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Making Love to My Daughter

by MisterReason©

At that moment, I didn't care. I had mounted my daughter like an animal and was humping her hard. It was so warm and tight that I feared I would cum right away, but I managed to last longer than I had even hoped.

When the end came and I could hold back no longer, I let my dick spurt my seed deep into Annie's rectum. Either the twitching of my member or the sensation of my cum made Annie's body jerk in response, and it was only after my dick began to slither out of Annie's bottom did I speak.

"Are you okay, kitten?" I asked, finally lifting my body off of my daughter.

Annie rolled over, looking at me with a dazed expression.

"Can't believe you did that," Annie gasped just before reaching up and smothering me with kisses, swirling her tongue around my own, even after what I had just done to her. "That was so awesome."

"You liked it too?"

"Omigod! Didn't you hear me cum?" Annie exclaimed.

"I was too - gone myself," I explained. "I never did anything like that before."

"Me neither, obviously," Annie told me. "Your dick felt so good in my ass that I couldn't believe it. And your tongue? Wow! I'm glad my fat ass is good for something."

"It's not fat," I said, tickling Annie's ribs and making her giggle. "It's a great butt."

"Okay then," Annie said. "If you can call my butt great, then I can call your dick great too. Deal?"



The next night, I came into Annie's room and we repeated the previous evening's activities. This time, I was able to tell when Annie came, helped along by her fingers working on the other side of the membrane I was poking into. As we held each other tightly afterward, Annie asked me a question.

"Daddy, how come you don't want to have me - you know - the regular way?" Annie asked. "Is it because my pussy is so hairy? I can trim it, or even shave it if you want."

"No, that's not it at all kitten," I said quickly, letting my hand slide down and rake through the thick bush that covered her delta. "Remember, I'm an old man, and back in my day women were allowed to have hair down there."

"I had trimmed it before the prom, so Tim wouldn't be grossed out," Annie explained. "But it grew back so fast, and since he kinda dumped me after that it seemed like a waste of time."

"I think it's wonderful," I assured her.

"Then why don't you want to make love to me like that?"

"I don't know. Guilt, maybe?"

"Daddy, if you're worried about crossing a line or something, I think that putting your tongue and dick in my ass probably obliterates any boundaries that might have existed."

"I guess you're right," I agreed. "Tomorrow night?"

"Goody!" Annie said. "What so great is that there's so much we haven't done yet. That doesn't mean I haven't loved what we've done the last couple of nights though."

"Same here."

"Do you really like it?" Annie said. "Licking me down there?"

"Yes," I said honestly. "I had never done it before last night, but after I started - I have to admit I'm hooked. It's just so nasty and wrong that it turns me on."

"Get up," Annie said. "On your hands and knees."


I assumed the position that Annie had requested of me, knowing full well what she was about to do, yet when I felt her hands grab my balls and start to knead them, and could sense her breath on my puckered ring, I was still shocked.

"Oh!" I groaned as Annie's tongue first dabbed at my anus, and then poked inside, causing my whole body to shudder. "Can't believe this."

Indeed, the sensation was so unlike anything else that I couldn't control myself. The minute Annie's hand left my dangling nut sac and reached up to grab my cock - a cock so hard that it was curling up to my stomach, I came.

My cum spurted out onto the bedding, but even when I stopped cumming, Annie kept at it, still pulling on my now-flaccid tube while her tongue probed as deep as it could. I felt like Annie was milking me, the way her hand stretched out my limp dick to the maximum, and the way I was feeling, I knew that I would be able to get it up again pretty soon.

When I felt my cock begin to stiffen once more, I crawled out from my daughter's clutches and put her on her back, climbing on top of her.

"Did I do okay, Daddy?" Annie asked. "Did I lick your asshole good?"

"Omigod yes!" I gasped, smothering Annie with kisses, and we practically devoured each other's tongues as we ground into her each other. "It was the most amazing thing I ever experienced."

"I liked doing it just as much as getting it," Annie said.

My cock was semi-turgid, and as I gently rested myself on Annie, I rubbed my cock into the hairy delta between her legs. The hair was so thick and dense and inviting around my cock that I kept getting harder each second.

