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Dawn Likes To Help

by NaughtyWendy©

by Wendy Davies - (c) 2010 NaughtyWendy

(this is a sequel story to my Help My Wife series of stories. Check my profile to read them.)

Dawn had just had a lovely warm shower and was feeling nice and clean when she stepped out and walked into the bedroom to get dry. Her husband, Edward was working at church, so Dawn had a whole day to herself and was looking forward to a relaxing day at home.

She was just towelling her back when a noise made her jump and she turned to see her elderly father standing at the door, looking at her in surprise."Sorry," he mumbled, "I brought you the shopping you asked for. I left it in the kitchen but I wondered where you were and..." he trailed off, embarrassed.

Dawn had instinctively covered herself with the towelling robe at first, but when she saw it was her dad she relaxed and carried on getting dry. She had forgotten he was coming over.

"That's all right, dad," she said, "Wait a minute while I get dry and we'll have a cup of tea."

Dawn knew her father was looking at her naked body, although he was trying not to be obvious about it, but she was fine with that. She knew that her parents hadn't been able to have any real sex lately, due to her dad having problems getting and maintaining an erection.

She and her mother had talked a while ago about the naughty things they had done to help, which had involved her mother having sex with other people, namely her son, Dawn's brother Luke. He was so understanding about it, and also Tom's brother, Billy, who was a lovely man and who they knew they could trust.

Dawn could feel Tom's eyes on her large breasts as she dried them, and then her father spoke. "You remind me of your mum when she was your age."

Dawn supposed she did have a curvy body like her mother's, especially her breasts which were big and heavy. "Do you like my big boobs, Daddy?" she asked and Tom nodded. Dawn noticed that he had his hand in his pocket and was squeezing himself but she didn't mind.

The only difference between Dawn and her mother was that Dawn was dark whereas Margaret had always been light haired. Dawn's pubic hair was also trimmed and he could see her slit. As she dried herself between her legs she knew her father was watching eagerly.

"Is your willy getting hard?" she asked him openly. Dawn hoped it was, she would do anything to help her dad out with his predicament.

"A little bit," Tom confessed, going red in the face, "It doesn't get as hard as it used to."

"You are getting old," Dawn said understandingly, "It's one of these things that happens, you shouldn't be ashamed." She reached out and squeezed him through his trousers and added, "But its not bad for your age, Daddy." He gasped and she let it go.

Dawn wrapped the bath robe around herself, and took him by the hand. "Come on, we'll have a cup of tea and talk about it."

When they were in the kitchen and sat down with a nice cup of tea, Dawn decided to ask him how things were going. "You've been able to squirt though, haven't you? Luke told me that you made a mess into mum's knickers while you watched her with uncle Billy?

Tom nodded, "Yes, but what is more important is that Margaret is happy." Dawn knew what he meant. Margaret meant so much to both of them that they both wanted her to live a full and happy life sexually. Just because Tom couldn't get it up much any more shouldn't mean that his wife had to go without.

Dawn had to ask, "Were you embarassed watching uncle Billy fuck mum, daddy?"

"Yes. I think it was mainly because he was much bigger than me."

Dawn nodded, "Yes, mum said he had a lovely big prick." She regretted saying it immediately as she saw Tom blush and hang his head, so she turned the conversation to being about him.

"But you have to be happy too, daddy," she told him lovingly.

"I am happy," her father smiled, "I do get excited watching Margaret with Luke, and it was fun with Bill too."

Dawn noticed that her father's trousers were tented at the front, so she asked him, "Is it still hard, Daddy, just looking at me?"

Tom felt worried suddenly, "What if Edward came in and saw you without your clothes, Dawn?"

She smiled. She could see he was worried but also remembered her mother telling her about his fetish for underwear. "Okay, daddy. If you feel better, I will put my knickers on."

He shrugged, so she pulled her panties up, but Dawn could see he was still looking. She smiled at him, Dawn's mother had told her that her father wasn't very well endowed which added to their problems. She delayed pulling her panties right up and asked him, "Can I see it, daddy?"

Tom was as red as a beetroot but he nodded and pulled his dick out. Even hard, it was rather tiny, and Dawn couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "Oh, daddy," she chuckled, "How did you manage to make Luke and me with that?"

Dawn was only teasing but she could tell she had embarrassed her dad too much because his erection wilted before her eyes. He began to tuck himself away but she stopped him.

"I'm sorry, daddy," she hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. Dawn had to make it up to him, so she opened her legs to let him see her panty gusset.

From her father's eyes she could tell that he could see her slit through her underwear. Tom's dick twitched and hardened slightly. Dawn lay back on the bed and beckoned him, "Come on, daddy. Come and have some tit."

Dawn knew what he wanted, and realised that her husband, Father Edward would be home soon, so if she was going to help her dad out she should speed things up. "And you can feel me down below, daddy."

Tom knelt down, putting his face into her breasts. He was acting a little confused as he muttered "Down below?"

