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Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 08

by oldhippie1949©

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After the morning yoga class, we returned to our room to find Santo overjoyed to see us. He jumped on the bed and rolled over as Amy and I scratched and massaged him. He was one happy dog with his tongue hanging out to one side.

"Are you looking forward to this party, Davy?"

"Not really, hon. I think I'd rather snuggle with you and Santo right here where I am."

"I'm feeling lazy, too. Let's go and see where it's at and maybe we'll slip out early. How does that sound?"

"It works for me. I also feel like eating light tonight. I feel like I've been at a bacchanal for this last couple of days."

"I hear you. Good idea about dinner."

I leaned into her and kissed her softly. I tasted her lips and we just held each other close and kissed.

"God, you are a great kisser."

"Shit! I'm just warming up. You want a good kiss? 'Cause if you think that's alright, what do you think of this?"

For the next half hour, we kissed for all the money and damn, if it wasn't delicious. We fell asleep in each other's arms until the dinner bell rang. I picked up the phone and ordered a spinach salad for myself and a Caesar salad for my Amy. She wanted merlot so I added that. About fifteen minutes later, our food arrived and, on our terrace, we ate until the rain started to fall. The rain fell straight down in large drops that kept a rhythmic beat. We listened to it. I sang to her.

"You and me and rain on the roof,
Caught up in a summer shower,
Dryin' while it soaks the flowers,
Maybe we'll be caught for hours,
Waitin' out the sun."

Amy joined in perfect harmony.

"You and me underneath the roof of tin,
Pretty comfy feelin' how the rain ain't leakin' in,
We can sit and dry just as long as it can pour,
'Cause the way it makes you look makes me hope it rains some more."

"Ok, how 'bout this one?"

"Down here where the river meets the sea,
In the sticky heat I feel you open up to me,
Love comes out of no where, baby, oh, just like a hurricane,
And it feels like rain, And it feels like rain...

...Batten down the hatches, baby,
Leave your heart out on your sleeve,
Looks like we’re in for stormy, stormy, stormy weather,
That ain’t no cause to leave,
Let it wash away the pain,
And it feels like rain, And it feels like rain,
Baby can you feel it, can you feel it,
It feels like rain,
Let your love, let your love come down,
Oh, down on me."

"Oh, I like that one a lot. Did you write that?"

"I wish I did. No, that's a John Hiatt song. I love it a lot." I was ready to kick into the Beatles' "Rain" or Randy Newman or Ann Peebles or any one of a million other rain songs when Carla knocked.

Amy let her in with a "Hey baby, where ya been?"

"Oh Denny and I had a fun day. We went shopping in Palm Springs and pissed away a bunch of money."

Amy went into their room to check out Carla's booty. Denis walked in to join me. I poured wine and he lit up.

"So I hear you bought up the town."

"If you mean that I bought a t-shirt then I guess so. Carla, on the other hand..."

"Money well spent, my friend, money well spent. Think you'll get laid tonight?"

We went on with this banter interspersed by laughter. Occasionally, we would hear whoops coming form the other room and we'd start laughing again.

"I don't know about this party tonight, Davy, I'm whipped. We came back, took a shower and passed out. I see that you had the same kind of dinner we had. All this good living wears you out."

"We were just saying the same thing. And we might leave the party early if we begin to sag."

"Yeah, us too. When are you leaving and where's your next stop?"

"Tomorrow, we have to go into town and check out our trailer. Then I want to head over to the Betty Ford Clinic to see some friends. We'll probably head to L.A. on the day after. Mark asked me to appear at a fundraiser he's doing on Saturday. Anyway, that's the plan."

Amy and Carla came back into the room. Carla was modeling a lingerie set she bought. It really showed her finer points.

"You look excellent, Carla."

"I'm wearing this tonight. You think I'll hook up?"

"Nice talk, wifey. Don't forget the sugar daddy who bought it for you!"

"Oh, like I didn't earn it!"

"Carla, come help me get dressed and let's leave these boys be."

They went off to the dressing room/bathroom while Denis and I shot the shit. Finally, Amy and Carla reappeared and Amy simply took my breath away. She was wearing a diaphanous harem outfit. It was violet with a matching violet thong and a tiny little bra that allowed her breasts to pop out. It just barely covered her nipples.

