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Open Marriage Chronicles Ch. 04

by brother_gabriel©

Chapter 4 -- Erotic Agreement

The mall was nearly empty on the weeknight, and He and Heidi were alone in Frederick's of Hollywood looking at all kinds of naughty lingerie. The store clerks were beauties in their own right, and shot dagger looks at Heidi when she turned her back, and looked longingly at Josh.

Heidi picked out a half-dozen outfits, and took suggestions from Josh, gathering several more. They went to the dressing rooms, and Josh waited outside as Heidi tried on the underwear one by one. As she would get one on, she would call him over, and give him a three-hundred-sixty degree view of her breathtaking body in three mirrors. His cock jumped to attention on the first outfit, and never slackened throughout.

The clerks walked by a few times, passing close by Josh trying to catch his eye. The one girl, model-skinny with a perfect ass, walked by him and into the back room. She emerged a few minutes later, and her barely-visible panty line had disappeared, and her pussy lips were clearly visible in the stretchy black material. She sashayed by, giving him an earthy, knowing smile as his cock twitched.

Heidi tried on everything, making Josh hotter and hotter as she went, and she enjoyed the torture. His looks were making her wetter and wetter, and she feared she must buy all the sets, now soiled from her leaking snatch. Josh helped Heidi settle on a few new pieces, the ones that showed her assets to the best advantage, and were the dirtiest ones she picked.

On the last set, Heidi pulled Josh into the dressing room and kissed him deeply, grinding her crotch into his straining cock. A soft cough from outside the door brought her to her senses, and she pushed him quickly outside. She changed quickly back into her street clothes, and they made their purchases. He gave the clerk a wink and a sexy smile, and she glowed with pleasure.

He guided Heidi toward their favorite restaurant, and they sat at an intimately-dark booth in the corner and ordered their drinks and food. After two strong drinks, he felt a soft foot play along his thigh. Heidi found his semi-hard cock with her foot, and rubbed him to rock hardness.

"Tease," he chided.

"Pervert," she retorted.

"Slut." It was a long-established ritual, an old joke that had become habit when they didn't know what else to say. Heidi pouted in mock hurt and sulked, cradling her breasts in her arms and pushing them up and together. Josh's cock strained as her nipples hardened under her blouse, and her foot rubbed gently over his swollen head.

"I may not be able to last until we get home," he said.

"Well, we might be able to work something out in an emergency," she said, innocent and dirty at the same time. They ate in comfortable silence, and Josh thought of the best moment to spring his knowledge of her adultery. He decided to let the situation play out; in case she became angry and stopped the seduction she had obviously began.

It was dark in the car ride home, with a light drizzle and no moon. Heidi let her skirt ride up high on her muscular thighs, teasing him. A soft hand snaked over and cupped his balls, his erection surging to life.

"You'd better do something about that woman," he growled. "It's a long way home, and you've been a little cock tease all day."

"Oh, a cock tease am I?" she said, letting go of his cock. "Well, if that's the case, I should let you suffer."

"No, please baby," Josh pleaded. "I need you to lick me."

"Like this?" she said, tossing her mane of hair to one side and bending down in his lap, giving him a perfect view of her little pink tongue swirl around his shaft.

"Yes," he whispered. "More. Suck it." She opened her mouth and began taking his length into her mouth, sucking and licking and nibbling his head and shaft. "Deeper."

Heidi opened her throat and took him deep, milking him expertly. He looked down at his little slut sucking him off on the highway, and was mesmerized by her tongue dancing on his cock. He nearly slammed into a truck in front of them, and Heidi released his cock with a slurp.

"Concentrate on driving pervert," she said, pulling her dress back down and settling into her seat.

"You dirty little whore!" he exclaimed, buttoning his pants carefully around his straining cock.

"If you keep saying nasty things like that to me," she chided. "I'll just let you suffer."

They pulled into the garage, and he followed Heidi into the house. Tossing her new lingerie onto the counter, Josh grabbed his wife roughly and shoved her face down onto the dining room table. She squealed a little, but did not fight him.

Josh pushed her short skirt up to her waist, and took a handful of flimsy panty, and gave a mighty pull, tearing the underwear off her. Heidi cried out in surprise and pleasure as she was roughly handled. Josh held her bare ass steady as he guided his hard cock into her pussy. She was incredibly wet, and he slid into her to the hilt with no effort.

