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Pussy Whipped

by Scorpio44a©

Helen backed away from Shanna and lifted her sweatshirt up and off. Scars showed and no longer mattered. She pressed her bare chest against Shanna and they kissed again. I leaned to her stump and kissed it. Next I kissed her long leg, just above the knee.

Shanna's hand reached for me and guided me to get up and move behind Helen. I understood what she wanted and stood. I undressed completely and stood on the couch with Helen between my legs. I lowered myself so I slid between her and the couch. She was between my legs and when I reached around her from the back and Shanna from the front we had her enveloped.

Shanna whispered. "You are whole. A complete spirit. A complete body. Complete, different, not less. You are available to the love we give you. Completely available to love and be loved."

I whispered, "Feel the skin touching your skin. Feel the warmth, the beating of three hearts giving life to us. Feel us breathe. We breathe each other in and we release that breath in love."

Helen sat very still for a long time. Her hand still held Shanna's breast.

We whispered and held and kissed her. She spoke in a whisper, "I am loved. I am whole. I am loved by Shanna and Pete. I am complete. Thank you."

Shanna kissed her. I kissed her neck. My hands held her torso, surrounding her with my arms. She took my hands and put them on her breasts. Both had scars. There was no hurrying. When the time was right Shanna stood up and helped Helen to stand. I stood and gathered Helen up, carrying her to the bedroom. I put her down in the middle of the bed. Shanna put herself next to her best friend and helped her spread her legs.

I pulled her panties to the side and tasted Helen for the first time. As my tongue touched her I heard Shanna whisper, "Pete is your lover too. He loves you as I do. You are lovely. You can relax and let the feelings take you where they will. Our love surrounds you, protects you, helps you soar."

Her juices flowed and she began responding to the touch of my fingers and tongue within her most sacred places. I looked up and saw Shanna sucking on her breast and I saw Shanna's other hand stroking her own slit.

My hand joined Shanna's in her pussy and the three of us were joined. When Helen shuddered and arched her back I felt Shanna do the same. As they came they kissed.

I covered the three of us and we slept together in Shanna's bed. At quarter after six the alarm brought us rudely into the present. We kissed good morning even with morning breath. We showered together, holding Helen up and helping her get really clean. While they dressed I made breakfast. When it was time for them to leave for work I kissed them both good-bye and watched them go.

In between the alarm sounding and the door closing as they left, many, many kisses were shared.

I cleaned up the dinner and breakfast dishes, washed the sheets off the bed and cleaned the bathroom before I left for home.

At home I opened the door into the kitchen and saw the table was clean and empty. I opened the fridge and saw there were no cupcakes. I checked the freezer. No cupcakes. They weren't in my office or in my bedroom either.

From past experience I knew Beth had a mid-morning break at ten-fifteen. At ten-fourteen I called her.

"Good Morning, Pete!" She answered.

"I looked all over. Where are my cup cakes?"

"I was so mad at you for setting them out there, I threw them away!"

"I guess my note wasn't explicit enough. It said don't eat them. It should have said Don't touch them, move them or eat them."

"Please, let me finish. I threw them away right after I saw them. I made dinner and kept thinking about the cupcakes. They were in the trash, gone, out of sight but not out of mind. I got them out of the trash and walked them out to the alley and tossed the package into a dumpster. Two hours later I could still see them in my mind. I could almost taste them!"

"You went to the dumpster?"

"No, but I learned something. When I walked into the building this morning I saw a package of cupcakes at the coffee place on the first floor. I bought them and ate both of them before I got to my desk!"

I wanted to ask questions. I bit hard on my tongue and didn't.

"I understand now. I'm a chocolate cupcake. It was mean and heartless of me to deprive you of me, when I was right there in front of you."

"May I ask a question?" I asked.


"Does that mean you're taking the cupcake away or giving me what I asked for?"

"I just... I don't want sex!"

"Then get out, please."

"I will. I talked to my sister last night again and I'll be moving in with them this weekend."

