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Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03

by MTL17©

Trying to ignore her thoughts, and more importantly get the climax she desperately wants, Trish blocks out everything, even her own pleasure, to focus purely on Torrie's cunt, the once proudly 100% straight women's champion putting on a pussy pleasing performance which would have made any pure lesbian proud.

Despite the extremely good head she is receiving from her slave Torrie is able to control herself for an impressively long-time, but even with all her experience Torrie is unable to keep herself from cumming forever and eventually the pleasure becomes just too much and the sexy Devil cries out in ecstasy as her orgasm finally hits.

Her body shaking in pleasure Torrie presses herself down hard onto Trish's face, smothering her fellow WWE diva with her pussy, making sure the other blonde can't escape from getting a face full of cum and cunt cream.

Unlike before the thought of escaping doesn't even enter Trish's mind as the WWE women's champion is far too busy gobbling up Torrie's juices, her reluctance momentarily completely forgotten as she eagerly swallows as much cum as she can. Trish's inexperience results in quite a lot of Torrie's cum escaping her mouth and covering her face, a fact which begins to slowly disgust Trish again as her horniness begins to die down as Torrie's climax comes to an end.

Before Trish gets the chance to hate herself too much however Torrie suddenly buries her face in Trish's pussy and starts to tongue fuck her, sliding her tongue in and out at an amazing speed, making Trish moan uncontrollably.

Her horniness returning to her with a vengeance Trish buries her face back into Torrie's cunt, the two WWE divas becoming lost in each other's pussies... or at least that's how it seems.

In truth Torrie is far less lost to her lust then Trish and is able to keep Trish on the edge of an orgasm more than enough to get a third climax of her own before she presses her face as deep into Trish's pussy as it can possibly and starts to jack hammering her tongue into her as hard as she possibly can.

At this point Trish is helpless writhing and moaning until finally she screams at the top of her voice the loudest scream she has ever had making her body shake like it has never shaken before.

As Trish shakes beneath her Torrie greedily swallows Trish's cum, the dominating blonde loving the sweet flavour of her fellow diva's orgasm which is even better than she imagined it would be.

"Did you enjoy that slave?" Torrie asks after reluctantly pulling her face from Trish's pussy.

It takes a few minutes for Trish to respond as she is trying to get over the most amazing orgasm she has ever had, the deafening silence in the room making her nervous.

"Yes Mistress Torrie." Trish says without thinking.

"Good." Torrie says as she turns her body around so she's facing Trish, smiles at her and then captures her lips with her own.

Without hesitation Trish returns the kiss, the two blondes tasting themselves on each other's lips for a few moments before Torrie breaks it, smiles and says, "Wait here."

With that Torrie slowly get's up and walks over to the chair. She then bends down, picks up the goody bag next to the chair and rummages around in it before she finally pulls out a strap on which is just as big as both Candice's and Victoria's.

"Come over here slave." Torrie says looking down at Trish who slowly get's up onto her hands and knees and crawls over to Torrie.

Once Trish reaches Torrie she get's up onto her knee's.

"Put this on me." Torrie says smiling an ear to ear smile as Trish does as she is told

As she is doing this Trish does her best trying to convince herself that the only reason she is doing what Torrie tells her to do now is because she has to however deep down just like when she ate Torrie's pussy she is doing it in part because she wants too.

Once the strap on is correctly in place Trish looks up at Torrie and can tell from the look in her eyes what she wants her to do.

"Now my slave let's see how good you are at giving a blow job." Torrie then says.

Trish does her best to ignore the challenging tone in Torrie's voice as she takes the fake cock in her right hand and start to rub the shaft up and down as she licks and kisses the head keeping her eyes locked with Torrie's as she continues to worship the head with her lips and tongue as she continues to stroke the shaft.

Torrie smiles down at Trish able to tell although she is doing her best to hide it that she is starting to get into it.

After a few more minutes of licking, kissing and stroking the fake cock in her hand Trish closes her eyes, opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes the head of the cock into her mouth in one go.

"MMMMMM, this is defiantly not the first cock you've sucked is it slave." Torrie says smiling an ear to ear smile at Trish.

