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A Man Needs What A Man Needs Ch. 1

by Le Chevalier©

A Man Needs What a Man Needs Ch. 1

I love my wife so much. She is such a wonderful woman to be around. She's caring, funny and extremely intelligent. She's also very beautiful as can be shown by the compliments that are passed my way from my coworkers, male friends and just guys that I hear as we walk by. Not only does she possess an abundance of all those qualities that I just mentioned but she is extremely sympathetic to a man's needs. Don't get me wrong, our sex life is outstanding, always has been but she realizes and accepts the fact that some men just need different sorts of stimulants and pleasures. That's why I love her so much. She has no qualms at all about my hang-ups and I know I can trust her completely. One of her best attributes is the fact that she doesn't mind it when I fuck our daughter.

No, seriously she doesn't. I know, I know, you're probably thinking to yourself, "That's bullshit. She has to hate it and it's a wonder your ass isn't in jail." Truly, she doesn't mind. She knows that I just have to have it with my hot daughter and so she doesn't whine or complain or tell me that I'm ignoring her or any of that shit. I can still remember that first night when I had my daughter for the first time. She had just turned eighteen and I figured, well I've waited long enough to have her. I just snuck into her room one night and told her that Daddy was going to make her feel good. We had been at it for about fifteen minutes when the door opened up and there was the silhouette of my wife, standing in the doorway. Did she freak out? Did she threaten to divorce me? Did she scream and call the police? Nope, none of those things. She simply said, "Ted, remember, don't cum inside of her because you might get her pregnant."

"Don't worry dear, I wont," I had responded and with that she turned and went back to bed. Well my teenie daughter and I had continued our lovemaking and, being the weak man I am, I did cum inside of her. Come on, I couldn't help it. Fucking her tight teen slit, so wet and tight I wasn't exactly thinking straight. All I could think about was release and so I just grunted and held myself still as I blew my load up into her tight cavity. That was the start of many love sessions between my daughter and I. I had tried to get my wife to join but she refused, telling me that she didn't want to be a part of my games. It's a shame though. I'd give my left hand to be able to have both my favorite women in the world at one time in the same bed. But cé la vie. One time I was sitting in bed watching TV and I asked my wife if she abhorred the situation with my making love to Melody and she put it simply, "A man needs what a man needs." She is actually for it in a way I think because if I'm staying at home, fucking her and our daughter then I won't be out doing some tramp at the bar.

Before I go on, let me tell you a little about my daughter. She's an incredible young lady and I'm very proud of her and I love her very, very much. She has been a straight A student since she has been in school. She's caring, loves animals and is extremely beautiful. Even at a younger age she was stunning but now that she's eighteen she is just gorgeous, completely taking after her mother. She's about 5'1, 115 with pretty dark brown hair that she keeps shoulder length, also like her mother. Her body? What can I say? Wow! Delectable. She is very outgoing with sports and now cheerleading so that her body stays very nice and toned. One aspect that she doesn't get from her mother though is her breasts. Her breasts are tiny, only a B cup at most whereas her mother has pound after delicious pound of tit flesh. But hey, I'm not complaining.

She keeps herself so well that I could never complain about any part of her body from that beautiful brown hair down to her sweet little ass all the way down to her little toes. I've had the pleasure to taste every square inch of her body; no spot on my daughter is ill-tasting. I dare any man to say different. She cleanses herself in this delightful body wash so that it's like tasting a peach every time I suck on a part of her body. Sometimes, after we're done with our lovemaking, I'll just lay with my face buried in her hair, which is so sweet smelling since she uses some sort of apple-cinnamon shampoo on it.

