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Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 07

by unpublaauthor©

This chapter takes place the morning after Chapter 6 leaves off, in the aftermath of the full moon. Many thanks are due to those who asked for more of Bitsy and Stuart. Enjoy this installment, and please keep the comments coming!


The morning after the riotous night began with a loud creaking as someone unbarred and opened the dungeon door at the top of the stairs.

Bitsy awoke instantly to find herself trapped--not by the chains that marked her servitude, but by the warmly muscled body of Stuart himself. She marveled at this; although she was a self-proclaimed "early riser," he usually beat her awake each day.

As she snuggled deeper into the heat that emanated from his body, she brushed up against another part of his body that was an "early riser," causing Bitsy to nearly giggle. Looking down, she focused on his cock.

Even though she entered into his servitude a virgin, she had seen statues and paintings of nudes before. Neither compared to the sinew and muscle of Stuart's magnificence.

In repose, he appeared younger than his forty years of debauchery and dissipation. His reddish-brown hair curled impishly against his forehead, tousled from their night play. Coarser hair in the same shade dusted the strong pectorals of his chest and teased a trail down to his abdomen before exploding into a profusion of curls just below his waist.

Jutting out proudly, impudently, from those waves was the long, thick column that had robbed each hole on her body of its innocence. With one tentative hand, she reached out to stroke the hardness, to caress it, only to snatch it back at the sound of Maria's knowing chuckle.

Stuart stirred, causing Bitsy to flush. Slumberous black eyes gazed down at her as Stuart rolled her over, pinning her to the ground with his rampant masculinity. Those eyes had been opaquely red last night, Bitsy remembered.

"Let's give your playmate a show," he growled against Bitsy's lips, spearing her mouth with his tongue as his cock slid surely home into her wet warmth, in one long, plunging stroke.

He released her mouth to breathe, allowing Bitsy to ask, "My playmate?" in an aghast whisper. Surely, he didn't see Maria and her sharing kisses and caresses--and so much more--days before.

"I saw you both, you know," his answer to her unspoken question a hot breath against the earlobe he now nipped, drawing forth a moan from her. "The day that she waxed your pussy," he elaborated, as if any clarification was necessary.

A brief movement and he had her hands pinned above her head as he plowed her pussy. Just as he realized that her orgasm was imminent, he paused. "Who am I?" he asked her, his voice hoarse with the passion of the moment.

"My Master," was her response, her eyes almost crossed as she reached vainly for an orgasm he wouldn't grant her.

"Beg me," he compelled her. "Beg me to be allowed to come."

Her voice now a wail, she pleaded with him, "Please, Master, I beseech you. Please allow me to orgasm. I need it," she said, her voice shaking at the last.

Stuart appeared to be considering it. "No, I don't think so." He pulled back from her, still engorged. After positioning himself so that his elongated shaft was poised against her lips, he ordered, "Suck me slave; swallow my own orgasm. If I am pleased, I may grant you one. Or I may not. But you will learn to come only on my command."

The humiliated sheen in her eyes was unmistakable. Bitsy stared at Stuart with something akin to betrayal, caused, not only by his denial of her orgasm, but also because she had to submit to his whims in front of Maria.

His groan of pleasure as she slid her lips over his cock almost--but not entirely--compensated for her degradation. Her tongue tapped the head repeatedly, swirling and darting at the slit, playing with the hole that even now seeped with pre-come that she greedily lapped up. "Such a good little suck slut," he said approvingly, in the same maddening tone that denied her the coital summit she craved.

With her head braced on the dungeon floor, Stuart began to ream her mouth, forcing his protuberance to the limits of her throat, and beyond. Gagging noises from Bitsy's throat mingled with his animalistic grunts as he reamed her face. Finally, with a harsh shout of, "Here it comes slave; swallow it all," he emptied the balls that had slapped her chin in his excitement only moments before.

"Kneel," he commanded, standing up, pulling her up to her knees. "Kneel and clean me, slave, with your tongue."

The gratification, the hope of a possible orgasm, was dashed when no mention of permission occurred. Yet, still, she did as he bid, caressing the remaining drops of semen from his cock and his balls. Every drop she tasted, enjoyed, even as she burned inside with her own desires. Ultimately, he pushed her away. "That's enough, my pet. Now, I want to see a show between you and Maria. You may orgasm only after Maria feeds you her own juices twice. Crawl to her; serve her as you would serve me."

"Yes, Your Highness," Bitsy said, managing to express her displeasure at the refusal of permission in her saucy response.

In response, he slapped her shapely rump with a firm hand. She looked back as she crawled to Maria, barely managing to refrain from stroking her heated ass that still smarted from his spanking. As she neared Maria, she looked up at the younger girl, surprised to see the same dominant gleam that twinkled in Stuart's eyes.

"Stand, pet," Maria's normally musical tones commanded briskly. Bitsy stood, still nude, and entwined her arms around Maria's neck gliding closer to her in the chill of the dungeon. The crisp black cotton of Maria's cape abraded Bitsy's nipples, causing them to perk to attention. Maria used her fingernails to tease and taunt them further, eliciting a sobbing moan from Bitsy.

From beneath the cloak, Maria was nude. She placed Bitsy's hands on her own pale mounds guiding Bitsy to mirror her own movements. Bitsy swallowed the maid's moans of pleasure as she kissed her, first tentatively, and then with growing passion.

