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Daddy, Don't Look! I'm Naked.

by andtheend©

"She'll be mad at me if I tell you and she won't blow me anymore, if I tell you."

Duh, I knew already by his remarks that she was sucking his cock. He'd never make it as a criminal. He'd confess his crimes under the smallest amount of police interrogation. He was such a dork. All I had to do to get the truth out of him was to stroke his cock.

"I won't say anything. It will be just between us. So, tell me, did she really blow you?"

"Yeah, she blew me," he said avoiding eye contact with me. "She really did," he said finally making eye contact and, when he did, I could tell that he was telling the truth.

I couldn't believe my Mom sucked my brother's cock. She's such an incestuous slut, not realizing that I was just as bad, lying in my bed giving my brother a hand job, before blowing him. Somehow I was trying to justify that I wasn't as perverted, a sister giving her brother sex, as my mother was giving her son sex. No one would know from our outside appearing wholesome family, that we were nothing but a bunch of incestuous perverts.

"How many times did she blow you?"

"Well, every time she gives me a hand job, she ends up blowing me. I dunno, maybe a dozen times or more. I've lost count, there's been so many times"

I continued stroking his cock, while thinking about asking him the next question. I was grossed out and excited at the same time thinking about my Mom giving my brother regular hand jobs and blowjobs, and then telling my Dad about what she had done with her son later, while having nasty sex with my Dad. If she's talking to him about her son, they must talk to one another about what they did with the neighbors during their infamous pool parties. Maybe they even talk about what my Dad wants to do with me.

"Do you cum in her mouth?"


"Does she swallow?"


"I always suspected she was giving you sex, a hand job, maybe. I even figure she was giving you a blowjob. I'm still surprised, though. I still can't believe you and Mom were having sex all this time."


He looked at me before staring down at my tits. He started fingering my nipples again. They were so hard and so erect. I wanted him to suck them. I needed for him to suck my nipples for me to blow him, really blow him and I so wanted to blow him. I was so frigging horny that I'd do anything at that point, especially after knowing my mother sucks my brother's cock and he cums in her mouth and she swallows his cum. Oh, my God, I was so frigging aroused that I wanted him to cum in my mouth, too.

"Can I cum in your mouth?"

I tried to play coy, but it was too late for playing the sexual seductress. I was already the incestuous slut sister, especially when he leaned down and started sucking my nipples. I was way beyond that, once he took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking them. It was then that I was mad with lustful desire for my brother and his cock. He was driving me wild sucking, biting, nibbling on, pulling, twisting, and fingering my nipples. That's all I needed for him to do for me to be his incestuous sexual slave of a slutty sister.

"Okay, Jimmy, but you can't tell anyone that I blew you, that I sucked my brother's cock. People won't understand. They'll just think we're nasty, perverted, and deranged."

"I won't." He looked at me. "Susan?"


"Will you swallow?"

"Okay, but just this one time."

I leaned down and took my brother's cock in my mouth again. I was really going at his prick this time, stroking it faster, while sucking it. I was giving him the blowjob of his life. I guess, in the back of my twisted mind, I wanted my blowjob to be a better blowjob than the ones my Mom had given him. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to hear him and see him shoot his warm, gooey load of cum in my mouth. I was so ready to taste my brother's cum and to swallow all he had to give.

"Susan? Susan? You awake? Can I come in?"

Fuck! I couldn't believe it. It was my Dad!

"Yeah, give me a minute, Daddy."

Oh, my God. He woke me out of my dream. I can't believe I was dreaming of blowing my brother. It was so frigging real. I'm so wet and so horny by the vividness of the dream. It's surreal. My Dad knocked at my door at the wrong time. In my dream, my brother was just about to explode his load of warm, slimy cum in my mouth.

All this time, I thought I was the one in control and controlling my brother, only by the dream I just had of blowing him, he's obviously controlling me. Oh, my God, if I didn't know it was a dream, I would have thought I blew my brother. I must have fallen asleep, while masturbating over the thought of sucking my brother's cock, ergo the dream. I've lost my mind to incestuous thoughts all because of the excitement that I feel over this upcoming Earth Day nude photo shoot. I'm such a depraved incestuous slut.

"Susan, I want to show you something," said my Dad from behind my closed bedroom door.

