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Sleeping? Ch. 1

by hornet©

It was going to be a long night. It was Friday night and my Mom and I just dropped off our dog at the kennel so our house could be fumigated. That darn dog got infested with fleas and was kind enough to share them with the rest of the house. Since we couldn't stay at the house, we drove to a local motel.

When we entered the room I looked around and groaned, it was kinda seedy and there was only one bed. My mom looked at the bed and said, "There must be some mistake, I'll be right back." A few minutes later my mom came walking back, frowning. "When he said the room was a double, I thought that he meant two beds not a single double bed. No wonder the price was so low." She sighed then said, "It's an extra $20.00 a night for two double beds." She looked at me and asked, "Money's a little tight, do you think we can rough it for a night?"

"Sure, no problem," I said. But inside I was fuming, if my dad hadn't run off with that tramp, money wouldn't be so tight. It has become especially tight since he no longer ahs to pay child support.

We both sat on the bed and I turned on the TV. Halfway through the movie, my mom headed to the bathroom and slipped on her pajamas.

When she came out, I glanced her way. She was wearing a light pink thin cotton nightshirt that went down to her knees. Although the nightshirt was very conservative it didn't hide the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. I couldn't help but stare at her tits as they swayed freely, her nipples poking at the thin material. When she reached the bed she stopped and said, "I guess I should have brought my robe."

I felt my face turn beet red as I turned away. "Uhm, I uhm," I stammered.

She burst out laughing at my discomfort. "Jeez Mike, just relax a little will you." She looked around at the small room and added, "Things may be a little cozy, but I think we'll survive. It's a good thing we're a close, right kiddo." She gave me a light punch on the shoulder and sat on the bed with her back resting on the headboard.

My friends were always telling me that my mom was hot, but I really didn't notice until now. She had shoulder length light brown hair and a nicely proportioned petite frame. "My dad had to be crazy to give up a babe like my mom," I though to myself.

My mom often relaxed by sipping some wine in the evening and tonight was no different. Since 21 was still a few years away I was stuck drinking Pepsi. Taking her lead I changed into my pajamas as well. We were both in our pajamas, sitting on the bed watching TV when I got a crazy idea. I waited until she refilled her glass before saying, "Cheers. To the fleas, who made this all possible." Mom laughed as our cups collided. Perhaps it was the wine or perhaps I hit her cup a little hard, but the cup slipped from her hand spilling onto her nightshirt.

"Oops, sorry!" I exclaimed. A couple of seconds later I laughed saying, "Those damn fleas, they're still getting us." The spill couldn't have been better aimed; the wine landed on her left tit and ran down to her stomach. The thin material became transparent and was clinging to the swell of her breast, allowing her rosy nipple to be seen clearly. My eyes were glued to her wet nipple as I watched it started to harden. "You better get that wine rinsed off before the stain sets in," I told her.

She looked down pulling the wet material away from her breast, saying. "I can't. I only brought one pair of pajamas, I wasn't expecting a wet T-shirt contest."

I climbed off the bed saying, "I'll get you one of my shirts, it should be plenty big enough."

I looked up and saw that she was looking at me, she had obviously caught me staring. She hesitated before saying, "I guess that would probably work, thanks."

I grabbed one of my shirts and stood outside the bathroom door. When I heard the water turn on, I walked in saying, "Here's that shirt." I timed it perfectly. She was completely naked, having slipped off the nightshirt to rinse it in the sink. I just stood there looking at her, her breasts swaying as she moved the cloth under the water. Unfortunately I couldn't see her pussy, but the view of her tits and ass was great. To my delight I could also see the reflection of her pink pointy tits in the mirror.

She glanced up and saw me watching her and quickly covered her tits with her one arm and said, "Just put it on the counter, thanks." I set them on the counter and backed away toward the door like I was leaving. She looked back down to finish rinsing her gown.

About a minute later she glanced up again and saw me in the mirror. She looked a little confused and unsure about what to say or do. She realized that I had just been standing there, staring at her naked body for quite some time. It was a little late to cover up. One thing was for sure, there was no way I was leaving unless she asked me to. Her breasts continued to jiggle and sway enticingly as she ringed the water out of her gown. "Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked. Hoping to delay leaving as long as possible.

