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My Fiancee Takes an Older Man Ch. 07

by Jackanory©

This is a continuing fictional story about a man who has allowed his fiancée to have sex with another man. Part 6 ended with the fiancée sucking her lover's cock in the changing rooms of a luxury hotel's swimming pool. A stranger was watching as her lover untied her bikini, revealing her bent over in all her naked glory. If you don't like stories where this happens, don't bother reading it. I do appreciate feedback, so do feel free to contact me especially with any requests or suggestions for future parts.


I was frozen on the spot as she continued to devour her so-called husband's cock.

"I want to swallow," she croaked.

I hadn't seen her as horny in years. Whatever else he had done, he had sparked a fire inside her.

"Stick your ass up higher in the air," he commanded.

She complied as I glanced to the stranger. He was rubbing his cock through his swimming shorts, admiring the view of what could only be described as a dirty, filthy slut.

"Spread your legs more. Show off that pussy of yours."

My fiancée parted her gorgeous legs. I knew she would be craving a cock inside her. She had wanted mine earlier. My heart pounded and I hoped she would beg me to ram it between her lips. I didn't care if a stranger watched me pound her. She was mine. Rightfully mine. I had been denied her too long.

Her husband had the widest smile in the room, sitting on the bench like it was his throne while the most beautiful thing imaginable tended to his every sexual desire. He grabbed her by the back of her head and started to hump her mouth. Her eyes widened under the assault. He was taking her out of her comfort zone and refusing to acknowledge any hint of discomfort.

The stranger pulled out his erect cock. I couldn't bring myself to look directly at him, but there was no doubt what I saw in the corner of my eye. If he began to fuck her I couldn't see her stopping him, even if she realised it was someone else. More so, if her husband ordered her to take it, she would welcome every inch just to indulge his benefit. I threw a swift side-glance to the stranger, then back to the sex act. He was masturbating. I wondered if he was satisfied just to watch, or if he was readying himself to join in.

"I need fucked," she cried.

My own erection was forcing its way out of my shorts, my balls bulging inside. The image of her wantonly swallowing her husband's cock and craving more was stirring undeniable desires deep inside.

"What do you want?" her husband asked her, his voice hoarse under her pleasure.

She sucked his cock faster, adopting a tip-to-base technique.

He grunted. "Say it," he ordered.

Was he going to fuck her in front of us? Was I to be the one? What if it was the stranger, so vigorously wanking his cock as he watched.

She ignored his voice, grabbed his cock in her hand, wanked him furiously and took one of his balls in her mouth.

"Fuck!" He lost all sense of control, unleashing shot after shot of cum over her. The first landed on her shoulder. She leaned back to catch the next on her chin. The third found her tits and anything after that she sucked deep down into her abdomen.

"I love your taste, sweetie," she said, rubbing her cheek against his cock and slowly wanking it, as if to express hope that he had more to give her.

"You're a bad girl," he told her. "I wanted to watch you get fucked."

She glanced quickly to me, then back to him. "I'll get showered and meet you in the room for that."

I shot a look to the stranger. He had tucked his cock away, but his eyes were still locked on her naked form. She lifted her bikini and stood up, still facing her husband. She carefully put it back on. He groped her all over as she tried, his fingers eventually resting on her crotch. He forced his way inside her, through the fabric. She moaned and grinded herself against his touch.

"Now who's bad?" she asked.

The stranger stared at her remarkable ass in the g-string bikini bottoms.

Her husband manipulated her urge to walk away in the most magnificent fashion, pressing into her moist cavity. She was stuck to the spot, unable to resist. I knew the look on her face. She wanted a hard cock inside her. What if this really happened, I wondered? Could I cope with watching another man hammer her right before my eyes? I took a deep inhalation and prepared myself. There was always that spark -- that truthful glimmer -- that no matter what she did next, I would always enjoy a part of it. Even if the morals I had grown up with were so far out of sight I was losing my sense of normality and, perhaps, even of reality.

"The room..." She was fighting it, but her pussy lips pushed against the bikini to meet his fingertips. "Fifteen minutes..." Her yearning was in her voice, sacrificing her resolve to lust. "Both of you." Almost as quiet as a whisper, but audible enough to confirm my inclusion. She backed one foot from him.