"Wait, give me a minute. Just let me get up to pee, Daddy," I said scooting off the bed and going in my bathroom.

I quickly peed and wiped myself. I so wanted to masturbate over that dream I had about blowing my brother. It was so real and I was so hot and horny. I couldn't wait to masturbate over my brother, once Daddy showed me what he wanted to show me and left me alone to my bad self and in privacy. I positioned myself back on the bed and on top of the covers. With the dream of doing my brother, I was still aroused. I was still so very horny. What the Hell, this was the perfect opportunity to tease and flash my Dad.

I figured I'd tease and flash my Dad a little, as part of my training to become a sexy seductress. Then, later, after he left my room, I'd masturbate over the thoughts of what I showed my Dad and what I imagined he saw of my naked body and the dream that I had of sucking Jimmy's cock. Only, at this point in time, after having that realistic dream about blowing my brother, albeit glad that I hadn't crossed the incestuous line and wasn't the incestuous slut sister, I was so aroused, so wet, and so out of control that I was more the cock teaser than I was the seductress.

Not high enough to make it look too obvious, but more innocently accidental, I quickly raised my nightgown high enough up my thighs that once he entered my room, he'd have a clear view of my exposed pussy. It excited me that I was about to flash my Dad my pussy. Then, as an afterthought, I pulled the top of my nightgown forward and down enough so that, if he stood or sat on my bed and whenever I leaned forward just a little, he'd see my areolas and nipples. It was such a wicked plan playing the innocent, yet, dirty daughter in disguise. If nothing else, between the dream of blowing my brother and flashing my Dad, I'd now have plenty to masturbate over, after Daddy left my room.

"I'm coming in," he said. "Are you decent?"

Decent? That's a relative term, I thought, no pun intended. Here I am having incestuous thoughts and dreams about having sex with my brother, giving him a hand job and sucking his cock, while he fingered and sucked my nipples. Now I'm about to sexually tease my Dad by flashing him, after having a dream about my mother having sex with my brother, giving him hand jobs and blowjobs, and him cumming in her mouth and her swallowing his cum. There's nothing decent about me. I'm nothing but an incestuous slut.

"Okay, Daddy. I'm decent."

I was laying on the bed on top of the covers, just the way that I was when I had the dream of blowing my brother, only with my nightgown raised higher. Now, with my nightgown raised just high enough and my legs open just enough that, once he entered my bedroom, he'd have a good view of my pussy. I knew all that he could see of me because I had already practiced being in this position and flashing in the mirror several times before.

Only, just as my brother did, my Dad was the one turning the tables on me. He was suddenly being the big tease and in my aroused and horny state, I was no match for him. Instead of being the sexy seductress, instead of being the coy cock teaser, I was the incestuous victim and he was my master.

I couldn't believe it when my Dad came in my bedroom, just wearing his bathrobe with nothing underneath. I could tell he had nothing on beneath his bathrobe because he had a huge erection. Eww. Yet, even though I was disgusted by his obvious erection, I was excited by it, too. These incestuous feelings were playing havoc with my brain.

"Well, Susan, we have our Earth Day nude photo audition tomorrow," he said.

"I know, Daddy," I said looking at him leering at me with incestuous lust.

I watched my Dad, when he first entered my bedroom and his eyes immediately looked between my legs. He was looking. He saw my pussy. He was staring. He was staring at my pussy.

Much in the same way that he was looking at me, my mind was reeling with sexual desire and incestuous lust that not only did my Dad see my pussy but also he was staring at my pussy. I couldn't believe it. He made no attempt to look away and he seemed not to care if I saw him staring, but I continued pretending that I didn't know that I was showing nor notice that he was staring. Besides, I was too busy looking at the huge bulge he had lurking behind his bathrobe.

Then, when he walked more in my room, he stared at the impression my pubic hair and my nipples made in my sheer nightgown. He was looking at me with desire, as if I was a cold beer on a hot day. He moved closer to the side of the bed, casually leaning forward to adjust my pillow behind me, I knew from his standing vantage point that he could clearly see down my nightgown top.