Trish ignores Torrie and like before focuses on what she is doing. After she takes the head into her mouth she manages to take the rest of it all the way to the back of her throat with ease, proving what Torrie had just said to be true in her own way, as she relaxes her throat muscles and begins to slide the shaft down her throat until her lips reach the base of Torrie's fake girl cock.

Although the thing in between her legs is fake Torrie can tell Trish is an expert when it comes to sucking cock as she watches Trish bob her head up and down on the fake cock, covering every single inch of it with her saliva.

Trish opens her eyes and looks up and catches Torrie's eyes and see's the ear to ear smile on her face and it causes her to blush, closes her eyes and concentrate on the task at hand.

Zoning out everything else around her Trish concentrates only on the strap on cock, imagining its real and treating it as such, her lips sliding slowly up and down the full length of it, the blonde skilfully taking the head down her throat so she can get every single inch of it nice and wet.

Every time the last few inches slipped down her windpipe Trish would choke and gag a little, the WWE women's champion unable to take all the monster cock down her throat for long.

Like no doubt every diva on the roster Trish had sucked cock before, even a few which were close to the size of this dildo but those extra inches really cause a problem for her, and it is about to get seriously worse.

Without any warning Torrie began slowly pumping her hips, timing it perfectly so she is sliding the cock into Trish's mouth as the women's champ is lowering her lips and pulling back as Trish is doing the same thing, essentially fucking Trish's mouth. This fucking continues to pick up speed until Trish can no longer keep up and she spits out the dildo and clutches her throat in a fit of choking and gagging.

"Ahhhh, what's the matter slave? To rough for you?" Torrie asks, lightly smacking Trish in the face with her spit coated cock, "Well too fucking bad. You're my slave now and that means I get to do whatever the fuck I want to you. If that includes fucking your pretty face then you take it like the bitch you are. So open up wide bitch so I can use your pretty mouth as a cunt!"

Trish grits her teeth and stares angrily at Torrie which earns her yet more slaps to the face with the wet dildo.

"Open your mouth slave or I'll give you another spanking!" Torrie threatens.

This threat has Trish cautiously opening her mouth and as soon as her lips are parted wide enough Torrie presses her fake dick in between them and pushes her way into Trish's mouth.

Trish opens her mouth a little more and than leaves it open, allowing Torrie to saw her strap on in and out of her mouth, lightly fucking it at first, but as she hits the back of Trish's throat and begins to force her way down it Torrie increases the speed until she is roughly face fucking the women's champion.

The rougher the face fucking becomes the harder it is for Trish to keep her mouth open, the blonde Canadian gagging and choking as the fake balls of the strap on bounce off her chin and its head rams deep into her throat.

Although she has already been thoroughly humiliated tonight Trish finds herself ashamed of being forced to submit to this latest perversion. After all her fellow diva, a diva who was beneath her, is using her mouth as a cunt, fucking it with her fake cock and turning Trish, the WWE women's champion, into a face pussy.

Just when Trish doesn't think it can't get any worse Torrie orders, "Ok slave, now starts sucking my strap on as I fuck your mouth with it. Go back to sucking my cock like the cock sucking pro you obviously are."

Trish narrowed her eyes but there is nothing she can do other than to comply, the once proud women's champion sucking and slobbering on the fake cock as it is thrust in and out of her mouth.

"Oh yes that's it Trish, suck my cock! Suck my cock just like that you cock sucking whore! This is the real reason you get to keep stealing my spotlight isn't it Trish? It isn't because the fans like you better or you're better in the ring it's because you're busy sucking cock backstage to make sure you keep getting all the opportunities which should be mine. Well no more bitch. Now you're my slave and with you out of the way RAW will belong to me and my friends. 'Vince's Devils' will own RAW like I'm owning your mouth!" Torrie spat as she slams Trish's face with her cock.

Torrie is channelling her bitterness over Trish's success into the face fuck to make it as hard and as brutal as possible but it is really hard for her to stay mad at considering how much fun she is having dominating Trish in this way.

Ever since she met her Torrie has wanted to do this and so many other nasty things to Trish, and to actually have Trish Stratus sucking on her strap on cock while she pounded it in and out of her throat is incredibly hot.

