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My Loving Master Ch. 01

by NekkedKittyCat©

My LovingMaster was getting ready to go to work and ordered me in the shower before he returned me to my chains. I obediently walked off to the bathroom, jiggling my ass just as he likes. I could feel his eyes on me as I sauntered down the hall. As I closed the door behind me, I caught him in the corner of my eye returning to the bedroom probably to get dressed for work.

It felt good to stretch - breathing deeply and exhaling - stretching my arms, my back, and my legs - oh gawd yes. Just the little bit of freedom from the collar and chains felt good. I do enjoy being chained by my Master, but today it felt good to be totally naked.

After my long stretch, I bent over to turn the water on for the shower. How I would love to take a long, steamy hot bubble bath. I know my Master needs to get to work so a shower will have to do.

I step into the hot steam - oh it feels so good. The water streaming down from my head to my toes. I start by lathering my face - mmmmmmm - water running down. Then soaping my titties - oh yes - feels wonderful. My belly is next and then my legs. Always save the best for last. Shampooing my hair next and rinsing.

Since it didn't take too long, I take the shower massage off the hook and turn the hot water down so it's nice and cool. The water feels good on my pussy. I put the massager on high and spread my pussy lips. This makes me moan. The water from the shower massage beating on my clit is almost too much for me to bear. So I run the pounding water up and down my slit, spreading my legs wider. Oh that feels so good. The water pounding my pussy lips and over my clit. . . just about to the edge, then I slide it up and down my slit...near my hole. My legs are getting weak so I squat.

I do not know that my Master has come into the room. I am so wrapped in pleasuring myself that I do not notice. He is angry at first ready to burst in and ask what is taking so long, but he sees what his slave is up to and stands quietly watching.

The water pounds on my clit. I press the head of the shower massage against it. Ooooooh that feels sooooooooooo good. Sliding the head up and down my slit - water pounding my pussy. I am near and turn it back onto my clit. My hips start pumping - faster and faster - my eyes glaze over and I know I am soon to cum. I press the showerhead tight against my hole - the water squirting up into me. I can=t hold it back anymore and let go. Cum squirts out and my pussy throbs. I finger fuck myself as the orgasm increases - how intense. I cum over and over again and am about to lose it when I hear my Master clear his throat. Uh oh, I am in trouble now.

"Enjoying your shower my little one?", he asks.

I nod my head as my eyes drop. The shower massage is still pulsing against my throbbing clit. I can only imagine the punishment I will receive for this indulgence.

My LovingMaster steps closer and gently takes my face in his hands, raising it so we are eye-to-eye. I see the lust, love, and slight hint of annoyance. I am in for it now – I can just feel it.

"I did not give you permission to indulge yourself this way."

He takes the shower massage from my swollen clit and hangs it back up.

"Do you know what this means my kitten?"

His hands lightly travel down to my breasts which are heaving from the intense orgasm. His fingers reach my nipples, encircling them at first, then pinching them hard.

"Let's see – how shall I punish you."

The water is streaming down my inflamed body. His fingers still pinching my hard nipples - I feel another orgasm about to burst. I have to hold it in – I cannot let my body betray me for I know my punishment is coming.

He replaces one hand with his tongue and I moan. He gently bites my nipple as a warning. Oh my ... I can feel the heat traveling to my throbbing pussy. His hand moves down my belly, pauses. I can't take much more and My Loving Master knows this. I don't dare cum yet.

He pushes my clit with his finger and holds it there. My legs are shaking so badly – I hardly notice the water getting colder. My eyes roll back in my head. He bites the other nipple and growls under his breath.

"Is this what you want?" "Say you want to be fucked."

"Yes Master – I want to be fucked."

"That's better my slave."

He brushes my lips with his, still pushing against my swollen clit with his finger, moving it slightly every once in awhile. I am so caught up in the moment that when he slaps my ass hard it brings tears to my eyes.

He turns me around and tells me to bend over. The water is freezing now but I do as I am told. Even though I'm expecting it, I am startled when he spanks my ass again. The water making it sting more...but he is not done yet.

Out comes the cat-o-nine tails and off goes the water. I'm standing there, bent over, shivering, but my body is red hot. He trails the whip over my ass lightly as I prepare myself for the sting. He spreads my legs further apart and caresses my ass with his hand. I close my eyes bracing myself. The tails crack against my ass – the pain searing through me. The pain exciting me – inflaming me.