I was excited that my Dad could see my tits, just as I was excited that my Dad was staring at my tits. He could clearly see my areolas and nipples. Knowing all that he could see of me, knowing that he was staring, I pretended not to notice. Too aroused and too horny to feel embarrassed, I was so excited that I had goose bumps. Definitely, I was earning my wings as the sexy seductress.

It was a weird feeling. Even though I was a little embarrassed, I was more excited at the same time. A game that I enjoyed playing, titillated by being the dirty daughter, it felt good to finally have control over my father in this way, even if it was only sexual, especially if it was just sexual. Suddenly, gathering more of my composure, taking back the sexual control, I felt a little bit like a sexy seductress, instead of a slutty cock teaser. Certainly, I no longer felt like the incestuous victim. I was back in control.

"Tell me, how do you think you'll feel about being naked on the set of the Earth Day photo shoot?"

"Actually, I haven't given it much thought, Daddy," I said lying.

I couldn't believe he even asked me that question. Duh! Of course I had thought about the Earth Day nude photo shoot, being naked, showing my body to my horny brother and my perverted father, while ogling their cocks, is all that I thought about. It was all that I masturbated over, whenever I was alone in my room, which I couldn't wait to be, again, so that I could masturbate over this little incestuous exhibition and voyeur exchange that we were having now.

I needed to masturbate. I really needed to get off. I was so very horny. I needed to get off over that sexy dream of blowing my brother and now over what my Dad is seeing of me that he shouldn't be seeing of his dirty daughter. Never have I felt so alive and excited, as I have dreaming about having sex with my brother and now flashing myself to my Dad.

Only, I couldn't believe he was asking me these questions now that he's alone with me in my bedroom. These were questions that he should have asked me before, when we were all gathered as a family, in the family room. These were questions he should have asked ,when he first presented the idea of posing naked together, as a family for that Earth Day advertisement. Why is he asking me these questions now?

I figured, by the size of his obvious erection, he must be horny. Certainly, without doubt, he was aroused. Naive and innocent, I guess I truly didn't understand why he was suddenly standing in my room, just wearing a bathrobe over his obvious erection, and asking me about how I felt about the upcoming naked photo shoot. I just wanted him to leave me alone in privacy, so that I could do my thing, masturbate, and get off, before exploding with sexual frustration.

I was having trouble reading him. He never comes into my room, especially when he's only wearing a bathrobe and never when he has an erection. Now that I think about it, I've never seen my Dad with an erection, not that I ever looked or noticed. Eww. Gross.

Not normally nervous around my Dad, he was suddenly making me afraid, especially in the way he was leering at me with a crazed expression on his face. Yeah, sure, at first, he made me feel desirable, when he first stared at my pussy and ogled the impression that my pubic hair and nipples made in my sheer nightgown, before staring down my nightgown top at my tits, areolas, and nipples, but now he was making me feel a little more than uncomfortable.

At this point in time, I just wanted him to leave so that I could masturbate. I didn't understand why he was lingering and leering. It was surreal having him there in my bedroom, when there was no one else in the house but us. After dreaming of my brother and having sufficiently flashed my Dad, I had plenty of masturbation material to get myself off later. I was ready for Daddy to leave me alone to my bad self.

Then, with his bulging penis practically in my face, I wondered how I'd react to seeing my father's cock and there it was poised and hiding behind his bathrobe. I couldn't help but stare at the bulging impression his cock made in his bathrobe. I wondered what it looked like. It looked so big. He must have a huge cock for it to push out his heavy terrycloth robe like that.

I had great difficulty in forcing myself to look away and not to stare at his bulging erection. Already feeling so much like the incestuous slut that I obviously am, unaccustomed to having all these new sexual feelings towards my Dad and my brother, I didn't want him to catch me looking. Certainly, I didn't want to lose my status as the innocent daughter. Moreover, from being deemed a cock teaser to a sexy seductress is sometimes a fine line and if my Dad caught me looking at his bulging erection, then I'd be more the incestuous slut of a daughter than the sexy seductress. A seductress would know that a man had an erection, without even having to look.

Then, I wondered, maybe he didn't know he had an erection. I wondered if he knew he had an erection. Of course, he knew he had an erection. How could he not know he had an erection? It was so obvious, nearly standing straight out, and pushing his bathrobe forward, as if he was holding a gun through the pocket of his bathrobe behind it.

