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On A Short Leash

by rogereyes©

One night I arrived home late from work. When I walked into my apartment I noticed candles burning all around and there was my girlfriend standing in the middle of the room. She was wearing a black leather pleated skirt, a black leather corset, long shiny black vinyl gloves, black thigh high stockings and big black leather high heeled boots. In one hand she had a riding crop and in the other she had a leash on a chain. She told me to walk over to her and kneel before her. With her looking so tasty and in control I immediately felt submissive. I was about to be used as a toy, and I liked the idea. She made me kneel on the floor in front of her. She pulled up her skirt and told me to look at her panties. This made my dick get hard inside my tight bikini briefs she made me wear them to work that morning. She said she liked the idea of me wearing little skimpy sexy underwear to work, the thought that if one of my coworkers saw that I was wearing man panties would really make her hot. I'm just glad she didn't make me wear her soaking wet panties like she said she would.

As I knelt down in front of her, her crotch right in front of my face. She started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She pulled her panties to the side and stuck her finger in.The black vinyl of her gloves glistened with her juices as she fingered herself. She spun around and bent slightly at the waist, her ass right in front of my face. She pulled her round cheeks apart so I could watch her finger herself. She then turned back towards me. She bent down and pulled my t-shirt off. Then she grabbed my nipples with her gloved hands and squeezed hard enough to make me wince. Then she picked up the leash, and fastened it around my neck. Pulling me up off my knees by the chain and then towards her mouth as she kissed me. She wrapped the chain around behind her neck so I couldn't pull away and then reached down and unfastened my belt and undid my pants. My hard cock was pressing against the small tight fitting underwear just like she had hoped. She grabbed that hard steel rod and squeezed as I yelled out. She looked angry.

"Don't scream until I tell you too," she said. "You haven't even begun to feel pain." She reached around inside my pants and grabbed my ass. "God, I love this cute little ass, makes me want to fuck you." She whispered in my ears. She then loosened the chain and stepped away from me. Then she walked around me. Admiring the way I looked standing there, partially disrobed and completely in her control. As she circled around me she stopped behind me and pressed her body against mine. Her hands wrapped around me and she rubbed my chest. Her hand ran down my stomach back to my anxiously waiting hard cock. She stroked it through my underwear, rubbing herself against me while she did it, and pushing her crotch against my ass. Then with a sharp tug on the chain attached to my leash she made me stand up straight. She moved more to my side as she ran her hand around my side and then down the back of my pants and inside my underwear. She was grabbing my ass cheeks with her gloved hands when she gave one cheek and hard squeeze and then slid a finger up my ass crack. This made a little moan fall from my lips that I could not stop. When she heard that it set her on fire.

"Oh, my little slut wants to get fucked in his ass," she said to me as she pulled on the chain. "Get back down on all fours, you little bitch!" I did as she said without questioning her authority. Something about her touching my sensitive little hole made me feel completely under her spell.

She grabbed my pants and pulled them down to the middle of my thighs, exposing my butt to her in those tight fitting briefs. She moaned and rubbed her pussy some more while she looked at me, helpless in my little man panties and pants around my knees on all fours like a cheerleader after the big game. She had a rush of power looking at me, "you look pathetic, on your knees waiting to get fucked. Just like the little slut you are." Then she picked up the riding crop and swatted me right across the ass.

"oooww," I said.

"Don't make a fucking sound, little whores like you don't get to say anything. This is your punishment for being such a dirty little slut, so take it with some dignity." Then even louder she said, "Pull down your little panties and let me see your ass." I did what I was told as fast as I could in fear of the consequences. Now my pants and underwear were around my knees, my dick stood straight up as hard as it could get.

"Oh look at how hard you are. I think you like being on your knees. Oh well of course you do, that is were little slut like to be." As she said that she swatted me on my dick with the riding crop.

"There you go, is that what you want." She did it again and again, harder each time. After she thought I had had enough she turned and picked up a pair of wrist restraints. She put them on me and fastened them together behind my back. Then she pushed me back down face first on the floor my ass still poking up in the air, begging to be abused. She then knelt down at my ass. She reached out and grabbed my cheeks pulling them apart. Then toke one finger and started rubbing my hole. I moaned even louder without being able to stop myself.

"Shut up I said!" she yelled, and slapped me on the ass. She went back to rubbing around my hole and then spit right on it. She used the spit to lube it up and then rammed her finger inside my ass. She pressed her finger in hard and curled it around searching inside me for spots that would make me squirm more. She found that if she pressed straight down that I would uncontrollable moan and make my breathing coming in quick short bursts. My hole opened up as she fingered me and she would accommodate each time by shoving an additional finger in with more and more force each time.

This was so humiliating. On the floor, on my knees, pants around my knees, otherwise totally naked, on a leash, with my hands bound behind my back and my girlfriend driving four fingers into my now gaping asshole, and there I was loving ever second of it.

"More." It was the only word I could get out.

