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Fucking Black Mom And Daughter

by Bruson©

I went over to Toni's house in a nice section of the Bronx to spend the weekend. We'd been seeing each other about 3 wonderful months.

She's black, 43, divorced, runs an insurance office two blocks from home, is smart, curvy and sexy. Toni also had one son and 2 daughters. The youngest, a 19YO daughter, Jazmin, lived at home going to school at Columbia U in Manhattan, majoring in economics.

I'm white, 41 slim, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, divorced and live over the GW bridge in northern NJ. I work in marketing in Manhattan.

Toni was having having a little casual party that Sunday for some of her friends and family, including one of her 2 ex-husbands, Jazmin's father, Samuel.

Watching some football, eating, drinking and talking or whatever where on the menu.

About 7am that Sunday, Toni had to go over to a cousins house and pick up some folding chairs and a great BBQ sauce her cousin had made. The cousin had to go to work and miss the party. Toni wanted to take the hour and a half round trip by herself in her Camry. Driving relaxed her.

After Toni left I got up naked to pee in the upstairs bathroom next to our bedroom. I left the bathroom door open. After I flushed I turned around and there was Jazmin looking at the remnants of my morning wood.

"Damn, no wonder momma likes you," Jazmin said with a smile to my cock. She was wearing a short, short white t-shirt over her D sized gravity defying tits and a tiny bright pink G string.

"I think our affection goes deeper than 7 inches." I said as I walked by her.

A few minutes later she knocked on Toni's open bedroom door and asked, "Can you help me find my earring? I dropped it on my shag carpet."

"Lemme get some clothes on and I'll be right in," I replied almost covered by the sheets.

Pulling on my black boxer briefs and a white t-shirt I went to Jazmin's room.

When I walked in Jazmin still had on her G string and t-shirt. Only she was on her knees, head on the carpet looking under her bed, black bubble butt up in the air facing the door. Her skin was much darker than her mother's mocha color.

The bright pink G string was splitting her very black asshole down the middle and disappearing between her bald pussy lips.

I stood at the door watching her ass for a few moments as my morning wood started getting all woody again.

Jazmin turned her head to me and said, "Aren't you gonna help me look?"

Then her eyes got all big and she said, "I guess you have been lookin' my ass!"

I looked down and my almost erect pink cock had poked itself out thru the opening in the front of my boxer briefs.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said flatly, making no move to hide it.

"Let's put your third eye to work," she said turning her head away and wiggled her ass at me.

"C'mon aren't you gonna help me look?" Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

Hell, since her legs were together I got on my knees, positioning them outside of her legs, and with my dick in my hand I rubbed it on her already wet pussy lips. I moved the G string to the side of her pussy with my cock.

Pushing a little harder my cock head went into her pussy.

"Am I helping you now?" I asked.

"You'" she said.

I pushed in further and began a rhythm. Her bright pink G string on her black ass looked beautiful.

I started slamming her pussy harder.

Jazmin began swirling her clit with her fingers and making some noises. She stopped and got up on all fours.

So I grabbed her dark hips with my white hands and made her whole body rock back and forth on my stationary cock. She got into the motion and started slamming back hard onto my cock. It almost hurt it felt so good. She began making deep powerful animal sounds, like her mother does.

Her tight, wet pussy was totally squeezing my cock in a 360 degree love lock. Her slamming back fast on my cock had me cumming quick and growling, "AAARRGGGGHH!"

I came in her unprotected pussy. I found the danger of getting her pregnant intoxicating.

Jazmin didn't cum from me, but before I pulled out of her pussy she was frigging her self furiously with her multi-colored fingernails. She came in less than a minute sounding deep tones like her mother. Very sexy sounds to my ears.

I pulled out and stood up saying, "I didn't find your earring."

Jazmin rolled over on the rug and smiled up at me. "Was I as good as momma?"

"Different. Everybody's different," She was the same.

"Thanks for helping me look, Neal."

"Maybe I can help you look again later," I said and smiled as I left.


The party had been going for an hour or so, the beer and wine was really flowing. Most everyone was a little tipsy except for the young kids. Must've been 15-20 people, all having fun watching football and yelling at the TV, or talking loudly to each other.

After 2 beers I had to pee badly but the downstairs bathroom was occupied. So I ran to the bathroom upstairs and drained my lizard. Damn, peeing can feel great sometimes.

I leave the bathroom and Jazmin's right there in front of me, again.

"My earring's still lost. Wanna help me look for it?" she said coyly.

"Oh yeahhh, lets have a quick look," I said putting a hand on one of her tits.

Following her into her bedroom she took off her short shorts and G string and flopped belly first on to the bed, legs spread wide.

