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My Grandma the Lesbian

by MisterReason©

"Don't," she admonished me, and I moved my hand away just as my orgasm erupted.

The first milky jet of semen flew right at my grandmother, spattering the floor at her feet. I kept cumming, wads of my seed spraying wildly out of my tool as I kept a death grip on my pulsating organ. When I started stroking it again it was like I hadn't cum already, as more spunk sprayed around at my feet until I went limp at last.

I looked up and saw my grandmother putting her top on, and as she walked out the door she only said, "Dinner's at six-thirty," before closing the door behind herself.

Did that just happpen? Judging by the cum that practically covered the floor around me, it had not been a hallucination. My Grandma Alex had just caught me jerking off, and then insisted I finish doing it in front of her, taking off her top in the process.

Why didn't I do something? Run up to her and take her in my arms and put her on the bed? Good questions, I remember asking myself, and the simple truth was that I had no good answers.


Chapter Seven: After dinner.

Dinner was a tense affair, offering little in the way of conversation, and after I helped clear the table and dried the dishes that Grandma washed, I wondered what was next.

"Go to bed, Tyler," Grandma said, and as I obidiently went down the hall, it struck me that she hadn't said that to me since I was nine, but I did it anyway.

I put my pajama bottoms on, got under the sheet and read a magazine for awhile until my eyes got tired. Just as I was getting ready to turn out the light, I heard a light tapping on the door.


"Come in, Grandma."

Grandma Alex opened the door and closed it behind herself. She was wearing a plain white nightie that wasn't incredibly revealing, but she usually wore a robe over it, and as she moved I could not only see those incredible nipples through the sheer silk, but the image of the triangle of her pubic hair was even a little bit visible.

"Think we should talk," Grandma said, sitting on the bed beside me. "I have to apologize to you."

I started to protest but Grandma waved me off and slid a little closer to me.

"What I did to you was wrong," Grandma said. "I had a little liquid lunch. Maggie - she broke up with me. Went back to her husband."

"Sorry," I said.

"That's life. So when I did that to you today, that was the liquor talking. That and my emotions about everything getting the best of me. Showing my saggy boobs to you like that? I guess the change of life is going to my head too."

"I meant it. About you being beautiful."

"I had seen you looking out that window before, but I always thought you were looking at Maggie."


"Well, yu're a sweetheart. I should be -no - I guess I am flattered that somebody your age would find me attractive. I know young boys have raging hormones and everything."

"I'm not a boy anymore," I reminded her.

"No," Grandma said, looking down at the sheet where my emotions were showing themselves. "You aren't a boy any more. Please stop me."

"Stop you? From what?" I asked.

Grandma's hand was already on the sheet as she spoke, and when she pulled the sheet down it was obvious what she wanted me to stop her from doing, and even if I wanted to I couldn't. I felt like I was frozen in place.

The outline of my cock was clear through the thin fabric of my pajamas, and after my grandmother's hand slid over my stomach and unsnapped the clasp, she opened them up while I raised my butt off the bed.

My cock was so hard it had curled up to my belly, and I heard Grandma take a deep breath as her hand pulled it upright. Without a word her hand slid up and down my rigid member a couple of times, before she broke the silence.

"Kathy Fronk," Grandma said softly, her eyes watching along with mine as she held my dick in a soft grasp while running her hand up and down the shaft. "You two still together?"

"No," I said, having broke up last week.

"She do this to you?"


"That girl's got a pair on her," Grandma said, and when she saw me looking at her she smiled. "Hey, no harm in looking, right?"

I laughed nervously as I saw a bead of cum appear on the tip of my dick. Grandma saw it at the same time and calmly swiped it off with her thumb without losing a beat, and the sensation caused me to shudder.

"Yours is only the third one I've ever touched," Grandma informed me. "Your grandfather was the second, and my father was the first."

"Your father?" I croaked, and Grandma nodded.

"Your great-grandfather," she said sadly. "He used to visit me in my room almost every night, from when I was way younger than you until I ran away from home at 17."

"You mean he..."

"Everything but one thing," she explained. "He didn't want to get me pregnant so he made sure I stayed a virgin, but he did everything else a male can do to a female. Everything."

I didn't know what to say, but although the thought of what she was saying was disgusting, my cock stayed hard, and Grandma kept gently stroking me.

"All these years since your Grandpa left I swore that I would never let a man touch me again, but then as you grew up I sort of changed my mind," she told me. "Then I started thinking that if I could ever find a man as sweet, as loving and considerate as you are, maybe I could love another man."

"Too bad there aren't any like you," Grandma said.

