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Her Daddy's Big Cock

by walterio©


Jenny was lying in bed with her head level with her daddy's big cock. Her petite hand was running up and down the huge shaft that was so thick, Jenny could not wrap her fingers around it. She loved playing with her daddy's big dick that measured 10" long and 5+" around. Jenny would spit in her hand to reduce the friction allowing it to glide up and down the impressive member.

"Daddy I love playing with your big cock," Jenny said softly as her hand lovingly stroked up and down the meaty flesh.

Jenny felt that she could play with her favorite toy all night but she was ready to take it to the next step. She leaned in and covered the soft mushroom head with her mouth and let 4" of the cock slide in. Jenny couldn't take any more than the 4" in her mouth but that was really all she needed to excite her daddy. Jenny sucked on the portion of the cock that filled her mouth as she bobbed up and down on it. Every so often jenny would lift her mouth off the cock and tease the pee slit with her tongue driving her daddy wild.

As she sucked and toyed with the massive organ she marveled at daddy's manhood. She was in awe of the large pecker and wondered how she was able to take it in her pussy and her ass. Jenny felt the cock begin to throb and she knew that her daddy was close to cumming. Jenny loved to see him shoot but she also liked having him cum in her mouth. Jenny decided to let the first jet enter her mouth and then she would watch him shoot after that initial burst.

"Here it cums baby," her daddy warned.

Jenny accepted the first shot in her mouth and then pulled it out and watched her daddy cum. Two more forceful streams were released and then the remainder of the ejaculation oozed out and covered Jenny's fingers. Jenny kept jerking her father off until she was sure that all the semen had left his cock then she licked her fingers clean. Jenny always sucked her daddy's cock first and that way he would last a long time when he fucked her. It would take him quite awhile to cum a second time and by then Jenny would have had multiple orgasms.

Sometimes Jenny came so much that she couldn't take the cock in her pussy any longer and then she would let her daddy put it in her ass. She liked the feel of him shooting in her rectum occasionally and anal sex was always a special treat for her daddy. That night would be a time for that special treat. Jenny and her daddy had been lovers for three months now and she would never forget the first time.


Jenny was an only child of 16 years when her mother was killed in an automobile accident. She had not been that close to her mother and she actually somewhat resented her mother's life style. For Jenny's mother it was all about her and Jenny often wondered why her father put up with it. In fact the night her mother was killed in the car crash she had been out partying with some friends and she had been drinking heavily. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident they found Jenny's mother with her skirt up around her waist and not wearing panties. There was a male companion, who was also killed in the accident, with his pants and underwear down around his ankles. It was obvious what had been going on.

Jenny accepted her role as lady of the house willingly and she did everything she could to make her father comfortable in the household. Jenny admired her father who was a strapping handsome man. Jenny would often stare at him when he was working out in their home gym. She loved the way his muscles rippled on his 42 year old body. Her father Cory was a picture of health and fitness and Jenny often wished that they could be lovers. He was an avid tennis player; skier, SCUBA diver and he practiced martial arts. Jenny sometimes felt her loins tingle when Cory swam in their backyard pool wearing his tight Speedo swim trunks. When Cory lifted his 6'2" 185 pound body out of the pool, Jenny wanted to run her hands all over his wet chiseled body.

Cory Thompson was a successful executive in a multi-national company. Although he was devastated by his wife's death he wasn't as remorseful as one would expect. He knew his wife was fucking around behind his back and recently she had become too obvious about it. He had made a pledge to himself that he would stick it out with his wife until Jenny graduated from high school and then he would divorce her. The accident had solved that problem. Over the next two years until Jenny 18th birthday, Cory noticed his daughter maturing.

Jenny's body developed nicely between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age. By the time she reached her 18th birthday she was a beautiful shapely young woman. Cory often felt his cock stiffen in his swim trunks when Jenny was wearing her skimpy bikini around their pool. A few times Cory had to jump in the water to cool his jets. He had never expected to have sexual feeling toward his own daughter but he couldn't help it. He wanted to slip off her bikini top to caress and kiss her 34B firm breasts and nibble on the hard nipples. He wanted to slide his hand down the front of her bikini bottom and feel her moist young pussy. He had an overwhelming desire to remove her bikini bottoms so he could kiss and lick her pussy and fondle her shapely ass.