"No. Your things can move this weekend. You're gone. I told you to decide by today. Your things could stay until the weekend but you needed to be out by today! I was clear. You've decided. I'll be a good guy. You and your sister and Rob can come by tonight before eight and get whatever you want. After eight, whatever is here stays until the weekend."

She didn't say anything. I just heard the click of the phone.

I made a trip to the home center and got a new lock set for the front and back doors, called the garage opener company and found out how to reprogram the garage door opener. The phone was ringing when I got home.

Rob said, "I thought we were friends."

"I thought so too. What's up?"

"I've got two crying women living here now. They're angry, upset and taking it out on me!"

"I've got something to say to you. I want you to know I understand what you're going through. There is a cure for the ailment I had and that you have. I had to stand up and say, "I haven't had enough of what I need. Either I get what I need or we're done!" That's the hardest thing I've ever said. She picked, we're done. Now you're in the position I was in. Your life is full of something you don't want and sure as hell don't need. I can't tell you what to do to cure it. I can just tell you the name of the ailment."

"I have the feeling I don't want to know."

"Ok. So, why did you call?"

"We're supposed to come to your house today to get all Beth's things. Can I come now? Maybe if I start now I can get it all done today."

"I'll be here. I'll leave the back door unlocked, just stroll on in. By the way, I bought a stack of boxes for you, just in case Beth chose moving out. I'll have them in the hallway for you."

Less than an hour later he came through the back door with two friends. They worked hard and because I am a nice guy I bought them a six pack of cold beer while they worked. My stereo played music they liked and they did get almost everything packed before Beth and Alison walked in.

I'd seen Beth's car park on the street and turned down the stereo and collected the empty beer cans before she walked in. Alison arrived less than a minute later. I stayed out of sight the first few minutes they were there.

Rob wanted to know if they were taking the bed. Beth hesitated. I said, "Take it." She turned and saw me standing in the doorway. I said, "So far they haven't taken anything from the kitchen. You want anything?"

Alison said, "You should take kitchen stuff. You'll need it when you get your own place, someday." I saw Rob glance at me when Alison paused. I took two boxes off the floor into the kitchen. I didn't put anything in them.

Beth and Alison came into the kitchen and Beth said, "By the way, there's something wrong with the garage door."

"I don't think so."

"I hit the remote and it didn't budge."

"I reprogrammed it today. Your remote will probably work on a garage door in Alaska."

She reached into her purse and handed me the remote. "You might as well give it to your new woman. It won't work for me anymore."

"You say that like moving out was my idea. It isn't. You can stay and you know exactly what needs to happen for that to be true."

Alison looked at Beth and then at me. "If you don't mind, I'd like to know. I've heard Beth's side. I'd like to know your side."

"Not a problem. A little over two years ago I got sick and when they did surgery they screwed up inside me. I don't get erections any more. When we tried everything and nothing helped Beth said it would be Ok, there were lots of other things we could do for fun. We did those things until a few months ago. Beth decided she no longer wanted me to fondle her, play with her body or eat her pussy. She still wanted to sleep with me, but I wasn't allowed to touch the goods. It came to a head last week and I gave her a choice. She could live with me as a roommate, sleeping in the guest room or she could get out. The third choice was she could spread herself and let me eat her as often as I might want to. This morning she decided to move out. That's my side, the short version."

Alison just stood there. Beth was looking into an empty box on the kitchen counter. Rob stood in the doorway with his mouth open. After a few seconds Rob said, "We're done in the bedroom. What's left?"

I helped Alison pack a set of dished Beth had bought. They were white with a ring of flowers around the edge. I helped her pack eight wine glasses as well. Beth left the kitchen and used the bathroom. Rob and his friends took the two boxes from the kitchen and left. Alison and I were still in the kitchen when Beth came back.

Alison said, "You fucked up good this time. I got the impression he wanted to fuck your ass or tie you up or something weird. You really fucked up." She pushed Beth towards the door and said, "I'm sorry, Pete. I really am."

When the door closed the phone rang. I answered without even glancing at the caller ID. It was Rob.

"What is the name of the ailment?"

"Pussy Whipped."

Written by: Scorpio44a

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