"I'm gonna fuck my little slut's pussy," he growled into her ear. He reached around and pulled her shirt off, roughly pulling her tits out of her bra cups. Tweaking the nipples, he hammered into her sloppy pussy. Heidi cried out in ecstasy, loving the dirty talk and the rough treatment. She was bad, and wanted to be treated that way. "Squeeze my cock, slut. Your pussy is loose."

Heidi cried out as he grabbed her ass and rubbed a thumb over her asshole, something he'd never done before. "Yes," she cried out, clamping down on his cock with all her might. He continued to pound her.

"Are you my slut?"

"Yes." Josh rubbed her clit with one hand, and her asshole with the other, and she felt her orgasm growing.

"You shaved your pussy today," he observed.

"Yes. Please, more."

"Do you want me to keep going?"

"Yes," she moaned.

"Do you want me to cum in you?"

"Yes, fill my pussy."

"It's been a bad pussy.


"It needs to be punished," Josh growled, pulling his cock out of her and releasing her clit.

"Yes!" she screamed. "Please don't stop." Josh slammed himself back in her, ramming against her hips with his and knocking her down onto the tabletop. She lay on the table, helplessly squirming against the hammering of his cock.

"Bad little pussy,"

"Yes, punish it."

"What have you done, little whore?"

"I've been bad. Punish me." He diddled her clit a little more, and she sighed.

"How bad have you been, slut?"

"So bad." He resumed rubbing her asshole and increased his pressure on her clit. She was nearing orgasm.

"Have you had another cock in you today, slut?"

She tensed, orgasm rolling over her violently, and screamed. "Yes! Yes! YES!!"

Josh bellowed as he dumped an enormous load of semen into her abused pussy, filling it to overflowing. Great streams of cum leaked out around his cock, and ran down her legs. Josh pulled her roughly to her feet, and pushed her onto her knees. He grabbed her head, and forced his cock deep into her throat. She resisted at first, then sighed and sucked hard on his cock. Now clean, he pushed her away.

"So you admit to fucking the neighbor boy," Josh said.

"Yes," she said eyes a little wide, but hard challenge floated just under the surface. "He was a stallion. He was hung like a horse and could go for hours."

"I know," he said. "I watched you two together, you little whore."

"Hey pot, you're black too," she said. "I saw you fuck the hell out of that little Asian honey at the office. Josh's eyes widened. He didn't think she knew, but that explained the odd, almost grudge-fuck they'd had last night. Real hurt came into her voice. "What is it? Am I not giving you enough pussy at home, or is she that much better a piece of ass than I am?"

"It's not like that," Josh said, genuinely not wanting to hurt her. He really did love her. "It just happened. I was never home, and wanted to be with you, but timing never worked out. One thing led to another, and Lilly came to work with me, hot as hell and flirting badly with me. Late one night, she seduced me."

"Oh, so you had nothing to do with it?" she asked, angry and clearly not believing a word.

"No, I probably would have come on to her, but I'm senior to her, and was afraid of a sexual harassment suit," he said. "Anyway, I'm sorry to have hurt you, but it really had nothing to do with what you were or weren't doing. It was my fault. It made me so excited, though. After I was done I came home and saw you lying in bed, naked, and had to have you. Think about it. We've had sex more in the last three days than in the last six months."

"How many other people have you fucked that I don't know about?" she demanded.

"None, I swear. By the way, I should ask the same of you."

"Today was the first time I've had sex with anyone but you." She said and her voice was solemn. Josh believed her.

"I watched you fuck him, and was never more excited in my life," Josh admitted, fishing for a way to salvage the situation. "I wanted you to bring him to our room and fuck him there, while I watched."

"Really?" she asked, disbelieving. "Remember last night?"

"How could I forget?" he replied. "You were gorgeous; incredible." Heidi blushed slightly.

"I went to the spa and got fixed up, and put on the outfit you saw me in. Then I put on my fur coat and drove out to your building. I got to your office and heard you and that woman. I peaked in and watched you two fuck. It made me mad, but hornier than I've ever been before. I came home and attacked you, partly in jealous anger, partly in out-of-control lust."

"And today?"

"Well, I figured what's good for the goose is good for the gander," she said. "I was tired of taking care of myself with a dildo in the morning, so I saw Mark out there working, and I decided to try to seduce him. He really is a stud. You're better, but watch out. In a few years, the street will be crowded with pussy lined up for him."

