who waltzed in through the door of her office. With her guidance, she had a feeling he could rise to the top very quickly.

Sita maintained a curtain of formality with him. She never invited him home, and all their discussions took place in her office. She kept her personal life at bay. Yet, at this moment, watching her sleep like a baby he somehow connected with her very personally.

He tried to wake her up. She did not respond to his calls. She was quite deep in her sleep. Not knowing what else to do, he decided to wait in her office until she woke up.

Around 2 in the morning, she got up with a start. Her usually well-set hair was dishevelled. Her clothes were wrinkled, eyes groggy.

"Morning Madam!" he greeted her with a smile.

It took her a while to clear the cobwebs in her head, "Raj, what are you doing here? I thought you were the only sane one among us who left office at 6 every day."

"Ah well, I was on my way out. I saw your light still on. What's a man to do? Can't leave a lady alone." he winked.

"Thank you" she was genuinely touched. It was more than anyone had done for her in a long time. Then she suddenly exclaimed, "Oh no! My kids must be hungry!"

He waved his hand, "I took the liberty of calling your nanny, Madam. Your kids have had dinner and are tucked in bed. They are in much better health today."

She sank back into her chair in relief, "Thank you."

She did not have to say that. He could see the gratitude in her eyes. Slowly she got up and went to her private restroom. She came back looking fresh and radiant. He was not fooled. Her eyes told him everything. This woman had a lot on her plate.

"I guess we should go home now." she said, "It's late, and we have the 9 o'clock meeting tomorrow with the investors."

"No, we don't. They cancelled. Some last minute audit or something that they have at their office. They want to reschedule it next week."

She looked at him quizzically. She knew he had made that cock and bull story. She didn't give a damn. It would do her good to take the day off tomorrow. And Raj was capable enough by now to have the meeting without her.

"Oh well. That means I can sleep in tomorrow." she said, "Let's go!"

He hesitated a bit. He always hesitated a bit when he was about to say something which he felt would cross the line. She respected him for this. There were not many people these days who followed protocol. It was nice to have a traditionalist around.

"Go, on!" she said, "What do you want to say?"

"I am starved. So are you. How about I make us some dinner, Madam?" he asked.

"Okay Raj, I think it is time you stopped calling me 'Madam'. Don't make me feel older than I already am." she beamed.

"But..." he stammered.

"Consider it a bribe. Then you can make me dinner." she said.

"Okay Sita, let's go!"

They were at his place in about 10 minutes. It was a one bedroom apartment with a fairly large living area and a kitchen. The apartment was done up tastefully.

Dinner was a quick bite of pasta. It was delicious. Or may be she was famished. This was the best food ever.

Then suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't stop. All her problems -- domestic and otherwise -- finally caught up with her.

Any other time, he would have felt awkward. He wouldn't know how to react. But he almost knew that this would happen. He reached out to her and she instantly came into his arms. She rested her head on his shoulders and cried. She cried as if this was the most natural thing to do. He stroked his fingers through her hair, comforting her, not saying a word.

Her tears rolled down her cheek and onto his starched white shirt. He let her cry until she had no more tears left. He made her a stiff drink as they sat on his couch in silence.

After an eternity she spoke, "You know, things have not been that great with my husband. We are having problems. I am sure we will work them out but it is all so frustrating. He has lost all interest in me. He does not even help me around the house anymore. He is not like this. But he wouldn't tell me what is wrong. I want to help. He doesn't want to ask for my help. I know he is not having an affair. He is not unfaithful. May be it is something at his work. But why wouldn't he tell me? It is eating me inside."

She took a gulp of her drink, "May be it is me. May be I am not attractive anymore. I am a mother of two kids. And in his line of work, he comes across many 20-somethings. He has been ignoring me for weeks now. Why? I am his wife. He cannot shut me out like this!"

Raj didn't say anything. She kept on talking. She just needed someone to listen to her. She was strung. This was helping her unwind.

"Do all marriages become like this? More so after kids?" she fumed, "Where does all the love go?"

What did Raj know? He was 26, single. Had never been in a relationship longer than necessary, which in guy-speak means 'to be in a relationship only as long as the sex is good'. Tonight, as Sita poured his heart out to him, he wondered if marriage was all that it was made out to be in fairy tales.

Then something gave. He did not know what came over him, but her vulnerability stirred him. He moved close to her and planted a soft kiss on her mouth. There was no resistance. Her lips opened instantly, their tongues engaging in soft caresses. Her eyes were closed, her breath shallow.

His tongue traced a path down her neck, his fingers unbuttoning her blue blouse. Reaching behind her, he unclasped her blue lace bra. She let out a moan as he moved lower down to her belly button. Soon her khaki skirt and matching lace underwear were off.

Raj had been with his share of women. But Sita would be the closest that came to a Goddess. Her velvety thighs and supple breasts would inspire the great sculptors of yore. He carried her to the bedroom. She held him close, not wishing to let go for even a moment.

Their naked bodies fused as one. It was the mating of souls. It was as if they had always done this. And that they had never done this but should have done it a long time ago. Spent, they slept in each other's arms.

Sita woke up with a start the following morning. The bedside clock told her it was noon. When she had her bearings, she looked around. Raj was nowhere to be seen. Had last night been a dream? It couldn't be. She was in his bed, and the other side had been slept in. As memory of last night returned, strangely it did not fill her with guilt or remorse. It was the most beautiful moment that she had ever shared with anyone.

Her eyes fell on the note under the clock.

She read it, "Hey, sleepy head... I am at work. Guess what, those investors called. It appears they want to have the meeting as scheduled. These pesky finance geeks! Anyway, there is breakfast in the microwave, and juice in the fridge. In your purse, there is a receipt of The Palace Hotel for a room booked in your name charged on your credit card for last night..."

"How did he pull that off?" she wondered. Getting The Palace to book a room retrospectively? She had to hand it to him. He had thought of everything. All she now had to do was tell her husband that she checked into a hotel because she wanted to get some peace and quiet.

With a silent thank you she continued reading the letter, "... What we shared was wonderful. And, since this letter won't self-destruct, may I suggest you flush it down the toilet :)? PS: Madam, the boss wants to discuss the expansion plans in Brazil. I have set a meeting for 4pm. If you could get to office by 3:30 then I could brief you on the investor meeting before we meet the boss."

She couldn't help let out a chuckle. Very professionally, towards the end of his letter, he had re-established the formal status quo between them.

Written by: 8inchesofsalaami

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