He drove his fingertips deeper, causing her to gasp. "Why not here?" he asked.

I felt a shot of pride as she backed away on both feet. She was grinning at him, teasing. She turned, slowly at first and in the opposite direction so our eyes never met, 180 degrees and came face to face with the stranger for the first time. She hesitated, then walked back towards the swimming pool.

"I hope you enjoyed the show," she said to the stranger, as she exited.

He coughed his reply. "Yes, yes indeed I did."

"I think I'll shower," said her so-called husband.

The stranger mumbled something and returned to the swimming pool.

* * * * *

I stood in the corridor outside the changing rooms. Without a key to the room myself, I had no choice but to wait on one or both them. I hadn't bothered with a shower. I couldn't bring myself to stand near him. I just needed to get out of that room. A few minutes passed as I waited, the images of what had happened repeating in my mind. The one burning question... Would she have allowed the stranger to fuck her? My instincts were opposing. Old and new recognising separate, independent behaviour. Who was she anymore?

The door to the ladies changing room opened and there she stood, in a beautiful dress which stopped above her knees. She came close to running to get to me.

"Baby, I am so sorry. I didn't know there was someone there. Did he see much?"

"Everything," I said.

"Really? Even me sucking..."

I nodded.

"Oh God." She looked down, shame on her face. But I noticed something else. Something I have noticed in women throughout my life. Whilst there can be an instance of embarrassment, there is all too often that subtle hint of flattery. "He..." She nodded in the general direction of her so-called husband. "He's mentioned a couple of times about wanting to watch someone else fuck me."

"I want to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me too, but I think he has other ideas." She lowered her voice, as if genuinely worried about his impending interruption. "Was that other man there when my," she hesitated, as if she suddenly felt silly in the role, "my husband took off my bikini?"

"Yes, he was."

She closed her eyes and took in a deep inhalation. "Anything else I should know?"

There was an element of a kick in all this. This power to control her emotions with information she obviously didn't feel capable of receiving from her husband. That lack of trust between them that was so vastly overshadowed by what she and I shared. "He jerked off for a bit while he watched you."

Her lip curled at the corner. "Oh no." She opened her eyes. "Stay as close to me as you can from now on. If we can snatch a quickie it would make my weekend perfect, baby."

"You mean behind his back?" I asked.

"Yes." Her eyes lit up. "I want to experience the thrill of cheating on my husband with my one true love."

"Can I ask you a question?"

She nodded.

"Baby," I began, using her favourite word, "when did you become such a spunk bucket?"

Her face was a picture of shock. She loved to act the slut, but rarely did she appreciate such a damning indictment. She bit her bottom lip. "He's the only man who's cum I've ever loved the taste of." She leaned forward to kiss me.

As the door from the male changing rooms opened, she quickly snapped back into place and into the submissive role of his wife. He walked towards us and they linked arms, sharing a quick peck on the lips. "Back to the room then?" he said.

I followed behind.

* * * * *

The elevator door opened and he led her inside. Again, I followed. Much like an afterthought. I hit the appropriate floor number and waited patiently for the doors to shut. After a few seconds, the elevator began its ascent. He hit the stop button and we halted between floors. He turned to face her, stared her up and down and then finally slid his hand up her dress.

She instinctively opened her legs for him. "Oh God," she muttered.

He forced her dress up to her waist, revealing the same skimpy g-string bikini from the pool. His fingers rubbed the outside of the fabric. "Nice and wet," he remarked. He pulled the material to one side. Her stunning, shaven pussy was on show for us both.

She glanced to me. He caught her chin in his other hand and pulled her to his mouth, kissing her deep. His fingers stroked the lips of her pussy, ignoring her clit. She moaned and my cock hardened. "Put them in," she begged.

He chuckled, loving the control he possessed of her sex. His fingertips parted her lips and caressed the inner folds, though he did not enter her.

I leaned against one of the walls and watched them, eager to join in but content to enjoy the view for a moment.

They kissed again, her tongue savouring his in her mouth. Her eyes opened and locked on his. I recognised only lust.

"Tell me what you want," he said.

"I want your fingers," she replied, pushing her groin towards him.

He teased her clit with his thumb. "Where?"