"You're one of a kind, and when I saw the way you looked at me today, and said such nice things about me it made me feel - strange."

"Let me see them again," I asked - begged, and then Grandma took her free hand and nudged first the right and then the left straps of the nightie off of her shoulders.

The nightgown feel down to her waist, exposing those magnificent banana boobs, and this time I was able to move. My hand reached over and cupped her left breast in my hand.

The flesh was soft and pliant, and when I kneaded the doughy orb I could feeel the peebeled surface oif her aurola. They weren't as big as Kathy Fronk's, or as big as Karen Miller's, but it was the greatest breast I had ever touched.

Grandma's hand was barely moving on my dick now, but it doidn't matter. Groaning like a wounded animal, I felt my cock spurting cum all over my upper body while I continued to squeeze Grandma's tit.

"I love you so much, Grandma," I said as her hand continued to milk me long after I had stopped coming.

"I love you too, baby," she replied, inching closer until she was able to offer her breast to my mouth, and as my lips wrapped around the plump mipple and began to suck on it, she held the back of my head and pressed herself against me.

I suckled on Grandma Alex's tit like I was a baby, and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. While continuing to pull on my flaccid dick, Grandma inched up so that I could keep sucking on her tit, leaning her elbow on the headboard as she looked down at me.

"That's nice, baby," she cooed as I cupped the bottom of her doughy teat. "Feels so nice."

I let my hand slide over to her underarm and began to rub my thumb through the faint strip of peach fuzz nestled in the middle of her armpit, and as I continued to stroke her underarm the sweet scent of her phernamones filled my head.

"Ooh - that feels so good," Grandma sighed as she leaned downward, encouraging me to continue.

I not only kept doing it, I ended up replacing my thumb with my mouth, and when Grandma felt me sliding my tongue all over her armpit, she began to writhe around wildly.

"Omigod!" I heard Grandma muuet as she began pulling on my cock with a lot more intensity. "So good. And you're getting hard again already!"

Indeed it was. My cock was getting hard again really fast, and when Grandma felt that she began jerking me off harder and faster.

"Oh Tyler," Grandma squealed as she kept leaning into me while I kept licking and kneading her. "You're such a virile boy, and your cock is so big. Much bigger than your grandfather. Longer and thicker and harder."

Her words, her hands and her body worked more powerfully than any pill could have, and when she felt me get fully engorged, she took my hand off of her breast and brought it between her legs.

I could feel the heat long before my hand touched her pussy, and when it parted the hair I could feel her wetness. She was beyond moist. My Grandma's pussy was dripping.

Her agility belied her 50 plus years and she climbed up on top of me, pulling her nightie up off of her waist, where it had all been bunched and over her head.

Her pussy was surrounded by a wide triangle of light brown hair, but the bush was not dense and the hair was fine, allowing me to clearly see the lips of her pussy as she brought my cock to the gateway.

Grandma slowly sank down on my cock, implaing herself completely as her pussy took me in. She was tight, and even though I had come very recently, the feeling of Grandma's pussy enveloping my dick made me want to cum again, but I fought back the urge.

Now Grandma was riding me, her hips slowly grinding as her tits swung around in front of me. I grabbed the swaying hangers and kneaded them hard, at first fearing that I was being too rough, but when I saw Grandma's reaction to my handling of her tits, I kept going.

"Cumming!" she screamed, making the single word sound like it was a dozen, and then I felt her pussy contract wildly around my dick, pulverizing it as she came. Her body shook and spasmed as she came, and I was now holding onto her tits to keep her upright.

Grandma's whole body shuddered, and then seconds later she was cumming again. I lost any semblance of self-control and came along with her, sending my seed deep into her womb while Grandma's eyes became all white.

I caught Grandma as she fell onto me, having been knocked for a loop by what she later described as "the most intense orgasm I ever had", and I let her rest on top of me until she caught her breath.

She was done for the night, she explained, not being used to having anything inside of her besides a tongue for so long, but when she saw me with an erection later in the evening, she said she wanted to do something about it.

It had been almost 30 years since she had a dick in her mouth, and she was afraid she had forgotten how to do it. Five minutes later, I was able to assure her that she hadn't.

"Must be like riding a bike," Grandma said. "Guess you don't forget. Probably not as good as your girlfriends, but maybe if I practice I'll get better."

"Nobody ever did that too me before," I said, and after Grandma laughed she looked at me with my poker face and tilted her head.

"You mean..."

"You wore my first. First everything," I confessed. "I got a few handjobs from girls, but that was it."

"But," Grandma sputtered. "You could have - I mean, surely there were girls that?"

