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Daddy, Don't Look! I'm Naked.

by andtheend©

"I don't know, Daddy. I'm just nervous now that the day is nearly here," I said looking up at him and trying to remove the thought of his erection from his mind.

"Don't be nervous," he said. "It's no big deal. Think of it as going to a nude beach."

Then, I remembered that he wanted to show me something. What was it that he wanted to show me that couldn't wait until morning and that was so important that he had to wake me up and come in my room only wearing his bathrobe with nothing else on underneath it? I thought, is this what he wanted to show me, that he had an erection beneath his bathrobe. Nah, that's ridiculous. It couldn't be that. My Dad's a pervert for reading incest stories, but he's not that much of an incestuous pervert that he'd show me his cock. "What did you want to show me, Daddy?"

"Well, knowing how innocent my baby girl is, I figured you'd be nervous, which is why I wanted to talk to you about the nude audition," he said looking down my nightgown top at my exposed tits again, before he looked down at his now too obvious erection. "This is what I wanted to show you," he said untying his bathrobe and allowing it to fall from his shoulders to the floor.

"Daddy! You're naked!"

I watched him strip, as if it all happened in slow motion. I watched his bathrobe fall from his body, as if it took a minute, instead of the split second that it took. I couldn't believe it, my Dad was naked. He was exposing his erect cock to me. Oh, my God, first having a sexy dream about blowing my brother, and now my father is standing naked in my room with an erection. Eww, double eww.

Even though I was grossed out by my naked father, I was excited by my naked father. Back and forth my thoughts went from being grossed out by incest and by seeing my father naked to being turned on by incest and by seeing my father naked. I looked at his erect cock. I stared at his big, stiff, erect, hairy cock. It was so big. I couldn't take my eyes of it, but I had to. I didn't want him to think that I was aroused by it. I needed him to think that I was totally disgusted by the sight of it, only I couldn't look away. I was staring at it. I couldn't help not staring at it.

His cock was enormous. He had so much pubic hair and his cock and balls were huge. I looked away, before looking back. I couldn't stop looking at my father's cock, but not wanting to be caught staring, not wanting to lose my status as the innocent daughter and be deemed an incestuous slut of a daughter, still playing the part of sexy seductress, I forced myself to look away. Feeling my face turn a bright red, I was more aroused than embarrassed but, of course, my Dad misread my flushed face and thought that I was embarrassed.

"Listen, Susan, if you can't deal with seeing my penis now that I'm here alone in your room with you, how will you deal with seeing my penis later, when we're on the set with all those people watching us?" He took a step closer. "Look at my cock, Susan. Look at it. Just look at it," he said, holding it out and presenting his monstrous prick to me, as if he was giving me the keys to the family car.

I looked at it. I stared at it. I used his invitation to ogle it. I couldn't stop staring at it. His prick was so big and so close to my face that all I had to do was open my mouth and lean forward and I'd be blowing my father. Eww. Gross.

His cock was even bigger than my brother's cock. Oh, my God, I've never seen a cock so big. It must have been 10 inches long and wider around than my hand could fit around. You'd think my mother would never want another cock, would never touch the cock of any of the neighbors' husbands, after experiencing Daddy's big cock.

"Yeah, but Daddy, this is different," I said looking away from his cock to look up at him with wide eyed innocence.

"How so?"

I was staring at his cock, again. I couldn't help myself from looking at it.

"Well, I'm not naked and--"

"We can fix that," he said leering at my body. He was making me nervous. "Take off your nightgown. Show Daddy your naked body, Susan. You're right. If we're both naked, you'll be more comfortable with seeing me naked," he said. "So, go ahead, and take off your nightgown, Susan. Show Daddy your body."

"Take off my nightgown? Eww. Gross. No, Daddy, I can't do that, I'd be so embarrassed," I said wrapping my arms tightly around myself. "There's no way I'm going to show you my naked body."

My mind was reeling. I so wanted to strip off my nightgown. I so wanted to show my father my naked body. I so wanted to flaunt my tits, my ass, and my pussy in front of his horny eyes, only, I didn't want him to think that I was really a dirty daughter, instead of an innocent daughter. I was still playing the reluctant and innocent daughter and the sexy seductress to my best advantage, while hoping not to be deemed the incestuous slut of a daughter.

"If you can't get naked in front of me now, Susan," he said still leering at me, "how will you get naked tomorrow?"

