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Her Daddy's Big Cock

by walterio©

One night Jenny awoke with a start. It couldn't have been more than an hour after she had gone to bed. What was that noise? She could hear a rhythmic rasping and rustling sound. It seemed to be coming from her father's room. Jenny made her way quietly to her father's room and peering in she could see his profile in bed, silhouetted against the moonlit window. The sheet was drawn up over him but there was definitely movement under it.

Slowly realization dawned on Jenny, her Dad was jerking off. Not more than three feet from her, her father was playing with his cock. Jenny was shocked at first but then thought that he must be desperate. To the best of her knowledge he hadn't had a woman since her mother. She tried to ignore it and respect his privacy but her curiosity got the better of her. She couldn't help but start to wonder what he was thinking. Presumably he was imagining some fantasy scene or was he thinking about Catlin?

After some time she thought to herself that he has gone on for quite awhile, he had some stamina. The rhythm was constant and she tried to picture his hand sliding up and down his cock. Jenny imagined her father making love to some woman, bearing down on her and driving into her, hard and fast. She pictured Catlin and wondered if that was who he was thinking of now? Then she imagined another woman, younger. Jenny became aware of her own arousal as she felt the heat in her pussy. She was tempted to touch herself but she was afraid to make a move or make any noise. The movement suddenly stopped and her father stiffened, gasped and then sighed in a long breath.

"My God," she thought "He's cumming right now, not three feet from me, my father was having an orgasm and spurting his spunk into the bed sheets."

Jenny smiled as she thought of where in his fantasy his spunk might have been delivered. She headed back to her room and got back in her bed. Jenny pushed her pajama top up and bared her breasts and pulled her bottoms down to expose her pussy. She drifted off to sleep with thoughts swirling around in her head as she played with her titties and pussy. Jenny had no idea that it was she who her father was fucking in his fantasy.

The next day was back to normal routines, work, food, drink, an evening chat and a nightcap. They both enjoyed the simplicity of the routine and the closeness of the time they shared together. Jenny found herself thinking about the sexual man she realized her father was, a real man with a sex drive and needs. Far from being disgusted at what she had witnessed she felt affection and desire for him.

In bed later Jenny listened for any sign of activity but there was none. She drifted off to sleep only to awaken again to the now familiar sounds from her Dad's bed. She smiled to herself and listened quietly until she heard the sighing sound of his climax, he was insatiable. It was another marathon masturbation and Jenny couldn't help but be impressed. She thought to her self the next woman he fucks would be in for a real treat. This pattern was repeated again night after night and Jenny resolved to raise the matter with her father. But before she ever discussed it with him he met Caitlin.

Caitlin would often stay over at their house on weekends and Jenny could hear them making passionate love in her father's bedroom. Jenny tried to visualize what they looked like making love and as she pictured them her hands found their way down her body to her pussy and she fingered herself to multiple orgasms as she listened to their passion. One night the suspense got too great for Jenny and she just had to spy on them. Jenny slipped out of bed, slipped on her shorty pajamas and tip-toed quietly down the hall to Cory's room. The door was slightly ajar and Jenny pushed it open a little farther. As she looked into the room see could see the image of Caitlin and Cory in bed through the mirror on his dresser. There was no need to push the door open any further she could see everything perfectly.

Jenny admired Cory as it was the first time she had seen him totally naked, he was heavily muscled and his muscles rippled. His legs, and thighs were well toned, his stomach ribbed with muscles, but what Jenny zeroed in on was his huge cock. It was evident that the sight of Caitlin's naked body had swollen his cock. It bowed out and down. It must have been ten inches and very thick. The purple crown was bulging. Jenny wondered how Caitlin's sweet pussy could take all of him inside her delicate looking vagina. Jenny had only seen Ricky's cock which paled compared to her father's.

Cory lay down beside Caitlin and they kissed and fondled each other. Cory kissed and sucked her breasts for a long time while his fingers played with her sweet pussy. Jenny was so close to them and she had never seen anyone make love before. She thought back to when she lost her virginity to Ricky in high school. Is this how we looked, she wondered? Cory continually told Caitlin what beautiful breasts and body she had. Jenny's fingers slipped into her pajama bottoms and into her pussy. She teased her clit while she watched Cory and Caitlin. Her pussy was sopping wet.