Now, contrary to popular belief, my daughter is not some space case. I say this because it is popular knowledge that if a person is subjected to sexual acts by their family members they sometimes tend to have severe mental problems further down the line. Nothing could be further from the truth with Melody and I. She actually has grown so accustomed to our intercourse that I truly believe that if I were to all of sudden stop our relations she might then start having problems! We take all the necessary precautions against pregnancy since I started her on the Pill a few days after we started making love and now we have gone on three months with no mishaps. I never use condoms with her because she actually told me that she prefers the feeling of me inside of her without one. Besides I don't always blow my load inside of her anyway. Many times I pull out and squirt it onto her small belly or tiny breasts (she loves that). Also we have passed the point with other degrees of sex so that I also inject my semen into her mouth or up her anus. Yes, I know, I know, "pulling out" isn't a really safe way to try and prevent pregnancy but like I said before, we haven't had any mishaps.

I am a very loving father to Melody and so I wasn't like some great lecher who just ran in there and threw myself onto her. Yes, I did fuck her that night, five days after her eighteenth birthday but I progressed slowly with her so as not to frighten her or hurt her. But come on, it's not like I was the first one for her. For example, we didn't get to blowjobs until we had been having relations for about two weeks. And anal sex, well we didn't progress into that for a month.

But anyway, back to what I was saying about her not being messed up mentally. She is the complete opposite. She's a senior in high school but she was already on the varsity cheerleading squad by her sophomore year. Not to mention she also plays soccer, runs track and is an active member of the Student Council and several other clubs in her high school. She is in the "in-crowd" at school and her boyfriend is a receiver on the varsity football team. One time, when we were making love, she actually thanked me for starting to have sex with her. When I asked her why she told me that since I had been fucking her it had given her a sense of what an experienced man wanted and plus it gave her practice to please the boys and her boyfriend at school, which made them putty in her hands. Hey, if I can help out my daughter in any way then that's what I'll do.

This set up with my daughter is so complete that not only do I get to have my wife and her but I have also sampled most of her closest friends. Her friends are terrific and we all have our relationship worked out so that no one gets in trouble. It couldn't be more perfect. We have had some wild flings, her, her friends and I. I guess I could tell you a few details to make you happy. She wouldn't mind and neither would her friends because even though they are all still in high school, they are extremely mature for their age.

Where to start…um, I guess I could tell you the first time that we were together with one of her friends. You see like I said, Melody plays soccer and she has been since she was nine. So have most of her friends. This little tid-bit has something to do with that.

Melody was just past 18 and it had been three weeks since that first night when we had sex. My wife usually picked her up after her games sinceMelody's car had decided to take a shit on her but there was one Saturday when my wife had to travel out of town because something had happened with her alcoholic sister…anyway, I had to get Melody. I pulled up at the soccer field in the middle of town and it was packed. Kids running everywhere, parents trying to get into the perfect place to take a picture of their kid (unfortunately the high school soccer teams played on the same field as did the little kids' leagues). I maneuvered my Taurus in between two Mini-vans and prayed that Melody would see me and sure enough she did. She jumped up and waved at me, bouncing up and down, getting me to notice her.

A smile lit my face for two reasons. One, because I was very proud of my little girl. She was the best player on the team, a forward, and I knew other parents and her other classmates were jealous of her. Two, because I started to think, Oh, if these people only knew how I was fucking my little star forward…I waved back and she went back to concentrating on her game. It only had a few minutes left and my daughter's team won it handedly, beating the other school 3-1. After the referee signaled the end of the game I watched as Melody ran over to her bench and huddled with the rest of her team as her coach told them blah, blah blah, blah blah. After about a minute I saw Melody grab her backpack and she started running up the green hill towards where I was parked (the parking lot overlooked the field.) Following quickly behind her was a girl with pretty blond hair. There came my sweet teen daughter, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, her little titties pushing against her uniform top, her left shin guard coming out from under her sock.

"Hi Daddy!" she practically yelled at me when she finally came running up. She threw herself into my arms and gave me a big hug(sometimes I did get embarrassed because she did act a little too girlish every so often). I held her body tight, loving the soft warmth coming from her body.

"Hi sugar," I replied.

"Did you watch the game? We won!" she said, pulling back from me.

"I saw the last part of it, baby. Yeah I saw that you guys won. That's awesome," I said, my attention going to her friend who had just caught up.

