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Anal Punishment Ch. 03

by VictoriaCollins©

Jase bucked and tried to free himself from his restraints. It was a useless endeavor. The table was inherited from my grandparents and was sturdy. His restraints were strong. He was bent over our dining room table ass up and there was nothing he could do about it.

It was the contents of the bowl that had set him off. I could understand why. I had spent days researching the perfect toys for this final humiliation. Jase needed to lose all control.

I pulled out the first toy. It was a black rubber vibrator specifically designed for a man's ass. Although not huge, it was big, and consisted of three parts. The shaft was titled so that it would rub against Jase's prostrate. The second prong was designed to massage his taint. The third prong massaged his ass cheeks and sphincter.

Ignoring the screams of distress coming from my husband I inserted one finger into his anus to check it. It was completely closed back to normal and only mildly lubricated from the Vaseline I had rubbed on after his last enema. I wiggled a finger around, thinking.

"You have two options. Your ass is pretty dry. If you continue to buck and squirm I'm going to insert this dry," I say, waving around the dildo. "If you hold still I'll lube it. You want me to lube it."

"Please don't do this, Maggie, please," he said, begging, no trace of pride left. In response I lifted the hairbrush from it's hiding place on a dining room chair and without warning landed a direct hit across his left cheek.

"It's going to happen. Your only choice is to determine how it happens."

After a long moment he replied, "I'll be still."

Damn good thing. I lubed up the toy and spread Jase's ass cheeks with one hand. With the other I slowly pressed the tip into his anus.

"Oh God, oh god, please," Jase cried from the table. I kept going, slowly working it all the way in.

"Okay, baby," I said softly, right before I turned the vibrator on at its highest setting. Jase pulled against the restraints, trying to escape from the invasion going on against his prostate, perineum, and ass. It was useless. He kept screaming, but after a minute or two I noticed an erection spring to life between his hips and the table. Perfect. I slowed the vibrations down to medium and slowly worked the dildo about halfway out. I waited until I felt Jase slightly relax, and then I rammed it back into place. I was rewarded with a scream.

I turned his face to look at me. "You are very hard," I told him. "Very hard. It's because of what's going on in your ass. Soon I will decide its time for you to have an orgasm...." "No!"

"And it will be because you enjoy having your ass filled. I won't touch you."

He kept repeating no, but as I kept working the dildo in his ass I noticed he started crying softly. Good. He was breaking. As soon as he was utterly submissive and broken I could stop. I kept varying the speed of the dildo and moving it slightly until I could feel his legs start to vibrate. He was ready. I turned the speed down slightly and left it alone for a moment, and then I pulled it halfway out, turned it on high, and rammed it back in.

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD," came forth from my husband's lips at the same moment that huge load of semen shot out of his dick.

"No control, Jase. Not even of your orgasms," I said as I pulled the dildo from his ass. Without ceremony I picked up the eight inch monster with a three inch circumference that looked disturbingly like a real penis. I pressed the head into Jase's ass easily enough. This time he didn't protest, but just kept crying. The sobs turned frantic as the shaft stretched his anus.

"It's tearing me apart!" Jase screamed. I went slowly. Finally it was balls deep inside of my husband. I left it for a moment to let Jase adjust to its girth. Then I grabbed it by the balls, jerked it from Jase's ass, and rammed it back in.

I'm sure the neighbors heard the scream. I worked the huge dildo back and forth for a few minutes more. He was still screaming when I turned on the vibrator as I continued moving it in his ass. He came again, this time without me forcing the issue.

Soon the screams stopped, replaced by gut deep sobbing. His muscles went limp, and only the restraints kept him from sliding to the floor. Finally I pulled it from his ass one last time. One last thing, and I could take Jase upstairs, get him into bed, and give him the comfort he needed to receive and I needed to give.

"Jase, I'm going to untie you and help you upstairs to bed. Your punishment isn't quite over, but the rest you can take in bed with my holding you.

"Please, please," was my only response. I untied him and released his hands from the handcuffs. He could barely stand up, and I had to almost drag him up the stairs. He was not able to walk normally. Soon he was laying face down on the bed.

"Your punishment was to last for twenty-four hours. I'm going to let you finish it here with me, but this is also going to be painful, Jase." I pulled out the new, large butt plug that he had worn home from the sex shop. Instead of using lube on it, I thickly coated it with Vicks.

Jase's ass accepted the plug easily, and for a moment he was quiet and still. Then the burning sensation kicked in, and the crying resumed.

I took my clothes off and crawled into bed next to my husband. Soon Jase's head was on my shoulder and he lay on his side against me.

"I'm so sorry, Maggie," he cried as I rubbed his shoulder. "I'm so sorry."

"I love you, baby" I answered in response as I moved his hand down between my legs so he could see just how I turned on I was by the day's activities.

Jase inserted two fingers deep inside of me, twisting and rubbing against my G-spot. The orgasm that had shadowed me all day started to build deep inside of me. I reached down between his legs and was amazed he was already hard again. I let him mount me out of respect for the butt plug, but I did love pushing on it as Jase rocked us both to orgasm.

Soon we were both asleep. As I drifted off, my hand firmly against the plug invading my husband's ass, I knew our marriage had just irrevocably changed.

Written by: VictoriaCollins

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