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My Kinky Daddy Ch. 01

by RandomAuthor©

I was staying with my Aunt Jane in St. Louis for a few days. I was there to be a bridesmaid in my sorority sister's wedding, and since I hadn't seen my Aunt for a year or so, I called and asked if I could stay at her house while I was in town for the wedding. "Of course!" Aunt Jane howled into the phone. "I've got a guest bedroom that never gets used. I'd love to have you for as long as you can stay!"

Aunt Jane had turned into somewhat of a surrogate mother for me after my real Mom died. She came to stay with Daddy and me for several weeks after the accident, and it was during that time I really got to know her and appreciate what she did for us after Mom passed away.

I liked Aunt Jane because she had a reputation of being a little wild; sort of a hippy kind of girl. She's my Dad's twin sister – and my only Aunt. And while my father is very much the reserved, polished, professional kind of business man, Aunt Jane was unpredictable, exciting and a bit crazy. For example, the first night I was in town, we stayed up until after midnight drinking shots of tequila as I told her all about college grad school and everything going on in my life.

The next day while she was at work, I found a box under the bed in the guest room labeled "Mark's Stuff" and thinking I'd find some old keepsakes and pictures of my Dad when he was a kid, I sat down on the floor and opened up the box. To say I was utterly shocked and stunned by the contents of the box would be a huge understatement.

Now, I'm no prude and I realize perfectly normal people can have unusual sexual desires and fetishes, but, I wasn't ready for what I saw. First, there were various lingerie items in the box – regular panties, frilly panties, crotchless panties, lacy bras and open cup bras. There were dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and even a strap-on harness and a paddle. Under the lingerie, there were several VHS video tapes neatly stacked with dates that were between fifteen and twenty five years old, and way down at the bottom of the box was a large brown padded envelope, obviously stuffed full of something. I probably should have just closed up the box and put it back under the bed, but, knowing Aunt Jane was gone and wouldn't be back for several hours, my curiosity got the best of me and I opened the padded envelope and looked inside to see what was in there.

What I found was hundreds of poloroid instant pictures, methodically arranged in bundles of ten pictures each with rubber bands around them. I sat there with my jaw open as I began to look through some of the pictures. It only took a matter of seconds for me to realize these were very private pictures – private pictures of my father from his college days, and pictures I was absolutely sure he wouldn't want me to see.

A mix of confusion and curiosity kept me looking, though. I was aghast to see picture after shameful picture of my father, and it was plainly obvious that he was naked and masturbating in front of the camera. Not just that, but many of the pictures showed him in embarrassing and humiliating poses; dressed in frilly panties, or bent over lewdly, being touched anally, and even being spanked. A little further into the stacks of pictures, he was photographed standing in front of a group girls with a pair of panties around his knees and he was obviously in the process of stroking himself. A picture or two later, I could easily recognize my (then) college aged mother and Aunt Jane, who were part of that group of girls. A jolt of electricity shot up my spine with the realization my father had been naked and masturbated himself in front of his own sister, my mother and who knows how many other college girls.

As I looked through the rest of the pictures, it became obvious that my mother and my Aunt Jane must have been present many different times when my father was photographed doing these things. There were pictures of Aunt Jane and my mother spanking him while other women watched, and a whole series of pictures with my father masturbating himself no more than a few inches from their faces. I literally dropped the pictures on the floor when I came across a picture of my naked father standing in front of several women while my Aunt Jane's fingers were obviously imbedded deeply into Daddy's butt. In each of the pictures, the women were smiling or laughing, and in all the pictures, my Dad appeared to be the center of attention.

There were other pictures, too – pictures of my naked father standing around with a beer bottle in his hand, talking and socializing with women. In some of them, his cock was hard and his erection pointed out in front of him as they seemingly chatted so nonchalantly. There were no other men in any of the pictures and as I looked through many bundles of pictures, four things were abundantly clear to me:

First, my Mom and Aunt Jane seemed to be the most prominent players in whatever activities were unfolding there. They were in most of the pictures; standing close to him – either in front or in back of him. Sometimes they were holding his penis or his balls, and in other pictures, they would be spanking him or in some way touching him in a personal and sexual way.

