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Taboo Island Love

by Cokeman©

Part 5:

The morning after Katie woke up before her brother, the events of the night before racing through her head. She had fucked her brother -- and she had LOVED it. She hadn't even thought of her brother sexually until the island but now it felt so right. It was like robbing a bank and knowing you'd succeed every time. They were alone on an island and free to act as they wished.

In the days immediately following their first fuck all the siblings wanted to do was fuck. Life as it had been on the island was put on hold. Jeff and Katie fucked like long lost lovers. Jeff had an enthusiasm to fuck his sister that Katie had never experienced before. His desire only added to her lust for more, created by the taboo of fucking her own brother.

The siblings were inland one day while they were still on their personal sexual revolution. During their earlier travels they'd found some caves next to a small pond and that's where they were now.

Katie was on top of her brother, kissing him while she rubbed her wet pussy against his hard cock. It was afternoon and they'd spent the entire day fucking. Jeff's hands were on her body as they kissed.

"Mmmmm Katie, you feel sooooo good" he groaned.

Katie broke their kiss to giggle affectionately. "You don't feel so bad yourself tiger" she cooed.

She sucked in her breath and started to kiss all over his body, slowing moving lower and lower. "Mmmmm in fact, you taste as good as you feel" she moaned.

Jeff groaned as his sister planted soft, sensual kisses all over his body. She kissed her way down to his groin which she had eagerly shaved the day after their first time together. Soon after she shaved her brother, she sucked his cock, something she was about to do now.

Katie looked up at her brother and stroked his cock. Her hand moved up and down his shaft as she slowly licked his cock. She smiled, "feel good?" she asked.

Jeff grunted with lust, "Ughh.. you KNOW it feels good Katie."

His sister smiled with satisfaction. She loved the tone of his voice, the look in his eyes when they were together. She stroked his cock nice and slow while she started to suck on his balls. Katie let go of his cock and let it rub against her face while his balls rolled around in her mouth.

"Mmmmm Katie" Jeff moaned.

Katie's eyes flashed with excitement. She moved her lips from his balls to the head of his cock. She kissed it softly, sensually before licking all over it. Katie didn't stop until her brother's cock was drenched with her saliva. Then and only then did she start to suck it.

Katie slurped loudly on her brother's cock as she started to suck him. He grunted with joy, "oh my god yes Katie..... fuck yes..... god yes" he rambled.

Katie smiled around her brother's cock as she sucked him off, taking more inside her mouth with every passing second.

"mmm.....mmmm......mmmm.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned around his cock.

Katie pulled off her brother's cock and moaned, "God I love my brothers cock" before gobbling it up again. The siblings had really gotten into the brother-sister aspect of their sexual adventures.

Jeff watched as his sister took more and more of his cock until she was deep-throating him. His throat was dry while hers was full. Katie sucked her brother's cock like a pro, feeling his shaft throb in her mouth.

Jeff's hands went to her head as Katie sucked his cock. He groaned loudly as he watched his sister. Katie could feel her brother's hands on her and it made her want him even more. He couldn't stop touching her.

"Fuck Katie.... god... you're driving me insane" he grunted.

Katie smiled around his cock but her only response was her loud slurping on his cock. She sucked his cock faster and faster before she started to stroke his cock while concentrate only on his cock-head.

She stroked his cock face while she sucked his head, humming on his cock. Katie felt her brother about to cum and took his shaft back in his mouth.

"Mmmm Katie, god yes....... I have to cum" he groaned.

Katie started sucking faster and harder on her brother's cock. His head fell back in ecstasy until he couldn't hold out any longer. He groaned loudly and then erupted, shooting his load down his sister's throat.

"Mmmmm" Katie moaned as she swallowed her brother's cum. "Mmmm....mmmm.....mmm" she moaned as she took every drop.

Jeff groaned as his sister sucked his cock dry. She let it escape from her mouth as she climbed back up his body.

Jeff held her close as her naked body rubbed against his. She squealed with excitement when he rolled her on her back and started to suck on her tits. Jeff enjoyed his sister's body as she squirmed beneath him.

Jeff rubbed the sides of his sister's breasts while he sucked on her nipples. He moaned into her body as he sucked and then kissed her breasts.

"Oooooohhhh yes Jeffy" she moaned.

Jeff smiled as his sister moaned. He licked and sucked on her breasts before he started to lightly nibble over his skin. Katie immediately had goose bumps on her skin as her brother licked and nibbled her body. He made his way back to her nipples. Jeff nibbled on one while he pinched another.

Katie's nipples got even harder as he played with her tits. While her nipples got harder, she felt his cock starting to come back to life against her. Jeff's cock slowly grew longer and harder as it moved against her soft skin.

Jeff groaned as he looked down at his sister. His lips moved from her tits up to her lips and he kissed her hungrily.

Katie kissed her brother back as she felt him moving on top of her, moving in position to fuck her once more.

Katie broke the kiss and looked up at her brother, "god I love this" she hissed.

Jeff grinned and didn't say a word. He let his cock do the talking. Jeff's cock slid back inside his sister's warm, wet pussy. She shuddered with satisfaction as her brother started to fuck her again. She'd lost count how many times they'd fucked now; neither of them could get enough.

Jeff and Katie worked into a passionate rhythm, fucking each other with genuine desire. Jeff grinded down into his sister as she pushed back, fucking her brother just as good as he was fucking her.

Katie wrapped her legs around her brother as he fucked her hard and deep. Jeff's cock pumped in and out of her. His cock was relentless as he fucked her. He fucked her harder and deeper, sliding balls deep inside her.

