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Domestic Violence?

by mikka888©

After my doctor noticed the welts on my bottom he insisted I speak to a social worker. I met with Ms. Janine a pretty young dark haired woman who was very kind and helpful but had it all wrong. Dr. Parsons is very concerned about you he suspects that you may be a victim of domestic violence.

"It's not like that." I protested "Brenda, she continued, I have a few questions to ask you about your relationship with your partner that will help me to understand. Does your partner ever threaten to hurt you?"

"Oh no Well Yes, I answered honestly, just last night he said that when he came home he was going to paddle my behind until I cry."

Ms. Janine raised her eyebrows at this "That's completely inappropriate for an adult. Has he ever actually done it?"

"Yes if I neglect my chores or disobey him. Oh and no matter what he paddles my ass every Saturday night."

"Brenda I'm so sorry that is horrible." She said

"No it's not, I love my Saturday spanking I feel very close to Master afterwards and if I take it well and don't squirm he rewards me by letting me suck his dick." I corrected her

"Brenda it sounds to me like you have gotten so used to the abuse you no longer can distinguish between normal and abusive behavior. Does he ever force you to have sex with him or with others?" She asked

"Well yes at first I didn't want to have anal sex with him ever, but he changed all that by using a choke chain on me until I was finally able to open up. And then I didn't want me to use a butt plug on me but he paddled me until I agreed to it." I explained

"That's the worst thing I've ever heard" Ms. Janine said but she looked kind of exited, I thought that she was kind of breathing heavy.

"Oh and then once to punish me for dancing really slutty at a party he sent me to his friend's house and ordered me to suck his dick."

Ms. Janine sat up straight "Brenda I think we should go to the police right now." She said.

"Oh but it was kind of fun, his friend was cute and after I came home Master rewarded me by fucking me really good, I mean we made love." I said

"Did anything like that ever happen again?" She asked

"Well I used to make fun of lesbians and so to cure me of that he invited his ex girlfriend over and I had to cook for the both of them and after dinner I had to eat her pussy. Then he fucked her in front of me and I knelt by the bedside, when he was ready, he came in my mouth."

Ms. Janine looked sincerely into my eyes. "How did you feel about that?" "I felt great I got over all my fears about sexuality and we all enjoyed it,and now I'm happy to do it when ever Master wants."

"But you're not his equal, he forces you to do whatever he wants and he beats you for not doing household chores." She said

"Oh but before I met my Master I was such a messy girl and I didn't care about anything. Now I enjoy cleaning. Master makes me do it in sexy outfits and sometimes he makes me do it nude with heels on. I feel really peaceful and I get exited thinking about how happy I'm making him. And the best part is that if I don't do it me paddles my butt until it's cherry red and I can't sit for days."

"But what's good about that? That sounds awful." Ms Janine asked looking flustered.

"I don't know I just get really wet thinking about it and before Master I never had an orgasm from sex with a man now I have several a night. And my Masters gorgeous you should see him he's got black hair and hazel eyes, he's really strong." I blushed because I realized I was gushing.

Ms. Janine let out a sigh, "Well Brenda I'd like you to know I'm here to help but from what you told me it doesn't sound like you have any intentions of changing your life."

That's Ok Ms. Janine; I really like talking about it. Thanks for letting me talk about it with you.

Written by: mikka888

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