"Hey Daddy, this is Bethany (Bethany was new to the high school because of course I already knew Melody's friends that she had had since elementary school). Mom already knows who she is and she said she could spend the night tonight, ok?" Melody explained.

"Oh she did huh? Well then I guess she can stay," I said, staring at this new little vixen. I could tell that the game and running up the hill after Melody had winded her. I could see her little tits pushing back and forth against the fabric of her own uniform as she took in air. Her pretty blond hair was also up in a ponytail. She was about the same build as Melody and after staring at her for a few seconds I was already beginning to have an erection. (I laugh now because if I knew then what I know now, how just a month later this little sweetheart would soon become a lover of mine like my daughter I would have been rolling down the hill, cracking up.)

"Hi Bethany. I'm Ted, Melody's father," I said, staring at her up and down, memorizing her form.

"Hi, nice to meet you," she said, giving me a shy smile (this same girl who now likes it when you jerk on her hair when you fuck her in the ass from behind.) "Well come on girls, we can go get some pizza and something to drink. I bet you're both hungry." Both girls nodded vigorously and I led them to my car. Inside the car Melody hopped up front and as soon as I was inside she slid over close to me and threw her arms around my neck and proceeded to seek out my mouth. She started to give me a deep kiss and I had to literally force myself to push her off quickly before Bethany noticed anything strange. "Not yet," I whispered fiercely, my erection straining painfully inside my jeans. She sat back quickly and lowered her head, "Sorry Daddy," she said, meekly. I glanced back at Bethany but the teen was staring absentmindedly outside her window.

So I took both girls out to a local pizza parlor where they proceeded to eat up the place's reserve of food (it's amazing how much teen girls, especially athletic girls, can eat.) Finally after many sodas and much pizza and after having filled me in on all the gossip, the two girls were ready to go home…and so was I. We made a quick stop by the supermarket to grab some munchies and sodas for their little sleep over and after that we finally made it back to my house. I could feel my pre-cum seeping out onto my groin area, daydreaming about fucking both girls all over the house in every position I could come up with. In the end, it was that same horniness that was almost my downfall.

When we finally stepped inside what do you think I did? Did I play it cool and seduce the innocent young lady by acting like her friend? No. The girls had taken the goodies into the kitchen and I came in behind them. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I knew that what I was about to do could be the end of my practical life but at that second my dick was the only thing thinking at the moment. I walked straight up behind Bethany, who was standing by our kitchen counter watching Melody put away the junk food. Slowly and gently I slid my big hands around her waist and instantly she turned around and looked up into my eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked, startled. I smiled and grabbed her drink, which she had brought from the pizza place. I took it from her hand and placed it onto the counter and looked back down into her face.

"Do you have a boyfriend Bethany?" I asked, slowly starting to rub my hands up and down her warm, soft sides.

"Uhh, uh, no," she replied hesitantly, pulling away from my grip. I tightened it. I started rubbing my hands up and down the sides of her torso, over her ribcage and down to her waist. I pulled her a little closer.

"Why not? You're very pretty. A girl your age should have a boyfriend. You're a senior like Melody. Don't you like boys?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah I do. Can I go now?" she asked, almost starting to plead. Her blue eyes started darting around the room, looking for escape. I pulled her closer.

"Why? Where do you want to go?" I asked with a purr. I began to slide my hands back around to the small of her back. I rubbed there for a few seconds and then I lowered them down and cupped a small ass cheek in each hand. She let out a startled "yip" sound.

"Please, can we just stop this? Can't Melody and I go now?" she asked, trying to pull away. I started to knead the soft flesh of her ass through her soccer shorts. My erection was about ready to burst out through the front of my jeans but I tried to keep it under control.

"Have you ever kissed a boy before?" I asked. She looked around frantically, looking for Melody to help her but Melody was just standing there by the counter, entranced by the spectacle of her father manhandling her friend. She looked back at me.