"No, I've got it. I think you've done enough. But, thanks for asking." I stood there a couple of seconds longer before she moved her arm to cover her tits again and said, "Um, I think I could use a little privacy here. Why don't you go make sure nothing spilled on the bed."

"Okay mom, I'll go check." Leaving the door open I quickly went over to the bed and checked it out. "No, there's nothing on the bed," I called out. Returning to the open bathroom door I was just in time to catch her reaching over her head to hanging the nightshirt over the shower curtain rod.

She turned toward me giving me a full frontal view and stopped, surprised to see me in the doorway once again. We both stood there for a few seconds. My gaze darted between her legs focusing on the small patch of blonde hair. Since my mom was always dying her hair different colors I was never sure what color her hair really was. Now I knew for sure, my mom was a blonde! My gaze shifted upwards until it reached her tits. Her B-size perky breasts were the perfect size for her small slim frame. The dark pink nipples perched on the tips of her breasts were mesmerizing. "I, er, um, I didn't know you were a blonde," I stammered, my facing turning red again.

Her face turned red and then she smiled as she burst out laughing as she tried to cover her tits with one arm and her pussy with the other. I was unable to move, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. "Okay, the shows over," she instructed. I just stood there watching as my cock started to grow, making an unmistakable bulge.

Finally coming to her senses, she realized that she would have to expose herself again in order to put the shirt on. She lowered her hands giving me another unobstructed view of all her charms. As I stared at her swaying tits and her neatly trimmed blonde pussy, she took a quick step toward me and grabbed the shirt from the counter. "What part of 'give me a little privacy' don't you understand?" she asked, as she quickly slid my shirt over her head. I watched engrossed, as she pulled the shirt over her breasts, hiding them from view. My gaze lowered as she continued to pull the shirt down so that it also covered her small patch of blonde hair and her pussy.

"Okay, the shows over." She said jokingly. Looking down she asked, "What did you do, pick your smallest shirt?"

I smiled and said, "No, but I do have a smaller one if you want it." The shirt was selected very carefully. It was long enough to cover her completely, but short enough to show a lot more leg. To my delight the shirt only went to about mid thigh length.

"I suppose this will be okay. It's a good thing we're family otherwise this could have been very embarrassing. In the future though, please knock before entering, some people might not be as understanding."

"Okay," I said. "I was just trying to help." I saw her glance down and smirk as she saw the bulge from my cock that was standing at half-mast. I felt my face turn beat red and I turned quickly walked out of the bathroom, climbing onto the bed and placing a pillow on my lap.

When my mom walked out of the bathroom she smiled filling her cup with more wine saying, "Try to be a little more careful this time." When she sat on the bed the shirt really rode up high. She quickly grabbed the bottom of the shirt with her one free hand, trying to keep herself covered. I looked down and saw her pussy peak out from under the shirt. She quickly put down the wineglass and pulled the shirt down as far as it would go. "Uh, maybe this shirt won't work after all," She said while she slid back, leaning against the headboard.

"It may be a little short but you're covered," I replied. "Besides, like you said, things may get a little cozy." It took a few more sips of wine, but eventually she started to relax. Try as I might, I couldn't take my eyes off her creamy thighs that were now almost completely on display.

When she caught me staring, she said, "The TV is over there."

I smiled sheepishly, "Oh, I forgot, thanks."

We turned in a little while later. When she climbed into bed the shirt rode up higher, letting her pussy peak out for a second before she pulled the covers up to her chin. "Good night," she said. I replied in kind and turned off the light. In unison, we rolled on our sides facing away from each other. I lay there motionless; the only thing moving was my cock which was soon hard as a rock. I couldn't get my mom out of my mind, the image of her neatly trimmed blonde pussy and her perky bouncing breasts kept replaying in my mind. Just thinking about her hot sexy body lying right next to me, was driving me crazy.

My mind raced as I listened to her breathing, wondering how long it's been since she's had sex. Dad left 4 years ago, and I suspected that it's been at least that long. By the time I was sure she was asleep, I had decided on a plan. I just hoped I had the guts to carry it out. I slowly slid out of bed, my hard cock straining the seams of my pajamas and turned off the air conditioner. I grinned, thinking, "With any luck she'll have those covers kicked off in no time."

