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Wife's First Time

by intotrouble©

I have always been a little risky and have loved to take risks sexually. When I was dating my lovely wife, my high school sweetheart, I was young and very sexually curious. We were both still virgins but very curious virgins and would often explore each other's sexual members.

I can remember sitting on the couch at both of our parent's houses and masturbating each other to orgasm. She diffidently got me off and I thought I was getting her off at the same time but this was probably not the case. As we became more and more comfortable with each other we took this further. I have always loved everything about my wife; the way she looks, the way she feels, the way she smells and the way she tastes.

I knew very early on in our relationship that I had to see what her pussy tasted like and one evening while we were alone at her house I finally convinced her to allow me to lick her sweet little pussy. We had been kissing and playing with each other. I had my hand down inside of her little panties and I wanted to know what she tasted like so I put my finger to my mouth and while I can't describe exactly what it tasted like I loved it. I had to have more. I finally persuaded her to let me lick her sweet sexy little pussy for her.

We were very turned on already from all the sexual stimulation that we had been experiencing for the past hour or so. I took her by the hand and lead her to her bedroom while I continued to gently kiss her and caress her little tits and those cute little nipples.

When we got to her room I started to undress her and I will never forget the look on her face, part terror, part humiliation but mostly pure sexual excitement. I unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pushed them to the floor. Next, after another very passionate kiss I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off of her arms and down to the floor leaving her standing there in her cute little undies.

I slowly, as we again share the most intense and passionate kiss that either of us had experienced to that point, lowered her to her waiting bed. I undid her bra exposing her little tits to me, the first time I had actually seen them like this without anything covering them. Sure I had played with them and she had even pulled up her shirt and let me see them, but never just bare and naked like this. I slowly kissed her neck and worked my way down her chest till I got to her tit and I sucked and licked her nipple till it was at full erection. She was so excited at this point her breathing had grown more and more rapid and when I licked her nipple she let out a low moan of excitement.

I continued to lick and kiss her tits as I eased her down on the bed. Her legs were still hanging over the edge of the bed. I kissed my way down to her belly and teased her with my tongue. The excitement was mounting as we both knew what was coming next. I took her little undies and started to ease them down to the floor. She accommodated by lifting her sexy little ass up off the bed pushing her pussy up into my face. Oh my god, this was and is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, my now wife naked for the first time and she is laying there with this very wanting look on her face.

I was new to all of this but I knew I had to taste that beautiful sexy little pussy of hers. She spread her legs wide as I approached her and I slowly spread her lips revealing her hot very wet pink pussy. The smell was out of this world and I buried my face in that sexy cunt of hers. I was not disappointed her pussy juices were out of this world. Her pussy has always had the best taste. I proceeded to lick and suck her pussy till I could hear her moans of excitement get louder and louder. I didn't know what I was doing but it must be good form all moans I was getting from her and that added to my excitement as well. Within only a few minutes of me lapping at her hot little pussy her legs squeezed down on my head and she started to just quiver there on her bed. My now wife's first orgasm and my first taste of pussy.

This would be a day that changed both of our lives forever as we both knew instantly that we loved this. I loved licking her pussy and she loved having her pussy licked, what a combination, a match made in heaven.

Over the years we have tried and experimented with many things sexually but by far the most exciting thing for either of us revolved around her getting her pussy licked and fondled and me getting to lick and fondle her pussy and me watching her get her pussy thoroughly taken care of by another woman. Now mind you my wife is no lesbian by any stretch of the imagination. She loves and craves cock as much as any other woman and it is my cock she craves most.

One evening I came home from work to find a car I didn't recognize in our drive way. I thought maybe that it belonged to a sales person or something. As I enter our house I notice my wife sitting at the kitchen table talking to a somewhat attractive lady who appeared to be mid to late 30s with nice sized tits and a nice ass. She was a Mary Kay sales lady with long blonde hair and she was dressed in a very revealing mid-thigh skirt and had on heels that accentuated her caves nicely and she smelled so very good.

Well as soon as I found out that she was a Mary Kay sales lady I said hello to her and my beautiful wife and excused myself to go take a shower as I had no interest in what she was selling. I did notice my wife taking a particular interest in what she had to sell and I thought I caught her take a look at her nice tits. I shook it off as she had never indicated an interest in another woman and went on and got in the shower.

It had been a very long day at work and I decided to take a bath as opposed to a shower as I figured my wife would be tied up with the Mary Kay lady for awhile, I had no idea how long she would actually be with her. I finished my bath and toweled off and exit the bath room wearing only the towel as I figured our guest was long since gone. As I exited to bath room I got the shook of my life, I see my wife and the Mary Kay lady embraced in what appeared to be a very passionate kiss. My wife had never kissed another woman to this point in her life and it really took me by surprise.

I instantly got a twinge in my cock and it is starting to push out against the towel I have wrapped around me. My wife notices that I have walked out of the bathroom now and quickly steps back. When she steps back the Mary Kay lady asks what is wrong and then tells my wife not to worry about me because by the looks of his towel he is enjoying this as much as we are. My wife looks back at me looking for my approval and she can tell by the look on my face that she has it and by the bulge growing under my towel.

At this point I can tell my wife is very nervous so I walk over and take both ladies by the hand and lead them to our bed room and this seemed to ease some of her apprehensions. I walk over to the chair in the corner and sit down quietly. They soon forgot about me even being in the room as the Mary Kay lady gently reached out to my wife with a soft embrace and told her that she would not have to do anything but enjoy herself and that she guaranteed that she would have one of the most wonderful sexual experience she has ever had.

My wife started to relax as they engaged in another very long passionate kiss and the Mary Kay lady caressed my wife's beautiful size 40D breasts. The Mary Kay lady started to undress my wife soon revealing her very sexy undies matching bra and a thong. My wife loves sexy undies and always wears a thong because she knows how terribly much they turn me on. The Mary Kay lady quickly strips off her little skirt and blouse revealing equally sexy undies black g-string thong and lacy black bra. She takes my wife by the hand and leads her to the bed and lays her down while kissing her again.

Once on the bed she takes her time with my wife as she knows this is her first time with a woman. She gently kisses her neck slowly kissing and working her way down to my wife's very large tits. She undoes my wife's bra allowing her 40Ds to be exposed. She then licks and sucks her very large and very hard nipples driving my wife absolutely crazy with desire.

She then licks and kisses her way down her stomach till she comes to her thong. I figured at this point she was going to just take them off but she licks past them to her inner thigh and then works her way back up to my babies thong covered pussy. She licks and sucks all around the outer edge of the thong occasionally slipping her tongue under her thong and nearly touching her hot hard little clit. My wife is starting to cry out in pure ecstasy her moans had gotten louder and louder to a low scream now.

I knew that as soon as the Mary Kay lady's tongue touched that hard clit that it would totally put my wife over the edge. Finally the Mary Kay lady pulls my wife's thong to the side and starts to slowly taste my wife's sweet very wet pussy. She is giving my wife what she had long longed for a woman's tongue on her little pussy.

My wife didn't last very long as she started to scream out in excitement and I knew I would not last very much longer either. So I got up with my cock in my hand and moved over and got up on the bed with them both and as my wife's body started to quiver in one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever had I blow streams and streams of hot cum over them both.

What a night! My wife told me thanks for allowing her to fulfill a fantasy of hers and after the Mary Kay lady left my beautiful wife really thanked me by trying her very best to fuck my brains out.

Written by: intotrouble

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