She encouraged him gently, "Yes, down below, daddy. Between my legs. I want you to rub me through my panties."

So he did, panting as he still nuzzled her breasts but after a moment he set up a lovely stroking rhythm with his fingers. Dawn liked it as well. She was so wet.

She sighed, "Would you want to fuck it, daddy?"

"Oh, God. I want to, but you are married to a priest."

It didnt really bother Dawn. Edward was such a girlie but she could see that it did worry her father. She still wanted to help him, so she got off the bed and stood at the bedside looking down at him. She stood close to him so that he was looking straight at he panty gusset and she knew he could see her hairs peeping out. Dawn didnt want him to worry, but she did want to be nice to him.

"If you dont think you should fuck it, daddy, would you like to do anything else with it?"

There were so many other things but he couldnt say them and muttered pathetically, "Anything else, Dawn?"

She smiled, "Would you like to smell it, daddy? I am nice and clean but my knickers are a bit mucky."

"Oh, God. I would like that, Dawn."

Dawn smiled, "Lets get you comfortable, daddy. Lie back on the bed and put this towel under your head," she said, passing him a rolled up towel.

When she had him settled, she kneeled on the bed and cocked one leg over his face and gently lowered her crutch into his nose. "I know you like this, but I also like things like this too. I want you to really sniff me. I like being sniffed."

She herself was in ecstasy as Tom sniffed deeply. It was even better for her when she felt his tongue probing and pushing through the panty material.

She sighed, "Thats right, daddy, sniff it and lick it."

When she could see he was ready, she rolled off and asked him in a sort of motherly way, "Would you like to cum into my panties, daddy?"

Tom nodded in shame, his hand now grabbing his small cock and beginning to tug on it while his eyes roamed Dawn's almost naked body.

Dawn slipped her knickers down and off, bending right over as she did so, knowing full well that her dad was staring at her naked bottom. She paused for a moment, even opening her legs so he could see her slit from behind. She could hear him gasping as he stared at her bare bottom.

Then after he had enjoyed a good look, she passed him the plain white panties. "I'm sorry they are only normal knickers, dad, and they've been worn so they might be a bit smelly."

Dawn was slightly embarrassed as her dad took the soiled panties, and when he sniffed again at the crotch. They walked back to the kitchen, where she sat back down opposite him, and took another drink of her tea.

"Lovely," he half-mumbled to himself, and as he sniffed her knickers, his hand fisted on his dick rapidly, but he still didn't seem to be that hard.

Dawn was feeling quite hot and excited herself, mainly because he husband, Edward, wasn't the greatest in bed and he was due in any minute. Because he was slightly effeminate, he wasn't as passionate as Dawn would have liked, so she got her main pleasures from her brother, Luke, who was a real man. But lately, Luke had been busy with her mother amongst other things, so Dawn was feeling a bit neglected.

Watching her dad trying to pleasure himself got her breathily heavily, and Dawn couldn't help but reach between her legs and rub her clitoris gently. She was surprised how wet she was, and she told her father, "Daddy, I'm all wet," and then used her fingers to open herself so he could see for himself.

Tom's eyes opened wide, and leaving her knickers in his lap he reached out and put a finger into her moist hole. Dawn wiggled her hips slightly as he pumped first one, then two fingers in and out of her.

After a moment Tom stood up, and walked around to where Dawn was sat. She felt his hands come around her and cupped and then lifted her breasts. "Oh, Dawn, I love you so much," he said affectionately as he squeezed her tits.

His penis was still only half-hard, and hung from his fly, so Dawn undid his belt and dropped his trousers and y-fronts.

Her father just stood there, one hand still groping at her breasts as she took his small penis between her fingers. She could easily hold it in one hand.

It felt so strange to be doing this, but it did feel right to be helping her father out. As she wanked him off, she asked him, "Does it feel nice, daddy?"

Tom nodded, his dick was getting harder, so she took it in her mouth for a moment, making him sigh with pleasure. "I would love to put it in your slit, Dawn."

Dawn had stop him there, "But daddy, my slit belongs to someone else," she knew she was lying if she said it was her husband's, it belonged to Luke really. She shouldn't lie to her father, so she confessed. "I belong to Luke, just like mother."

Tom's eyes blinked in surprise. "Has Luke been fucking you too?"

It was an amazing conversation. They were chatting so normally but all the time she was wanking her father.

Dawn nodded and her father's hard dick suddenly grew even harder, so she picked up her knickers and wrapped them around it.

"I am going to cum," announced her father, so Dawn wanked him hard and fast until she felt him suddenly tense and then sag as his penis emptied out into her dirty panties.

"Oh, Dawn, that was so nice," her dad thanked her while he fastened himself up.

"You should finish off your cup of tea and get home to mum," she told him and he did so. After he had left, Dawn got dressed, and just in time as Edward came home from his service.

"Have you had a nice day, love?" her camp husband asked her, then went on to say, "I enjoyed service today, it is so rewarding to help people."

Dawn couldn't agree more.

Written by: NaughtyWendy

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