"I was going to shave - or at least trim my pussy hair for you," Annie said as she ran her hands through my scalp while I buried my face between her titties.

"Please don't - don't ever. Not for me at least," I gasped, nibbling her plump nipple. "I love hairy pussies."

"Even one as hairy as mine is?"

"Especially one this hairy," I assured Annie, running my fingers through her lush forest.

"I shaved everywhere else though," Annie said.

"Don't care about that either," I whispered, moving my tongue over from Annie's breast and letting it slide through her underarm.

I held her bicep down and licked her smooth armpit, the moist silkiness against my tongue making me rock hard, and when she shivered and giggled I kept going.

"Omigod! You're licking my armpit, Daddy," Annie said, squirming as I licked and even let my teeth nibble gently at her fleshy armpit. " That makes me so hot. You're hard again. Put it in me."

"I want to taste you first," I grunted, feeling like an animal. "Want to eat your pussy."

"I want it," Annie said. "I'm wet. I'm so wet."

Suddenly, I felt Annie's free hand reaching down between my legs, and I was inside of her, just like that. My cock slid into her dripping wet opening all the way, while Annie squealed with delight.

"So good," Annie said as I moved all of my cock into her. "You feel so good."

My cock was inside of my daughter, and as I felt the tip of my member hit the back wall of her sex, I realized that not only was I in her to the balls, I was also not wearing protection.

I couldn't stop. To my everlasting shame I could not stop, but even I wanted to I don't think Annie would have let me. Her hands were clutching my ass, ans as she dug her nails into my buttocks I thrust into her harder and faster.

"Oh!" Annie gasped. "Your dick feels so good, and you're so big. I can hardly take it all."

The squishing sounds that I made each time I drilled deep into her kept getting louder, and then Annie was screaming, cumming hard as her teeth sunk into my shoulder and her plump legs wrapped around me.

I was cumming too, sending volley after volley of my seed into her womb, until I had no more to give, and only then did I ease down onto Annie, our sweaty bodies slippery and warm together.

"Was it really good for you, kitten?" I asked.

"Oh Daddy, that was so good," Annie said with a smile. "That was so much better than with Tim."


"Really. And your dick is plenty big too," Annie said. "I don't know where you got the idea it isn't. You went so deep, and you hit the right spots too."

"I didn't wear a condom," I said, feeling the guilt. "As I remember back in the day that they don't stay on me very good anyway."

"That's okay," Annie said. "I'm going to go to the doctor and get on the pill. Until then, I guess we'll take our chances."

I suggested that we cool it until then, but Annie would have none of that, so we kept at it. Claire was gone most nights, and the nights she stayed home we found ways to do it. In the garage, in the basement, anywhere we could. We fuck like animals sometimes, and there isn't anything we haven't done to each other.


"Tim called me the other day," Annie told me after we made love tonight.

"Oh," I said, feeling a rush of jealousy even though I knew that our love was only a fleeting thing and that someday she would find someone she could live a real life with. "Are you going to go out with him?"

"I don't know," Annie said as I kissed her breast. "We just talked."

"I understand," I said. "This - what we're doing - can't go on forever."

"I suppose," Annie said. "I suppose I should tell you this, but I had a dream last night. It's kinda gross."

"In that case, you have to tell me," I said, nuzzling under her arm.

"Well, in this dream, Tim was on his back and I was straddling him," Annie said.

"Was he inside you?" I asked.


"Did it hurt this time?"

"No, it felt good, but that wasn't the best part,' Annie told me.

"There's more?"

"Yes. You were there."

"Watching?" I asked, and I have to admit to being a little interested in seeing my daughter getting impaled by this horse-hung guy despite myself, wanting only to see my baby happy.

"At first," Annie said. "Then you got onto the bed and climbed on top of me, and you put that long hard cock of yours deep into my ass."

"While Tim was still in your pussy?"

"Yes, I was so full of cock that I was going crazy, and you two fucked me until I passed out. Sick, huh?"

"Sick? I don't know about that," I said, knowing that while I could never actually do that with Tim, the fantasy was arousing me.

Then again, if you told me a couple of months ago that I would be having sex with my daughter every night, I wouldn't have believed that either.


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Written by: MisterReason

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