Over her shoulder, Maria gazed at Stuart as he stroked his cock to the display. His groans fueled Bitsy's passion, making her movements more sure, more erotic on Maria's body. She took each pebbled nipple into her mouth, flicking it carelessly with her tongue before tugging each with her teeth.

Amazingly, the young maid orgasmed from the nipple play. Bitsy dropped to her knees to taste the sweet juices bubbling forth from Maria's bald cunt, lapping them hungrily.

Even as the last drops slid past Bitsy's lips, she suckled the wrinkled clit that peeked from between Maria's nether lips, coaxing yet another climax from the newly dominant maid. Maria's fingers twined in her hair, guiding her ever closer to her moist pussy.

Stuart, moments after Maria's second screaming climax, stood before them. Jets of his come sprayed on both of the women. Bitsy wasted no time in licking his essence from Maria's body, savoring the combination of his hot jizz and the maid's warm, fragrant skin.

"Separate," he directed, in the take-no-prisoners voice of his, the voice that made him an effective ruler of an often fragmented country. The two sprang apart, like, as Bitsy realized, two guilty secret lovers caught in the act.

With a cruel hand, he grabbed Bitsy's jaw, shaking it a bit. "Come for me, my submissive bitch. Without touching, orgasm now!" his voice thundered down at her. With dazed eyes, she nonetheless looked up at him trustingly even as she felt the waves move within her, felt her pussy flood, felt her vision go black in the strongest climax she had ever experienced.

Still on her knees, she collapsed further, losing consciousness from the force of the orgasm.

* * *

She awoke shortly after to feel Maria covering her in the starchy cotton cloak. Her lips parted beneath Maria's kiss that remained sweetly innocent, for once.

Her eyes opened, slightly out of focus in the wake of the unbelievable passion of the previous hours. Her thoughts were instantly of Stuart, her Master. As her eyes cleared, she sought him out, and found the dungeon empty of his presence.

"He's gone," Maria answered her unspoken question.

Irrationally, Bitsy felt a letdown. So far, their days together had been spent separately. Logically, she realized that he was busy keeping the delicate balance of peace between the Vampirans and White Gulfians that she knew could explode at any moment in the wake of the deaths of weeks ago. She was no less busy in her capacity of Commandant General of the IPD, not that he knew of her involvement in the organization that was attempting to run counter to the efforts he made daily.

She knew that a second war was inevitable; it was up to her to prepare her people for that eventuality. Shortly after the end of the first war, after they had conceded defeat to the Bathorys, Bitsy had, in the guise of her birth identity, created the International Police Department ostensibly to combat witchcraft worldwide. The organization had grown so powerful that even Tracy Bathory herself clambered to aid in the efforts, the same efforts that would hopefully, one day, lead to her execution.

Maria cleared her throat. Her gentle friendliness had returned. "Thank you for...earlier," she said, stammering a bit as she tried to find the words to explain her feelings. "I know it was all for his benefit, though," she offered.

Bitsy nodded, not fully understanding what Maria meant. "Yes, he did order us to do that, didn't he? Although, I did enjoy it," she rushed to add, not wanting to upset her one ally in the castle.

The maid, however, was not to be fooled or put off. "That's not what I was talking about. You did it, not because he ordered it, but because you would do anything to please him."

Bitsy shook her head in denial, even as the voice deep within her pleaded with her to admit the truth, out loud for once. To give voice to the level of obsession, of infatuation, that she felt for the king seemed impossible, however. Say it, the submissive within her begged. Her voice shaky with the effort to hide the turmoil that threatened to lay her emotions bare, she replied, "Of course I would; my life depends on it. It is only at his whim, and Tracy Bathory's, that I am alive right now."

"I hope you can continue to convince yourself of that lie for the duration of your servitude," Maria stated, the wisdom of her words and tone belying her tender age.

"Of what lie?" Bitsy asked before she could bite the words back.

Maria shook her head sadly. "You are in love with him. It has only been a few days that you have been here, and already there has been a change within you. Sure," she said, "it could be because you are learning to be his submissive slave, but anyone that looks at you when he's in the room with you could never be fooled to believe it. Your only hope is that he doesn't realize it; he's incapable of feeling that depth of emotion for anyone, much less a mere female."

"We are merely objects to him, toys," Bitsy clarified, a sinking feeling settling in her stomach. Truthfully, it was no more than she had worked out in her own mind. On the heels of that revelation, she felt even more sick as she realized how much her need for Stuart and his brand of domination had caused her to betray Michael.

"I'm glad you realize that," Maria said, seemingly relieved. "Tonight will be another long night, evening two of the full moon."

"We will be contained within the dungeon again, then?" Bitsy asked, although her tone was more one of knowledge than of question.

Her friend nodded, biting her lip. "It's for the safety of the entire palace, just in case things become too...wild."

Bitsy nodded, understanding entirely. Her mind had not been able to comprehend yet what had happened last night. Regardless, the remainder of the day would be spent preparing to separate herself emotionally from his presence. And that reminded her....

"I've got a meeting to attend in Paris," she dictated to Maria. "If he gets back before I do, could you tell him that I will be back in plenty of time for nightfall?"

"Of course," Maria said, helping Bitsy to stand and dressing her in her clothes from the previous evening.

Written by: unpublaauthor

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