Jenny looked fabulous in her bikini and she proudly displayed her young vibrant 34-21-35 figure. She was 5'5" tall and weighed a very fit 105 pounds. Fortunately for Cory he had filled a void in his sex life proved to be an adequate distraction to his lust for his daughter. Jenny too had started having sex with her current boyfriend but she still admired her father and secretly desired him.


Cory and his secretary were having an affair at the office. Their sex was confined to the office and they never met outside of work. His secretary Rachel was dating a guy who was very possessive so it was difficult for her to get away. Cory was satisfied with the office fling because they did everything they would do outside of work. A business day did not go by that Cory didn't have his big cock in Rachel's mouth, pussy or ass. Rachel was a pretty brunette with a 35-24-36 figure who seemed to be insatiable. She was a great sex partner and she loved Cory's large cock. Cory was well endowed with an impressive cock that was 10" long and 5+" around. Rachel was infatuated with his cock and Cory was impressed with how well she handled it.

Cory had not experienced anal sex until a year ago when he began an affair with his secretary. It was in Jenny's senior year of high school when the office affair started and since then, every business day Cory had his cock either in Rachel's mouth, pussy or ass. When Cory had a full day and little time in his office, Rachel would suck his cock. On some days when there was more time together he would fuck her on the small conference table in his office. When he had the most time he would fuck Rachel in the ass.

Rachel was a wonderful cock sucker and she drove Cory wild with her talented mouth. She would come into his office lock the door and have Cory stand up. Rachel would then drop to her knees, unbuckle his belt and unfasten his suit pants. By the time Rachel pulled Cory's trousers and boxer shorts down, Cory's cock was stiff. Rachel would lick around the mushroom head of his cock before taking it in her mouth. Rachel had trouble deep throating the big cock and she could only take about 6" in her mouth. Rachel had a technique of swirling her tongue around the stiff shaft when it was in her mouth that sent chills through Cory. Because of her oral skills it never took Cory long to cum and he loved shooting in her mouth. Rachel would swallow every drop and then she continued to suck his cock until every drop had been drained from him.

On days when they had more time they would fuck on his small conference table. Once again Rachel would enter the office and lock the door, only this time she would take off her panties and get up on the small table. Cory would push Rachel's skirt up over her waist so that her pussy was accessible to him. She always looked so vulnerable lying on the table with her skirt around her waist still wearing her garter belt and stockings. Cory would drop his trousers and boxer shorts and move in close to Rachel. She was always wet and Cory's cock slid into her pussy easily. Cory would fuck Rachel until he came in her pussy and Rachel would work her body so that her clit got the desired attention. Sometimes Rachel would orgasm and other times she didn't but she never seemed concerned if she didn't. Sex in the office was all about keeping Cory happy.

Cory's most desirous act was when he got to fuck Rachel in her beautiful round ass. With the office door locked, Rachel would lean over the small conference table. Cory stepped up behind her and lifted her skirt up over her waist and draped it on her back. Then Cory would pull her panties down slowly exposing her gorgeous buttocks. He only pulled the panties down to her knees because he felt she looked sexier that way. Cory stared at her hot ass framed between the skirt, panties, garter belt and nylons. He lowered his trousers and boxers and ran his cock around her ass cheeks. Then Cory stepped closer and eased his cock into her asshole. Rachel always lubricated her ass before she came into his office so she was prepared to receive Cory's impressive cock. Cory never lasted long in her ass but he enjoyed anal sex more than anything with Rachel. He watched his cock slide in and out of her nether hole as his thighs slapped against her buttocks. He loved the way her flesh jiggled when he slammed into her ass. Rachel would use her anal muscles to squeeze Cory's cock driving him mad. Cory would always cum in her ass and he would hold still with his cock embedded in her rectum as Rachel milked it dry with her sphincter muscles.

After sex in the office they would clean up with the paper towels that Cory kept in his desk and then they would head to the restrooms. Each day Cory and Rachel would look over his calendar for the day and decide on which sex act was appropriate for the allotted time. As Rachel stood next to Cory looking over his desk calendar, Cory would run his hands under her skirt and fondle her panty covered ass. The arrangement was perfect for Cory as all the sex was conducted during the business day and Cory was always home in the evenings with his daughter. Rachel liked the arrangement because Cory was very generous. Rachel was well paid and often received gifts from Cory.

