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Wife's First Threesome

by flash122©

This is my first attempt at writing a story. I might continue with other stories if I get some good reviews on this one.

I met Marie on the Internet on a swingers site that I had signed me and Ann up for. We had been looking for a woman to have a threesome with. I sent her a message to see if she was interested. She sent a message saying that she was interested. We exchanged messenger ID and started chatting on there as it was faster than email. We set up a date to meet in person.

We decide to play "Anything Goes" to break the ice. It's an adult game that anything goes, just like the name says. We start the game off and Ann is the first to land on a command space. She has Marie kiss her for 15 seconds. Marie is the next to go. She lands on a space where she has to remove a piece of clothing. She takes off her shoes to start with. I am the next to land on a space to remove a piece of clothing. I take off my boots. We are soon almost completely naked. All I left is my boxers. All Ann has left is her bra and panties, as does Marie.

Marie is the first to lose her bra. I land on a command space and have Ann suck on Marie's nipples for 30 seconds. As she starts to suck on her nipples, a look of ecstasy comes over Marie's face. I can tell that she is enjoying the sucking that is going on.

I am the first to get completely naked. Ann lands on a command space and has Marie suck on my cock for 60 seconds. It feels like a bolt of lightning shoots up my cock when she starts to suck on my cock. The 60 seconds is up, I don't want the sucking to stop it felt so good.

Marie lands on the remove two pieces of clothing space and ends up naked. Ann lands on the other remove clothing space and ends up naked as well. We still have a couple rounds to see who is going to win the game.

I'm the next one to land on a command space. I have Ann eat Marie's pussy for 60 seconds. Watching my wife eating another pussy is really hot to watch. We decide not to finish the game and move the fun into the bedroom.

Ann and Marie go in first. I have set up Ann's laptop in the bedroom with the webcam hooked up. I get mine fired up and start watching the webcam on my computer. I see Ann and Marie come into the room. They start off with a bit of light kissing and feeling each other up. Ann slides her hand up to Marie's tit and starts to massage it. She moves down and takes one nipple in her mouth as she massages the other one. Then she moves to the other nipple and takes in her mouth. Marie is moaning with pleasure. Marie slides her hand down and starts to play with Ann's clit. Ann starts moaning with pleasure.

Ann starts to kiss her way down to Marie's pussy, as she opens her legs I can see her pussy is just boiling over with juice. Ann runs her tongue up and down Marie's pussy. Sliding her tongue in and out of her pussy. Then Marie has her turn around so they can sixty-nine it.

Ann and her maneuver into a 69 position and start going to town on each other. I can tell that Ann is loving what Marie is doing to her. After a few minutes of eating each other out, Ann reaches over and grabs her strap on from the night stand, and hands it to Marie.

My cock is so hard it's hurting. I put my computer aside and walk into the bedroom. When I walk in Marie is just starting to slide the strap-on into Ann's pussy. I reach out and start to play with Marie's pussy. I slide a finger into her pussy as I massage her clit with my thumb. She starts to push harder as I play with her clit.

She starts to moan with pleasure as does Ann. From the sounds that are coming from Ann I can tell she is loving it. I tell them to roll over so Ann is on top and I can fuck her in the ass as she rides Marie. They get rolled over. I bend down and start running my tongue around Ann's puckered hole. I put some lube in my hand and coat my cock with it. I put some on Ann's ass and slowly insert my finger. She moans even louder.

I position myself behind her and put my cock at the entrance to her back door. I slowly push the head of my cock in her ass. I can feel a little resistance as I enter. I hold still to let her muscles relax a bit before I completely enter her.

I push in a little farther with each thrust. Ann starts pushing back against me. Every time she raises herself off the strap on she pushes back against me.

I can feel the strap on as I fuck her in the ass. The sensation of it is driving me up the wall. I know that if I keep it up I'll shoot my load. I don't want to cum just yet. I want this to last for awhile.

I pull out and slide to the foot of the bed and start stroking my cock. I grab baby wipe to clean up with. As I'm cleaning up, Ann let's out a scream of ecstasy. She climbs off Marie and collapses beside her. I ask Marie if she wants her fantasy of being tied up fulfilled. She readily agrees.