Her legs parted further. "Inside me... Please."

He granted her wish with a quick, breathtaking swoop to her opening. Back and forth he fucked her with his fingers. Her hole accepted each and every additional digit until he was pounding her with all four. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock. I masturbated to the sight. They both noticed, but neither mentioned a word. When her eyes strayed to my erection once too often, he withdrew his fingers and one by one forced her to suck her juices off them. She placed her hand on his, the wedding ring he had given her sparkling, and guided him back to her pussy.

His return was aided with a renewed thrust and he worked her insides as if he had been with her a thousand times before. For a few seconds, I wondered if they had been together more than I thought. When his fingers left her pussy and caressed her anus, all thoughts were cleared.

"Are you going to let me fuck your ass again?" he asked.

"If you want it, sweetie." She grabbed his hand and pulled his fingers back to her pussy.

I remembered that she had asked me to stay close to her and wondered if he was pushing her too far, beyond her boundaries.

"I want it," he said, grinning, then he shoved his fingers into her pussy and worked her hard.

"Oh fuck," she cried, unable to control her crude tongue. "Keep doing that."

He had his fingers jammed inside her, pulling at something within. She was bucking back on him.

The elevator suddenly started again, but she only increased her motion on his hand. He didn't hesitate either. More reserved, I forced my cock back into my trousers and somehow managed to pull up the zip.

She gushed hard, sprinkling her juices over her legs and the floor. He rubbed what he caught into her anus, although I couldn't tell if he entered her or not.

As the elevator ground to a halt, she was quickly fixing her dress. The doors opened and a man in his forties stared in.

"Going up or down?" he asked.

I stifled laughter.

"Up," her husband answered.

The man in his forties stepped back. "My apologies. I'll wait on the next one."

* * * * *

My fiancée entered the hotel room first, followed by him and finally myself. My cock was still erect, in fact painfully so. He muttered something I couldn't hear. She turned to us both and smiled. She was beautiful. A gorgeous little slut. She slipped her arms out of the dress and allowed it to glide past her waist, her thighs and eventually down her legs. She untied her bikini and within seconds she was naked but for a pair of stiletto heels.

"Who's going to fuck me first?" she asked.

He approached her and her arms went around him. He whispered something in her ear.

There was a look of surprise, perhaps even disappointment, on her face.

He turned and walked to the bathroom. "I mean it," he said, his tone forceful, before he closed the door tight behind him.

I didn't waste the opportunity and seized her wrist, pulling her down on the bed. My hands roamed to her pussy, feeling the moistness where he had made her gush.

"What did he say?" I asked, quietly.

She parted her legs and yanked my cock from my trousers. "He said he wants to watch me with another man," she whispered.

I leaned over her, my cock being wonderfully wanked in her hands. "Then let's make his dream come true."

She shook her head and pulled me to her entrance. "He said I'm not allowed you inside me."

I took her hands from my cock and lay them behind her head. Without warning, I shoved my cock into her soaking cunt and fucked her with my hand across her mouth. Her eyes locked on mine. Crazy lust. We had craved this moment for so long. I glanced to her hand and caught sight of his wedding ring on her. This moment was fucked up, but my loins only desired her insides more. My balls slapped against her as I humped her hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in deeper, her heels digging into the small of my back.

The toilet in the bathroom flushed. Her eyes turned to fear and with one of her hands she was forcing mine free from her mouth.

"Please stop before he catches us."

I stared at her.

"Please, baby. Do this for me."

I relented and she pushed herself back enough that my cock fell out of her pussy. She pushed me on my back and grabbed it in one hand, massaging my balls with the other.

She smiled at me. "He didn't say I couldn't do everything else with you." With that, she buried her face in my crotch and licked my shaft and my balls. "I'd better erase all evidence of my juices." She pulled back my foreskin and with all the effort of a dutiful whore sucked my head dry.

The bathroom door opened and her husband approached the bed. He was naked. "Now, honey, what kind of behaviour is that for a wife?"

She sucked my cock to the base.

"Honey?" he asked again.

She had a devious look in her eyes, as she glanced up to me. Defiantly, she bobbed her head up and down at a faster pace.

"I see." He came up behind her. "So what I have is a wife who craves the cock of other men?"