Cory kissed his way down Caitlin's lovely body and he soon had his face buried in her pussy. True to what Jenny suspected, he was a considerate lover and he brought Caitlin to three moaning, writhing and gasping climaxes. He moved up beside Caitlin and they kissed for a while. Finally, Caitlin moved over him, slid down and took his turgid cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Smiling, she slipped her lips over its velvet head and slid it into her mouth. Caitlin licked it then she moved her mouth up and down. Jenny was amazed how much of it Caitlin could take into her mouth. Her mouth moved up and down his shaft and she rolled his large testicles in her hands.

Caitlin continued sucking his cock for several minutes till it was stiff, rigid and menacing looking and she had Cory moaning. She pulled back and got on all fours, shifting her hips so that Cory had to mount her from behind. Jenny could see his large cock in the mirror and it looked to be larger than before now that it was fully erect. Cory moved behind her and pressed his wet gleaming organ against her pussy. Caitlin reached back and guided him into her. Slowly he thrust forward, his huge cock slipping deeper with each stroke. He pulled back each time letting her pussy juices grease the way. Jenny drove her hand deeper and deeper into her quim.

"Oh, Love. God, that feels good. You fill me up so much. I love your thick cock. Deeper, fuck me, deeper. Oh yes!" Caitlin moaned aloud. "Oh, I love your big thick cock."

Cory slowly slipped his cock deeper into her. Jenny couldn't believe she could take all of it. Finally his hips met Caitlin's, and she sighed deeply.

"Oh, Love, that feels so wonderful. I'm so glad I have you for a lover. Your cock fills my pussy so well. Fuck me slowly." Caitlin begged.

Cory held her by her hips and with long slow strokes fucked her. Jenny could see his large scrotum sway as he moved back and forth. Jenny's fingers teased her clit as she watched. They fucked for what must have been five minutes till Caitlin began to moan.

"Oh, Cory, fuck me faster. It feels so good, fuck me hard. I love it when you fuck me hard and fast. Please! Fuck me like I was a prize mare and you are my stallion. Fuck me hard. Yes, like that," Caitlin begged.

Cory was more than eager to comply, and his muscles rippled as he began to stroke long and hard against Caitlin's body. His hips slapped against hers, and Jenny watched her lovely breasts bob and swing as he slammed into her. It was one of the most arousing scenes Jenny had ever seen.

"Oh yes, Love, that's the spot. Fuck me hard right there. It feels so good. Yes, like that. That hits a spot that feels so good. Fuck me hard, harder!" Caitlin cried out.

Cory bent over and hips still thrusting, slipped one hand down to finger Caitlin's clit, the other reached under and caught one jiggling breast. His hips moved faster slapping against her body. She moaned and sobbed her passion. She cried out and threw back her head as she climaxed.

Cory continued to thrust. He quickly brought her to another climax. They were making so much noise, that they drowned out the squishy noises Jenny made as she fingered her pussy. After a third climax, Cory joined Caitlin in a fourth and Jenny climaxed at the same time. Jenny tried to hold back her gasp but Cory and Caitlin were making so much noise they could not hear her anyway.

Cory and Caitlin separated and lay together kissing. They talked for a while and then Caitlin took his cock in her mouth and licked his and her juices off of it, cleaning it. She began to suck it in and out, and in a few minutes he was hard again. Cory moved to his back and Caitlin straddled him and reaching down she guided his swollen cock into her pussy, slipping down till she had all of him in her.

She leaned forward, kissed him and then she began to rock up and down on his hard cock. She reached back and Jenny could see her fondle his swollen scrotum and roll his testicles around. Her lovely breasts bounced and Jenny could see her nipples erect and pointed. Cory fondled her tits as Caitlin moved up and down, her hips thrust forward as she moved on him.

Jenny tried to imagine how his hard cock moved and thrust inside Caitlin's sweet pussy, and how her juices were flowing. Jenny continued to finger herself and caress her breasts as she watched these two splendid people fuck each other. Jenny watched them fucking not four feet from her and she was convinced that she could smell the exciting faint odor of Caitlin's pussy.