Torrie is able to make it even hotter by continuing to call Trish dirty names and occasionally pull her strap on out of her mouth so she can slap her with it and rub it all over her face, covering Trish's model face with her own saliva.

As hot as it is fucking Trish's mouth Torrie wants to fuck Trish's pussy and ass even more, and considering she has never really been much one for patients it isn't long before Torrie finds herself pulling out of Trish's mouth for the final time.

"Ok I think that's enough slave, now I want to try something else." Torrie says, sitting down in the chair behind her and then looking at her slave, "Stand up slave."

Trish slowly stands up feeling a lot stronger than she did when she was first released from her bonds and yet not feeling totally like her old self in more ways than one.

"Now I want you to come over here and climb up onto this while facing me." Torrie tells her.

Trish briefly hesitates but then walks over to Torrie and slowly lifts herself up and positions herself so that the entrance to her pussy is hovering over the head of the dildo. Once she is in position Trish takes a deep breath and then begins to slowly slide herself down onto the toy, the blonde moaning as she pushes first the head of the fake cock inside herself and then moaning even louder as she slides all the way down onto it.

"Looks like either all those hours with that vibrator in your pussy helped you get nice and loosened up for me, or you're already loose from whoring out this hot body of yours to get what you want." Torrie says with a laugh, slapping Trish's big tits and rounded ass and then groping them roughly, "Now slave I want you to start fucking yourself on my cock. Work it over with your slut hole. I want to see you bouncing on my dick like the whore you are. Show me what an eager, slutty little sex slave you're going to be for me."

Trish glares at Torrie, the strap on impaled blonde wanting to tell her tormentor that she is physically drained and needs a few moments before she starts fucking herself on that fake cock, however the glare quickly fades as Trish acknowledges that it's useless to argue. So, too drained to fight, Trish instead reluctantly does as she's told, gripping onto the chair for some support as she starts slowly lifting herself up and then lowering herself down onto the dildo, fucking herself on it for the amusement of Torrie and the other Devils.

Suddenly remembering the others in the room Trish blushes red and looks over at them.

The first thing that grabs Trish's attention is that Candice and Victoria were now sitting in foldout chairs which they must've gotten from the side and they were playing with Mickie and Ashley who were sitting on their laps.

On closer inspection Trish notices that Victoria is just rubbing the outside of Ashley's pussy while Candice is jack-hammering her fingers in and out of Mickie's pussy, roughly finger fucking her slave, clearly much to both of their enjoyments considering how much their bodies were thrashing around. As Trish looks up into their faces to see just how much they are enjoying it she blushes again as she sees both their eyes locked on her, both enjoying what they're seeing if Mickie's dreamy smile and Candice's wicked grin are anything to go by. Trish blushes an even deeper shade of red as she looks over to see the same dreamy smile on Ashley's face and an evil smirk on Victoria's face.

The other looks were bad enough but there was just something about the way Victoria was looking at her which made Trish think about all of her previous accomplishments and think about how they feel like they were all for nothing as she acted like a total whore bouncing up and down on a strap on dildo for the enjoyment of a woman who is nothing but eye candy within the WWE and yet she has agreed to submit to her and become her sex slave.

Unable to take the looks of the other Devils and her former friends Trish turns away from them and, if for nothing but a lack of other things to look at, finds herself turning to her new owner where she is horrified to see the same evil smirk on Torrie's face that she saw on Victoria's.

Torrie has won. Torrie has reduced her to this, too acting like a total whore, in front of other women no less, and that look just seemed to rub it in, like Torrie is letting Trish know that yes she turned her, a 6 times WWE women's champion, into her bitch and now all Trish can do is bounce on her cock to try and please her.

Not wanting to see that look even for another moment Trish closes her eyes and tries to block out everything except her own pleasure, focusing only on fucking herself with the huge dildo, trying and failing to imagine she's alone in her hotel room during a particularly lonely night and not bouncing on a strap on for the enjoyment of her new mistress.

The fact that her eyes were closed meant that Trish misses her new mistress's grin getting wider, Torrie loving the look of embarrassed submission on Trish's face.