She moaned an affirmative grunt.

I wondered if this role play was spontaneous or pre-planned. It all seemed a little too perfect for my liking.

He smacked her ass. The sound reverberated around the room. The sting was obvious when her mouth parted from my cock. He smacked her again until she shifted her position away from him. "As your husband," he began, stroking her leg, "I'll decide when to share you and who with. Understand?"

"Yes," she replied.


She shivered. "Yes, sir."

He smiled. "Good girl. Now, lie on your back with your legs spread wide. The chauffeur here is going to eat your pussy for all its worth and ready it for me to fuck."

I couldn't believe my role. What I had been reduced to. I was practically a fluffer. Demoted to merely arousing her sex with my tongue until her so-called husband was ready to fuck her right in front of me. Except he wasn't her husband at all. She wasn't even married. She was engaged, and to me!

Yet she assumed her ordered position and the sight of her pussy lips, open and inviting to my tongue, was overwhelming. I kneeled between her thighs and tasted her. I knew he had been inside her earlier and I was thankful for her shower.

She moaned in unison with my tongue probing her clit. Her hand caressed my scalp and I eagerly devoured more of her. I was aware of him moving around the bed, occasionally groping her breasts, stroking her hair and at one point flicking her clit as my mouth concentrated on her pussy lips. I heard her voice muffle and I looked up to see he had pushed his hard cock into her mouth. She took it with such delight. I recognised the humiliation returning. I was giving her oral sex, whilst another man received it from her. I was doing only work and gaining no pleasure.

"I bet you wish there was someone else here," he suggested to her.

She made an affirmative groan into his length.

"Another cock for you to suck on."

She pulled her mouth from him. "Oh yeah, sweetie." A second later, she was engulfing him again.

I ate her pussy with all the skill I had ever possessed, desperate to make that cunt crave my cock inside her.

"What about the guy in the changing rooms? He was your type, wasn't he?"

She made another noise which suggested she agreed. I had no idea what her type of man was anymore. Did she just go for anyone over the age of 40? Was that her fetish? The older type. I could only enjoy another slurp of her delicious pussy and wonder.

"Tell me what you wanted from him," he commanded, pulling his cock from her mouth and wanking it before her.

Her eyes were fixated on his member, lust leading her astray. "Oh I wish he'd joined in."

He chuckled, caressing her lips with the head of his cock. "Keep talking."

"He kept checking me out in the jacuzzi." She squirmed under my probing tongue. "I thought he was kind of sexy." I added a couple of fingers to her, and she willingly thrust herself onto them. "I wish he'd got his cock out in the changing rooms. I'd loved to have seen it."

He fed her a few inches of his own and she gladly obliged him. "That's it," he said. "Show me your love for my cock. Show me your hunger for more."

I watched her take his cock down to the base and hold herself on it for several seconds. As she went to back off it he locked his hands around her neck and forced her to hold her mouth in place around him. She was struggling, her nostrils flaring for air and panic setting in through her eyes. Her complaints were muffled and his subtle laughter only fuel to her fires. I licked her juices from my fingers.

"Fuck that's good," he remarked.

When he finally released her she was gasping and fell back, withdrawing her pussy from my grasp.

"What do you want now?" he asked her.

She was still breathless, perspiration trickling down her cheeks. "I... I want fucked." She glanced away from him. "I want the chauffeur to fuck me, sweetie."

He lunged towards her, flipping her onto her stomach. "Raise your ass to me," he barked.

She complied, meeting three stern spanks. I was in two minds about the change of direction. If she was secretly enjoying herself, I didn't mind. But if he was really hurting her right before my eyes... It was dangerous.

"You're my wife," he began, "and I will dictate who you fuck and when you fuck them. Understand?"

She flinched under a further smack across both cheeks. "Yes, sir, I'm sorry for being such a slut wife."

I could barely believe my ears, never mind my eyes. Yet my cock was hard and my hand unwittingly wrapped around it, pulling myself off over the entire scenario. There was something so ridiculous and yet so convincing about their role play. For several seconds at a time I fell into the falsehood of their union, believing I really was in the presence of a married couple. If it were true, I would have begged the husband to let me fuck his stunning wife.

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