I closed her door, pulled down my pants to reveal my still hardening cock. Jazmin was excitedly wiggling her bubble black ass. I laid on top of her and put my semi erect cock in her ass crack and moved it up and down slowly.

"MMMMM..." she said

In a minute my cock was hard and moved into her wet pussy all by itself. I started thrusting deep as I could.

Jazmin's face was buried in the bed making "MMMFFF! MMMFF!" sounds to the thrusting.

Her ass was arching up a bit to meet my cock. We fucked like that for about 2 minutes. Then I increased the pace as hard as I could and slammed hard into her butt cheeks and ejaculated looking at her perfect black ass getting sliced by my white cock.

"I don't think we found your earrings, just some lust," I said as I kissed her shiny black back.

"MMMMM..." was her reply.

The thought of getting her pregnant was still intoxicating.

I got up, kissed her ass cheek, pulled up my pants and left to go in to the bathroom to wash my cock off.

As I was leaving the bathroom I heard some sounds coming from Toni's bedroom.

Going over to the almost closed door I hear soft grunting and deep animal like sounds.


Peeking in I see Toni's ex-husband on top of Toni's big mocha ass, fucking her like I just fucked Jazmin!

Toni was naked from the waist down, legs spread wide, face buried in the blankets. Samuel's pants were down to his knees, his brown ass was pumping hard and fast into Toni's pussy from the rear.

Toni has a big round soft bubble butt. 2-3 times bigger than Jasmin's. Lots of cellulite and stretch marks, too. God, I love her big plush ass more than Jazmin's perfect 19YO ass. So much more sexy. That's the truth.

I watched Toni's ass squish and deform from Samuels banging. Surprisingly, watching her ass getting pumped turned me on.

He came quick and loud, she was growling her deep growl as she came too.

I left and went downstairs and had a quick beer to try and figure things out and to see what would happen as the gathering went on.

Samuel came down first and started talking and laughing with someone.

A couple of minutes later Toni walked in and took my arm, leaned in and said, "I missed you."

"I doubt it. You just fucked Samuel. Let's go outside and talk."

Shocked looking, she stammered, "Neal, I, I, I, we, you and I, we've been distant lately, I'm a little drunk and had a moment of weakness. I'm sorry. It's no excuse. Do you hate me?"

I guided her out to the porch and turned off the outside light. The sun was setting.

"I'm angry and incredibly turned on too," I said. The air was cooling in early autumn.

"What?!" she said.

"I'm pissed you fucked another man. But it really turned me on watching your big ass get banged by someone else."

"You liked watching me get fucked by another man?"


She puts her hand on my crotch and says, "Really?"

"Yeah." I unzip and pull out my soft cock.

Toni puts both hands on my cock, smiles and gets on one knee and puts it in her mouth. She swirls my soft cock all over with her tongue. My cock begins expanding.

Another minute and it's gagging her. I keep it deep in her throat.

I pull my cock out and say, "Jerk me off so I cum all over your face."

About a minute later I have a weak orgasm and cum a few small white spurts on her mocha nose, cheek and lips.

Then the porch light turns on and Samuel steps out, looks at me with my limp cock hanging out, then down at Toni and sees my cum on her face.

She gets up and starts yelling at Samuel, "Get the fuck outta my!...and don't 'cha eva come back!"

Samuel, hands up in mock surrender, goes around us to his car down the block and drives off.

Toni wipes my cum off her face with her hands and storms in the house and slams the door.

The light turns off and Jazmin steps out from the door, stands in front of me. My softening cock still protruding from my fly.

Jazmin kneels in front of my still exposed soft cock and puts it in her mouth and begins sucking and licking my soft cock. Feels good.

"I ain't got nothing left for you. You and your mom got all my jizz for today."

Jazmin stands up, hand stroking my soft cock, "We'll look for my earring another time then," she says as she goes inside.

I zip up, go inside and down another beer.


Next morning Toni is sucking my hard cock before I awake. As I open my eyes to see what's going on, she's mounting my cock with her pussy and begins bouncing her big ass up and down on my woody.

"Fucking bitch, roll over face down on the bed," I snarl.

She rolls off, face down. I get up and over and slide my cock into her wet open pussy and start pounding her hard.

"MMMFFF, MMMFFF!" she says with the pounding.

A minute later I pull out and put my cock on her asshole and say, "Open up and take my cock, bitch!"

I start pushing in steady and hard.

She screams into the pillow and lets me in.

I slowly pump a bit but need more lube.

So I pull my cock out of her asshole and grab some lube off the night stand. Put a dollop on her hole, and rub some on my 7 inch hard cock. And dive into her big plump ass again. Much better.