The whimpering and blushing were just adorable to Torrie, and even though the helpless look in Trish's eyes had been fantastic to see when she closed her eyes it became clear Trish was becoming overwhelmed by her feelings of embarrassment, humiliation and submission which were not only better for Torrie's plans of breaking Trish completely but also fucking hot.

Torrie still couldn't believe she is actually getting to do all this to the mighty Trish Stratus but she has the best seat in the whole house to the multi women's champ bouncing on her cock like a two dollar whore and she is loving every minute of it.

While the look on Trish's face is still breathtaking Torrie finds her eyes slowly being pulled away from that pretty mask of embarrassment, humiliation and submission to Trish's huge tits which are bouncing up and down hypnotically in time with the blonde Canadian's movements on Torrie's dildo.

Although Torrie had been reluctant to admit it in the past due to her not wanting to insult the company she keeps, or worse give a woman she considered a rival a public compliment, but Trish easily has one of the best racks Torrie has ever seen, maybe even the best ever and the sight of those big boobs bouncing up and down has Torrie literally salivating and licking her lips. She just wants to grab one of those huge fun bags, bury her face between them and suck the life out of them as Trish continues fucking her strap on cock, but Torrie is concern that would distract Trish too much from riding her cock. Besides, Victoria would probably think she is being too soft on her if she did that, and Torrie would have plenty of time to suck on Trish's big titties all she wanted soon enough.

Speaking of being too soft, Torrie isn't sure that allowing Trish to keep her eyes closed without her permission is such a good way to build their new dom/sub relationship, something Victoria is probably already thinking, and as hot as it is that Trish had to close her eyes in shame Torrie thinks she'd like to see Trish's eyes again... so...

"Eyes open bitch!" Torrie yells, slapping Trish in the face, "I want your eyes open as I take you for the first time as my slave."

Trish opens her eyes quickly after the slap to glare at Torrie but her glare quickly ends with another whimper as Trish is reminded of just what is happening which brings another grin to Torrie's face.

Trying not to focus on that grin Trish continues to lift and drop herself onto the dildo, really getting in to the slow and steady pace she has set for herself until she is awoken from her focus again.

"Faster slave!" Torrie yells, this time slapping Trish's sore ass, "Ride my big dick faster! I want you to ride it like the whore you are!"

Trish tries and fails to suppress a whimper as she is insulted and lightly spanked, Torrie bringing her hand down again and again on Trish's big round butt to make her bounce harder on her dick. It works, Trish slowly starting to go faster, but not fast enough for Torrie's liking.

"Faster slave! Come on, you can go faster than that." Torrie yells again, roughly beating Trish's already red ass, "Ride that big dick like you can't get enough... and you can't can you? No, you can't get enough of that big dick. You can't get enough of my big dick. Your a total cock whore for my dick and you're going to show it by riding it as hard as you can you little slut!"

Whimpering under the attack on her aching backside Trish does her best to go faster, using every ounce of whatever little strength she has left to slam fuck herself on that big fake prick. Eventually Trish's whimpers melt into moans as she finally reaches the speed which seems to satisfy Torrie, the bitch no longer yelling abuse at her but still occasionally smacking her ass and grinning wickedly at her.

As she starts really getting into the fucking tears of shame start streaming down Trish's face, the humiliation of being made to love the sexual abuse forced upon her becoming overwhelming, and yet the worst part is she wants to cum so bad but isn't sure she has the energy to make it happen.

Trish can feel her orgasm starting to build as she continues to go up and down, trying to impale herself on the dildo, however with each thrust Trish's strength seems to drain from her body. Despite all of her gruelling matches, and all those times she pushed herself hard at the gym, Trish can't ever remember being this exhausted. She feels as if she's going to faint any minute, but she doesn't want to until she gets to cum.

Suddenly an idea hits Trish, one she finds so humiliating she almost doesn't do it, but she has already been humiliated beyond belief today so what's one more debasement, especially if it means she could get what she so desperately wants... what she so desperately needs.

"Mistress Torrie." Trish says biting her lip.

"Yes slave." Torrie says smiling at her.

"Could you... could you... could you please do the work?" Trish asks forcing herself to ask Torrie.

"So you want me to fuck your pussy?" Torrie asks.

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