I am not prepared for what happens next. A finger is shoved into my ass and the shower massage head is pulsing once again against my clit. The cold water feeling like heaven on my pussy. My Master pumps his finger in and out of my ass and the shower massage is going full force against my clit.

I ask if I may cum and my answer is a sharp crack on the ass.

The shower head is dropped and I am lifted out of the shower rather roughly. My Master drops me on the floor and orders me on all fours. I obediently do as I am told, expecting to be fucked.

Three sharp cracks of the cat-o-nines on my ass brings me back to reality. I hear my Master laugh.

"Play with your clit, Slave!" he shouts.

I stroke my engorged nub, shivering with cold and lust. I want to thrust my fingers into my hot, wet pussy. As I begin to do so, another crack on my ass.

"Not until I tell you to."

"Yes Master", I reply.

His hand is caressing the cheeks of my ass. Another crack of the tails and yet another. I'm about to explode.

My Master reaches under and pinches both nipples hard, whispering against my neck, "You will not disobey me my love."

In one swift movement, I feel him thrust inside my throbbing wetness as he roars in delight. His cock thrusts in and out of my pussy – wild and fast. Deeper and deeper with each thrust. My ass grinds into his groin, pushing back against him with each thrust. My fingers still stroking my clit. Oh, the intensity I am feeling.

He pounds my pussy hard and fast. He pushes my hand away and begins stroking my clit keeping with the rhythm of his cock. I am getting close to cumming and he knows this. In a quick motion, his cock is replaced by his fingers pumping in and out of my pussy and his cock slides into my ass. I moan in delight.

"You love this, don't you slave?

"You love when your Master fucks you."

"Yes, yes, yes Master."

His thrusts increase and I can feel myself tensing. "May I please cum Master?"

"Only when I tell you."

He pounds my ass, grinding his hard cock deep. Three fingers are pumping my pussy and then it happens. He grazes against my G-spot and I instantly explode. My love juices shooting out, coating his fingers. He does not stop, wrapped in his own ecstasy. He slides out of my ass and into my soaked pussy. He pounds my pussy with his cock, holding my hips now, pulling me towards him. I can feel him at his full length, throbbing, pulsing inside. Thrusting, fucking me hard. He explodes with a roar, filling me with his hot spunk. His hot, throbbing cock driving into me deep, rotating his hips, filling me. At this I have another orgasm that shakes my entire body.

He pulls out of my hole and slaps my ass. Without warning, the collar is back on and I am led to his bed.

I'm thinking to myself – this is not such a bad punishment after all and I smile.

"Now my pet, come here." "It is time for me to leave for work."

"I don't have time to properly punish you. That will come later. For now, you will lie in my bed and wait for me."

Aaaaah, a soft bed where I can stretch out instead of chained to the hard floor.

As I climbed into his bed, the wrist and ankle cuffs came out. I was secured to the bed, spread-eagle. My Master placed a huge vibrator against my clit and pussy. Clamps were snapped on my nipples. A large feather was hung above my breasts – just touching my nipples and a fan was turned on that made the feather lightly brush over my nipples.

My Master is watching me as he is "preparing to leave for work". The huge vibrator is secured touching my clit and the speed is turned on to the medium setting.

With a passionate kiss on the lips, my Master leaves me for the day.

The combination of the feather brushing over my nipples and the vibrator against my clit is driving me crazy. Waves of intense pleasure are going right to my breasts and my pussy.

My whole body is once again on fire. My clit is rock hard and jumping. Heat is spreading deep in my womb. I think of how my Master just fucked me. His cock so deep in me. Pounding against the walls of my pussy, grazing my G-spot. Oooooooh yes!! I can feel the upward climb to that place where pleasure waits. My insides pulsing, throbbing. My clit so hard and sensitive. I lift my head just a little and just in time to see my juices shoot out. Such an intense orgasm. Cummm shooting everywhere and not able to stop.

I lay back and doze for what seems hours, but when I awake it has only been 15 minutes. The vibrator is still working at my pussy and I am once again aroused. It doesn't take me long to cum this time and I soak the bed once again.

My nipples begin to feel sore from the constant motion of the feather and the clamps pinching them. My clit remains swollen, engorged, and inflamed. I continue to get aroused and cum many, many times.

A visit from my Master at noon surprises and pleases me. I can't wait for him to remove the cuffs, clamps, and vibrator. He saunters into the room with a huge grin. No words are spoken. He releases me from my bonds and points to the bathroom. I rise from the bed on very shaky legs, exhausted from the morning's activities.

I relieve myself and clean myself up. My nipples and clit are red hot and sore. A cool washcloth relieves some of the pain.

