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Plantation Porn

by Samuelx©

Right now, I'm having the time of my life. What am I doing? Introducing a strong, mature Black woman named Mathilda Jean to the joys of Race Play and Interracial Lesbian BDSM. It's what she wants, deep down. That's why I've got her on all fours, face down and ass up, as I spank her big Black ass. My name is Joy O'Shea and this here is my story. I'm a five-foot-ten, slim and red-haired, alabaster-skinned Irishwoman living in the suburb of Orleans near Ottawa in Ontario. I'm queer, really into BDSM and quite dominant. And I love Black women. I just never thought my best friend and former lover Christine's mother Mathilda would be one of my Black Female Submissives. Oh, well. You just never know what people are into these days.  


I met the lovely Mathilda Jean a few days ago. She's a professor of literature at the local Community College. A big and tall Black woman with a loud voice and truly authoritative manner. Her daughter Christine Jean, a slim, short-haired and absolutely gorgeous young Black woman, has been my best friend for a while. We're both sophomores at Carleton University.

I'm one hundred percent gay and Christine is exploring her bisexuality. We've fooled around a few times. She's terrific in bed. Since she comes from a deeply conservative Afro-Caribbean family, we kept our tryst on the down low. A lot of closeted gay and bisexual women are hooking up with Female friends, classmates and roommates left right at Carleton University. We're the most gay campus in the city. Christine and I have a lot of fun together. And nobody has to know because it's our damn business.    

Christine Jean is one kinky slut, folks. She's really into BDSM and has a Submissive streak the length of the Eiffel Tower. I'm happy to help her explore it. Sometimes, I order her to get naked. I love the sight of a naked Black woman. Gets me all wet just thinking about it. I like to bend Christine over and spank her big Black ass. Other times, I finger her asshole and make her suck my strap-on dildo. She's such a good cock sucker. Most bisexual women are.

I smack her face and berate her while she sucks on my strap-on. Other times, I fuck her doggy-style, slamming my dildo hard into her pussy. I own that pussy and she knows it. Christine and I have a lot of fun together. I don't mind that she sleeps with guys on the side. We're fuck buddies not soul mates. I don't have the chronic jealousy/insecurity thing that bisexual women seem to bring out in dykes. Seriously. I like to hook up with women without drama. It's totally my thing.     One day, Christine invited me to spend a couple of days at her house. I was okay with that. Her family was nice, for the most part. Her father Derek is a lawyer and her mother Mathilda is a college professor. Her younger brother Jones is a high school football star. The only person in the family who didn't like me was Mathilda, Christine's mom. The big and tall, busty and big-bottomed, mature Black woman clearly didn't think Christine and I were just friends. It was written all over her face.

I don't blame her. Everything about me screams dyke. I've got short hair, tattoos and I like to dress like a guy. I work as a security guard at Saint Laurent Mall to make a few bucks. Nobody will ever accuse me of being the most feminine woman on the block. Still, I don't know why Christine's mom had to be such a bitch around me. Mathilda is definitely one of those loud-mouthed, arrogant Black women I'd only seen in television shows, B-movies and occasionally the local bus. I didn't quite know how to handle her.       Still, if Mathilda thought I was going to stop being me simply because I was spending a couple of days at her house, she had another thing coming. I am not the type of person to engage in unnecessary confrontations but I don't let women or men walk all over me. One day, while Christine was out, I had a talk with her mom. Mathilda was cooking in the kitchen, wearing a Black T-shirt and what could only be called booty shorts. For a moment she looked so hot and tempting that I found myself a bit distracted. However, I got hold of myself and asked her why she was so aloof and distant to me. I've treated Christine's whole family with respect.

I really have. I mind my manners when I'm at other people's house. Especially my friends. So what was her problem? Mathilda crossed her arms and looked me up and down. It is hard not to feel intimidated when this big and tall Black woman stares at you. I met her stare, and waited. Mathilda told me that she knew her daughter Christine and I were more than friends. I wasn't surprised that she knew.

I've never really gone out of my way to hide what I am or what I feel. I am a gay woman. I accept it. I don't care what the world thinks of me. The world is full of morons anyway. I am fond of Christine. Not going to deny it. I told Mathilda what her daughter and I did together was nobody's business but our own. Mathilda laughed, and told me that I was a spunky one. I nodded. I've got to have spunk. It's not easy being a Butch woman in Ottawa. Everyone tries to push you around. Including the gorgeous mothers of women you've slept with.    