Cory never knew about Rachel's life outside the office and it was just as well. He had a good thing going and he wanted to keep it that way. He always loved it when Rachel walked into his office with that sultry look on her face and locked the door.

"I checked your schedule and we have a lot of time right now. I thought that you might like to fuck me in the ass so I went ahead and lubricated it for you," she would say as she leaned over the small conference table.

Cory's cock would be stiff before he lowered his boxer shorts and without any preliminaries he would shove his big cock into her ass. Cory would fuck her hard and fast. Her ass cheeks jiggled as he slammed into her until he stiffened and shot his load into her rectum.

In the time that they had been having sex, Cory had never seen Rachel totally naked. He had never seen her tits but he had no need to. He was just interested in her mouth, pussy and ass and he liked her being partially clothed. There was something very sexy about having sex with their clothes on. Sometimes when Cory was fucking Rachel, he closed his eyes and imagined that it was his daughter Jenny on the receiving end of his big dick.


Jenny turned 18 years old in the middle of her senior year and she was more than ready to give up her virginity to Ricky. However she was still nervous and inexperienced but Ricky was experienced and he convinced Jenny to expand her horizons. It started out with heavy make-out sessions and petting, which always left Jenny panties soaking wet and Ricky's car with the smell of sex. Soon Jenny's tits were exposed and Ricky would suck her tits and roll the nipples between his fingers until they were eraser hard. Jenny would have orgasms just from Ricky playing with her tits. Later on Ricky would stroke Jenny's thighs when he sucked her tits, occasionally brushing against her panty covered pussy. Jenny would jump and moan each time his hand came in contact with her cunt.

One night after a movie he drove Jenny to their favorite make out spot. Jenny was dressed in her short skirt and cotton sweater before long her sweater and bra were pushed up over her tits. Ricky sucked her tits and stroked her thighs. This time he moved his hand inside her panties and stroked her clit. Jenny went wild and humped his hand. Ricky then eased her panties down and off her legs, moved between her legs and positioned them over his shoulders. Jenny was shaking in anticipation as Ricky began to lick her pussy as he cupped her beautiful ass cheeks. Jenny came numerous times humping her pussy against Ricky's face and soaking him with her cum.

Ricky moved up along side Jenny and kissed her deeply allowing her to taste her own pussy juice. She asked what she could do to reciprocate so Ricky steered her petite hands to his exposed engorged cock. Jenny stared at it in awe not knowing what she was supposed to do next. Ricky guided her through hand job techniques and soon had Jenny licking and kissing his cock. He moved her to the next level of sucking the head of his cock and fondling his cum filled balls. Jenny started to get into it and tried to take more and more of his cock in her mouth. Ricky could feel his orgasm building but elected not to warn Jenny.

His first burst of cum caught her totally by surprise and when she felt the second burst she tried to swallow the first. Her mouth quickly filled with cum and to prevent gagging she pulled his cock from her mouth. Ricky's cock kept firing cum and it hit her in the face, hair and bare tits. Jenny giggled as she held the spurting cock in her hands as Ricky's cum flew everywhere. That was the first time Jenny saw a cock ejaculate and it turned her on.

The next several dates were repeat performances and Jenny had become comfortable with both of them being totally naked. Ricky added variations to their sex. He taught her about sixty-nine so they could eat each other together. He also introduced his finger into her asshole as he ate her pussy. He placed Jenny on all fours, licked her pussy and rimmed her asshole. One night he placed just the head of his cock in her pussy and rubbed her clit with the soft head of his cock. Jenny went wild and had multiple orgasms. She loved the feel of the soft mushroom head rubbing her clit.

Jenny told Ricky that she was ready to fuck but didn't want to do it in the car. They planned to do it at her house when her father was away. One Saturday Cory was at a management retreat and he would be gone the whole day. Her father had no sooner pulled out of the driveway that Ricky was over at the house. They went straight to Jenny's room and took off all of their clothes.

With Jenny lying back on her bed, Ricky slid between her legs and was gentle and patient as he eased his throbbing cock into her pussy. The pressure of his fullness almost negated the pain of losing her virginity. The pain soon subsided and Jenny only felt pleasure as the cock touched every fiber of her cunt. Ricky fucked her slowly with long deep strokes and Jenny began to hump her cunt up at him. She had numerous orgasms with the last ones violent and vocal. Ricky tensed and flooded her pussy to overflowing with his cum. He continued to pump her pussy and she could feel the juices running out of her cunt and trickling down her thighs. Jenny held Ricky tightly as she felt she was in heaven.