I tie up her hands and feet so she can't move. I move up and start nibbling on her right tit as Ann does the same thing to her left one. I can hear her moan as we continue to suck and nibble on her tits. I reach down and start to massage her clit with my fingers. She starts squirming as I push a little harder on it.

Ann grabs her dildo from the drawer. I move my hand and she starts to play with Marie's pussy with it. She slides the dildo in and starts to work it in and out. I grab the vibe from the drawer and start to use it on her clit. We get her to the point where she is just about to cum and then we both stop. We do this 3 or 4 more times. Ann pulls the dildo out of her pussy and starts to kiss her way up to her tits again. I stop playing with her clit with the vibe and start kissing the inside of her thighs.

I move up and start to kiss her pussy. I run my tongue up and down her slit. I find her clit and it is engorged from being so turned on. I start flicking it with my tongue. Her moans are getting louder and louder the more I eat her pussy, and Ann sucks on her nipples.

I slide a finger in her pussy as I lick her and nibble on her clit. Her moans get louder. I start fingering her pussy faster and lick her clit faster. All of a sudden she screams that she's cumming and floods my mouth with her juices.

I untie her hands and feet. Her and Ann tell me to lay down on the bed. I lay down on the bed as instructed. Then Marie ties me up and says now it's my turn. She starts to suck on my cock. Ann straddles my face, and starts to grind her pussy into my face. It doesn't take Ann long to cum, drenching my face with her love juices.

I am to the point that I am just about ready to cum when Marie stops sucking my cock. She says, "Not yet." She moves up and starts to suck on Ann's tits. After a couple of minutes she straddles me and reaches down and guides my cock into her wet pussy. She slides down on my cock and sits there for a minute. She looks at Ann and says, "Fuck me in the ass while I fuck him."

Ann puts on the strap-on and gets behind Marie. She puts some lube on the strap-on and the puts some on Marie's hole. She put the head of the strap-on at the opening. I can feel the strap on start to slide in. Marie moans with pleasure as the strap-on slides in. She starts to rock back and forth on my cock as Ann fucks her with the strap-on. Marie's breathing starts getting faster and heavier. Her pussy clamps down on my cock as an orgasms slams through her. Between the pressure of her pussy and the strap-on moving in and out.

I warn them that I'm going to cum. Ann pulls the strap-on out and Marie climbs off my hard cock and starts pumping it up and down quickly. She aims my cock towards her face, and picks up the pace and the pressure of her hand. I start feel my balls tighten, and I know any second I'm going to blow.

She pumps it a couple more times, and I start shooting my load all over her face. Ann leans over and start clean up Marie's face with her tongue. The site of my wife licking my spunk off Marie's face turns me on. I know I'm not going to be able to get it back up for awhile.

Marie unties me so I can get up. She moves over to Ann and starts kissing her. Then she moves down to Ann tits and starts sucking and nibbling on one while massaging the other with her hand. Ann reaches up and starts to tweak Marie's nipples. They both start moaning. Enjoying what the other is doing.

Marie leans back pulling Ann with her. She reaches down and guides the head of the strap-on to her soaking wet pussy. She looks at Ann and says "Fuck me and fuck me hard."

Ann starts to slowly push the strap-on into her pussy. Marie grabs Ann's ass and pulls her to her. Ann starts pumping in and out of Marie's pussy. I'm sitting at the right angle, that I'm getting a full view of what's going on. Watching my wife pound in and out of Marie is really turning me on.

Marie starts moaning with pleasure. Ann starts pounding her harder. Marie starts to get louder. The louder she gets the harder Ann pounds her pussy with the strap-on. Marie finally screams that she is cumming. I see her whole body spasm as an intense orgasm rocks her body. Ann pulls the strap-on out, and takes it off.

She lays back and Marie takes the strap-on and puts it on. She leans over to Ann and kiss her full on the mouth. I can see there tongues intertwine as they are kissing. She reaches down and start so slide the strap-on into my wife's wet pussy. Ann moans with ecstasy as Marie pushes the strap-on into her.