"More! That's what you want! You want more, you dirty fucking slut! I got half my hand inside your ass and you want more! Okay her you go!" With that she made her hand into a spear and plunged it into my asshole. I screamed out as she did, and she didn't just stick it in and leave it, she fucked me with it, again and again with all the power of her entire arm driving her hand like piston into my expanded hole.

After deciding that I had had enough she slowly slid her gloved hand out of my ass. the vinyl glistening with her spit. She pulled me back up with the chain. Then stood in front of me, she pulled up her skirt and pulled at the little ties that held her panties on at the sides and they fell away letting me see the perfect little wet pussy. She then swung her leg up and over my head so as that she straddled the chain leading to my leash. She moved her hips back and forth sliding it between her pussy lips. I licked my lips involuntarily as I watched.

"So you want this pussy do you?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Good boy," she said as she pulled up on the chain so as that it ran up the crack of her ass, my face getting closer to her crotch as she did. Finally my mouth made contact with her sweat smelling snatch. It was warm and wet as it smothered my mouth. I licked at it furiously while she moaned and moved her hips. She continued to pull on the chain running through her ass, pressing my face harder into her wet cunt. Her hips quit gyrating and began shaking instead as she built up to a powerful orgasm. Feeling like a goddess straddling the face of her slave she released quickly a shuddering gush of cum. Her pussy becoming a wet mess as waves of orgasm ran up her spine. Her eyes rolled back as she let out a deep guttural groan of satisfaction. Her breathing so quick and short she was panting.

"Good boy," she said as she looked down at me. She stepped back across the chain not wanting to let me go and relinquish the power that she had. She crossed the room leading me by the collar to a chair, me shuffling on my knees, pants and underwear falling off as I did. Now I was completely naked, hands bound, and tethered at the neck. She sat down on the chair and removed her boots. Those beautiful legs clad in only black nylon stockings.

"I feel so good now; I think you deserve a treat. You get to worship my feet now," she said as she rose a stocking wrapped foot towards my face. She knows how turned on I get by touching her feet, and rarely will allow it because I get overly excited. As I knelt in front of her she ran one foot up inner thigh towards my bulging cock, and the other was headed for my mouth. The sensation was almost too much for me. The feeling of the soft silkiness of the nylon and the warmth of the foot inside pressing against that base of my engorged shaft simultaneous with the feeling of her toes entering my mouth made my balls tighten to the point that a thin dribble of cum leaked from the tip of my dick. When she saw that she said.

"You fucking sick pervert! My foot makes you that happy that you start to cum. Oh no you don't get off that easy. You aren't just going to eat my pussy and cum on my feet. You are going to satisfy me."

Then she pushed me back unto my back, my arms pinned beneath me. She grabbed my hard cock in her hand and squeezed.

"You are not going to cum now. Maybe if you are a good boy I will let you dump this full load of jizz right into my mouth. But you still have a lot of work to do."

After that she straddled my face and sat right down on it. Rubbing her wet snatch against my face.

"Stick out you fucking tongue, bitch!" she screamed at me. As she slapped me on my hard balls.

"Come on stick out you tongue and lick that pussy, or I am going to fuck you in the ass!"

I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and she started grinding her crotch against my face. She moaned very loud as she did it. She pulled at her own breasts hard. She could feel my tongue slipping up inside her pussy each time she would grind into my face. Then she reached down and grabbed my head and pushed it into her as hard as she could.

"aahh. Fuck! Alright you little slut, now you got me really horny. I'm going to fuck you now. I'm going to fuck you so hard you cry. You are going to cry like a school girl with the gym teacher tonight."

She climbed off my face and stood spread legged over me. Then reached over and picked up a really large strap on and began putting it on. At this point my eyes where huge. I was thinking, "oh she is just trying to scare me. She isn't really going to fuck me with that." I was wrong. She rolled me over pulled up on my hips to make my ass stick up in the air. She took a big scoop of Vaseline in her hand and smeared it into my ass. Then she eased down, standing above me and driving that big dildo into my nervous ass. It hurt at first, but she didn't slow down. As soon as my ass opened up she started fucking me hard. I could see stars. She pumped that cock down into my ass until I finally gave in. my body relaxed and my hole open up and I let out a long low groan. She liked that, so she started giving it to me harder and slapping my ass while she did.

"You like getting fucked, don't you my little whore?" she purred at me in a low thick voice.

"Yes ma'am" it feels good," I replied without any choice.

"You like to get fucked like a little whore!"she said as she reached around and started tugging on my cock. Her gloved hand wrapped around my cock, and she stroked it hard.

"Fucking cum, right now, cum in my fucking hand. You little dirty piece of shit."

I did as I was told. I didn't really have a choice. I filled the palm of her hand with my thick gooey cum. It was running down her glove as she pulled her hand up to my mouth. She covered my mouth with the hand and rubbed the cum all over my face.

"Eat it whore. Eat your cum!" she screamed at me. She pushed me away and I collapsed on the floor. She began taking off the costume and immediately her demeanor changed.

"I'm glad your home, I missed you today," she said softly. Once she was naked she lay down beside me and undid my restraints. She wrapped her arms around me and we fell asleep in each others arms.

Written by: rogereyes

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