The rest of the day they showered, had more sex and stayed naked all day. At one point they took a bath together in her big tub. After the bath, Ricky gave Jenny a massage with bath oil. First he massaged the front of her body paying special attention to her tits and her pussy. Sensing that she was on the verge of another orgasm he slipped his cock into her cunt and Jenny humped wildly until she came again.

Ricky then rolled Jenny over on her stomach and massaged her back, shoulders and the back of legs. He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass he put an ample amount of oil on her asshole. Then Ricky began to probe her asshole first with one and then two fingers. Before long his fingers were moving easily in and out of Jenny's thoroughly lubed asshole. He lifted Jenny up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the mattress. He removed his fingers and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. As he eased his cock into her bunghole he heard Jenny gasp and hold her breath. He assuredly told her to relax and that he would not hurt her.

As Ricky eased his cock into her ass the head cleared her sphincter as Jenny uttered an audible gasp. He continued to ease his cock in and out of her asshole feeding her an additional ¼ to ½ inch at a time, each time waiting until she relaxed. It seemed to take hours before his entire 6" were lodged deep in her ass. If he had not come so many times already he would have shot his wad quickly. He started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes as he admired her beautiful ass accepting his throbbing cock. Ricky stroked her marvelous ass cheeks and told her how good she looked in this position with his dick skewering her luscious ass.

Ricky felt his orgasm start down in his balls and rush up through his cock flooding Jenny's rectum. He came more than he expected and cum soon filled her asshole to overflowing. It backed up coating his cock and ran down the inside of her thighs. They both collapsed on her bed and rolled to their sides with Ricky's cock still imbedded in Jenny's ass. His cock softened and slipped from her asshole with an audile pop.

Ricky and Jenny continued their sexual escapades on a regular basis. Jenny could always count on having all three of her holes filled with cum on each occasion. Ricky and Jenny's normal routine was that Jenny would suck his cock swallowing as much cum as she could. Ricky then licked her pussy until she was on the brink then he filled her cunt with his thick cock. He fucked Jenny thoroughly bringing her to multiple orgasms before he shot his second load deep into her cunt. The final round was with Jenny on all fours with her beautiful ass in the air. Ricky fondled her ass and probed her with his fingers until her asshole was well lubed. He continued to play with her ass until his cock was rock hard again and then he eased his big thick cock into her ass. He penetrated her slowly until he was all the way in, then he fucked her ass while stroking her ass cheeks and Jenny plunged her fingers into her cunt. Ricky fired his third round of cum into Jenny's ass and Jenny creamed all over her fingers. The rest of the school year they had sex all the time


That summer after Jenny graduated from high school, Cory began seeing another woman. Caitlin was a beautiful woman and extremely likeable. Jenny at first was disappointed that Cory had started to date but then she took to Caitlin very quickly. Caitlin was 27 years old only nine years older than Jenny. They were like sisters. Caitlin had no designs on marriage and Cory was in no hurry to make another commitment. The three of them got along fabulously; however Cory and Jenny still checked each other out from time to time.

Before Cory met Caitlin, other than sex in the office, he struggled with his absence of a woman and he had actually started to notice Jenny more and more. Cory was indeed highly sexed and suffered from frustration. He had not gotten involved with another woman and he had become dependant on masturbation to manage his cravings. Cory found himself eyeing almost any woman he encountered and the slightest flash of thigh or breast was enough to get him quite aroused. It didn't help watching Jenny in her skimpy swimsuits and beach clothes, to keep his desires under control. He chastised himself for desiring his own daughter but tried to rationalize it by seeing it simply as the result of her striking resemblance to her mother. Like her mother, Jenny had a curvaceous figure. Lovely firm boobs, a slim waist and a perfect pear shaped bum. Her legs too were really sexy and shapely. All packed into a dynamite 5'5" frame. He was embarrassed that every night he had to masturbate to get to sleep. Not because of his daughter, he tried to convince himself, simply as a result of the heat and his constant horniness. Cory was sure that he had been discrete and that Jenny was unaware of his attraction to her.

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