Caitlin rose and fell as she rode Cory's hard organ. He caught her hard long nipples in his strong fingers and pulled on them gently. He stretched them and wiggled her breasts from side to side using her nipples. Caitlin moaned aloud. She rode him for a long time before they both climaxed. Caitlin collapsed on Cory's body as his spunk filled her pussy. This was a couple who knew how to fuck.

Jenny pulled her fingers from her pussy and pulled up her pajama shorts. She quietly hurried back to her room and got in bed. She was still very hot from watching the incredible fuck scene and she reached for her clit and rubbed it frantically as she imagined it was her step father's hard cock causing the friction. Jenny stiffened, her body thrashed and she soaked her fingers with her female juices. As her body stopped jerking she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. She loved the taste of herself and she wondered if Caitlin would taste the same.

Any time Catlin stayed overnight jenny tried to spy on them. Jenny was still having sex with Ricky but she also enjoyed masturbating as a voyeur. Jenny had been in bed for 30 minutes before Cory and Caitlin went to the bedroom. Jenny had started to sleep in the nude and she was naked in bed as she thought of her last time with Ricky. She really liked him and she really enjoyed fucking him. As Jenny recalled the earlier activities her hands caressed her naked body. She played with her tits and tweaked her rock hard nipples. Her hands then caressed her thighs and vulva before a finger wormed its way into her wet pussy. Jenny heard a soft moan and at first she thought it came from her. But then she heard more moans and louder this time and she realized that they were coming from her father's bedroom.

The suspense got too great for Jenny and she just had to spy on them. Jenny slipped out of bed naked and tip-toed quietly down the hall to her father's room. The door was slightly ajar and Jenny pushed it open a little farther. As she looked into the room see could see the image of Caitlin and Cory in bed through the mirror on her dresser. There was no need to push the door open any further as she could see everything perfectly. As before they sucked and fucked each other until they had multiple orgasms. Caitlin then sucked Cory's cock back to hardness and she shocked Jenny with her request.

"Now I want your big cock in my ass. I want you to fuck my ass and cum in my asshole," Caitlin said in a sultry tone.

As Caitlin moved to all fours, Jenny wondered how Caitlin could take Cory's long thick cock in her ass. Caitlin placed her head on the bed and turned her face to one side as she arched her back and accentuated her curvy ass. Cory pushed a thick finger into her asshole and tested her tightness then he added a second finger which caused Caitlin to gasp. He worked the two fingers in and out of her ass stretching her as much as he could. Cory then placed his big erect cock between Caitlin's beautiful smooth round ass cheeks and pushed into her asshole.

As he entered her Caitlin pleaded, "Oh Cory go easy remember how big you are."

Caitlin tried to move away from him and ended up on the bed lying flat on her stomach. Cory followed her to the prone position and lay on top of her shapely body with his huge cock between her ass cheeks and in her asshole. Cory began to hump Caitlin at a slow pace and then faster with his hips pumping into her. Caitlin's screams and moans were louder than ever as her body took Cory's big cock. Caitlin started taking Cory's cock easier and massaged it with her amazing ass muscles. Cory lifted her back to her knees on all fours and reached around to feel her tits. Her nipples were rock hard as he twirled them in his fingers. Cory then moved one hand down to play with her pussy and Caitlin went wild humping her hips faster and faster. Cory then placed both hands on her hips and watched his cock penetrate her curvy ass as he moved her hips in time with his humps.

Caitlin yelled for the world to hear, "Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me!"

Cory complied with her demands and pounded her ass as hard as he could. Caitlin squeezed her ass cheeks together as she orgasmed as Cory joined her and shot a huge load of cum deep into her ass. Caitlin screamed and moaned as she felt Cory pump several shots of cum into her rectum. Caitlin's beautiful body radiated heat as Cory pumped cum into her ass. Caitlin was almost out of breath but started to return to normal breathing as Cory caressed her body lovingly. Cory eased his cock from her ass and traces of cum ran out of her asshole between her ass cheeks, over her pussy and down her inner thighs. Caitlin scooped the semen up with her fingers and licked them clean. Cory flopped on the bed next to her and Caitlin dropped down and took his softening cock in her mouth and sucked it dry.

Jenny moved quickly and quietly back to her room. She could not get the image out of her mind of her father's huge cock in Catlin's tight ass. Ricky had fucked Jenny in the ass but his cock was half the size of her father's. Jenny fingered herself to multiple orgasms with the image of Catlin ass stuffed with cock.