Second, my Father didn't seem to be putting up any kind of resistance at all. In fact, it looked like he was a very willing participant. Curiously, in almost every picture, there was a piece of lingerie involved. He was either wearing something, or, there were a pair of panties wrapped around his erection, over his face, or one of the women was rubbing him with something silky or taunting him with some kind of lingerie.

Thirdly, my Aunt didn't seem to have any qualms about seeing, touching or even sucking her brother – my father. In several pictures, my mother was photographed holding my father's hard cock while my Aunt kissed or sucked the head of his cock.

And lastly, I was both shocked and impressed by Daddy's majestic penis. I mean, my father had a seriously nice looking cock. You might think that would be a horrible thing for a daughter to say about her father, but, it's true. Honestly, his cock looked beautiful in those pictures – perfectly formed with a slight upward bend, and incredibly hard. Plus, I didn't overlook the fact he was easily eight inches long, if not longer.

Father or not, as I sat there looking through those pictures and the situations between my Mom, my aunt and my father, I had to admit I was getting turned on by what I was looking at. And, I had to admit to myself I was deeply affected on so many different levels. I have always been turned on by the thought of having a well built man masturbate to completion right in front of me – as if he was doing it purely for my enjoyment alone. Plus, what woman in her right mind wouldn't get excited over such a nice, rigid cock? It didn't matter to me that the cock making me wet was my father's, and judging from the pictures, Aunt Jane didn't appear to be bothered by the fact that the penis in her hands or, in her mouth was her brother's penis.

I simply couldn't get over how proud and beautiful Daddy's cock looked in those pictures! I've always fantasized about having unfettered access to a nice, hard cock to touch and look at. Nothing would please me more than to have a naked man, sporting a nice erection, displaying himself to me and letting me look at him as much as I wanted. I wouldn't need for there to be any words between us – no talk about love or infatuation – just the naked male and his hard, throbbing, dripping erection for me alone. What could be better?

So, in as much as I shouldn't have been turned on by pictures of my naked father, the truth is that I was incredibly aroused, and without another second of thought, I pushed my shorts down and started to rub myself feverishly between my legs. Lying back on the carpet with my legs spread wide, I held up one of the nastiest pictures and stared at it. The picture showed my mother holding a pair of panties to my father's face as he stroked his cock while my Aunt held the head of his penis in her mouth. Throwing out the last ounce of social acceptance in my mind, I stared at that picture as my fingers rubbed my moist pussy through my panties.

I began to imagine the panties being held to my father's face in the picture were my own panties – the ones I was rubbing and drenching right now. I imagined my mother holding them to his face and whispering nasty things in his ear as I knelt in front of him and held my own father's cock between my lips. She'd be saying things to him like, "Smell your daughter's panties, Mark," and asking him, "Do you like the smell of Emma's pussy, honey?" She'd be urging him to stroke himself off into my mouth and I'd be patiently waiting for him to cum. I wouldn't be sucking him - I'd just be waiting for him to make himself cum as he sniffed my panties and masturbated into my mouth.

Growing up at home with my parents, I was never really aware of my father's attraction to lingerie until I was in my last year of high school. I knew Mom was always buying new lingerie and I knew she used to model her bras and panties for him at night after I went to bed, but, I never thought much about it. After I graduated and turned eighteen, though, Mom seemed to be a little more daring around me.

I could always tell when Mom was being playful because she'd find some reason to walk around the house in just a tight t-shirt and a pair of skimpy panties. Each time she did it, I could feel the excitement grow between them as she fluttered around in front of him until they'd finally disappear into their bedroom and I wouldn't see them again until the next morning. I remember Mom once told me that all men were attracted to a woman in nice lingerie. "They can't resist it." She'd tell me. "They're like little boys in a candy store."

