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The Club

by mike4261©

When Caroline first told me about the Club it sounded like the last place I wanted to go. Married with three children and a regular helper at church jumble sales, you'd think she'd find a tacky Chippendales-style act outrageously obscene, let alone the antics she had described to me. How wrong I was. She told me she'd been there twice, once with a hen party and once with an 18th birthday party. This struck me as odd, as Caroline was in her mid thirties, but she explained it was the birthday of one of her friends' work colleagues.

Having been twice she was desperate to go again and started to pester me into going with her. Caroline and I had met through my best friend Tanya, who lived in her street, and we had become good friends ever since she talked me into a sponsored charity walk. To be honest I was keen to see what all the fuss was about, so I agreed and talked Tanya into coming with us.

Tanya and I had been best friends since school and were as close as two girlfriends could be. We were open with each other about everything and I mean everything. We even snogged each other once, after one of the guys in the pub had dared us. One quick whip-round later, and we were in each others arms with our tongues in each others' mouths, much to the delight of all the blokes, who had formed a circle round us. It turned me on to see a few trouser-tents had formed. To be honest we kissed for slightly longer than was necessary to claim the pint glass full of cash, and Tanya didn't really have to caress my bum quite so sensitively through my skirt. And there was certainly no need for me to slide my hand up the back of her blouse to stroke the smooth skin of her back, but I'm sure I felt the slightest intake of breath when I did.

Although we often had a laugh about that night, we never went any further sexually, apart from sharing intimate details about each others boyfriends. One night we were at Tanya's flat sharing a couple of bottles of cheap wine and talking about men as usual, when the subject turned to whether either of us had ever had a threesome. Neither of us had, so in our drunken state, we described to each other our fantasy threesome. When it was Tanya's turn she described hers in such detail I was certain she hadn't just made it up. I could see everything happening in my head as she spoke. I could feel every thrust, taste every lick, and I was getting more and more aroused. As she went on, she herself became quite breathless and I eventually had to excuse myself and went to her bathroom. Once there I pulled my trousers and knickers off and rubbed myself as fast as I could. I came in seconds and must've looked a bit flushed when I came back because I got the feeling Tanya knew exactly what I'd been up to.

When we arrived at the Club, Caroline said that she had to go in first because she was a member and had to sign us in. She explained that the Club never advertised, it worked strictly by word of mouth, and you couldn't get in without being recommended in person by an existing member. Once inside we were greeted by a blonde girl who took our details, asked us to hand in any cameras or mobile phones, and told us our membership cards could be collected as we left. She also gave us a list of rules to read and a disclaimer to sign. We were basically signing to say we were broad-minded and happy to see sexual activity in front of us. This intrigued me, as I'd been to see plenty of male strippers before and never had to sign anything like this.

I turned my attention to the list of rules, and was starting to wonder what I'd let myself in for. The gist was that we would see things that some might find offensive, and although audience-participation was a big part of the show, there would be no pressure to take part. Further to this, all "intimate contact" (I later found out what that meant!) had to be initiated by the guest, but the guys would do their best to put the idea into your head. By now I had no idea what to expect, but my knees were trembling with anticipation!

We got some drinks from the bar and found a seat at a table near, but not too near the stage. The stage itself was at one end of a long room. Down the left hand side was the bar, which stretched almost the whole length of the room, and coming down the other side of the room was a long catwalk. The Club was starting to fill up and there were a couple of hen parties and at least one birthday party. I noticed that most of the girls there were dressed to kill, as if for a good night's clubbing. In fact some were wearing very little indeed. The music was a good mix of commercial dance and hard house, and a few people had started to dance on a small dance floor by the DJ's booth, which surprised me. Caroline explained that they were trying to get noticed, as the show didn't start for about an hour. They were certainly doing that, they could have made a living as pole dancers, they had all the moves. Perhaps they were.