"I know, Daddy, but this is different because--"

That was when, just like my brother did in my dream, my father leaned down and started tickling me. What is it with this family and tickling? I couldn't believe it. Every time he reached down to tickle me, the head of his cock bounced off some part of my body, my arm, my shoulder, my cheek, and my forehead.

His cock was so big. His cock was so hard. I couldn't believe it. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he was trying to stick his cock in my mouth by making it look accidental, but I had my head turned and down, and my lips tightly pulled together. There was just no way that I was giving my Dad an accidental blowjob. Gross. Now, that I've seen his one-eyed monster, I didn't even want to touch his huge, nasty thing. Eww. This was my father, my Daddy.

After the dream I had about my brother, I couldn't help but question if this was a dream, too. Only, this was no dream. This was the real deal. This was really happening. I couldn't believe it.

He continued tickling me and my legs were flopping around so much and I was laughing so hard that my nightgown was up around my waist and both my tits were completely out of my nightgown top. Just as in the dream I had about my brother, my pussy was exposed to my father. With me laughing so hard from him tickling me, before I even realize what was happening, before I could react, before I could stop him, and before I could even catch my breath to protest, with a quick pull, he lifted my nightgown up, over my head, and off in one fluid motion. I was naked. I was naked in front of my Daddy.

"Daddy, don't look! I'm naked."

I'm not sure why I said that, but I did. Embarrassed and excited at the same time, I was so very aroused. Saying that and trying to cover my nakedness was just a voluntary reaction that my father took as me being demure and innocent. I was neither of those things. I was an insatiable, incestuous slut, at least in my thoughts anyway, since I hadn't, yet, crossed the incestuous line by having incestuous sex, and only having incestuous thoughts and dreams.

Suddenly feeling embarrassed, but still so very sexually aroused and horny, I covered what I could of my nakedness with my arms and hands, but I was naked. I was really naked in front of my father and he was staring, leering, actually at my naked body. I couldn't believe I was naked in front of my Daddy and my Dad was naked in front of me. He had such a huge erection. Eww. Frightened and embarrassed, but still so very excited, I felt so vulnerable.

"How do you feel now?"

How do I feel now? I'm horny. Fuck me, Daddy. Give me your cock. Let me stroke you and blow you, before I fuck you.

"How do I feel being naked in front of my Dad," I said wrapping my arms around myself to cover my breasts and leaning forward to cover my naked pussy, "who has a huge boner? I'm grossed out, Daddy. I'm so very embarrassed." I looked up at him with pleading eyes. "This isn't right. This is so wrong, Daddy."

"Don't be embarrassed, Susan. You'll get over it, hopefully, without doubt, for tomorrow's nude photo shoot. It's nothing you haven't seen before, I'm sure," he said.

No longer the sexy seductress, I was back to being the incestuous victim. Without having even touched me, he made me feel so vulnerable and so abused.

"I can't help it, Daddy. I'm mortified. I really am. I'm so embarrassed. I feel like an incestuous slut. This is all so perverse and you're depraved, Daddy, for coming in my room with an erection, showing me your cock, and ripping off my nightgown. How dare you do that to me, Daddy?"

Only, it occurred to me, and I couldn't help but wonder if it occurred to him, too, that I didn't scream for him to leave. I could have, but I didn't. I didn't throw him out of my room. I could have, but I didn't do that either. Actually, I was enjoying this incestuous interaction between us and I wanted him to stay. I was curious what would happen next.

"Don't be like that, Susan," he said taking a step closer to me to give me a fatherly smile, while lightly stroking my hair.

"Don't be like what? You're naked Daddy and you stripped me naked. What do you expect me to be like?"

His cock was standing straight out and it couldn't be any close to my face without it being in my mouth. Bouncing up and down, his cock moved every time he moved. I was mesmerized by the sight and the movement of it. The head of it was so close to my face that if I turned my head and opened my mouth, I'd be blowing him. I'd be blowing my Daddy.

"Maybe if you touched my cock, Susan, it would make you feel better and less embarrassed about being naked."

"Touched your cock? Eww, Daddy, gross, no, I'm not going to touch your cock. Why would you think it would make me feel better, less embarrassed to be naked by touching your cock? That's lame, Daddy. What is wrong with you, Daddy? What does touching your cock have to do with the Earth Day nude family photo shoot tomorrow?"