Then, I wondered, for him to have an erection, if he played with himself first, before walking in my room, so that he'd have an erection for me to see how big his cock is. Maybe he was trying to tease me, as much as I had teased him, only guys don't know how to tease women. Guys aren't nearly as subtle as women. Guys are just pigs. They can't help themselves. Unable to control their lust, guys are always over the top with sexuality, heating up real quick, exploding, and then falling asleep and leaving the women to take care of their own sexual needs or just doing without.

Definitely, without being so blatantly and incestuously perverted and showing me his cock, he was showing me that he had a big cock by showing me his erection that tented his bathrobe. I get it. He was crossing the incestuous line without crossing the incestuous line. He was leaving it up to my imagination.

In that way, he'd play the innocent Daddy card and wouldn't look like the pervert that he certainly is, and I'd more look like the incestuous slut that I am by noticing that he had an erection and staring at it. That was his plan, no doubt. To be honest, after having seen Jimmy's cock and knowing my Dad was in my room with an erection, I was even more curious what Daddy's cock looked like. For sure, I'd see it soon enough at the Earth Day nude family photo shoot.

Only, I wondered how I'd react to seeing Daddy's cock for the first time, just as I wondered how my Dad and my brother would react to seeing me naked. Would I turn red and look away or would I stare at my Dad's cock? Would I be turned off and disgusted by seeing his big dick or would I be turned on and horny from the sight of it? Definitely, I knew those two horn ball perverts would be staring at my naked body, that's for sure.

"I'm sure they'll be a lot of people there," said my Dad.

"People? What do you mean people?" I looked at him with innocent eyes, knowing what he meant but pretending not to understand what he meant. I was beginning to grow weary of playing this game. I just wanted him to leave already. "It's just our family and the photographer, isn't it, Daddy?"

I looked up at him giving him that wide-eyed look, as if I was asking him to buy me something. Please, Daddy, can I have a new bike or a new car?

"Well, for one, they'll be other families auditioning, too," he said. "The art director and maybe representatives from the Wholesome Family Food Company will be there, along with producers, and assistants. I don't really know how many people will be there. There could be a horde of people, most of which will probably be more men than women." He looked at me. "How do you feel about a lot of men seeing you naked?"

"How do I feel about a lot of men seeing me naked, Daddy?"

"I'm not happy about men seeing my baby girl naked, but it's a way for us to make money and maybe to launch a career with this Earth Day nude photo shoot. You never know what may come from it. You just never know, who will see the ad and spark interest enough to hire us to do something else."

"Gees, Daddy, now that you mention about other people, especially men, being there at the photo shoot, I never even thought about that," I said lying through my teeth. "I never figured they'd be anyone else besides us and the photographer. Now, that I know this, I'd be so embarrassed," I said looking up at him with wide eyed innocence. "I'm not sure if I can go through with it, Daddy."

There I was playing the sexy seductress, again, reinforcing my innocence by calling him Daddy, as if I was still his little, baby girl. Can't go through with it? I couldn't wait to strip naked in a roomful of men. Oh, my God. I could really earn my sexy seductress wings by flaunting my perfect body and teasing a bunch of horny men, while pretending that I was embarrassed and only doing this, stripping naked in front of everyone, for our family to make some much needed money. Now, with the thoughts of stripping in front of a roomful of men, I couldn't wait for my Dad to leave, so that I could masturbate.

"Can't go through with it? You must go through with it, Susan," said my Dad pleading with me to go through with it. I really had him fooled, only I didn't expect this kind of a reaction. "You must pose nude for the family. This is our ticket to earning some really big money."

Now, I was really aroused, after thinking of flashing my naked body to a horde of men. I looked at my Dad, he still had an erection that puffed out his bathrobe. I couldn't believe it. Then, I wondered, did he take a Viagra before walking in my bedroom or did I do that?

Did I give my father a boner from him seeing my pussy, as soon as he walked in my bedroom or did he give himself one, by playing with himself before he walked in my bedroom? Maybe it was the impression of my pubic hair and my nipples made through my sheer nightgown, not to mention, with him leering down my nightgown top, he could see my tits, my areolas, and my nipples? Wow, I am becoming quite the seductress, after all.

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