A little later, after we had just started our third bottle of wine, the blonde who had greeted us at the door stepped up onto the catwalk with a microphone. She went through all the "Have we got a show for you tonight" routine and lapped up all the hoots and cheers from (I estimated) about 100 drunk or nearly drunk women. Having gone through the format of the evening she appealed for quiet and said "Just to reiterate the rules, for all you ladies who haven't been here before..." The place was silent.

"During certain parts of the show we will be asking for volunteers. There's no pressure and you can say no to anything at any time. But I'd please ask you to think about how far you want to go and consider whether you want to go up on stage." Caroline grinned at this bit and refused to meet my eye. I realised that she hadn't told me everything about what had happened last time she was here. And she most certainly hadn't told her husband!

"Also, our guys will be mingling with you all between acts. They won't bite unless you want them to, but they will touch unless you tell them not to. Girls, if you want to remove any clothing that's up to you, but if you want our guys to remove it for you, you have to ask. And most importantly of all, there is a line drawn very strictly that our guys can't cross unless you want them to. And if you do, you have to make it very clear."

What was this? Were we expected to get nekkid? Part of me was appalled at the idea, and part of me (possibly the drunk part) was thrilled. Again, Caroline avoided my glance. I looked at Tanya and she gave me the same impish grin she'd used that night we'd snogged in the pub. Either she'd noticed Caroline's reaction or she was up for some exhibitionism!

Eventually the strippers came on. Five of them doing a clichéd routine lifted straight from the Full Monty. They were all absolutely gorgeous, with fit, toned bodies, muscles in all the right places, and huge trouser bulges that could only have been enhanced by extra padding. In spite of myself I was quite enjoying the sight of five hunks taking their clothes off for me! One of them appeared to have picked me out with his eyes, so I did a bit of flirting, coyly grinning at him then looking away, making sure I was displaying just the right amount of cleavage and adjusting my seat so my miniskirt rode up just enough so it had to be deliberate.

The routine ended with them all ripping off their velcro-fastened shorts to reveal a complete absence of extra padding. A bright flash of light, and then total darkness. My eyes held onto an after-image and my mind was wondering if what I had just seen could be real. When the lights came back up, the guys were making their way down from the catwalk and into the audience, completely naked. It was a surreal feeling, as the guy who had flirted with me made straight for our table. I had flirted with hundreds of guys across the dancefloor in my time, but to be approached by him in all his tanned, toned, unclothed glory was, well, a bit strange to say the least. Especially as he was being stroked and slapped by numerous female hands as he crossed the room. As he approached, I finally realised what a big boy he actually was. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Quite literally it hung halfway down to his knees. Now I've been with quite a few men in my time, and I've seen what I thought were some really big dicks, but this was something else. Even Tanya, who used to bore me about her ex-boyfriend's ten-incher (I never believed her until now) was staring at it open-mouthed.

"Hi ladies," he said. I just grinned, completely disarmed. "I'm Gino."

"I'm Gemma, this is Tanya, and this is Caroline." I said, struggling to regain my composure. I took a big swig of wine and tried to stop my hands from shaking.

Gino looked at Caroline and smiled. "Hello again," he said. She grinned at him and drew a long fingernail slowly from the base to the tip of his long cock. "Still looking good," she said, more to the penis than to Gino himself. Was it my imagination or did it swell up slightly at her touch?

"I haven't seen you here before" he said, turning to me. I explained it was my first time, to which he joked that he'd have to be gentle with me. As we spoke he edged closer and closer to me so that his cock was almost brushing my upper arm and shoulder. It was too tempting to ignore so I took it in one hand and stroked it up and down a few times. Even in its flaccid state I could just about get one hand round it. Bloody hell I was going to have to visit the Ladies again soon. I had the penis of my dreams in my hand and I wanted it elsewhere.

Now don't get me wrong, I know size isn't everything. Some of the best sex I've ever had has been with average-sized blokes, but any girl will tell you there's nothing like the feeling of being full up, and stretched just that little bit more than normal. That's why they make dildos so big. At least the ones I buy are!