I was really excited now. I couldn't believe he asked me to touch his cock. If only he knew how much I wanted to touch it and stroke his big prick. With my hands down by my side, suddenly exposing all of my naked body to him, while still making it appear accidental and innocent, I looked up at him with my wide-eyed innocence.

"Perhaps, Susan, if you are more familiar and more comfortable being around my nude body parts, namely my penis, it will make you feel less embarrassed with being naked in front of me tomorrow," he said moving his body closer to mine, so close, that he practically impaled me with his cock. Lightly brushing my skin, the head of his cock was in contact with my shoulder and it moved every time one of us moved.

"That's a stretch, Daddy," I said still not removing my eyes from his big, hard, hairy dick, but moving my shoulder away from being in contact with his hard cock. "No, Daddy, I can't do that. I'm sorry, but I can't touch my father's prick. That's just so gross and--"

"Touch it, I said," he said raising his voice sternly and grabbing his cock with one hand and my wrist with the other. Just like my brother did in my dream, my Dad put my hand on his big, hairy dick. "Wrap your fingers around it and stroke me," he said forcing my fingers around his thick prick and moving his hand back and forth with mine. "Yeah, that's right, feel my big cock in your little hand. Stroke it, Susan, stroke it. Masturbate Daddy. Give Daddy a hand job. Make Daddy cum."

Once I touched my father's cock, I knew I'd do whatever he asked me to do. As he ordered me to do, I wrapped my fingers around his big prick and started giving my father a gentle hand job. I couldn't believe I was stroking Daddy's cock. Never have I experienced such mixed emotions. I was horrified, but excited at the same time. His cock felt so good in my hand, real good. I've never felt anything like it. It was such a turn on to watch the excited look on my father's face with me stroking him.

Going back and forth from wanting to flee my room in fright to being aroused by all this incestuous, albeit guilty pleasure, I didn't know what to feel. I was so confused. I don't know if it was because it was my father's big prick or if I was just so frigging horny, but his big cock felt too good in my horny hand. I couldn't stop staring at it. I couldn't stop stroking it, but I did. I had to stop. It was wrong to continue. Someone had to have some self-control. One of us had to put an end to this.

"Daddy, no, this is so wrong," I said looking up and making eye contact with him, while mildly protesting and reluctantly pulling my hand away.

I could feel my tears welling up in my eyes, not because he was forcing me to give him a hand job, but because I was enjoying giving him a hand job. What's wrong with me? I knew it was wrong. I knew this wasn't a dream. I knew that I was finally committing incest. Only, I couldn't stop giving my Daddy a hand job.

I was excited. I was aroused. I was curious. I wanted to see the expression on his face when he was excited, so excited that he'd explode warm cum all over my hand. I wanted to see him cum. I wanted to feel his warm cum coat my little hand. Only, he misunderstood my intentions and took my mild protest the wrong way.

"Wrong? I'll show you wrong," he said. "Blow me. Blow me, Susan. Stick my prick in your mouth and suck it. Suck my cock, Susan. Suck it."

Oh, my God, I couldn't believe he told me, ordered me to blow him. On one hand I was afraid and on the other I couldn't wait to suck Daddy's big prick. Only, in the way he was acting, he was scaring me. Had he been more gentle about it, had he gently coerced me a bit more, I would have warmed to the idea of sucking my father's cock, as I did about stroking my father's cock. Even though I was receptive to blowing him, I just wanted to give him a hand job first. I needed to do that, as a warm up, before blowing him. I really wasn't ready to take his cock in my mouth and give my Dad a blowjob, but he was insisting, demanding really.

Nonetheless, still playing my innocent daughter part, I was intent on playing the sexy seductress, until the salty and bitter end. Only, he didn't give me much of a chance to play my part. This little teasing charade wasn't a game to him. Not one to take no for an answer, this was the real thing and he wasn't a man to be denied. He wanted me to blow him, that was for sure.

"No, Daddy. I'm not going to blow you. That's so wrong. That's just gross. That's just so nasty."

"Suck it! Suck it, Susan, I said," he said. "Suck my cock. Blow me. Take my cock in your mouth and suck it. Do it. Do it now."