As the room start to warm up, I pushed off the covers hoping that she would do the same. After waiting about 30 minutes without any results I finally dozed off.

I woke about a few hours later and rolled over. My heart started to pound when I saw her. She had already kicked off the covers and was lying on her back. Her shirt was above her waist leaving her pussy completely exposed. I quickly scrambled from the bed so I could get a better look. The light from the bathroom clearly illuminated her pussy so I was able to see her inviting slit very clearly.

Pushing my pajama bottoms to my ankles, my cock sprang free and I started lightly stroking it with long slow strokes, fantasizing about how it would feel to be inside her. It was a beautiful sight, and I began to wonder again, how far can I go? Knowing I would never forgive myself if I didn't try, I took off my pajamas and climbed back into bed.

Gathering my courage, I tentatively reached out, sliding my hand under her shirt cupped her bare breast. "Mmm," she moaned softly. I froze in place, but she didn't move or say anything else so I began to lightly squeeze and fondle her breast. It wasn't long before I felt her nipple start to harden against my palm.

Her nipple was soon almost as hard as my cock. "Mmmmm," she murmured. I stopped again, hoping she would continue to sleep. Instead, she rolled over onto her side, facing away from me. Since my hand was caught between her breast and her shirt I had to roll with her. Her breathing change and I became motionless, my hand freezing in place. A few minutes later she appeared to be sleeping again, so I began lightly kneading her tit again.

My cock was harder than it had ever been and was begging for release. In fact, I was so excited that my cock felt like it had grown an inch longer than normal. "Oh yes, you're incredible," I whispered quietly.

My mind was still spinning, the feel of her soft breast and hard nipple would be permanently burned into my memory. "Is she going to beat me senseless, kick me out of the house, or was she sleeping deep enough that she wouldn't wake up?" I wondered. All I could think about was my hard shaft disappearing into my mom's hot wet pussy as she screamed in delight.

Scooting a little closer, I felt my cock touch her leg. Just when I thought my cock couldn't get any harder, it did. In my mind my cock wasn't pressing against her leg it was in her pussy, fucking her with reckless abandon. I shifted slightly and felt my cock slide up her leg. "Oh, my god, I'm actually going to fuck her" I thought. After a couple more minutes I shifted again, inching my cock toward paradise. Suddenly I felt the tip of my cock hit home.

My heart was racing and I tried to slide forward, but my cock wouldn't move any further. That was when I felt her shift her leg slightly and suddenly the head of my cock slipped into her pussy. "Ohhh my God, I'm in." I moaned quietly. My first impulse was to ram deep, but I held myself back. I just continued to press my cock forward causing it to slowly sink deeper and deeper into her slippery hot cunt. I was in heaven, "Mmmm," I mumbled unable to keep completely quiet.

It seamed like an eternity, but eventually my cock was completely buried. The feeling was incredible, I started slowly pumping in and out. Could she possible still be asleep, I wondered? My pace started slowly increasing. As much as I tried to keep it slow, I couldn't. I was soon holding her against me by clutching her breast while my cock pumped in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhh, Yessss," I whimpered. My cock was thrusting in and out of her hot cunt. I thought I felt her pushing back against me but I couldn't be sure. Suddenly I reached the point of no return. Pulling her tight against me I rammed deep one last time and grunted, "Arrrrggghhh." My cock exploded filling my mom's cunt with hot cum. "Yes, oh yes. Oh my God yessssss." I panted as quietly as I could. My body was spasming, thrusting against her as my cock shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her. I was no longer in control of my body, I was making noises that might even wake the neighbors. Eventually my balls were drained and I was able to quiet down and catch my breath.

Was it possible that she slept though all that noise? Was it possible that she slept while I thrust my cock deep into her and filled her with cum? I didn't think it was possible, but she appeared to still be sleeping. "Perhaps it's the alcohol," I said to myself. I was still pondering those thoughts when I fell into a deep, contented sleep with my cock still buried in her pussy.

I woke several hours later to find that we had disengaged, I was lying on my back and my mom was still lying on her side. Did it really happen or was it a dream? Her shirt was still up around her waist, her shapely ass and legs bare and beautiful. When I saw the stream of dried cum that leaked from her pussy I knew that it hadn't been a dream, it really happened! My God, I just fucked my mom and it was incredible.