"Oh, baby, you look amazing! And I have the perfect thing to wear, too."

I ran into the dressing room and I found an outfit that I'd never worn before. It was a gift from an old girlfriend and I really don't know why I packed it but I did and now was the moment to wear it. It was a purple satin boxer shorts with a matching satin hospital orderly's shirt. I walked out to gasps.

"We are too fucking hot, you know that don't you?"

Denis came from his room wearing pajamas with a light blue ticking pattern. We took some pictures of each other and I fixed up Santo. Then we headed out to Callie and Tony's house. Fortunately, the way was covered and then indoors so we stayed dry.

Callie met us at the door with a tray of champagne glasses. There was a small crowd of around twenty people in the living room. Lillian was dancing with Tony and Mark was munching on some tapas. Several of the people we recognized from the yoga class and a few from around the pool icluding a couple of TV and Movie celebs.

"Davy, I wish you had brought your guitar. I could listen to you all night!" yelled Lillian from across the room.

"Not tonight, sorry. But I don't mind if I dance a bit!"

I grabbed Amy and we began to ballroom dance over to her.

"You know, you two make a striking couple. It is easy to see that you love each other. How long have you been together?"

Amy smiled and said, "Today is our two week anniversary!"

Tony proposed a toast and we bowed.

"That's all? You act like you've known each other for years."

"Actually, we have except we didn't know it," I quipped, "but I honestly believe we were made for each other." Amy and I toasted each other.

"And I agree," Lillian smiled, "I think you could teach the class a few things. You both emit a very powerful aura."

"Gee, no one ever said that to me before!"

"Me neither. Thank you, Lillian. We enjoyed your classes."

"Well, then come tomorrow afternoon. I expect a small group and I think you will both love it."

She kissed us both and moved toward the fruit bar. Amy and I kind of looked at each other with quizzical eyes.

Tony jumped in, "Well, that was pretty intense for Lillian. I'm impressed...Here, let me show you around.

Tony took us into the living wing. The house seemed to be laid out in an odd way. It was on one side of the resort and it opened into it. With lots of windows and terraces and rambling hallways, this was not a house designed for privacy. Obviously, it was a house for what you might call your basic party animals. One terrace was already in use with the pool, tub and outdoor bar happening. It was an impressive but peculiar (for me anyway) place.

He lead us back to the large party/main room. "Oh, there you are,", shouted Callie. "I was looking for you three. I was afraid you went to play without me!"

Amy jumped in. It seemed like she couldn't wait. "No, no, Callie, not at all. We were just getting the Grand Tour. But, I must tell you, there'll be no playing for me tonight. I'm feeling a bit distressed."

Callie's face turned into a deep frown. She whined, "I so wanted to do you tonight. Last night was fun but it was silly. I really wanted you tonight."

Amy gave Callie a deep kiss. Holding Callie's chin, she whispered, "I promise you that tomorrow night, our last night here, we will be back and we can do whatever you desire...but tonight, you pretty thing, you have to let me recover, okay." Amy kissed her again.

"So we will have you both all to ourselves tomorrow night then. Tell you what, let's have dinner here, okay?" said Tony and it was agreed.

We made our way around the party for about an hour. Everyone was nice and relaxed. As groups seemed to meander towards the more private parts of the house, Amy gave me the high sign. I went to take her hand to lead her out, I looked for Callie and Tony but they were nowhere to be seen. Lillian saw us and came dancing over.

"Are you folks leaving?"

"Yes, Lillian, I'm not feeling very well and I'd just like to lay down."

"Yes, I know, dear. Let me feel your head..." She pulled Amy's head down and pressed her lips softly on her forehead. "You have no fever...," she paused and looked Amy squarely in the eyes, "...except the one you have for your man. Now go tend to that and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. "Go along now."

Amy and Lillian exchanged knowing smiles and we left. It was still raining and we hurried back to the room. I had stashed some canapes and tapas in some napkins and Santo was mightily surprised to see his treat.

As I walked into the bedroom, Amy was undressing. "I'm sorry you're not feeling well, babe. Is there anything I can do for you, anything I can get you? You know, let me see if Room Service has any hot chicken soup..."

"Davy, relax. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm perfectly fine. Come over here and sit down next to me, I'll explain." I did as I was told. I was curious. What did she have to say that was so serious?

