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Daddy, Don't Look! I'm Naked.

by andtheend©

Definitely, without a doubt, my Mom is a cock teaser. She's always flashing her big boobs at the drunken pool parties that she and my Dad have in the backyard. I don't know, not being married myself, never having been married, maybe my Mom is a cock teaser because, as a married woman, it's safer to be a cock teaser than it is to be a sexy seductress. More than once, I've seen our neighbors husbands' hands all over my mother's nearly naked, bikini clad body, while my Dad was busy feeling up the drunken wives of his neighbors.

What's the attraction? I don't get it? Why are we always looking to get sex from someone else and from someone new? We all have the same body parts? Isn't sex best when we're doing it with the one we love? Or do we get bored and need a fix from a new body, anybody will do for a quick screw and a hot suck.

Is that what I have to look forward to, when I'm my parents age? Will I be playing touchy feely with my neighbors, while lusting over my son and watching my husband lust over our daughter? It's all just nasty.

Some wholesome family we are. In reality, we're not wholesome at all. If only they knew how sexually depraved our family really is. For the sake of our new nude modeling career, for the sake of us making money stripping off our clothes, while pretending to be wholesome, I hope they never discover how my family acts in real life. I'd be so embarrassed.

I caught my drunken Mom, more than once, inappropriately touching someone else's drunken husband, while she allowed him to freely feel her tits and ass and explore her body with both his horny hands, before kissing her. She tried to pretend they weren't doing what I caught them doing, kissing, touching, feeling, and caressing, but it was obvious and fruitless to defend their innocence, when the man had a huge, bulging erection beneath his swim trunks. My Mom is such a slut.


Then, when they were in the pool or the hot tub, they were all in a sexual frenzy. It was like a neighborhood orgy. I'm sure my Mom gave more than one of her neighbors a hand job under the water, while he explored her naked tits or maybe touched her in between her legs and finger fucked her. Who knows? Maybe she even gave them blowjobs in the dark corner of the backyard, it's private enough.

I've watched my Mom walk out to the far end of the backyard and disappear behind a tree with someone's husband more than a few times. It's no stretch of my imagination to wonder what they were doing, when I could clearly see my Mom falling to her knees, before ducking behind the tree. My Dad was too busy with the neighbors' wives to notice what his wife was doing with the neighbors' husbands, and the neighbors' wives didn't care what their husbands were doing with my Mom, because they were doing the same with someone else's husband. With everyone in the neighborhood as sexually depraved as we are, maybe we are a wholesome family, after all, as wholesome as any other family.

My bedroom is in the back of the house and my bedroom window overlooks the backyard and the pool. I'd turn my light off and watch my parents from my bedroom window, before turning into bed and thinking about all that I just saw, while masturbating. My Mom and Dad thought I was sleeping, but I'd be spying and watching what everyone was doing. I had the perfect view. I sometimes even masturbated over the thoughts of wishing I was down there being felt up, while giving some older guy, one of Daddy's friends, a hand job or a blowjob. Definitely, I'd have sex with some of my father's friends, they're hot, they're sexy.

As more of an opportunity to experience being the sexy seductress, I'd love to tease some of my Dad's friends. Maybe pretending to be embarrassed, I'd accidentally on purpose lose my bikini top and flash them my tits, while in the deep end of the pool with one of my Dad's sexy friends. Maybe, if I were drunk enough and horny enough, I'd stick my hand down his bathing trunks and feel his cock, while kissing him and allowing him to touch me everywhere and anywhere, as I masturbated him in the pool.

There are some of my Dad's friends that I'd never consider touching, but there are others that I find really sexy and would give them the green light to feel my body, while I stroked their cocks, giving them a hand job, before falling to my knees and blowing them, and a few of them, I'd even allow to fuck me. If nothing else, it's erotic to fantasize about doing an older man, a man my father's age. Would I have sex with one of my father's friends? Definitely, so long as he didn't tell my Dad. I wouldn't want my Dad to know that I was attracted to older men. He might get ideas about me.

In the meantime, I wanted to have some sexy fun and teasing my Dad and my brother was what I had in mind. For me to tease them, I had to separate them. I knew they wouldn't tattle on me, but I didn't want one to know that I was teasing the other. It was easy to tease these two horn balls, especially when I had them to myself.