"I guess," I said, knowing that Kathy Fronk had been more than willing and was pretty sure about a couple of others. "But I guess I'm old-fashioned or something. I wanted my first time to be special."

I think that the real truth was that I wanted my Grandma to be my first, knowing that I might have finally given up after a while but was willing to hold out as long as I could, and when she haerd that Grandma got choked up.


Chapter Nine: After that night.

That night was not some freak happenstance or a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Grandma proved that to me the next morning, when I found my morning wood was being put into her pussy again, and after breakfast I tatsed Grandma's pussy for the first time, just before heading off to school.

My room became a place to store my things, as I slept with Grandma every night after that, except when Grandma had "company". She confessed that as much as she loved me and my cock, she often had an inch that I couldn't scratch, and would ask if I didn't mind if she had a lady friend over.

Of course I didn't mind, and since I would be going off to college soon she knew that I would probably be tempted to enjoy myself as well. I got a kick out of playing dumb as I would greet her "friends" like I didn't know what was going on, and then fantasize about what Grandma and the other woman were doing in our bed.

I went off to college, regretting my decision to travel out-of-stae, because if I knew how things were going to turn out with Grandma, I would have stuck around.

We kept in touch, and I assured Grandma that I would be coming home for the holidays when we would make up for lost time. One time when we spoke she sounded a little apprehensive, and when I pressed her, my grandmother asked me if she could send me a picture.

"Someone you know," she said, and when I got the e-mail that was titled "I don't usually kiss and tell", with the picture attached, I quickly went to the picture.

"Holy shit!" I said aloud as I looked at the photo of the young woman in Grandma's bed. "Kathy Fronk!"

Even if I couldn't have seen the face of the girl fast asleep with the sheet pulled halfway down her naked body, I would have recognized the incredible tits that jutted out from her lithe body, and I found myself laughing my ass off as I looked at my old girlfriend after Grandma had gotten done with her.

"She was pretty easy," Grandma said when I called her up. "And those boobs! I've always been aboob girl, and Kathy has got them. She misses you, you know."

"You didn't tell her about - us, did you?"

"Goodness no, but when you get home I suspect she will be giivng you a call," Grandma said. "Wouldn't it be a hoot? The three of us together?" Grandma mused.

That boggled my mind, but it never did happen, at least not yet. I did end up screwing Kathy Fronk. My grandmother insisted that I do, and do it in her bed too! After Kathy had left for the night, Grandma confessed to me.

"Look," Grandma said as she brought me into the spare room next to her/our bedroom.

Grandma had installed a peep hole that gave a bird's eye view of her bed, and she had watched us going at it while using her vibrator on herself.

"You can use it too, if you're here when I have company," Grandma said. "It's better than watching reruns on TV."

It was that, I ended up discovering, when Grandma's old friend Maggie stopped by to exchange Christmans presents with her. They ended up talking and apparently after I excused myself for the evening, Maggie confessed that even though she was back with her husband, she missed the old times.

Five minutes later, I was hugging the wall, jerking off like a chimp while watching Grandma take Maggie's bra off, unveiling tits that were absolutely unreal.

They actually were unreal, Grandma told me later. Maggie's husband had made her get these outrageous implants when they first got married, and while Grandma said the sight of them excited her, she didn't care for the feel of them.

"I like them big and natural, like Kathy's," Grandma informed me, and I agreed.

"Yours are the best," I told her, and Grandma smiled, even though she admonished me for the cum I had left on the wall under the peephole.

"How would you rate Kathy in bed?" Grandma asked me as we went to bed.

"On a scale from 1 to Grandma?" I asked. "A six."

In the time since Grandma and I started having sex, I have had a few other girls, and on the scale, they have all fallen somewhere between 1 and Grandma. Somehow, I suspect that they always will.



So that's the story of me and my Grandma. I know that many won't believe it, and many of those that do believe will be disgusted by my relationship. I understand that. Different strokes for different folks.

All I know is that the sun is coming up, and that means that Grandma will be getting up as well, and expecting something from me. I'll be working on no sleep, but while I'm grumbling to myself about it now, once we get into it, I'll be fine.

I'll be lapping at her pussy while she deep-throats my cock like a sword swallower. She'll want me in every orifice; hard, fast and continuously and I will be happy to oblige. She'll be on top, my favorite position because it lets those delightful hangers swing around in my face, and she will ride me until we both cum.

I love her more than life itself. Why? Because she's the most beautiful woman in the world and the most sensuous and giving lover a man(or woman)could ask for. She's my Grandma.


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Written by: MisterReason

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