"Tonight, I don't want to play. Tonight, I want to make love. Do you understand? I mean, yes, we've been having great sex and this place is like a Disney park for fuckers but that's not where it's at for me tonight."

"Yes, I understand exactly, hon. I feel the same way. When we got to the party, my first thought was 'I don't want to share her tonight. I want her all to myself.' but I let it pass."

"I thought the exact same thing, I swear. I wonder if it happened at the same time?"

We laughed and hugged. "Ok, I will draw you a bath, my love. I'm going to walk Santo and then when I return...well, you just wait."

I ran her a bath in the large rectangular tub. I added the scented oils that were so thoughtfully provided. As it filled, I watched as Amy undressed and hung her clothes. She saw me watching and teased me with a slow strip. When she finally stood naked in front of me, I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the bathroom, dipping her slowly into the tub. As she moaned taking in the soft warmth, I placed a small inflatable pillow under her head. I then floated in the scented petals, also thoughtfully provided by the management. I left her to her bliss and I slipped away to walk my buddy.

Santo took his sweet time and I was antsy to return. When we returned about twenty minutes later, we were both soaked from the warm rain. I took some towels and dried him off. I took off all my clothes and left them in a heap on the floor. I walked into the bedroom to find Amy sitting on the balcony loveseat, sipping a glass of wine. "I'm showering," I yelled out.

A few minutes later, I joined her. The balcony table was set out with plates and covered dishes. "I hope you don't mind but I ordered this from my marvelous bath, it's called "The Lover's Late Night Snatch-er,Snack! Here, taste this." It was a bite-sized chocolate topped bun filled with whipped cream and it was a very indulgent treat - just like the rest of this resort. She poured me a cup of coffee, milked and sugared the way I like it and then she poured a heavy shot of cognac into it. I like it this way, too. I looked at the covered dishes and began to examine each one. Satisfied with my options, I sat down on the loveseat next to her. I reached over and dipped a strawberry into the chocolate sauce. I offered it and Amy enjoyed slowly biting it and licking it and my fingers, too. She dipped her fingers into the whipped cream and fed them to me. We played with the food and the drink for quite some time, getting bolder and more erotic each time. She took my four fingers and rubbed them round her wet pussy, then dropped a gob of whipped cream on my fingers and said, "My newest creation. A moi petit-four."

"Mighty tasty," as I shoved them in my mouth.

"It's okay, you can talk with your mouth full."

"Mmmmph, mmmmph," showed her my tongue filled with whipped cream. I took a large dollop from the bowl and stood up. I opened my robe and put the cream on the head of my dick. "Go ahead, talk with your mouth full." Her lips seemed to take their sweet, and I do mean sweet, time, licking and cleaning me.

"Mmmm...mighty tasty."

She poured more champagne. There was a tag on the bottle that read, "Feel better. Callie and Tony". It was a bottle of Bollinger. We played with the food as we touched and caressed each other on the loveseat. I realized that we were utterly private as our balcony was a floor above everything else. We could hear people rushing through the rain to get to their rooms and we could also hear the more distant sounds of people making love. Our overhang kept us dry but the humidity of the warm rain and its constant rhythm only turned us on more and heated us up.

My leg was up on the loveseat and Amy was in my arms and we were kissing. The food no longer interested us. Our mouths were glued together, our tongues entwined. Her breasts rubbed my chest and as she straddled my leg. The feeling as she dripped along my knee and up my thigh was just incredible.

"I need you, Davy Harper. Now that I have you in my life, I'm never letting you go. I want you to know that. And I want you to know that there is nothing you can do about it. You have no say in this matter. Period."

I gave her a look like I was impressed. In fact, I was.

I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the bedroom and slid her under the turned down covers. She rolled me onto my back and continued her sliding, only now her body was slowly sliding over mine. Our kisses traveled around our heads. I again found that I enjoyed her earlobes. Her hand slid over my stiffy and she slowly slid onto it. We held each other close and kissed passionately. I could feel her subtle vaginal movements pulling at my cock. My cock involuntarily reacted by throbbing against her walls. We continued this for some time. Her kissing mouth and her warm, snug vagina seemed to inhale and exhale together. She opened her legs wider and I sank into her. My hips began to shake as I thrust myself but she wraped her legs around my hips and pushed her heels into my butt. She pulled me back up to her mouth and rolled me over. We began a synchronized sort of wave with me on top. Her kisses were torrid and our hips were in cadence. I could go no deeper as my orgasm began to vault up from my balls. My toes began to curl. We were now bouncing together.