Mathilda told me that she knew the exact details of what I did with her daughter Christine. When I heard that, I actually blushed. Did she really know every detail? Did this conservative Black woman know that I spanked her daughter and fucked her with my strap-on dildo? Apparently so. For a moment, I found myself actually speechless. I steeled myself for what I knew was to come. I told Mathilda that I was a dominant Butch woman and I handled Christine the way she liked to be handled.

And I didn't apologize for it. I respect Mathilda since she's Christine's mother but I will not bow. Not to her. Not to anyone. It's simply not my nature. Sorry but that's the way it is. Mathilda smiled and asked me whether I had ever dominated an older woman. I shook my head without thinking about it. Little did I know that she was offering herself. Does that surprise you? It surprised the hell out of me too. Not in a million years would I have seen it coming.     Apparently, Mathilda Jean was an even bigger freak than her daughter Christine. Can you believe this shit? The stuff that woman was into amazed even me. Mathilda, the prototypical stern and demanding Afro-Caribbean family matriarch was a woman with deeply Submissive fantasies. Imagine that. And she wanted to explore them with someone. Not one to turn down an opportunity, I volunteered my services.

Mathilda Jean took me up on my offer. I was ecstatic about using my abilities and skills on an older woman, folks. Mathilda was a very eager Submissive. She had a fantasy where she played the role of Black Female Slave to a Southern White Plantation Mistress. Wow. This was a new one, even for me, but I handled it rather well. A true dominant knows how to adapt to the fantasies of a Submissive. You've got to roll with the punches, as they say where I come from.  

I ordered Mathilda Jean to strip before me and inspected her. In my best Southern accent, I criticized her for being a fat Black slut. I called her a ghetto whore with a fat ass, and a dumb cunt. When she didn't respond, I smacked her hard across the face. Mathilda blinked in surprise after I smacked her. I smiled. Hey, I'm just getting into character. I then bent her over and spanked her big Black ass. I took out my belt and whipped her. I whipped her big butt, her thick legs, her back and even her face.

Mathilda screamed as I punished her. It's what she deserves for being such an arrogant Black slut. Afterwards, I spread her chubby thighs and fingered her very hairy pussy. She was all wet. I knew I turned her on. Lots of mature Black women have a thing for young White women like myself. I whipped out my thick strap-on dildo and made Mathilda get on her knees before sucking it. I find it only fitting that she should kneel before me. I am her White Plantation Mistress and Mathilda is my Black Female Slave.  

For the grand finale, I put Mathilda on all fours and make her spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Then I finger her asshole before lubing it up. I slip two fingers up Mathilda's asshole and she squeals in delight. I knew she'd be into it. With a big ass like hers, she's got to be. After a while, I replace my fingers with my strap-on dildo. Gently, I ease it into Mathilda's asshole. The big and tall mature Black woman groaned as I penetrated her asshole.

I laughed and spanked her ass while fucking it. Clearly she was no stranger to butt fucking. I gripped her wide hips and thrust my dildo deep into her ass. Face down and ass up, that's the way I like to fuck my Black Female Submissives. And they love it! I smacked Mathilda's big shapely ass as I fucked her. I berated her constantly, and she seemed to get off on it. We rocked like interracial lesbian domination was going out of style. Later, I pulled my dildo out of Mathilda's now gaping asshole. I spat in her asshole, then made her clean my dildo with her tongue. Like a good slut, she did as she was told. Watching the big and tall, mature Black woman polishing my dildo with her tongue turned me on so much that I came. It was awesome.    

Since that day, Mathilda and I meet regularly for fuck sessions. Christine doesn't know that I'm banging her mother behind her back. And Mathilda and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a lot of fun with them. Separately, of course. I'm having the time of my life this year. My grades are really good. I'm actually starting to think of Carleton University as home away from home rather than a temporary thing. I'm learning and having fun. And it's all thanks to my awesomely dominant ways.

In this life, some of us aren't afraid to go for what we want. Partly because we're insatiable opportunists. That's just how we roll. My name is Joy O'Shea, formerly of Toronto but presently of Ottawa. I'm a Dominant Irish Lesbian who loves Submissive Black Women. If that's you, please holler! I'll spank you, berate you, fuck you hard with my strap-on dildo and treat how you know you want to be treated. I have special treats for Butch Black women who are exploring their Submissive side for the first time. You won't regret it. That's a promise.

Written by: Samuelx

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