Brother and sister fucked each other, alone on the island, not knowing if they'd ever be found and at that moment -- not caring if they'd ever be found. All that mattered was that their newfound pleasure continued.

It continued with Jeff's cock sliding harder and deeper inside his sister's pussy. Jeff squeezed his sister tightly as he fucked her, harder, faster.

Katie moaned as her brother fucked her, "ooohh yes... yes... Jeffy... yes... fuck me... fuck me.... FUCK ME... fuck me... I need this.. fuck me."

Her moans only fuelled Jeff's lust. He had no intention of stopping and responded to her moans by fucking her even faster.

The only time he stopped was when he pulled out of Katie and put her on all fours. She groaned with lust as Jeff moved behind her and slid his cock back inside her. He grunted as he pushed deep inside his sister, impaling her on cock.

Jeff fucked Katie hard and deep, pushing her to her elbows as she took her brother's cock.

Jeff loved fucking his sister from behind. She continued to fuck him back, rolling her hips with him as he fed her his brother meat.

Jeff held onto Katie's hips as he fucked her. He reached down to play with her pussy while he fucked her. Rubbing and flicking her clit as they fucked.

The siblings moaned together as they fucked, their moans floating into the forest surrounding them on their private island.

Their bodies started to glisten with sweat as they fucked. "Oooohhh ooohhh ooohhh yes" Katie moaned.

"Mmmmm fuck Katie.....ooooohhhh god Katie" Jeff responded.

"Fuck me brother!!" Katie squealed.

Jeff started fucking his sister harder and faster, picking up the pace as he fucked his sister from behind.

Katie could feel her orgasm rising as her brother fucked her. Jeff's big cock felt so good inside her, she closed her eyes as they fucked. Her pussy clamped down on her brother's cock. "Mmmmm Jeff.... I'm going to... I'm going... I'm going to cummm" she hissed.

Jeff could only grunt a response. He fucked his sister harder; he bucked into her as her pussy gripped his cock.

Finally she let go and started to cum all over his cock and moaned out as she did.

"AAAAAAAahhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss god yes Jeff..........I love thisssssssss" she moaned as she came all over his cock.

Jeff fucked his sister through her orgasm, his cock throbbing inside her until he too could hold out no longer and he came once again, flooding his sister's pussy with cum.

The siblings came together; Katie came all over her brother's cock while her brother came hard inside her.

When they were finished they slumped together. Katie once again moved to one of her favourite positions, on top of her brother as his arm moved around her, their chests heaving as they caught their breath.

Katie smiled as she felt her brother's cum oozing out of her. She leaned over to kiss him passionately. Jeff returned his sister's kiss, loving the feeling of her lips against his.

Part 6:

It had now been almost three months since the siblings had washed up on the island. Their lives had changed dramatically over that time. They still held out hope they'd be rescued but had lost hope. From the looks of it the island had never had a human visitor until they arrived. They hadn't seen a plane or a boat since their escape from their kidnappers.

Their focus had turned to long-term survival on the island and now their mutual desire for each other. Their family had come to Fiji during the humid season and they had moved their shelter further inland. The sun was simply unbearable at times, forcing them to seek shelter and each other's arms.

Their new sexual fad centred on Katie riding her brother's cock. The sight of his sister sliding down his cock and impaling herself on his cock was a favourite of Jeff's. Katie enjoyed the power she had on top and definitely knew what she was doing as she rocked and bounced on his shaft.

The siblings also enjoyed kissing while Katie simply sat on her brother's cock. The two seeing how long they could last before they had to start grinding together.

Their taboo love was abnormal but it was the only thing that made them feel normal. The fact they were brother and sister became an added sense of enjoyment. The rules of the real world no longer applied. They knew it was likely Katie was either pregnant or would soon be pregnant with her brother's child but they didn't stop. They hadn't thought of the consequences when they started and figured they were too far gone to stop now.

One night after another meal of fish they were lying by the fire. Katie in her brother's arms, the siblings locked in their taboo embrace. They kissed with passion and hunger. Suddenly Katie stopped.

"Something wrong Kate?" Jeff asked.

Katie looked at her brother and smiled, kissing him softly. A tear started to run down her cheek, "do you think we'll ever be found?" she asked.

Jeff smiled, "I can't lie to you Katie, I don't know, we can't give up hope."

Katie smiled and kissed her brother again. "You know what's crazy? I can't decide if I want to be rescued" she started. "On the one hand I LOVE what we've started and I don't want it to stop, but it would have to if we were rescued, wouldn't it? And what if we're found and I'm pregnant!?!" she asked with fear in her eyes.

Before Jeff could answer she continued, "And what if we aren't rescued, what happens to us? How long can we last here? What if one of us dies before the other, what then? What if I'm pregnant and I have to give birth on this island, what kind of life is that?" she asked.

Jeff smiled and stroked his sister's hair. "Those are all good questions Katie, questions I don't know the answer to. But I do know this. I didn't plan on having sex with you three months ago and it has given me more pleasure than I thought possible. Our lives are in fates hands now. Everything that has happened has happened for a reason, I truly believe that. We'll get through whatever comes our way and we'll do it together. All we have to do is keep on living and right now, I can't live without you."

Katie smiled, another tear running down her cheek. Jeff wiped it away softly as his sister climbed back on top of him. "I love you" she whispered in his ear before they started to kiss again. Their kiss was tender and passionate and very strong. Katie felt her brother's cock grow beneath her and sank down on his cock once again.

She put her hands on his chest as she started to fuck him, her breasts bouncing softly. Jeff groaned as he and his sister did what gave them pleasure, an escape from reality.

The siblings fucked long into the night, not knowing what the next day would bring.

Written by: Cokeman

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