"Oh, here it it comes." I began to violently shoot my cum into her bowels. I was like a machine gun spraying the St. Valentine's Day Mob. Amy's orgasm exploded under me. Her body shook as she pulled me deep inside her. Her tongue sucked mine as I felt her warm cum stream over my cock and down my balls. "I love you, baby. I love you."

We were both panting. Sweat dripped down between her breasts falling along my chest. We were cheek to cheek and we were slowing down and catching our breath. Her words of love in my ear made me hold her tighter.

"And I love you, my Amy."

"Davy, I never felt this before. I feel like my soul has this hole that has been filled. I love you and I need you. I need to be with you...all over you. I'm afraid, I suffocating? Am I suffocating you? Is this really love? Is this infatuation? Can this last? Am I making you crazy?"

I started to say something but she put her finger on my lips. "I have never had sex like this. With you, I am lost in it. I can feel my eyes roll up, I swear...But it's also this thing inside me that wants you so much...I like being beside you."

"Amy. I'm going to say something that I never thought I'd say again but Amy, I could marry you. Live together. Be partners. Be together. It's all because I not only love you, I like being with you, you're my friend and most of all, I have a big problem with distrusting people and questioning motives but with you, I have none of that. I trust you implicitly. You have no motives. This thing between us is really, really pure."

"I agree. Let's just keep doing what we're doing only now, it's official. I feel so good in your arms." she was whispering in my ear again and her words were breathy and deliberate. "I only want us to be in love forever, that's all. We do stuff together so naturally. I told you this before but I feel like we're both on the same side, watching each other's back. And when we make love, it is so far beyond feeling good."

We made love again and the second time around was just as good as the first. We were more active and we came sequentially. We fell asleep holding each other. Sleep came fast and deep as it often was since we met.

We awoke early and after showering, had our morning coffee on the terrace. Amy was on the phone while I checked the web. Happily, the YouTube video was still growing rapidly. That video was such a pleasant surprise to me, especially since the whole event came out of nowhere. I also checked my portfolio and was even more pleasantly surprised to see my assets still soaring. I moved a sizable sum into my personal credit fund. Amy hung up the phone as I finished my business and logged out. She was bubbling over and I suppose I was smiling, too.

"What is it that can make you smile so wide?" I asked.

"I just spoke to Artie, my business manager and Louis, my accountant and a big deal just closed making me more stupendously wealthy. I'll tell you about it after you tell me what's making you smile so wide?

"Okay, two things: first, the YouTube video is still racking up the numbers and becoming viral, if it isn't already and B, my investments are going wild and I just moved about a half a million into my credit fund. How's that?"

"Well, aw reet, handsome! I think we're scoring big time today. The golf club I bought, the one that Sally and Stevie have the know..."

"Yes, I remember."

"Okay, so I added five large parcels I owned to the club property in order to expand the courses and some of the facilities. So over the past few days, we secured Trent Jones to design the course, we sold the Inn rights to The Four Seasons (but not the food rights) and finally, several wheels have invested. But that's not all..."

"Geez Louise, Amy..."

"I asked Artie to check out the RV dealership and he came back with some very interesting information. Will you do me a favor, Davy?"

"Whatever you ask, darlin'"

"Will you let me handle the dealer if we have any negotiations? In case we can upgrade our ride?"

"Upgrade the ride, huh...I've been thinking about that, too, especially since being in Carla and Denis's ride. Sure. Okay. Why not? You go, girl! These RV suckers can be very expensive, they suck money and they crash in value after one mile. You can run this show. I don't mind. I'll just look and nod. If I blow my nose, it means I want to have a private conversation with you, ok?"

"Agreed. But don't blow your nose too much, it will look silly."

I snickered. We dressed and headed off to the RV dealership. As we were heading toward our rental car, a horn sounded and we quickly turned to see Denis smiling at us from the front of his big RV. He pulled to a stop and Carla ran out.

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