She's "MMFFFing" to the cock action again.

I slap her brown ass really hard, "WHAP!"

"Take that you fucking cunt!"

The I grab her big ass cheeks hard and plow as hard and deep and angry as I can.

Her hands are grasping the sheets with great intensity. Her face is turned sideways and I can see her clenched white teeth showing and eyes squeezed shut tight. It's her look of enjoying pain.

Seeing her facial intensity and my white cock going in and out of my woman's big fucking brown ass, I cum deep in her big dimpled ass, "You fucking cunt!" I yell as I cum.

I roll off quick, breathing hard.

Lifting my head, I hear someone move away from the closed door.


I'll fuck that little bitch later. Maybe, if I can get it up again.

"You gonna fuck anyone else while we're together, you cunt?" I ask Toni.

"No, baby, I won't. Last night I was drunk, I, I, let something happen that I'm ashamed sorry."

"Alright, I worked off some of my anger in your big fuckin' ass. I feel better," I got up to take a shower.

"I'm glad, baby," she says.

In the shower I noticed my cock was feeling a little tender. Damn its been used a lot lately. I washed it gently.

I see someone's outline through the translucent red shower curtain entering the bathroom and think it's Toni. I keep showering in silence.

As I'm rinsing my face in the shower stream, she steps in behind me and grabs my cock.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass now." says Jazmin.

"I don't think I can get it up again that fast," I say turning to face her, "You heard me just fuck your mom in the ass."

"I want to be your fucking cunt, too."

Jazmin bends over, ass facing me, grabs her ankles and says, "Lick my black asshole white boy, you know you want to."

She's right about that. I bend over and begin tonguing her wrinkly black rosebud. She relaxes it and I put my tongue in and out and deep as I can go. Man I'm getting turned on doing this and my cock is stiffening.

Jazmin reaches back and strokes my hardening cock, "Your white cock's gonna go in my black ass now!"

She spreads her black ass cheeks with brightly colored fingernails. Beautiful. I stand and put my almost hard cock on her wet opening rosebud. I let some shower water wet her hole and I lube up with soap on my stiffening cock.

Putting it in slow so I won't hurt her ass, or my tender cock, I begin a slow pump. Her ass isn't as tight as I expect. She's experienced.

I speed up the pumping and bend over her and grab her perfect big tits and am about to cum in her ass.

Then the bathroom door opens and Toni walks in and says from the other side of the shower curtain, "I'm sorry baby, for what I did. I love you."

"AARRGGHHH!" I yell as I cum in Jazmin's ass. She's been pumping back on my cock.

"What the FUCK!?" screams Toni as she rips open the shower curtain and stares at my cock in her daughters ass.

Jazmin smiles up at her mom.

Toni glares and says, "I'm getting the mother fucking butcher knife!" and leaves fast.

I jump out of Jazmin's ass and the shower at the same time, grab an orange towel, run to the bedroom trying to dry off quick and put my clothes on.

But I'm still too wet. The clothes won't go on my still wet body. So I smush all my clothes together, have the towel wrapped around my waist and run barefoot down the stairs.

I hear Toni yelling out, "Mother! Fucking! Ass! Hole!" as she is rummaging thru the silverware drawer looking for a knife. I think she means her daughter.

I try to sneak by her. CRASH! as she throws a glass at the wall just missing me. I guess she meant me.

Fuck trying to get my shoes from the closet! I run to the front door barefoot and out to my car in her driveway. A sock and my boxer briefs fall to the driveway asphalt as I fumble for my keys in my rolled up pants.

Got them and open the door, the towel comes off as I jump in. Toni's coming out of the house with a big fucking knife ready to stab my ass.

The car door won't close and I get a little panicky and keep trying to close the door. Finally I realize the towel's in the way. I pull it in, slam the door and lock all the doors. At least my car starts up quick as Toni is stabbing my car's hood to death.

I peel out in reverse out of her driveway without looking, and my rear end slams into some parked cars passenger side door across the street. Their alarm goes off. Loud.

She throws the knife and it clanks off the windshield right in front of my face. Shit! There's a hairline crack on the windshield now.

I shift and drive off fast. She's in the street running in her pink sheer nightie and yelling after my car.

I go fast and turn left at the next block and turn right at the next block hoping she won't follow the way I'm going.

What the hell did I think would happen, fucking her daughter?

And what the hell did Toni think would happen, fucking her ex?

We were just two boobs in a bra that didn't fit.

I was just glad to be alive, driving calmly over the GW to Jersey, admiring the view of my new holey hood.

I never saw either woman after that, except in my fantasies jerking off. That continued until I met another beautiful black woman a month or 2 later.

Written by: Bruson

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