The memory of the recent events flashed before my eyes, causing my body to react as you might expect. My cock was growing fast and was soon rock hard. Snuggling back up against my mom I quickly slid my hand back under her shirt and onto her tit. While fondling her tit my hard cock slowly inched way back toward her pussy.

I heard her breathing change slightly and I suspected that she might be awake, but I wasn't going to stop unless she made me. I felt my cock hit home between her legs and tried pressing harder, but like the first time, it didn't slide in.

Before I could try again, I felt my mom shift her position slightly and I pushed forward and felt my cock find its home. "Mmmm," I moaned as the head of my cock slipped inside. I began a slow rocking motion causing my cock to sink deeper and deeper. When I was completely buried, I paused enjoying in the sensation.

I started fucking her tight cunt with long slow strokes as my hand moved from her breast to her pussy. I started rubbing her slit and felt her clit grow. "Mmmm," she moaned. Her hips started moving pushing against my cock, trying to make it go deeper.

I tried to be as quiet as possible but wasn't completely successful. "Ohhhhhh, yessssss," I whimpered. It didn't take long for our pace to quicken. My hand was rubbing her clit furiously, as our bodies slammed together. I was now sure that she was awake, no one could sleep through this.

"Ohhhh, Mmmmmm," I heard her whimper softly as I felt her pussy clamp around my cock. Her body began to spasm, as the orgasm ripped through her.

The extra grip on my cock was more than I could take. "Argggghhhh," I cried out as I came for the second time that night, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her hot cunt, filling her to the brim. "Mmmmm, Oh yes, incredible," I whispered.

My mom was still feigning sleep even though I knew she had to be awake. Her heart was beating rapidly and she was breathing heavily. I slid my hand back up to her breast, holding our bodies together so my cock wouldn't slip out of her pussy. As wonderful as the sensation was, I was spent and soon fell asleep.

I woke in the morning to find that my limp cock had slipped out of her cunt. I felt her take a deep breath as her hand covered mine, holding it on her breast. "Mmmm," she murmured. Then shortly thereafter she uttered, "Oh my." She moved my hand from her tit, pushing it back toward me as she quickly rolled from bed.

As she climbed out of bed I opened my eyes just enough to see. She was standing beside the bed, smoothing out the shirt so it covered her. She looked over at me and smiled. I rolled onto my back my limp, cum encrusted cock clearly on display. She just stared at me smiling for a couple more minutes before reaching down and pulling the sheet up to my waist. I few minutes later I dozed off again.

I woke to find my mom wrapped in just a towel, brushing her wet hair. The towel was just big enough to cover her tits and her pussy. If she bent at all, something would be exposed. "My God she's hot," I whispered to myself.

"Well good morning sleepyhead. How did you sleep?" she asked.

"I slept great. It was probably the best night's rest I've ever had. How about you?" I replied.

"Well, I slept really well but I had a couple of weird dreams," she replied.

"Oh really, What did you dream about?" I asked smiling.

She shrugged saying, "They were just weird." She changed the subject quickly adding, "Why don't you get your shower so we can go get some breakfast."

After stretching I said, "Sure." I climbed out of bed and started walking toward her on my way to the bathroom, still naked from the waist down. I could feel my cock swaying openly between my legs.

"What happened to your pajamas? You really shouldn't walk around like that," she scolded lightly as I walked past her.

I stopped in place and turned to face her saying, "Sorry, I got hot and took them off last night. I didn't think it would matter since we're a cozy family, right?"

"Well, I suppose, but lets keep your clothes on from now on okay?" she replied.

I turned on the shower and pondered the situation. "She's probably getting dressed right now," I said to myself. Unable to hold back, I quickly opened the door and walked back into the room and froze in my tracks.

I was just in time to see the towel drop to the floor. She turned to walk over to the dresser and saw me standing there watching her. She turned toward me and her hands moved to cover herself, one arm crossing over her tits while the other dropped to hide her pussy.

I smiled and burst out laughing, "Jeez Blondie, don't you think it's a little too late for modesty? After last night you really don't have anything left to hide."

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