And, I found Mom's advice about bras and panties to be absolutely true. Not only did nice underwear make me feel prettier, it also made me feel sexier and I learned over time how to take full advantage of my lingerie with the guys I was really interested in. However, never once had I considered teasing my own father, and even though he'd seen me in my bra and panties numerous times around the house, I never once felt he was looking at me "like that", especially since I knew he loved my Mom so much.

But now, as I was lying on my back with my knees pulled up and my fingers shamelessly stroking my panty covered pussy, I was thinking about him...... about him sniffing my panties and stroking his beautiful cock while he inhaled my feminine scent.

I came to a thundering orgasm staring at the picture, and my fingers were literally drenched with the wetness that flowed out of my over heated vagina. And, as I lie there trying to catch my breath, I wondered what was on those old video tapes that were in the box. After all, I'd already seen the vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and pictures – what harm could there be in looking at the video tapes?

Sitting up, I reached into the box and pulled out several of the video tapes and looked at them. With the exception of a hand written date, none of the tapes were labeled. I shuffled them around to find the oldest one, thinking I might as well take a peek at them one at a time, from the beginning. As I stood up from the floor, my heart was fluttering wildly knowing I was going to boldly walk directly into Aunt Jane's living room and put the tape into her VCR player and hopefully stretch out on the floor in front of her TV and rub myself to another wonderful orgasm as I watched, what I hoped, was a video of the same kind of thing I saw in the pictures.

But, I froze solid when I turned and saw my Aunt Jane standing firmly in the doorway of the guest room with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"I knew I should have moved that box." Aunt Jane said as she looked past me gazing at the pictures strewn out all over the floor, and, the opened box where she could clearly see I'd touched and handled each of the dildo's, vibrators and butt plugs.

"I..... uh...... found the box under the bed and thought it might have old pictures of my Dad..... and, uh....." I stammered.

Aunt Jane reached out to take the VHS tape from my hands. "Emma," she said, holding the tape up in front of me, "this isn't a Disney movie, you know. But, you probably figured that out already, didn't you?"

"I'm sorry for snooping, Aunt Jane." I sighed. "I didn't know what was in there and once I opened the box, I simply couldn't just close it back up. It's like I was hooked, or something."

"Emma, don't misunderstand me. I'm not going to lecture you." She replied. "You're a big girl now and I can't change the fact that you found your father's private things. I wish it hadn't happened, but, I can't change any of that now. I suspect you've already seen too much for me to ignore it, though."

My Aunt stepped past me and dropped the tape she took from me into the box and pulled out a different one. "Here." She said, as she handed it to me. "This is the tape from the night your Mom and Dad met. If you're going to watch any of those tapes, you should probably see this one first."

Hesitantly, I reached out and took the tape from her. "Go ahead," she added, "there's nothing on here I'm ashamed of. But, if you watch it, you need to be ready to accept what you see. And, if I ever find out you held any of this against your father, ridiculed him or persecuted him for it, I am going to be very upset with you. Understand?"

I nodded my head and looked up at her. Then surprisingly, she smiled and stepped up next to me, put her arms around my shoulders and hugged me. "Come in with me while I change out of my work clothes and let's talk first, then we'll watch it together."

The look in Aunt Jane's eyes was remarkably calm. She seemed at ease, and as I made a move to bend down to pick up my shorts, she said, "You don't need your shorts, Emma. It's too late to be worried about your modesty. I already saw you touching yourself."

I blushed a beet red color with the knowledge she'd seen me rubbing myself through my panties. When she saw me turn red, she chuckled and said, "Don't worry about it, Sweetie. Every time I open that box I do the same thing, too." Then after a short pause, she smiled up at me and whispered, "If you thought the pictures were hot, just wait until you see the tapes."

Aunt Jane took my hand and led me into her bedroom and sat me down on the bed. As she started to unbutton her blouse, she looked at me and said "Since you've already seen the pictures, I might as well tell you how it all happened."

"It all started back when your father and I were in high school." Aunt Jane began. "It was the very end of our senior year, just after our eighteenth birthday if I remember correctly, and your father stayed home one day because he said he was sick. I'm sure he expected he'd be alone all day, but, right before lunch time that day, the power went out all over the school and they sent us home early."