"Yes, I have. Please let me go Mr. Lurden," she said, squirming around in my arms. An image of a fish, wriggling around came into my thoughts and I smiled. I wrapped my arms around her fully, grabbing deeper into her soft ass, pulling her young body completely against mine. Our faces were inches apart.

"You have huh? Well let's you and me practice a little so that you'll be able to kiss them even better next time," I said and with that I forced my mouth against hers. She instantly tried to turn her head but I raised my left arm a little and placed my hand against the back of her head and held her in place. For a 190-pound man against a 100-pound girl it wasn't difficult to keep her in place. My mouth pressed flat against her lips and I opened mine but she denied me entrance. By this time she was frantically trying to pry away from my grip. I could feel the muscles in her arms thrusting out, trying to make a space between her and I but I held her firm. I was worried about her trying to kick me, after all, she was a soccer player and even though she was only smaller than me I knew that if her cleat connected with my aching groin I would be out for the count. Fortunately she didn't try to kick, which I am assuming is because she was just too surprised to be thinking coherently.

After all, her friend's father was trying to get his tongue into her mouth. It took me about half a minute with me pressing my mouth against hers for a space to open up to allow my tongue entrance. All the while she was making little yelping noises and garbled "no's" against my lips. When I finally did succeed I knew my effort had not been in vain. My tongue slipped inside of her warm mouth and I knew it was worth it. I glided my tongue against her tongue and started to rub it back and forth. To my own surprise, when I did this she stopped struggling and relaxed a little. I didn't stop to wonder why though and pressed my advantage. I slipped my tongue back and forth along her own wet tongue and over her teeth. I swished it around her mouth and then forced it back as far down her throat as I could. She gagged a little and pressed back from me and so I backed my tongue out. I realized that I had had my eyes closed and so I opened them and saw that her own eyes were closed. Even though I wanted to keep kissing her I withdrew my invading tongue from her hot mouth and licked her bottom and top lips. I released my grip on her a little and watched her. She just stood there in my arms, not trying to get away and then she finally opened her eyes, which had a glassy look to them.

"Did you like that, sweetheart?" I asked, starting to rub my hands up and down her back again.

"Yes," she answered breathlessly, still staring at me glassy-eyed.

"Good baby, I'm glad. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to make all of us feel good. Isn't that right, Melody?" I said to my daughter who had been watching the entire episode. She walked around the counter and stood by both of us. She looked at Bethany and smiled.

"Yes, Daddy, that's right. See Bethany, he will make us feel good," my daughter said with a wide smile.

"Yes, ok," Bethany said breathlessly again. I don't think she was entirely coherent as to what was going on. I think her young, teenage hormones had taken over and she was in my control.

"You seem pretty inexperienced for a senior in high school. Do you want me to teach you what other things boys like to do?" I asked her, still rubbing my arms up and down her back from her smooth neck to her ass cheeks. She nodded dumbly. "Ok then baby, let's go try it," I said and with that I gently but forcefully grabbed her left arm with my powerful hand and guided her up the stairs with Melody bringing up the rear. I decided against using my wife and I's room and so I picked my daughter's room instead. I walked Bethany inside and closed the door behind us. I chose Melody's room because this was where most of our little forays had taken place on her bed and I felt it was perfect for all three of us, nice and cozy.

"Melody, how many times do I have to tell you to clean up your room?" I asked with false sternness. It was the room of a typical teenage girl; magazines and other girlish accoutrements littered the floor. There were empty soda cans all over her dresser and clothes were strewn about the place as if a tornado had come to town.

"Sorry, Daddy," Melody said and started to pick things up.

"No, forget about it now. We have other stuff to do," I said. She stopped. "Ok, now where were we," I said to myself and walked to my daughter's bed. It took me awhile to find the bed due to the fact that almost every stuffed animal she owned had residence there but finally I got it cleared. I turned and looked at the two girls who were standing side by side; Melody with a big grin on her face, Bethany with that far-off stare.

"Are you ok, sweetheart?" I asked her, walking over to her. I rubbed my hand up and down her cheek gently.

"Yeah, I'm ok," she said and managed to give me a little smile.

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