With my nipples making their hi-beam appearance, the dark silhouette of my pubic hair clearly visible, the outline of my ass crack noticeable from behind, and all of my body parts practically in plain view, actually, through my sheer nightgown, especially whenever I leaned over, I was ready for some flashing fun. All that it took for me to accomplish my flashing and teasing techniques was not to wear panties nor a bathrobe over my short, sheer low cut nightgown. I mean, I didn't want to make it look too obvious and my sexy nightgown was obvious enough, especially when I walked by the bright light of the television, leaned in the open door of refrigerator, or stood in front of the big, bay window with the sunlight shining through, while pretending to be picking up the house or dusting. I could feel them leering at me, as if they were counting my pubic hairs and I'm sure that they clearly saw enough of me that they could count my pubic hairs.

Yet, I was in my own house with my Dad and my brother. If I couldn't feel comfortable walking around in my nightgown here, where else would I feel comfortable? Without doubt, my Dad and my brother would never suspect me, the obedient daughter and the innocent sister, of purposely flashing them. It was the perfect teasing scenario and a way for me to have some sexy fun, before the Earth Day nude photo shoot.

For sure, they'd think that they were the degenerates for looking and not think that I was the cock teaser for showing. Making my flashing appear accidental, whatever they thought would emanate from their dirty minds and not from them thinking that I was purposely flashing them. If they thought anything, besides being happy and thrilled for the sexy show, they'd be the guilty ones for thinking dirty thoughts about their daughter or about their sister. Accidentally on purpose flashing them was a perfect plan and I couldn't wait to try it.

A way for me to continue to play miss innocent, later in the day, I'd wear short skirts and loose low cut tops around the house, while bending over a lot and acting oblivious to their leering stares. Both those horn balls spent their time looking up my short nightgown at my ass and pussy, up my short skirt at my thong or bikini panties, looking down my low cut nightgown at my tits, and down my blouse at my bra. I dare say, pretending I didn't know that I was showing, pretending that I didn't notice them looking, was as much erotic fun for me, as it was for them, no doubt. I had hot fun flashing them.

Admittedly, it was very arousing to think of what they may have seen of me. Later, when I was alone in my room and touching myself, while masturbating, I'd think about having flashed them or what I was going to do next to flash them, before falling asleep for the night. It was sexy fun playing the dirty daughter and the naughty sister. I felt sexy in the way they looked at me.

As much as I had been masturbating and having sexy dreams, I'm sure that I gave them plenty to masturbate over and dream about, too. The thing that I liked about flashing them and unmercifully teasing them, by pretending that I was oblivious to what I was showing and what they were seeing, is that I felt that I had total control over them. At least, that is, I thought I had total control over them.

With my constant horniness taking control over me in instigating my newfound addiction to flash my body and masturbate over what I showed and what they saw later, before falling asleep, it was then that I realized that I was the one being controlled. My Dad and my brother were controlling me by the need that I felt for flashing them and masturbating afterwards. With the rash of sudden, sexy dreams that I was having about imagining seeing my brother and my father naked and them seeing me naked, the thoughts of this Earth Day nude photo shoot was making me crazy with incestuous lust. Because of the emotional trepidation I was having over the thoughts of getting naked in front of my Dad and my brother and because of the excitement that I was feeling exposing myself to them these past few days and thinking about them being exposed to me at the photo shoot, it was in my realistic dreams how they turned the tables on me. My brother was the first to do it.

My Mom was out working her part-time job and my Dad was working, too. They wouldn't be home for a few hours. My brother and I didn't have classes and we were home alone, a dangerous situation for a brother and sister, who are sexually attracted to one another. It was the perfect opportunity for him to expose his cock to me, which I knew he would, he always does, and which he did, when coming out of the shower and pretending he lost his grip on his towel and accidentally on purpose dropped it.

"Eww. Jimmy, that's so gross," I said pretending that I was revolted by the sight of his cock. Have you no shame? You're always flashing me your cock," I said lambasting him, while giving me a reason to stare longer at his exposed prick. "You're so perverted."