"Invite him back over tomorrow," Josh said quickly.

"Are you serious?"

"Dead serious," he said. "I'll set up hidden cameras and watch from somewhere. I really want to watch closer, so I think I'll rig something up. Maybe install a one-way mirror or something."

"We could put one on the closet door," Heidi said, her mind racing and getting aroused at the thought of her husband watching while she was fucked over and over by the young stud. "That way we'll get a full-length view of the room."

"We?" he asked, confused.

"Of course," she said. "I want to watch you fuck your little honey again."

"Her name is Delilah, Lilly," he said.

"Fine. Lilly," she said. "This could work."

"It already has," Josh said. "We just proved that."

"Well then, go get the mirror," she said.

An hour later found Josh sawing a huge hole in their closet door, directly in front of the king-size bed. The one-way mirror was installed in a frame, and then bolted to the door, giving a perfect view of the room. Upon seeing the view, Heidi pulled Josh down onto the floor of the closet and impaled herself on him. She rode him until he came in her, and then he sucked her to climax, tasting himself in her.

Josh also ordered a closed-circuit, state-of-the-art surveillance system, and installed cameras all over the house, and most of the grounds. He didn't want to miss anything, and this would let Heidi have escapades with anyone, anywhere, and he could see it later on their 6-foot projection TV. It would be almost as good as being there. The cameras' resolution was better than most movies, and the recorders could hold five days worth of footage.

Josh called out sick the next day, and Heidi called Mark over to 'help her move some boxes.' Josh hid in the closet with a chair and waited. The cameras would not be installed for a few days, so for now, the closet would have to do. Josh's heart pounded as he sat in the closet, thinking about the scene he was about to witness.

"Good Morning, Heidi," Mark said as he climbed the back steps into the house.

"Thanks for coming over, Mark," she said. "I really could use your help with some boxes."

"My pleasure," he said darkly, referring to what he hoped to receive for his services. She led him into the basement, and pointed out what she wanted moved, and where to put it.

"I've got a few things to take care of, so let me know if you need anything, and come find me when you're done," she said. Heidi left him to his imagination, and he began hefting boxes from one side of the basement to the other. It was useless busy work, nothing more than an excuse to get him over to the house. She went to the bedroom, and freshened up a little. She dipped a finger into her burning cunt, and found ample moisture already flowing there.

Mark finished in minutes, and climbed the stairs, hopeful for a repeat of the previous day. Heidi was wearing more today, but not much; a halter top and short-shorts, with her perpetual high-heeled sandals. Her nipples strained against the top, evidence that she wasn't wearing a bra, and he could see no panty lines in her painted-on pants, suggesting no underwear there, either.

He found her bent over her dresser, looking in a lower drawer for something, her ass calling to him. He walked over and rubbed his rock-hard cock into her supple ass, and pulled her hips to him. "How about my payment, baby?" he said. "Job's done."

"Well, I think that price might be a little steep, don't you think?" she retorted, straightening up and spinning around. "Besides, I'm a married woman, and yesterday was a mistake. It can never happen again." She smiled inside as his face fell; he was acting exactly as she thought he would.

"Yesterday was amazing," he began, trying not to sound as desperate as he felt. "I never stopped thinking about you. I had to beat off like ten times. I couldn't sleep. I need you, Heidi. Mr. Whitmer will never know. He's always at work. For all you know, he could be cheating on you. Please, I need to have you."

"Well, you're probably right," she said, not sounding entirely convinced. "And you were amazing yesterday. Do you think you're up for a repeat?"

"Always," he said.

"Like the Energizer Bunny, huh?"

"Pretty much," he said, and pulled his shirt over his head, making sure to flex his chest to full advantage. "Now get over here. I'm in the mood for some serious fucking."

"Such a dirty mouth," she said, smiling. Her pussy was doing flip-flops as she watched her teenaged lover undress. Heidi ran her hands all over Mark's muscular chest, and stood on her tip-toes and kissed him deeply. His hands were on her instantly. He grabbed the front of her shirt in two hands, and gave a hard pull, and it tore in half with a loud ripping sound. Heidi gasped at the unexpected violence, but was turned on by it.