"My friend Becky came home with me, and when we got to our house, Becky and I found your father lying on the bed in my room with a pair of my panties held to his nose, and he was masturbating like a crazy man." She went on to tell me, "He was lying there, completely naked, jerking himself for two or three minutes before he knew we were watching him. And when he finally saw us, he didn't have anything to cover himself with except my panties."

Aunt Jane went on to tell me how he pushed his way past them and ran out of her room, taking her panties with him. "Becky and I had never seen a guy masturbating," she told me, "so we told your father we'd keep quiet about it if he'd let us watch him do it..... you know, all the way – until he ejaculated."

I gasped when she said that, visualizing in my mind what it would be like to actually have a guy do that right in front of me. Aunt Jane chuckled when she saw my reaction. "You can't blame us for wanting to watch him, Emma." She said. "I'm sure you saw for yourself how big your father's penis is, and this was the chance of a lifetime for us."

"Well, he reluctantly agreed to do it." My Aunt explained as she stepped out of her slacks and stood in just her underpants. "We promised him we'd never say anything to anyone as long as he jerked himself for us and made himself cum."

"So, for the next thirty minutes, we made him stand in front of us while Becky and I sat on my bed and watched him do it. We made him start and stop several times, and each time he stopped stroking himself, we'd make him put his hands behind his back and we'd bend forward and get a close look at his cock. Becky wanted to see him actually sniffing my panties, so we made him hold them up to his nose and stroke himself some more while he smelled them." Aunt Jane said.

"After a while, though, he wouldn't stop jerking himself when we told him to stop." Aunt Jane said with a huge smile on her face. "We kept telling him to stop, but, he ignored us and kept on masturbating. He was like a wild man, Emma," she said, "he was inching closer and closer to the bed and we were leaning closer and closer out to him and then all of a sudden, he literally exploded, shooting these long globs of sperm all over my carpet and all over the two of us."

"Neither Becky or I was expecting anything like that, and we were both caught off guard by the amount of cum that came out of that monster in his hands." She said as she giggled. "We yelled at him to get out and then we both cracked up and rolled off the bed because we were laughing so hard. It was totally hilarious, Emma, I mean we were covered with little drops of sperm and laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants right there."

Aunt Jane told me it was Becky's idea to tell him they'd have to punish him for spraying sperm all over them, so a week later, they gave him the bad news.

"I told him he'd have to let us spank him and then he'd have to masturbate for us again as punishment for spraying us with his cum. If he didn't do it, we'd tell all our friends how we caught him sniffing my panties and jerking his cock. Of course," Aunt Jane said, "he didn't want us to say anything, so he agreed to let us spank him and then after the spanking, he would jerk himself for us one more time and that would be the end of it."

"We spanked him the next day after school," Aunt Jane continued, "Becky made him take his clothes off in front of us, put on a pair of her panties and wear them while he got his spanking, telling him it was fair punishment considering what he'd been doing when we first caught him. He tried to talk us out of it, but, wanting to get it over with, he reluctantly agreed. The only thing was, while he was getting undressed, his cock started out soft, but the instant he pulled those panties up his legs, his cock got as hard as a steel rod."

"Becky started teasing him, asking him if he liked wearing panties. We were both laughing and watching his cock get harder and harder - pointing to his erection trying to poke through the fabric of the panties. Emma, the look on your father's face was priceless." My Aunt told me. "It was the ultimate mixture of humiliation and excitement, and I knew Becky was right. Your Dad was definitely excited to be wearing those panties."

Aunt Jane told me they teased him incessantly while they watched and giggled, but fearing they were running out of time, they made him get down on his hands and knees and they each took turns spanking him, taking five swats at a time until they had spanked him about thirty times on his panty covered butt.

Apparently, he stayed perfectly still and took his spanking like a man, but, as soon as the spanking was over, he suddenly collapsed into a ball on her floor and started to cry real tears.

"Well, I never expected he'd start to cry." Aunt Jane went on to tell me. "I didn't think we spanked him that hard."

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