"And you're always looking, staring at it, actually. You're the perverted one for staring at my cock."

"Am not. I don't stare at you cock," I said, while staring at his cock. "Just pick up your towel and cover yourself or I'll tell Dad."

"I don't care. Tell Dad. He's more of a pervert than I am."

My brother is such a pervert, but I'm aware of all his flashing tricks. He thinks he's being subtle, but he's so obvious. Now it was my turn. I returned to my room and closed my door. With my parents not home, it was my perfect opportunity to flash and tease him, too. I just had to think of a way to do it, without making it look obvious.

With me pretending that I didn't know I was showing, it was more sexy fun for him to think that he was seeing some part of me without my knowledge. I wanted to tease him enough, so that he'd go to his room and masturbate. Then, with him masturbating in his room, I know, for sure, that he was masturbating over what he had just seen of me. Meanwhile, I'd be in my room masturbating over the thought that he was in his room masturbating over me. Convoluted, I know, but it excited me to know that Jimmy was in his room masturbating over what he had just seen of me. Only, he didn't even give me the chance to come up with a flashing plan and to play the role of sexy seductress; he took the upper hand by playing the role of male seducer.

While walking around in just his short bathrobe with nothing underneath, he came in my room, something he never does when dressed so inappropriately. Surprised by his sudden visit, I was laying on my bed on top of the covers in my short nightgown pretending to read my book, while thinking about how I was going to flash my brother. I saw him looking at the dark spot my pubic hair and nipples made in my sheer nightgown. The way he leered at me made me wet knowing how much of me he could see and I couldn't wait to masturbate over that later. He never removed his stare from me and it was arousing to think that my brother wanted me and was lusting over me. Without doubt, I was earning my wings as a sexy seductress.

He sat on the edge of my bed and we were talking like any brother and sister would and I don't even remember how it began or what I had said to instigate it, but he started tickling me. Oh, my God, I'm so ticklish and I couldn't stop laughing. With my legs flopping around in the way of a fish out of water, it didn't take very long for my nightgown to climb nearly up to my waist. I didn't have to look down to know that my trimmed pussy was exposed to my brother. This was the first time that he had such an up close view of my pussy, I could feel the air tingling my pubic hair and I saw him looking, staring, actually. I was so excited knowing that I was so exposed to him.

Jimmy continued tickling me. It made me so wet and horny knowing that I was flashing him my pussy. Excited that he was staring at my pussy, I couldn't wait to masturbate over this sexy interaction later.

Apparently, he didn't want the flashing show to suddenly stop either, so he continued tickling me, while looking at all that I was exposing to him. I was waiting for him to touch me, hoping that he would, but I was glad that he didn't. I think he would have grossed me out if he touched my pussy and crossed the incestuous line. It's one thing to flash your brother and for your brother to look and to see what you're flashing him, but another thing to touch one another.

Two can play this game and while he continued tickling me, I pretended that I didn't notice that my nightgown was as high as it was and that he could see as much of me as he could. That was when I turned the tables on him and started tickling him. Almost immediately, his bathrobe came undone, which is why he came in my room anyway, just wearing his bathroom. His intention was to flash me his cock. Wanting to see more of him, hoping to see his cock closer than I had ever seen it before, I continued tickling him, until his bathrobe had fallen wide open. I knew that it would, just as I knew he'd make no attempt at maintaining his modesty by retying his bathrobe. Surely, he knew his bathrobe was wide open and his cock was exposed to me.

There it was. His dangling cock, his balls, and his pubic hair was in total view to my leering eyes. He was already half hard, sporadically pulsating, and growing harder. I stared at it, while continuing to tickle him. By the look of excitement on his face, he knew his cock was exposed to me and that I was looking. How could he not know?

Seeing his cock made me so horny and I could feel myself getting wet. I stared at his pubic hair and his big hairy balls. Then, with me paying more attention to staring at his cock, then to where I was ticking him, unexpectedly, it happened.

With his big cock right there and in the way of me trying to tickle his waist, when I went to tickle him, I accidentally grabbed his cock. Suddenly, his twitching cock had grown monstrous in proportion and was hard to the touch. As I reached to tickle him, I suspected he turned and twisted his body so that my hand would come in contact with his erection and boy did it ever.