Gino's member started to grow firmer in my hand and I felt him pull away, saying "He gets bigger if he likes you. And I think he does. Would you like to give me a hand later in the show?" How could I refuse? Before I could agree, Tanya and Caroline both squealed with delight and the decision was right out of my hands as Gino walked away and disappeared through a door next to the bar.

I looked around to see what the other strippers were up to, they were also pretty popular judging by the screams and cheers coming from other tables. I was amazed to see one of them standing in front of four friends who had moved their chairs round and three of them were taking turns taking him in their mouths. They were trying to get him hard, but he was either gay or had excellent control, because even though three gorgeous young girls were giving it their attention, it was still pointing south. Even so, it was a monster, if anything even bigger than Gino's. A crowd started to gather round him and his four new friends so I looked around again.

The three other guys were still holding court in different parts of the room, similarly entertaining small groups of women. Only one of them was erect, and the sight of him got me even more aroused. He was standing in front of a girl in her late thirties who you'd politely describe as curvy. She had a big tattoo of a dragon on her upper arm and was wearing a low-cut vest top that showed acres of cleavage. Despite being very far from your archetypal catwalk model, she was extremely attractive and I could see why the guy was so turned on. She had both hands round his huge member and was trying to fit into her cleavage in order to give him a tit wank. I've always wanted to be able to do that, but I'm not well enough endowed up top. The thought of it had always turned me on. Eventually she gave up and freed her huge but firm breasts from her bra, pulling them out of her top and folding them round the stripper's throbbing erection. This produced a huge cheer from the rest of the audience which brought me back to earth.

Watching such openly erotic displays of sexuality had sent me into a dream-world (the wine had certainly helped!) and whilst taking in the displays my hand had absent-mindedly moved between my thighs. I moved it away and realised that I was so turned on my pussy was dripping wet. If the action got any hotter I'd be in danger of leaving a wet patch on the seat! I took another sip of wine to try and calm myself down, but couldn't hold the glass still, my hand was trembling that much. Caroline noticed the state I was in and said "And the show really hasn't started yet!"

I asked her how Gino had recognised her out of the hundreds of women that must come into the Club. She told me that what happens in the Club stays in the Club - it was an unwritten rule that no-one ever speaks about specifics that go on. But she left me to draw my own conclusions, saying that all would become clear later on in the show.

Just as I was wondering what she meant, Tanya returned from the Ladies and I realised that although I hadn't noticed her leave she must have been gone for ages, as Caroline and I had been chatting for quite a while. All the strippers had now left the floor and the music had again started pumping. There were more girls dancing this time and it was clear that the club was now an inhibition-free-zone.

"You were a long time," I said to Tanya, noticing that her face was flushed and she had a pink glow that spread from her collar bones down to her cleavage.

"Well, you're not the only one who doesn't know what a bathroom is for," she said, giving me that impish grin again. Bloody hell, she'd actually gone to the Ladies to flick the bean, and then come back as if nothing had happened! At least I assumed she'd gone to the Ladies. And I assumed she'd been on her own... Anyway, I didn't push her any further; it was time to go to the bar for another bottle of wine before the next act came on.

After about 10 minutes the stripper who had had the attentions of the four pairs of lips came back onto the stage wearing a white naval uniform, looking a bit like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman. He danced about for a bit, commentating now and then through a boom microphone attached behind his ear, a bit like a Bluetooth headset. As he removed item after item of clothing, he whipped the all-female crowd into a frenzy. I must admit the sight of a man taking his clothes off in such a clichéd way has never done anything for me, but the anticipation of what he was about to do next was killing me!

When he got down to his tighter-than-tight boxer shorts, the dancer made his way into the crowd and took the hand of someone who was sat across from the girls that had been treating him so kindly earlier on. A pretty Asian girl wearing a white mini-skirt and matching boob-tube, who must have been about 20 at the most. He whispered in her ear a few times and feigned a look of disapproval, then disappointment. It looked as if she was turning him down, but the other girls at her table had other ideas and led the rest of the room chanting her name "Jasmine! Jasmine! Jasmine!"