"No, Daddy, please. Stop. You're scaring me. I can't blow you. It's just so wrong. That's just nasty, Daddy. What if I gave you a hand job?" I looked up at him, but he had a crazy look on his face. He wasn't settling for less than a blowjob, but it was too soon and I wasn't ready for that, yet. I needed to feel more love and affection for me to want to blow him than to be forced to blow you. "I'll give you a hand job, instead. Okay?"

"I know you want it. I know you want to suck it. You've been teasing me all this time, walking around in your sheer nightgown without wearing your robe. You don't think I know you've been flashing me your pussy and showing me your tits. I know your little game. I know what you've been doing. You think I don't know that you're nothing but a cock teaser? You're just like your mother, a little slut."

"No, Daddy, please. Enough," I said, feeling more embarrassed that he called me a cock teaser and a slut, instead of thinking of me as a sexy seductress.

I was more embarrassed that he saw through my little game of feigned innocence. I was embarrassed that he knew I was teasing him and flashing him, all this time. I had underestimated my Daddy. No longer was I his innocent daughter. He saw through my little game of teasing and flashing. The game was over and now it was time for me to blow him, but I was afraid.

I removed my hand from his cock, after he had pulled it and put it there again. Too afraid to pull away, I suddenly felt real fear by the crazed expression on my father's face. That was when he grabbed me and pulled me by my hair, yanked it really hard, and when I opened my mouth to scream, with a hand firmly behind my head, he pushed my head forward and filled my mouth with his cock, all of it.

I couldn't believe I had my father's cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe my father was forcing me to blow him. This was my Daddy. How could he do that to me?

My mouth was stretched and filled to capacity with his big, hard, hairy prick. Never have I had a cock so big in my mouth. Then, he placed his other hand behind my head and, now, with both hands holding my head in place, he started moving his hips back and forth and humping my face. My father was really fucking my face. My Dad was forcing me to blow him.

He was really fucking my mouth now and his big, hairy balls were slamming up against my chin and making a loud slapping sound. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't believe my father was making me blow him. I couldn't believe I was blowing my Daddy.

"That's right, suck it, blow me. Suck my big prick, Susan. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it."

"Daddy, you're so big," I mumbled with his cock in his mouth. "You're choking me. You're hurting me," I said trying to eject it from my mouth to speak, but unable to do so even for a second to catch my breath.

I struggled trying to free myself from him and from his big cock, but that was when he reached his hand down and started fondling my nipples. Oh, my God, as if he was relaxing a dog by scratching him behind the ear, or relaxing an alligator by rubbing his belly, he was exciting me, as soon as he touched my nipples. I felt a rush go through my whole body. He was fingering them, pulling them, turning them, and twisting them. He had an experienced touch that felt so much better than what I had dreamed about, when I dreamt of my brother doing the same thing to my tits and nipples.

No doubt, for him to know exactly what to do to get what he wanted from me, my mother must feel the same insane pleasure that I feel, whenever someone plays with her nipples in the way my Daddy was playing with my nipples and fondling my tits now. My Dad knew that playing with my nipples was all that it would take for me to continue blowing him and he was right. By playing with my nipples, he had turned me into the incestuous slut of a daughter that he needed me to be to suck his cock dry.

Once he did that, once he fondled my big tits and fingered my sensitive nipples, is when I gave him what he wanted. With his cock in my mouth, and his hand feeling my tits, and his fingers fingering my nipples, I was really aroused now. I was really sucking his cock now and making all those cock sucking sounds that men love to hear from women and that only fathers fantasize their daughters doing. By my cock sucking skills, I was driving my father mad with lustful desire.

My tongue was working overtime playing with the head of his big prick, while my lips moved in conjunction with my hand. Back and forth and back and forth, my mouth and my hand were a machine working to over stimulate Daddy's hard cock, while my other hand caressed his big balls. All the while, Daddy continued fingering, twisting, and pulling my nipples. Oh, yeah, he knew exactly what to do with his dirty daughter to get me aroused enough for me to get him off.

I could feel him getting ready to cum. I felt him stiffen his body. He was trying to hold it back. He didn't want this moment to end. Then, within a few minutes, he exploded a huge warm, gooey load of cum in my mouth.

There was so much cum that I couldn't keep it all in my mouth and he wouldn't remove his cock from my mouth for me to catch my breath. There was cum spilling out both sides of my mouth. I had a real mouthful of my Dad's sperm. It was dripping out both sides of my mouth, so much like melted ice cream on a hot day.

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