It was a brief touch, but because I was so hot and horny to touch it, it was a longer touch than was necessary. It was as if I was feeling a big banana in the supermarket and my hand remained there and in contact with his cock long enough to feel how hard he already was and long enough for him to notice that I had grabbed his big prick. In actuality I had wanted to grab his prick, but I didn't have to courage to cross the incestuous line by touching my brother's cock, which would explain why I was slow to release my hand from his cock. Glad that I grabbed it, glad that he turned and twisted his body to put his cock in the way of my hand, we were one step closer to reaching the point of no return. Immediately, he had quite the unexpected reaction.

"I can't believe you grabbed my cock, Susan," he said laughing and looking down at his exposed and now fully erect prick, before looking up at me with a shit eating grin on his face. He watched me staring at his cock. I couldn't help it. I couldn't look away, when he made no attempt to close his bathrobe and hide his erection from me. Having turned the tables on me, taking control of the situation, he was enjoying this incestuous teasing, as much as I was.

"It was an accident," I said. "You practically put it in my hand by turning and twisting your body towards me. You wanted me to grab your cock, you pervert. Eww, gross, Jimmy. I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe you made me touch your cock."

"Touch my cock, my ass. You grabbed my cock. You practically gave me a hand job. You talk about me. You're the perverted one grabbing my cock like that." In a devious plan to make me stare at his cock closer and longer, he looked down at his prick and said, "Look. You left your fingerprints on my prick."

"I did not leave my fingerprints on your prick," I said staring at his cock, while knowing full well that I didn't leave fingerprints on his cock, but using the opportunity that he presented to me as an excuse to stare longer at his big prick, I did.

"You did. Right there. See? You left a mark," he said pointing and holding his cock up and out for my inspection and hoping, no doubt, that I'd look closer and stare at it longer, which I did, and grab it again, which I didn't.

"It was an accident, you pervert. Put it away, then, Jimmy. I really don't want to see that thing," I said staring at it.

I couldn't stop staring at my brother's cock. It was so big and I was so horny. I so wanted to reach out and touch it and stroke it.

"Then, why are you staring at it?"

"I am not staring at it," I said looking away briefly, before staring at it again.

I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop looking at his big prick. I was hungry for it. He had made me so horny. His cock was right there, only inches away from my horny hand, and it was so big and I was so aroused. The first time I've seen his prick this close up, I just wanted to reach out and touch it, feel it, and stroke it, before sucking it.

"Touch it," he said leaning forward and moving his exposed cock closer to my hand.

"No," I said recoiling, but resting my hand on his naked knee.

"C'mon, Sis, let me feel your hand around it," he said turning his body more in my direction to give me an even better view of his exposed prick.

Oh, my God, especially with his invitation, I so wanted to reach out and grab it. It took all the control I had not to take his cock in my hand and start stroking him.

"No, I'm not going to touch your cock, Jimmy, you pervert," I said never removing my eyes from his big hairy prick.

Touch it? After already feeling it in my hand, I wanted to stroke it before sucking it. Only, I was afraid of making the first move. Knowing that it was inevitable and irrevocable, I'd knew we were about to cross the incestuous line and have hot sex, the kind of hot sex that only a lustful sister can have with her perverted brother.


He kept moving it closer to me and I kept staring at it. His prick was calling to me and he was begging me to touch him.

"Jimmy, I'm not going to give my brother a hand job. Eww. That's just so nasty. That's incest. What's wrong with you?"

"C'mon, it's just a hand job. A hand job is not really sex, Susan. Besides, I'm sure you've given plenty of hand jobs."

"I have, but this is different. You're my brother."

Even though I fluffed it down somewhat, my nightgown was still high enough up my thighs that he had a clear view of my pussy from where he was sitting and it made me excited to know how much of me he could still see. Even though I saw him looking, I pretended not to notice. I was already wet and I couldn't wait to masturbate over this little incestuous interaction, after he left my room. Yet, he persisted and I was so tempted to reach out and grab his cock again, before stroking it and maybe even sucking it.

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