Faced with such peer pressure, Jasmine eventually stood up, took a self-conscious bow, and allowed herself to be led by the hand up to the stage. All the way the stripper was speaking in her ear, and she was alternately nodding and shaking her head, obviously trying to make sense of what was about to happen.

"Looks like we've got our first volunteer," the blonde compere had returned to the stage, and she had something else in her hand, I couldn't see what it was. A chair had also appeared on the stage. "Let's have a big hand for Jasmine!" Ecstatic cheering and hooting from the crowd as Jasmine climbed the four steps to the stage.

The blonde sat Jasmine down on the chair, facing the audience and the stripper started to pose and gyrate around her. All I was fixated on was the size of the bulge in his shorts. He finished his dance facing Jasmine with his legs astride her knees, which were primly together as she sat on the chair. He placed his hands on her bare shoulders and ran his fingers down her upper arms. As his hands moved down her arms he gently took hold of her wrists and placed her hands on his backside. All the time she was grinning up at him. Every now and then he would whisper something to her and she nodded nervously. She grinned at her friends in the crowd and gently dug her long red fingernails into his solid buttocks. He reacted by thrusting his groin forward so that his bulging pouch was level with her chin. He whispered something else and Jasmine's face lit up with a mixture of fear, excitement and lust. She moved her hands to the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled them down over his bum to reveal a pair of wonderfully toned buns that could crack walnuts.

The stripper spun round so he was facing the audience with his back to Jasmine and wiggled his bum inches from her crotch, still holding her hands on the waistband of his shorts. He moved her right hand onto his bulge and she brought another big scream from the crowd by giving it a good squeeze. He grinned at her over his shoulder and nodded, pulling his legs together so she could lower his boxers and release his trouser snake. It was the biggest cheer yet, as 100 drunken women whistled and screamed at the sight of his monster cock. He danced around her for a few minutes, swinging it round like a lasso, and then stood next to her on her right hand side.

She had been cheering with the rest of us, but now gave a shy, embarrassed giggle as the object of everyone's lust came to rest next to her shoulder. He whispered something to her and she blushed. As he continued to whisper, her facial expressions went from shock, though embarrassment to excitement and then pure lust, as the blonde compere came up behind the dancer and started to fondle his hard body. It was then that I saw what she had in her hand. It was a can of squirty whipped cream and I knew exactly what it was for.

She put a blob of cream on each of the dancer's nipples and said "Jasmine looks like she likes a bit of whipped cream, doesn't she, girls?" Massive cheer from the crowd.

"Shall we see how much?" Another massive cheer and Jasmine rose from the chair just enough to lick the two blobs of cream from the stripper's chest. As she sat down the compere shook her head in exaggerated mock disapproval.

"Still loads left, Jasmine. Think she can do better girls?" The crowd cheered and whistled and the chant of "Jasmine! Jasmine! Jasmine!" started up again. Jasmine got up from the chair and put her face to his chest. She licked and sucked his nipples until there wasn't a trace left. It was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. I again moved my hand from between my legs and couldn't help thinking that if I didn't climax soon I'd explode. I looked across at Tanya and saw her looking almost as flushed as before.

The compere got to work with the whipped cream again and Jasmine used her lips and tongue to slowly eat her way from his chest to his lower belly. By now his cock was standing to attention, pointing straight out at right angles to his body. If I thought it was big before, he now looked deformed. I was sitting there wetting my knickers and lucky old Jasmine would be having her supper any moment.

The compere drew a line of cream along the length of his shaft and stood back. Jasmine hesitated, looking nervously up at the dancer, then at her friends, then at the compere. The stripper whispered gently into her ears but she grinned and nervously shook her head, whispering back to him and nodding towards her friends. The stripper took his original position facing Jasmine with his back to us, so that only those at the extreme left and right of the room could see. Loads of encouragement from the compere and loud screams from the crowd; and she eventually started to eat the cream off his dick, holding it with both hands to keep it still. I couldn't actually see her eat it but I wondered who was enjoying it more - him or her!

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