Jenny always slept in the nude now and many a morning her hands would travel over her body caressing her tits and fingering her pussy as she reflected on her time with Ricky or spying on her father and Catlin. Sometimes Jenny got carried away and she moaned softly as she made herself cum. Her actions did not go unnoticed. Her father Cory was usually awake and he heard his daughter's moaning from time to time. One morning he was awake earlier when he decided to look in on his daughter. He quietly opened her bedroom door and stared at her fabulous naked body. Cory was very turned on by his daughter's nakedness and once again found himself desiring her. He would watch her for longer periods each time and then head back to his bedroom to jerk off while fantasizing about fucking his daughter. Cory began to set his alarm so that he would wake up to spend more time looking at his naked daughter.

Cory began to get bolder and bolder with each visit to his daughter's room. As he watched his naked daughter in bed he began to stroke his cock. He had gotten to the point where he didn't return to his bedroom to jerk off but he stayed in his daughter's room and ejaculated there. One morning Jenny realized that her father was in the room and she made believe she was still sleeping. She peeked through her half closed eyes and watched her father masturbate as he looked at her body. Jenny was pleased that her father was turned on by her naked body and that he would cum just from looking at her.

Jenny looked forward to the morning visits from her father to look at her naked body. She became to tease him relentlessly as she faked being asleep and having erotic dreams. Jenny would roll over on her stomach so that her father could see her ass then she would roll on her back and open her legs so he could see her pussy. Jenny made believe she was dreaming and ran her hands over her body moaning as she caressed her tits and stroked her vulva. Cory was going mad as she watched his daughter and his hand flew over his cock. Jenny rolled over on her stomach and lifted her hips off the bed slightly as she fingered her pussy. Her father went wild looking at his daughter's undulating ass.

One morning Jenny took it one more step as she fingered her pussy, "Oh yes fuck me," she whispered loud enough for her father to hear.

That did it for Cory he simply had to have his daughter. Cory stripped off his clothes and crawled in bed with his daughter. He moved between his legs and put his mouth right on her pussy. Jenny gasped when she felt her father's mouth cover her vulva and almost screamed out when his tongue penetrated her pussy. Jenny was overcome by the sensation.

Jenny shivered and trembled under her father's hands and kisses. Then she cried out when Cory first swiped her pussy with his tongue. Cory lifted her legs up to his shoulders as he covered her pussy with his mouth. Cory could the feel the firmness in Jenny's thighs and firm quads. She clamped her legs tightly around her father's neck as he delved in to her inner depths. Cory located her erect clit and sucked it into his mouth emitting an audible gasp from her. Cory then reached under her and grabbed a hold of her curvy buttocks. Cory loved the firmness of his daughter's muscular ass cheeks as she tightened them. Jenny was really hot and she humped her father's face as he sucked on her clit. She started to cum and Cory held her thrashing body tight against his mouth. His hands dug into her firm ass flesh as she went wild with her first orgasm ever from oral sex.

"Oh, oh, oh God, her it cums," she screamed as her orgasm rocked her body.

Cory held his daughter tight and sucked every drop of female love juice from her pussy. Jenny writhed and gasped all throughout her intense orgasm until finally her climax subsided and her body calmed. Cory licked her tenderly until she couldn't take any more and she gently pushed her father's head away from her pussy. There was no more pretending now as they both became lovers.

"Wow that was incredible Daddy. No one has ever eaten my pussy like that before!" she sighed.

Jenny leaned over and took her father's cock in her mouth gently nibbling on the cock head. Cory was a little surprised by his daughter's action but she had obviously done this before. Cory fondled her tits as she sucked him deeper in her mouth. Jenny took her mouth off of his cock long enough to tell her father that he had a beautiful cock and then she sucked it back in her mouth. Jenny sucked her father for awhile longer until she was hot again.

"I am really hot. I need your cock in me Daddy," she gasped.

Jenny lay back in bed, spread her legs and she beckoned her father to come to her with her arms open. Cory knelt between her thighs and slipped his cock into her pussy. Jenny closed her eyes and sighed as her father's rock hard cock entered her. Cory began to fuck her slowly as his cock settled into her snug pussy.

"You feel good in me daddy. I like your big cock in my pussy," she told him.

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