Marie starts pounding Ann's pussy. Ann starts moaning louder and louder. She screams, "Fuck me, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD, FUCK ME." I start stroking my cock as it starts to get hard again. I climb up behind Marie and start rub my cock up and down her pussy. I slide my cock into her waiting pussy. I start pumping in and out of her pussy my balls slapping clit with each thrust. I can feel her pussy muscles start to tighten their grip on my cock.

I pull out and slide my finger in and start rubbing her G-spot with my finger. Her pussy tightens around my finger as another orgasm shoots through her body. I feel Ann's body shake as an orgasm rocks her body. Marie pulls the strap-on out and takes it off. She tells Ann that she wants to 69 with her again.

Ann straddles her face, and Marie starts to eat her pussy. Ann bends over and start to lick Marie's clit. I get behind Ann and slide my rock into her hot waiting pussy. I can feel Marie's tongue with every stroke. I start pumping Ann harder and faster. Ann starts moaning with pleasure as I fuck her pussy and Marie licks and sucks on her clit.

Marie starts moaning as Ann plunges a finger into her pussy. I can feel Ann's pussy start to tighten up on my cock. I know Ann is going to cum again. I start pounding her pussy harder. With Ann moaning into Marie's pussy. She starts moaning. I can feel the vibrations from her moaning and it puts me over the edge. As I start to cum I pull out and jack off on Ann's ass.

The three of us collapse in exhaustion. We lay in the bed catching our breath. I must have dozed off because the next thing I know I'm opening my eyes. I look around and neither of the women are in bed. I get up and head to the bathroom.

As I step out of the bedroom I hear moaning coming from the front room. I quietly walk down the hall and peer into the front room. As I peer around the corner I see that Ann is on the floor with her face buried in Marie's pussy. My cock comes to attention almost immediately. I start stroking my cock as I watch Ann eating pussy. Marie has her head tilted back and her eyes shut.

It's obvious that she's enjoy the tongue lashing that Ann is giving her pussy. She grabs the back of Ann's head, and pulls it in deeper. Her body stiffens with an orgasm. After she comes down she releases the back of Ann's head. She stands up and helps her up onto the couch.

Marie starts at Ann's tits and kisses her way down to Ann's wet pussy. I can see Ann's pussy lips and they are glistening with moisture. I can tell she is really turned on. Marie starts to lick her pussy up and down flicking Ann's clit with each pass.

I start to pump my fist up and down on my cock. I can feel the cum building up. Ann starts moaning with pleasure as Marie gives her a good tongue lashing. As Ann's moans get louder I can't hold out much longer. I start cumming I stick my hand up and catch most of it. I go to the bathroom as quickly and as quietly as I can, and wipe off my hands.

I crawl back into bed and drift off to sleep again. I wake up some time later with Ann laying on one side and Marie on the other. I reach down and start to play with Ann's pussy, while I start to lick Marie's pussy up and down.

Both women stir as I start licking faster and start fingering Ann faster. They start moaning with ecstasy. Just as I look up I see Ann lean over and start french kissing Marie. I stop eating Marie and start eating Ann as I finger Marie's pussy.

Ann starts moaning as I eat her out. I crawl up and start to slide up on the bed, but the women have other ideas. They pull me up to them and start kissing their way down. When they get to my cock they take turns sucking on it. As Ann would suck on my cock Marie would pump it, and vice versa. The site of two beautiful women sucking on my cock is almost more than I can handle. Every time they switch my cock jumps on it own accord.

They stop sucking on my cock and both of them start pumping it fast. I warn them I'm going to cum and they pump faster. Marie sticks her mouth over the head of my cock, and I start shooting my load. My cum lands right in her mouth. She bends down and starts sucking my cock. I keep shooting my load and fill her mouth with cum. She pulls Ann to her and starts kissing her. Letting my cum run into Ann's mouth. Ann swallows all of it.

They crawl back up and lay down next to me. We all drift into a blissful sleep.

Written by: flash122

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