I am led once again into the bedroom where I am allowed to sit for a few minutes. My Master rubs my shoulders and brings me some water and a few crackers to nibble on.

I am ordered back onto the bed and with sad, pleading eyes look into my Master's eyes. He points to the bed and I obey.

The cuffs are secured on my wrists and ankles once more and he leaves the room. I sigh with relief and start to doze off.

I'm awoken by a silk scarf being slid over my eyes and tied. I feel the bed move and a finger in my hole. Though still sore, I smile in the darkness of my blindfold.

My Master is very bad today, but I love it when he is bad. I am being finger-fucked and my nipples are being licked and sucked. Somehow this is a little different. My body arches forward wanting his cock inside me. A tongue travels down to my belly, circling my belly button a few times. Then down to my pussy. Hands are now caressing the insides of my thighs as his tongue replaces his fingers.

Oh how I love to be licked. Passion is flowing through my veins once again and I am on fire. My hips start to pump up and down on his probing tongue. My pussy muscles squeeze and release his tongue. His finger strokes my clit.

I am surprised by another set of hands on my titties and then startled as a tongue traces my lips probing them open for a deep, passionate kiss. The blindfold is removed and my eyes fly open just as a hard cock is slid into my mouth. It is my Master!! But who is licking my pussy??!!

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a head full of red curls in between my legs. Her tongue is licking up and down my slit. Flicking over my clit like a snake. Then diving into my hole and sucking. My body betrays me. My hips are thrashing now.

My Master's hard cock is fucking my mouth. A finger slides into my ass and that is my undoing. I cum all over this lovely lady's tongue. My juices shooting out – she laps at my hole sucking all my juices. My entire body is writhing in heat, passion, and pleasure.

My Master moves to my hole and fucks me hard. It doesn't take him long to cum. His cum explodes deep in my womb.

He is quick to withdraw. There is no other person in sight. Was I dreaming this??

My Master wipes the juices from me with a cool washcloth. No, this is not a dream.

The clamps are replaced on my nipples. My Master is kind enough to slick my clit and pussy with gobs of lube. The vibrator is positioned to just graze my clit and the speed is set to high.

To my dismay, I see one of my Master's favorite "toys" has been moved into position. It is his favorite fucking machine and has provided me with hours of pleasure. Pleasure I don't think I can handle right now. The machine is set automatically to thrust slow and shallow a few times, then fast and deep. I look at him with pleading eyes.

No – don't leave me all afternoon with this. I don't know how much more I can stand. I was still throbbing from the love-making.

He turns the machine on and watches my face as the first few thrusts enter me. He silently leaves the room - not to return until dinner time.

Tears are running down my face. I am being fucked by this machine. Slow, shallow thrusts into my already throbbing pussy. Deep, fast thrusts leaving me writhing on the bed. My hips try to keep rhythm as they arch upwards. In and out – In and out. The vibrator grazing my once-again engorged nub.

I am in heaven!! The thrusts are so deep. Grazing the walls of my womb. My pussy muscles gripping and releasing. I can feel myself letting go, ready to explode. I explode with such intensity. Cum spewing, running down the crack of my ass. Oh gawd. I cum over and over again.

Spent I try to sleep. I only catch a few minutes here and there and am beginning to get sore from being fucked so much. The machine is still going and it's been hours. Each orgasm gets more intense.

Finally, the timer dings and the machine stops, but it stops inside of me. My pussy keeps contracting around it. I fall asleep in wait for my Master's return.

It seems like I just fell asleep when I feel smooth, gentle hands removing my cuffs and clamps. The vibrator and fucking machine have been removed. My Master washes my pussy gently with a cool washcloth.

"Now my love, have you learned your lesson?" I nod my head, still exhausted from the day's punishment.

He lifts me and carries me to his chair, where he sits me in his lap and wraps his arms around me. I begin to quiver and began sobbing.

"Ssh my little one. I am here now. Relax my love. You have had enough for one day."

We slept like that for a few hours. When I awoke, I kissed my Master's lips for I know he likes being woken up like that. His smile warmed me inside.

He ran a bath for me and I enjoyed soaking in the bubbles with the jets on gentle. We had a leisurely dinner before it was time for bed.

I walked into the bedroom, bringing my collar and chain to my Master. He shook his head and told me I was to sleep with him tonight.

Wrapped tightly in his arms, we both fell asleep until it was once again time for my morning shower.

Would I "play" again . . . What do you think??

Written by: NekkedKittyCat

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