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A Perfect Nude Family - Jake + Jean

by Steeltape©

I was laying in my bed stroking my long hard cock thinking about me and my sister Jen's first time. She was amazing that day. Her perfect breasts and her scrumptious ass and pussy. I started stroking faster. Then I saw my mom Jean walk by my room. She had the most amazing breasts. She had a beautiful athletic frame which is probably why my sister does too. Then she entered the room.

"Hey Jake" she said. "Oh, I didn't mean to bother you." she saw me stroking my penis. "I was just seeing how you were doing." she stood there completely nude because our family is openly nude around the house.

"It's OK mom. It's not like you havn't seen me doing this before" I said.

She laughed and sat down next to me in the bed. I started pumping faster. Her breasts were just dangling there a few feet away from me. I love looking at her slender body.

"I just wanted to talk with you about our family's sexuality" she said.

"What about it" I asked her while I continually masturbated.

"Well we seem more sexually active with each other and it seems like all we think about if fucking each other." she continued "It seems like were becoming a whole new family. I liked having sex but I feel that we may be taking it a little to far"

"Mom the only people having sex are you and dad and me and Jen. It's not like were all having sex with each other." I stated.

"Well I feel like if we keep this up we will all be having sex with each other and I'm not sure I want that to happen" she said.

"I don't know mom. It wouldn't be so bad." I said as I reached out and grabbed one of her boobs.

"Jake! What are you doing?" she screeched as she jumped off of my bed.

"I'm sorry mom" I said.

"I don't know if I can deal with this Jake. I'm having second thoughts on this whole thing" she said as she left my room.

I couldn't believe it. The other day she was this horny mom who let me and my sister watch her and my dad have sex. Now she wouldn't even let me touch her tits while I jacked off. This made me lose my erection. I got out of bed and walked into my sisters room. She was nude on her bed reading a magazine.

"Jake!" she said happily.

"Hey Jen. Mind if I sit with you for a while?" I asked.

"Sure Jake. Come on up" she said as she put down her magazine.

I got up on her bed with her and we layed there talking about the situation with mom. She told me to go for it and said it would be better to have her join in on the fun.


The next day after lunch I saw my mom lying in her bed taking a nap. I walked over to her and spread her legs exposing her haven pussy. I could feel my cock start get hard. I stuck my head in between her legs and started to slowly eat her pussy. I worked my way all around her pussy lips then I started to lick inside her pussy. I stuck my toung up into her and heard her moan.

"Jake! What the fuck are you doing?" she yelled.

"Mom. Relax and have fun. Stop being a wet blanket" I said "Theres nothing wrong with having sex with your family. We all love each other and that's not gonna change."

She started to say something but I got up and started to kiss her before she could finish what she was saying. She started to loosen up and kiss me back. Soon we were passionately kissing and I was playing with her pussy with my fingers.

We disengaged the kiss and she immediately went down on me and sucked my now rock hard cock. She was sucking it down like a pro. She Deepthroughted me a few times before she took her mouth off of me and layed back in bed.

I took this as an invitation and go on top of her. I wet my massive member with her pussy juices before entering her in the missionary position.

"Oh Jake. You feel soo good" she moaned "Your just as big as your father.

I started pumping even faster. I felt myself close to cumming so I stoped and turned her over. She got down on all fours and I entered her doggie style. Started to thrust back against me as I gave her multiple orgasms.

"Fuck me Jake. Fuck your horny mom." she yelled.

I started to pump even harder which sent her into another shaking orgasm and she collapsed into bed freeing my cock from her vagina.

She turned around and started to suck my cock. Then she shoved me and I fell backwards. She got on top of me while still facing me and lowered herself onto my dick. She slowly covered my whole cock and forced all the was in. She the. Started to rock back and forth.

"Mom this feels amazing" I said.

She started to move up and down on me riding my cock. I put my hands on her ass and grabbed them as she rode me. As she began to ride faster I could see her amazing boobs bounce up and down. I started to feel my balls churn and I knew I was about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum" I announced.

This drove my mom crazy and she started to ride me like a mad man. I could feel her go into an intense orgasm and I shot my load deep into her pussy. She got off of me and sucked our combined juices off of my cock until it went completely limp and then back up again.

We fucked until dinner time and had some amazing mother and son moments.

Written by: Steeltape

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