Heidi dropped his pants, and he stepped out of them. Mark turned her around, and pushed her down onto the bed, bent at the waist. He peeled off her tight shorts, and grabbed two big handfuls off ass, and squeezed. Heidi sighed and spread her legs a little, allowing him access to her burning pussy. He took the hint, and drove his tongue into her wet little snatch, probing and caressing her inner folds. She screamed in pleasure as he teased her clit, his nose tickling her sensitive skin near her asshole. It didn't take her long to have a wrenching orgasm.

Josh was naked in the closet, and was slowly stroking himself as he watched his young neighbor eat his wife's pussy out. He was a little jealous over Mark's cock. It was quite a bit larger than his, and tended to stretch Heidi's pussy out. That was alright, because once this was all done, it wouldn't take him long at all to blast her pussy with his cum.

Mark flipped Heidi over and rubbed the massive head of his cock over her pussy lips, and she leaned back, spreading her legs wide to accommodate him. She made sure they were turned so that Josh could see both her body, and Mark's cock penetrate her. She was very vocal, more so than usual for his benefit. She never felt so dirty in her life.

He grabbed both breasts in his hands, and tweaked her nipples. Heidi arched her back, and grabbing his cock, pulled him inside her, fast and rough. His head caught some resistance, and her inner lips were pulled inside her, stuck to his dry cock. Heidi bit her lip in pain as his monster cock drove into her, but relaxed as her pumping lubrication soon made his cock slippery and smooth inside her. Mark made a few tentative strokes, spreading her juices around, and then slammed into her for all he was worth.

Mark threw his head back, savoring the feel of her silken vise squeezing his cock as he slid in and out of her. He lifted her legs up, squeezing them together. Mark grunted as her thighs rubbed his shaft as he pulled out of her pussy, and squeezed her love canal tighter, giving him more friction. Heidi crossed her legs slightly, enhancing the tightness, and closed her eyes, concentrating on the feeling of his big, heavy balls banging into her ass, and his meaty shaft rubbing her thighs, her lips, and her pussy.

He didn't last long. Within a few minutes, Mark dropped her legs and reached around, lifting her off the bed as he rammed himself hard into her, breathless and desperate. He cried out as his orgasm took him, shuddering as spurt after spurt of hot semen bathed Heidi's insides, and her pussy muscles clamped down over his over-sensitive head.

Josh stroked himself hard and fast in time with Mark's cock driving in and out of Heidi, and came just before Mark did, spraying his seed all over the closet door. He saw spots of light for a moment as the force of his orgasm drove the breath out of him. The passionate couple five feet away didn't hear him, for all the noise they were making. He stroked himself slowly, enjoying the afterglow and the show that was still going strong on the bed.

Mark pulled his still-hard cock out of Heidi and lifted her off the bed. His semen ran down her legs as he pushed her face down onto the bed. She held herself on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass in the air, begging for his cock. He obliged her, sliding the length of his cum-slick cock into her sloppy pussy. His cum, combined with her flowing juices, made her cunt smooth and open, and he slid in with little resistance.

Heidi cried out as he slid slowly into her burning love box, rubbing her front wall with his think shaft. Mark fondled her breasts as he fucked her slowly, savoring the feeling of her pussy gripping his cock as he sank into her warm depths. Heidi rubbed her clit with her fingertip, feeling the oozing cum on her fingers. Her orgasm came fast, fueled with the energetic sex, and she tensed, screaming as it rolled over her. Mark slowed his strokes as her pussy contracted around him, but redoubled his effort as the spasms slowed. Heidi collapsed on the bed as he slammed into her, driving her into the mattress.

Mark grabbed her hips and drove himself into her, riding the wave of his own orgasm as she brought him over with her squeezing muscles. He added another load to her dripping pussy, and reluctantly withdrew. He rolled her over, and kissed a wet line down her neck, over her breasts, and down her stomach. He looked long and hard at her freshly-fucked pussy, and drove two fingers deep inside her, feeling his cum as well as hers. He bent down and flicked her clit with his tongue, tasting himself on her. He tongued her to another orgasm, and then climbed off the bed, leaving the tall blond on the bed, spread-eagled with his semen running out of her pussy, soaking into the mattress.

"Same time tomorrow," he said, making it a demand rather than a question.

Heidi said nothing, as she could barely move, much less argue. Not that she really wanted to. He dressed and left, locking the back door behind him.

Josh emerged from the closet, hard as a rock and ready for a piece of his wife. He slid his cock up her leg, and she whimpered, in a half-hearted effort to stop him. He ignored her. This was part of the deal. He got her whenever he wanted her, as he was her husband.

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